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Statistical Software

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that make it even easier to analyze your data.
User Interface Improvements

Minitab Statistical Software has all the tools you need to

effectively analyze your data. By guiding you to the right analysis
and giving you clear results, Minitab helps you solve your
toughest business problems.

Minitab 18 includes new features and functionality to make data

analysis easier than ever.

Updated Session Window

The Session window not only looks
better, but it also includes several great
enhancements, including the ability to:
• Specify the number of
significant digits
• Easily access graphs via links
• Zoom in and out

Sort Worksheets
Easily manage your data within the
Project Manager using new options
for sorting your worksheets by title
or in chronological order.
New Statistical Features

Definitive Screening Designs

Identify which inputs affect your
outputs with this new type of DOE
screening design. These designs
can provide an alternative to
standard screening designs where
main effects are confounded with
two-way interactions.

More Distributions for Tolerance Intervals

Calculate statistical tolerance intervals for nonnormal data using a wide variety
of distributions including Weibull, lognormal, exponential, and more.
New Statistical Features

REML for Random and Fixed X’s

Explore relationships between
variables, run multiple comparisons,
and calculate predictions for
mixed models.

DOE Effects Plots

Visually identify significant X’s
with effects plots for general
factorial and response
surface designs.

Gage R&R
Incorporate a user-
specified process
(historical) standard
deviation in
relevant calculations.
GLM Response Optimizer
Include both your factors and covariates when using
the response optimizer to find optimal settings.

Additional Enhancements

Command Line Pane Word and Excel Improvements

Enter commands to expand Import Session output into Word

Minitab’s functionality using a and Excel in table format to easily
docked pane that keeps commands manipulate and customize the
separate from Session output. appearance of your results.

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Minitab 18 Features List

Assistant Mixed models

Measurement systems analysis MANOVA
Capability analysis Multiple comparisons
Graphical analysis Response prediction and
Hypothesis tests optimization
Regression Test for equal variances
DOE Plots: residual, factorial, contour,
Control charts  surface, etc.
Analysis of means
Basic Statistics
Descriptive statistics Quality Tools
One-sample Z-test, one- and Run chart
two-sample t-tests, paired t-test Pareto chart
One and two proportions tests Cause-and-effect diagram
One- and two-sample Poisson rate tests Variables control charts: XBar, R, S,
One and two variances tests XBar-R, XBar-S, I, MR, I-MR, I-MR-R/S,
Correlation and covariance zone, Z-MR
Normality test Attributes control charts: P, NP, C, U,
Outlier test Laney P’ and U’
Poisson goodness-of-fit test Time-weighted control charts: MA,
Graphics Multivariate control charts: T2,
Scatterplots, matrix plots, boxplots, generalized variance, MEWMA
dotplots, histograms, charts, time series Rare events charts: G and T
plots, etc. Historical/shift-in-process charts
Contour and rotating 3D plots Box-Cox and Johnson transformations
Probability and probability Individual distribution identification
distribution plots Process capability: normal, non-normal,
Automatically update graphs as attribute, batch
data change Process Capability SixpackTM
Brush graphs to explore points of interest Tolerance intervals
Export: TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, EMF Acceptance sampling and OC curves
Regression Measurement Systems Analysis
Linear and nonlinear regression Data collection worksheets
Binary, ordinal, nominal logistic Gage R&R Crossed 
regression Gage R&R Nested
Stability studies Gage R&R Expanded 
Partial least squares Gage run chart
Orthogonal regression Gage linearity and bias
Poisson regression Type 1 Gage Study
Plots: residual, factorial, contour, Attribute Gage Study
surface, etc. Attribute agreement analysis
Stepwise and best subsets
Response prediction and optimization Design of Experiments
Definitive screening designs
Analysis of Variance Plackett-Burman designs
ANOVA Two-level factorial designs
General linear models
Split-plot designs Multivariate
General factorial designs Principal components analysis
Response surface designs Factor analysis
Mixture designs Discriminant analysis
D-optimal and distance-based designs Cluster analysis
Taguchi designs Correspondence analysis
User-specified designs Item analysis and Cronbach’s alpha
Analyze variability for factorial designs
Botched runs Time Series and Forecasting
Effects plots: normal, half-normal, Time series plots
Pareto Trend analysis
Response prediction and optimization Decomposition
Plots: residual, main effects, interaction, Moving average
cube, contour, surface, wireframe Exponential smoothing
Winters’ method
Reliability/Survival Auto-, partial auto-, and cross
Parametric and nonparametric correlation functions
distribution analysis ARIMA
Goodness-of-fit measures
Exact failure, right-, left-, and Nonparametrics
interval-censored data Sign test
Accelerated life testing Wilcoxon test
Regression with life data Mann-Whitney test
Test plans Kruskal-Wallis test
Threshold parameter distributions Mood’s median test
Repairable systems Friedman test
Multiple failure modes Runs test
Probit analysis Equivalence Tests
Weibayes analysis One- and two-sample, paired
Plots: distribution, probability, 2x2 crossover design
hazard, survival
Warranty analysis Tables
Chi-square, Fisher’s exact, and
Power and Sample Size other tests
Sample size for estimation Chi-square goodness-of-fit test
Sample size for tolerance intervals Tally and cross tabulation
One-sample Z, one- and two-sample t
Paired t Simulations and Distributions
One and two proportions Random number generator
One- and two-sample Poisson rates Probability density, cumulative
One and two variances distribution, and inverse cumulative
Equivalence tests distribution functions
One-Way ANOVA Random sampling
Two-level, Plackett-Burman and general
Macros and Customization
full factorial designs
Customizable menus and toolbars
Power curves
Extensive preferences and user profiles
Powerful scripting capabilities
= New or Improved

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