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Celeb – Celebrity /ity/ - /səˈlebrəti/: người nổi tiếng

I like – I love -> I’m a big fan of = I’m really into …= I’m
passionate about
Famous singer -> prominent POP / rock / rap singer / actress/
His music is beautiful / fantastic
Nice personality
Humanitarian (n): (Jolie): người hoạt động từ thiện
Have a bad rap about ….=
Copy other people’s music
Have an affair:
Diehard fan (n): fan cuồng

How do celebrities influence their fans in your country?

Fans imitate their idols:
Positive sides:
Endorse a certain product / brand -> sell like hot cakes.
Negative sides:
1. Whatever these celebrities wear /say -> have a major
impact / influence on teenagers
2. Slogan -> trend in the society
Vingroup is a Vietnamese conglomerate focusing on real
estate development. It is controlled by Phạm Nhật Vượng, who
is the wealthiest Vietnamese.[3] The company operates a total of
over 1,000 retail stores across Vietnam and served over 4
million visitors in its amusement parks yearly.[2]