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www.akshaydhok.com Ph: 425-326-0855

Programming Languages: Primary: C++, C, GLSL, Python, Java Familiar: LUA, HLSL, C#

Graphics Application: Graphics rendering & game asset pipeline, Ray Tracing,
Oculus SDK, Modern shading techniques like deferred
shading, physically based lighting, ambient occlusion,
shadow & reflection maps, vertex, pixel, compute &
geometry shader programming, knowledge of OpenGL,
DirectX and Vulkan API.

Graphics Performance: Good understanding of graphics software and hardware

pipeline, benchmark performance verification on RTL,
Machine Learning based performance modeling,
bottleneck analysis, Driver and Compiler optimization
techniques, graphics benchmark analysis.

Tools: Git, Gerrit, Perforce, Jira, Renderdoc, Nvidia Insight, Intel

GPA, Qualcomm profiler, Scikit-Learn, Visual Studio.

Professional Experience

Qualcomm Inc May 2016 – Present

My responsibilities include building models for performance evaluation of current and future generation of Qualcomm's
Graphics Processors. Enabling OpenGL, DX and Vulkan benchmarks for pre-silicon environment. Perform RTL verification
and feature verification across different chips. Benchmark analysis and performance analysis for architecture exploration.
Worked on Adreno 630 Graphics core.

DigiPen Project-Fun Jun 2015 – Aug 2015

Assisted teachers to develop class projects for Artificial Intelligence and conducted AI workshops for Kids.

Kratin Software Solutions May 2012 – Jul 2014

Developed Android MDM solution for dual persona mobile devices in an agile working environment.
Responsibilities included building framework, OS customization, designing systems, bug fixing, code review.

BS - Information Technology Nagpur University India, 2007 - 2011
MS - Computer Science DigiPen Institute of Technology Redmond WA, 2014 - 2016

Adreno GPU modeling & Projection (Qualcomm, San Diego CA)
As part of graphic performance team, I worked on tools development for performance modeling. Developed
infrastructure for Scikit-Learn based Machine Learning model to predict memory efficiency in pre-silicon environment.
Project work also involved generating huge data sets across multiple GPU cores to provide as training set, developing
infrastructure to validate the training data, analyzing and optimizing the model results to constantly improve accuracy.

Graphics Engine (Personal Project)

Developed a demo engine for experimenting with different shader effects and graphics techniques. Programmed graphics
techniques such as perlin noise for realistic solar flare effect, crepuscular ray shader to add volume to the light rays.
Wrote template-based delegate messaging system that results in easy communication between engine’s sub-systems.