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MARION COUNTY INCIDENT REPORT SHERIFF'S OFFICE Sar SPRATT RT 1692 NW 30TH AVE 902, os11260101- OCALA FL 34475 2298-HARPER, DARIUS —_|11/26:2006 (352) 732-8181 INCIDENT Eco Wy aND ST OCALA Exonrnon — [izes jaa Bon . [ro loca loca IREPORTED __jrvmemo0s _oaze [SUN Ti Acconot wiiateo Ey smo Dlowoneures Cl orrcerassasr Di vavevans Bi omvareiareo Ty ossov Domonnose Di oouesnevoince Cavour SYNOPSIS INVESTIGATION REVEALED THAT ON THE ABOVE DATE AND TIME, THE LISTED DEFENDANT WAS ARRESTED FOR POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA, TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE AND GIVING FALSE NAME TO A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Alt [home ivasion ‘COMPUTER USED [Dluse oF Force SEX ASSAULT 02 2s STATUS Ic _“ lA . 194 - GRIMES, GRADY fsreer2006 FNS OOT SRST 90 PRINTED BROT SEAN [NcioenT REPORT MARION COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE osseas OFFENSES E ores Te FaMPeRniG WIN EVDENCE 3 horse . _ omHens 4 lar ]RODRIGUEZ, LUIS. ScmaoHn OcALArL sus |ARR: POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA < 20 GRAMS; TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE; GIVING FALSE NAME TO LEO [ARREST - 1 AR RODRIGUEZ, LUIS lososeazo 1726/2006 03:57 _|2298/2298-HARPER, DARIUS. 2- [po KRAUSS, HEATHER 1 ALMOND PASS DR OCALA FL 34472 - 352) 351-2154 _ _ lozrsorsg79_ 27, 7 ~ 2 DRIVER AND REGISTERED OWNER OF VEHICLE 3 lo JENKINS, JAMES D. \5284 SE 34TH ST OCALA FL 34475. _ FNS OOT SRST 90 PRINTED BROT SEAN TOR OCA TSE ONLY PRGET OE TOTA TOES een = pe Pree Enews Cour sow : Pre evead Mena — — cao a Saae cso — = oe a ee pe BE A See Seeagnare LEiwe : Soom atL aa al ss aS — erncen Pr ee fas [ist Favor Face ie ae ao — FNS OOT SRST 90 PRINTED BROT SEAN TOR OFFICAL TSE ONY PAGES TE TOTA PROPS