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Online Library Management System V1.

Online Library Management System

Version 1.0

Software Requirement Specification

Team Name:

Team Members:
J.Asik Hussian
J.Janani Karthiga

Online Library Management System V1.0

Introduction…………………………………………………………. 4

Purpose------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

Project Scope------------------------------------------------------------ 4

Users of the system----------------------------------------------------- 6

Abbreviations------------------------------------------------------------ 7

References---------------------------------------------------------------- 7

Technologies to be used------------------------------------------------ 8

Overall description…………………………………………………. 9

Product perspective---------------------------------------------------- 9

Product features-------------------------------------------------------- 9

User classes and characteristics-------------------------------------- 10

Design and implementation constraints----------------------------- 10

User documentations-------------------------------------------------- 11

Online Library Management System V1.0

System features-------------------------------------------------------- 12

Functional requirements---------------------------------------------- 12

Non-functional requirements---------------------------------------- 13

External interface requirements------------------------------------- 15

Document conventions----------------------------------------------- 17

Conclusion………………………………………………………….. 17

Online Library Management System V1.0

Online Library Management System Version 1.0

Software Requirement Specification Date: 24/09/10

The purpose of Software Requirement Specification
(SRS) document is to describe the external behavior of the Online Library
Management System. Requirements specification defines and describes the
operations, interfaces, performance, and the quality assurance of the Online
Library Management System. The document also describes the non-functional
requirements such as user interfaces, design constraints that are to be considered
when the system is to be designed and other necessary factors to provide a
complete description of the requirements for the software. The Software
Requirement Specification (SRS) gets the complete requirements for the system, or
a portion of the system.

Project Scope
The main aim of the project is to maintain the book information
as online and to store information maintains the members and lending and
returning of the members as well as maintains the reports for both members and
book. The Online Library Management System is supposed to have the following
Online Library Management System V1.0

 The system provides logon facility to the users.

 The system provides the options to check their account and/or change their
options like password of the account whenever needed.
 The user of this Online Library Management System can be able to see the
status of the books/journals that are borrowed/reserved and the respective
due dates and other relevant details.
 The user can also search for a particular book/journal based on the name of
the book/author/subject/etc and also list for books/journals based on the
name of the author/subject/etc.
 The Administrator can request for purchasing new books to the library, by
giving details about the name of the book, name of the author, publisher.
 There is an option of reserving a particular book/journal borrowed by others
 As soon as the reservation is made for particular book, an automatic mail
should be sent to person who is having the book currently and reservation
has been made on that book.
 User can cancel the reservation made earlier for particular book/journal.
 User can have at most 10 books, 3 journals.
 User should return the book within 15days. Due date for journal is 2 days. If
due date is crossed have to pay Rs1 per book/journal per day.

Online Library Management System V1.0

 The system updates the billing system when the members borrow or return
the books.

The features described in this document are used in the future phases
of the software development life cycle.

Users of the System:


This module deals with all the administration tasks like checking the user
status, checking the books status and performing the issues and return operations.
This can be done by both admin and librarian.


They give UserId and Password if it’s validated then they’re allowed to get
view details.


Likewise Students, the faculties are giving the UserId and Password and
after validating it should be allowed inside of it. As like Students and Faculties,
Authors and Publishers can login.

Online Library Management System V1.0

 HTML: Hyper-Text Markup Language is a markup language used to design
the static web-pages.
 HTTP: Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol is a transaction oriented client/server
protocol between web browser and web server.
 HTTPS: Secure Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol is a HTTP over SSL (secure
socket layer).
 TCP/IP: Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, the suite of
communication protocols used to connect hosts on the Internet. TCP/IP uses
several protocols, the two main ones being TCP and IP.


Assumptions and Dependencies:

 The details related to the books, student, library and book issuing and
returning details were provided manually.

 Administrator is created in the system already.

 Roles and tasks are predefined.

Online Library Management System V1.0


 GUI is only in English.

 Login and password is used for identification of customer and there is no

facility for guest.

 This system is working for single server.

 There is no maintainability of backup so availability will get affected.

Technologies to be used:
 Database : MySQL

 Language : PHP

 Server : Apache

 Design Tool : Rational

Online Library Management System V1.0

Overall Description
Product Perspective
The Online Library System is a package to be used by Libraries to improve the
efficiency of Librarians, Library employees and Users. The Online Library System
to be developed benefits greatly the members and the Librarian of institute. The
system provides books catalog and information to members and helps them decide
on the books to borrow from the library. The Librarian can keep the books catalog
updated all the time so that the members (students and the professors) get the
updated information all the time.

Product Features
The Online Library System provides online real time information about the books
available in the Library and the user information. The Product functions are more
or less the same as described in the product perspective. The functions of the
system include the system providing different type of services based on the type of
users [Member/Librarian]. The member should be provided with the updated
information about the books catalog.
 Provisions for the members to borrow the books they want, if all the other
required rules hold good.

 The member is given a provision to check his account information and

change the account information any time in the given valid period.
 The members are provided with the books available roster and allowed to
choose the books, which they want to use in the coming up days.

Online Library Management System V1.0

 The librarian can get the information about the members who have borrowed
or returned the books.
 The librarian is provided with interfaces to add/delete the books available in
the book catalog.
 The members when complete the book borrowing or returning process, the
due to be paid by the member must be calculated and the information about
the member and the due amount is sent to the university billing system.

