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Personal Evaluation Rubric

Elements Weight 5 Points 4 Points 3 Points 2 Points 1 – 0 Points Total

You provide research You understand the Your solutions and/or You have trouble You do not attempt to
that is directly related to project fully and interpret responses to the understanding the understand the problem
the project’s problem or the information correctly. problem are not problem. You do not or to recognize
need. You recognize completely related to the recognize mathematical mathematical or
Conceptual You use technological mathematical and problem. You use or scientific principles in scientific principles in the
Understanding terminology precisely. scientific principles in the technological the solution. You do not solution. You do not
You provide input that design solution. You use procedures that lead use the correct technical attempt to use the
helps clarify the project’s technical language and only to a partial solution. language and drawings. correct technical
problem and solution. drawings to effectively language and drawings.
You choose innovative You choose appropriate, You use an Your strategies are not You do not attempt to
strategies for the design efficient strategies for oversimplified approach appropriate to the develop strategies that
solution. solving the problem. You to the project. You offer project. You do not are appropriate to the
Strategies and You prove that your justify each step of your little or no explanation seem to know where to project. You do not
Reasoning approach to the problem work. The logic of your for your strategies. begin or how to finish. attempt to support your
is valid. Your process solution is apparent. Your process leads to a Your reasoning does not project work with sound
leads to a complete and partially complete support your work. reasoning.
workable solution. solution.
You are able to use You are competent in You rely on a limited use You use equipment and Despite instruction, you
knowledge and skill to your choice of of equipment and materials only with misuse equipment and
select effective equipment and materials. You perform coaching. You rely materials. You do not
equipment and material materials. You return well in familiar or simple heavily on scripted, accurately follow the
Equipment and for the task. You are supplies to their contexts with some singular plug-in steps steps and procedures as
Materials flexible in your use of appropriate storage coaching. You are not and procedures. You they are outlined.
equipment and materials areas. careful with materials misuse the equipment
to ensure adequate You do not waste and do not use and/or materials.
acquisition and storage. materials or haphazardly equipment to its full
use equipment. potential.
You are fluent, flexible, You are able to perform You rely on a limited You can perform only You do not adequately
and efficient in your well with knowledge and number of skills. You when given direct perform even when
work habits, such as skill in a few key areas. perform well in familiar instructions and with given direct instructions
being on time, meeting You arrive on time to or simple contexts with coaching. or with coaching. You do
deadlines, working on class, are prepared to some needed coaching. You are frequently tardy not attempt to improve
your own, and practicing work, and meet You limit your personal and unprepared for class your performance. You
Work Habits safe equipment usage. deadlines. You need responses or feedback. and miss most are frequently tardy and
You are able to use your minimal supervision and You need some deadlines. unprepared for class.
knowledge and skill to use your time effectively. supervision and are late You miss most
adjust to novel, diverse, You practice safe work for some deadlines. deadlines.
and difficult contexts. habits around the

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