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Bankart / Anterior Inferior Capsular Shift Rehabilitation Program – Dr Klein



0 – 10 Days Sling immobilizer full Wrist and elbow ROM Gripping exercises
time, including night-
time for the first 6
10 Days to 3 Weeks Sling except for P.T. Passive ER to 10 Begin gentle isometrics
Follow-up with M.O. @ exercises. Aerobic degrees, passive FWD in neutral shoulder
2 weeks conditioning with arm in elevation in plane of position. (“1 finger
sling. scapula to 90 degrees isometrics”)
3 – 4 Weeks Same as above Passive ER to 20 Gradually progress
degrees. Passive FE to resistance with
140 degrees isometrics.

4 – 6 weeks May remove sling when Begin pulleys @ 4 Gravity eliminated

Follow up with M.O. @ arm is in a protected weeks cane and pulley exercises progressing to
6 weeks position. AAROM. ER to 40 anti-gravity exercises.
degrees. FE to 160
degrees. AROM by 6
6 – 12 weeks Discontinue sling. Begin PR to 50 degrees. Rubber tubing for IR
Follow up with M.O. @ light use of arm. Jogging FF to 180 degrees and ER. Light weights.
3 months and thereafter allowed @ 3 months
at the direction of M.O.

12 Weeks – 6 Months No heavy overhead ER progressed Progressive rotator cuff

lifting, overhead according to functional and shoulder girdle
throwing or contact requirements. strengthening.
sports. May begin
swimming. No overhead
6 – 9 months May begin overhead Progress as directed Progressive resistive
activities. Progress to exercise (PRE)
unrestricted activities.
Begin preparing for
PRT, etc.
After 9 Months Anticipate full Sport-Specific training.
unrestricted activity