User Classes and Characteristics

The users of the system are members, librarian of the institute and the
administrators who maintain the system. The members and the librarian are
assumed to have basic knowledge of the computers and Internet browsing. The
administrators of the system to have more knowledge of the internals of the system
and is able to rectify the small problems that may arise due to disk crashes, power
failures and other catastrophes to maintain the system. The proper user interface,
users manual, online help and the guide to install and maintain the system must be
sufficient to educate the users on how to use the system without any problems.

Design and Implementation Constraints

The information of all the users must be stored in a database that is accessible by
the Online Library System. The Online Library System is connected to the institute
computer and is running all 24 hours a day. The users access the Online Library
System from any computer that has Internet browsing capabilities and an Internet
connection. The billing system is connected to the Online Library System and the
database used by the billing system must be compatible with the interface of the
Online Library Management System V1.0

Online Library System. The users must have their correct usernames and
passwords to enter into the Online Library System.

User Documentation
Online help is provided for each of the feature available with the Online Library
System. All the applications provide an on-line help system to assist the user. The
nature of these systems is unique to application development as they combine
aspects of programming (hyperlinks, etc) with aspects of technical writing
(organization, presentation). Online help is provided for each and every feature
provided by the system. The User Manual describes the use of the system to
Librarian and Employees. It describes the use of the system on mobile systems.
The user manual should be available as a hard copy and also as online help. An
installation document will be provided that includes the installation instructions

and configuration guidelines, which is important to a full solution offering. Also, a

Read Me file is typically included as a standard component. The Read Me includes
a “What’s New With This Release” section, and a discussion of compatibility
issues with earlier releases. Most users also appreciate documentation defining any
known bugs and workarounds in the Read Me file. Since the installation of Online
Library System is a complex process, our experts will do it. So an installation
Guide will not be provided to the user.

Online Library Management System V1.0

System Features
Descriptions and Priority
1. First priority goes to the welcome form. When user will login the system there
will be welcome screen which will assure to the user either he/she wants to enter or
2. After the welcome form there will be login form. Through this form only
authenticated users can login the system just by entering their name and password.
3. Second priority goes to the menu form where the contents, manuals, and some
others functions of the system. From the menu form the user can go any form of
the system.
4. In the menu form there will be a facility to select their choice for working like if
the user just only wants to search the book then he/she will only select the search
field and go to the searching.

5. Similarly if the user wants to just show the report then he/she will go to the
report section and present the report in the desired format.
6. The priority given through user basic.
7. The menu shows according to user and they can access all information.

Functional Requirements
 Account Creation.
 User login.
 Issue, Return and Reservation.
 Searching book/journal using book name or author name.
 Admin can add new record and saw all record of any student as well as
Online Library Management System V1.0

Nonfunctional Requirements
Performance Requirements
 This software is not breakdown suddenly in any disaster like power failure.
 The development of the software will be based on the object oriented model.
 Reliable and accurate.
 The risk factor must be taken at initial step for better performance of the
 For individual function the performance will be well.
 There will be various ways of retrieving data and it takes less time.
 The overall performance of the software will reliable and enable the users to
work efficiently.

Security Requirements
 There will be proper security regarding to the accessing of data.
 The external security can be provided by given the login authentication.
 The data that are stored in the database must be private.
 There is also required a user authentication.
 There is also the facility that the admin can lock his private data that will not
be accessed by anyone.
 The whole software is secure from the outside accessing.

Software Quality Attributes

Our software has many quality attribute that are given below-
 Adaptability-
This software is adaptable by any organization.
Online Library Management System V1.0

 Availability-
The availability of the software is easy and for everyone.
 Correctness-
The results of the function are pure and accurate.
 Flexibility-
The operation may be flexible and reports can be presented in many ways.
 Maintainability-
After the deployment of the project if any error occurs then it can be easily
maintain by the software developer.

 Portability-
The software can be deployed at any machine.
 Reliability-
The performance of the software is better which will increase the reliability
of the software.
 Reusability-
The data and record that are saved in the database can be reused if needed.
 Robustness-
If there is any error in any window or module then it does not effect the
remaining part of the software.
 Testability-
The software will be tested at every.
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Acceptance Testing

Online Library Management System V1.0

 Usability-
To perform any operations and to understand the functioning of software is
very easy.
 Productivity-
This software will produce every desired result with accurately.
 Timelines-
The time limit is very important. It will save much time and provide fast
 Cost effective-
This software is less in cost and bearable by any organization.

External Interface Requirements

User Interfaces
 The design or layout of every form will be very clear and very interactive to
the user.
 When the user open the software the welcome window will appear.
 In the login window the user can easily entered the desired password and
login name. Then it will give the successfully login message.
 From each and every window the user can easily go to any desired window
that is there is will be a absolute and relative linking.
 In every window there is help and support option is present for the ease of
 There will be a proper collection of GUI interface, which will provide better
look and feel.

Online Library Management System V1.0

 In the screen layout the background color is very light and the graphics and
font style will be in proper manner and well organized.
 If the user will print any error statement then it will give the proper error
message display.
 In each and every window there will be alert, confirm, etc message box for
displaying message.
 The user will be able to search any data from the record by using proper
guideline shown in the window.
 In the opening of the software there will be a menu window where the
overall table contents of the software will be present through which the user
can move to any desired window.
 This will provide the better security data because the menu window will be
displaying according to the login (admin or normal user).
 This software will be easily understandable and operable by the user.

Hardware Interfaces
The existing Local Area Network (LAN) will be used for collecting data from the
users and also for updating the Library Catalogue.

Software Interfaces
A firewall will be used with the server to prevent unauthorized access to the

Communications Interfaces
The Online Library System will be connected to the World Wide Web.

Online Library Management System V1.0

Document Conventions
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This documents gives the all the requirement to the product or software “Online
Library Management System”.