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10th Grade World Literature Syllabus – Fall 2018

Ms. Tara Gauntt * (770) 819-2611 * tara.gauntt@cobbk12.org

CLASS BLOG INFORMATION – www.schoology.com
Students MUST sign up for a blog account. While signing up, students will be prompted for a
group code. The group code for 1st block is DSQC8 - CSQJS, 2nd block is SGNRV – J45R7, and 4th
block is 68Q3J – W4NH6. Fortunately, schoology.com has a phone app that can be downloaded
to smartphones, which makes it very easy to follow along with information for class. Parents are
allowed to sign up as well in order to follow along with what is going on in the classroom. The
blog provided on the SCHS website (http://msgauntt.weebly.com) will have basic information
posted. The Schoology blog is much more detailed.

Required DAILY Classroom Materials: Students must have a binder with loose leaf
paper, binder divider tabs to organize notes, vocabulary, handouts, and other class
information handouts as well as pens (black or standard blue ink) and/or pencils.
Other Necessary Materials: (Teacher will inform students which days these items will be needed in class.)
Colored ink pens and highlighters may be needed for paper revision activities, markers or colored pencils may be
needed from time to time for projects, poster boards will be needed for presentations and/or projects.
Grading Policy:
20% Formative – Class Assignments & Activities meant to establish, build, & practice GA ELA
Learning Standards
80% Summative – Tests, Quizzes, Activities, & Projects used to assess comprehension and use of
GA ELA Learning Standards

By signing attached page and enrolling in this class, you are agreeing to the following classroom terms:

 I need to be in class on time ever day.

 Daily instruction and activities are designed to ensure I master the learning standards.
 I understand that I need to have my materials with me daily.
 I should be in class before the tardy bell rings. Tardies accrue over the semester and receiving
a high number of tardies will not only affect my classwork but also my opportunities to
participate in many school functions and programs.
 If I am absent for any reason, I can also look at the schoology.com blog and class calendar to
keep from getting behind.
 I understand that it is MY responsibility to take care of make-up work and make-up tests if I
am out of school for any reason. I should speak to the teacher and schedule a time with her. I
understand that if I do not make up a test or quiz within 5 days my absence, I will receive a
 I understand that if I have ISS, I will not tell the ISS teacher that I have no work at all to do.
I have an assignment calendar and a blog that both have information about class and my
assignments. It is MY responsibility to look on either one and figure out what I need to be
doing. I can also look at StudentVue to see if I am missing any past assignments and do those
as well.
 I need to be prepared to learn and participate in class.
 I need to have my materials with me daily.
 I will check the blog and class calendar regularly. The assignment calendar lists due dates,
test dates, quiz dates, etc. to help me be prepared for this course. The blog provides me with
notes, handouts, class information, extra help, video tutorials, and occasional extra credit
 I understand that I am responsible for completing and turning in all assignments on-time.
 I understand that I need to be in class for the entirety of the class, so I won’t miss any important
information. Restroom passes should only be used in the case of an emergency. I will have
four restroom passes to use for the semester.
 Napping will NOT be tolerated. I need to be conscious in order to be successful.
 Cheating is NOT tolerated. I understand the Academic Integrity Policy and agree to exhibit
the highest standards of honesty and integrity. If I am caught cheating or plagiarizing on a
test, an assignment, or a project, I WILL RECEIVE A ZERO. If a friend lets me cheat off
them, that friend may receive a zero as well.

 I am responsible for following all school policies, as well as class routines and procedures.
 I understand that cell phones are NOT to be used in this class without permission. There will
be times when the teacher will allow cell phones to be used in relation to her lesson. When we
are able to use the phones in class, she will tell us. Otherwise, I am to keep my cell phone PUT
 I understand this classroom is meant to be a safe environment. No fighting, arguing, bullying,
mocking, or showing disrespect is allowed. I understand the teacher requires us to follow “The
Golden Rule” and treat other people like we would want to be treated ourselves.
 Cursing, obscene, and deprecating language will NOT be tolerated.
 I understand that I may NOT eat in class, since food in the classroom attracts bugs. I may have
something to drink as long as it has a lid I can keep on it, so it doesn’t spill accidentally.
 I understand that I may NOT use a restroom pass for any other reason than going to the
restroom. I may NOT go to the vending machine during class time.
 I understand that it is MY responsibility to seek assistance when I am falling behind or not
understanding the material. The teacher can answer my questions many ways: in person,
through e-mail, or through a message I send to her on the Schoology blog.
 I understand that if I have a medical issue that could affect my performance in class, I should
let my teacher know. I don’t need to worry about telling her; she will be discreet about the issue.
 I understand that movies which add to understanding the course curriculum are shown at
times. If my parents do not want me to watch any class movies, I must inform the teacher
ahead of time so she may come up with an alternative assignment.
 I understand that the teacher updates grades on Synergy often and I/my parents may check my
grades and attendance anytime we wish to keep my progress in check.
World Literature Syllabus – Fall 2018
Parent/Student Signatures
(Please return this page to teacher after signing.)
Please fill out this page and return as soon as possible. Please sign to indicate that you have
reviewed these class policies and understand the policies regarding absences, cheating, missed
assignments, plagiarism, late assignments, tardy policy, class materials, watching movies, and
grades. You also agree that it is the student’s full responsibility to keep up with all assignments
as listed on the assignment calendar provided by the teacher.
Student’s Name:____________________________________(please print)
Student’s Signature:__________________________________
Parent/Guardian’s Name:_______________________________(please print)
Parent/Guardian’s Signature_____________________________
Home Phone Number ___________ Cell Number ____________


In an effort to foster better parent-teacher communication, I am requesting an email
address from at least one parent/guardian for each of my students. Given our hectic daily
schedules, it is often easier to respond with an email rather than waiting for one of the
few phone lines in the school to become available. My classroom computer is up and
running for the entire school day and offers me the opportunity for a much faster
response time to your questions and concerns about your student.

Parent/Guardian’s Printed Name: _________________________________

Parent/Guardian’s Email Address: ___________________@____________

SYNERGY (ParentVue & StudentVue) ACCOUNTS

Every SCHS student is issued an online account so they may
check their grades at any time. Parents may also sign up for
an account to allow daily access to student grades and
attendance for all class periods. Regular attention to grades,
attendance, and overall student performance is critical in a
student’s success in his/her courses.