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Grandview High School

Music Appreciation - Fall 2018

Block A1 – Room 301

Instructor: Mr. Horton
Email: micah.horton@grandviewc4.net
Choir Office: 816-316-5817 (email is preferred)
Plan Time: Blocks A7 (1:00pm-2:25pm) & B2 (7:35am-8:55pm)

Course Goals: Students in this course will learn about different genres, eras, and styles of music.
Students will also learn essential fundamentals of music that will enable them to form objective
opinions of music. Students will be able to discuss and critique music in an educated, and well-
informed manner.

Daily Required Materials:

1. A pen or pencil
2. A notebook
3. Your MacBook
4. An open mind. We will be listening to & learning about many different types of music.
Some you will like, some you won’t. Be objective in your criticism and give everything a

Class Participation (Daily Work, homework, etc.)……30%
Individual & Group Projects……………………………………25%

Class Participation: Every class period will begin with a listening activity immediately after the
bell rings. Students will listen to a piece of music as a class and spend several minutes writing
about or discussing it. A major element of learning about music is learning how to discuss it.
Participation in daily discussions and completing your daily work are essential to maintaining a
good grade in this class. Daily work will include, but is not limited to group presentations,
listening logs, worksheets, and discussions. Homework may be assigned periodically.

Projects: Several major projects will be assigned throughout the semester. See the last two
pages of this document for details.

Quizzes: A quiz will be given at the end of each unit.

ASSIGNMENTS: ALL assignments must be typed & double-spaced at 12-point font. They may be
turned in via email or Google Classroom when appropriate. Assignments must be turned in by
Grandview High School

11:59pm on the due date. Late work will not be accepted, except for extreme circumstances. If
a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to turn their work in on time.

Make-Up Points: If a student wishes to make up missed points on an assignment, quiz, or test,
they can attend a local choir, band, or orchestra concert and write a 2-page in-depth concert
review using musical language. Up to ten points will be given, based on the writing quality and
depth of the concert review. A concert program must be turned in with the review. The
performance MUST be approved by Mr. Horton ahead of time. It is the student’s responsibility
to approach Mr. Horton if interested in doing this.

Writing an In-Depth Concert Review

Attend a local choir, band, or orchestra performance. Plays, musicals, and elementary school
performances do not count. Band performances at sporting events and pep rallies do not count.
This concert MUST be pre-approved by Mr. Horton in order to receive any points. (100 Points)
a. Must Include:
i. A copy of the concert program
ii. The titles & composers of pieces performed (This can be found on the program)
iii. Your educated opinion of every piece performed and of the overall performance (aural,
visual, etc. It is not enough to merely say that you did or did not like it. Dig deeper and
use specific details!
b. The Concert Review will be graded based on your use of music terminology to support your
opinions of the concert and the pieces performed.
Sample Concert Review Papers: https://old-www.wsu.edu/Music153/SConGuide.htm

Attendance & Plagiarism Policies:

See GHS Parent-Student Manual for details. Excused absences will not count against class
participation points.

Units of Study:
I. Introduction to Music Appreciation
II. Elements of Music
III. Musical Instruments & Ensembles
IV. Music in History – The Common Practice Period
V. Music in history – 20th Century & Non-Classical Music

Source Texts:
Music Appreciation by John Tew, 2010.
The Enjoyment of Music, 8th Ed. by Joseph Machalis & Kristine Forney, 1999.
Grandview High School

Music Appreciation Projects

IMPORTANT: All assignments must be either handwritten or typed using 12-pt. font (Arial,
Calibri, or Times New Roman ONLY), double-spaced, with default margins. Do not include
pictures in academic papers.


Your group will teach a 30-minute lesson on your assigned period in music history. A large
chunk of class time will be dedicated to this. (100 Points)
a. Periods: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20 Century Classical

b. You may (but are not required to) use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation software
and print materials to enhance your presentation. Each group may divide up the
workload however they wish
c. Each group is responsible for the following categories:
i. Significant Composers
ii. significant pieces of music
iii. musical styles and techniques that emerged during the time period
iv. social/historical culture of the time
v. writing quiz questions/answer key
vi. create a study guide for your quiz
vii. Any other relevant information
d. You will be given packets on your time period, but must also find outside sources in
order to fill your 30-minute time frame
e. Take notes on other groups’ presentations. There will be quizzes & a test on this unit
f. Each group member will rate their own level of participation (Google Form) and that of
their group members. This will factor heavily into your overall grade. Each group
member will receive a different grade based on their own level of participation

Choose either a composer, musician, band, musical artist, or album as your topic. You cannot
choose the same topic as someone else. Requests are first-come, first-served. Email Mr. Horton
with your choice (micah.horton@grandviewc4.net). (200 Points)
a. Part I - Write a 2-3 page paper. It should discuss the following:
i. The musician’s personal musical influences, their style, their influence on younger
ii. The production process (if you chose an album)
iii. Musicians featured on the album, its style
iv. Review three significant tracks from the album. Analyze these songs using
musical terminology
Grandview High School

v. Discuss why you liked or disliked certain songs or musical elements of the album
(this should take up most of your paper)
vi. Use proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. This is an academic paper
and will be graded as such
vii. Cite ALL sources. Wikipedia and WorldStarHipHop.com are NOT good sources.
b. Part II - Give a 10-minute presentation on why this album is worth listening to.
i. Discuss the album (use information from your paper, but do NOT read straight
from your paper. Give a quality presentation
ii. Let the class listen to 1-3 song excerpts.
iii. Points are given for organization, professionalism, and creativity
c. Presentations will take place during the last few weeks of class. This project will count as
your final exam.

Tips for discussing and critiquing music (Refer to this as you complete your projects!):
· What musical elements do you hear? How do they relate to the text?
· What messages or themes do you hear in the text?
· What does this song remind you of? How does it make you feel?
· Why does this or does this not appeal to you?
· Is this a quality performance? Is there anything that could be improved? (i.e., tuning,
emotional expression, accuracy of pitches & rhythms).
· Is there another piece or song that this musically reminds you of?
· What were your favorite & least favorite parts of the performance?
Grandview High School

Music Appreciation
Mr. Horton
Block A1
Room 301


I have read this syllabus in its entirety. I understand the goals of this class, the daily
expectations, and that all of the assigned work should be completed on time.

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Student Name Parent/Guardian Name

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Student Signature Parent/Guardian Signature

**Please return completed form to Mr. Horton no later than August 31st, 2018**