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Bashar ~ Attitude is Everything / Atlantis

through Daryll Anka


Q: Hello.

B: And to you, good day.

Q: Right now I'm at a crossroads.

B: Oh, very exciting!

Q: Yes it is, as far as my career goes, but also I think in the

direction of my whole life right now.

B: Oh, whole life! All right.

Q: Yes. And I know where I want to go, but I'm not really sure how to
get there.

B: Now, have you heard about the idea before of doing what excites you?

Q: Yes.

B: Have you applied that idea at every given moment in your life?

Q: Probably not every, no; but I'm trying to more and more.

B: All right. I'll let you say, "trying" for now. Remember that you do
not necessarily need a particular idea that functions as a career that
you will do for the rest of your life -- to be able to do at any given
moment what excites you the most at that moment, with integrity.

Again, it may be simply an issue of learning to place your trust in a

positive frame of reference, as opposed to placing trust in a negative
frame of reference. Do remember -- do remember. and we do not mean
that this indicates it must take a long time.

But do remember that your society has impregnated all of you with so
many beliefs, so many different definitions, that it may simply take a
little while before you play all of them out. Bring them all back up
to the surface to determine and decide for yourself which of those
definitions really represents the life you really prefer. And
therefore, which of those definitions you want to keep, and which of
those definitions you want to change. It may simply take a little
while to do that, because you have so many definitions.
Have things, in your estimation, using your language, been generally

Q: Oh, yes!

B: All right. Does that allow you to feel happy?

Q: Very much so.

B: Does feeling happy allow things in your life to generally improve


Q: Yes.

B: All right. So the happier you are, the faster they will improve --
according to your preference, yes?

Q: Mhmm.

B: So be as happy as you can. That is one of the things each and every
one of you can do. And it isn't a matter -- it isn't a matter of the
idea of saying: "Oh well, yes, all well and good to have a nice
attitude, but that doesn't really affect the nature of things in my
life." Oh, yes it does.

Attitude is everything. It is the main lever, the main dial, the main
pointer that takes you down the hallway of events. Because there are
many probable hallways -- of styles of events, of how things in your
life might manifest. When your pointer is always happy, then you
always go down the hallways that represent the happiest and most
synchronous events.

So the idea of what can you do is, first, to be in that place in the
present, to be in that energy state in the present, where you are
happy with whom and what you are to begin with. Full self-validation.

Full self-validation. Full self-validation. No doubt, no regret, no

guilt in the negative sense. Full integrity; full trust in a positive
notion, the positive direction you know you are, the positive idea you
know you are.

And also remembering that you don't need me to remind you of these
things; that the interaction we are having now, you are perceiving,
not because of me, but because of you, because you are creating this
interaction in your reality.

So any time you feel you need a pep talk, understand you have the
capability of allowing any portion of yourself to give it to you. You
do not have to rely on a seemingly exteriorized reflection -- because
all you're hearing right now are your own words anyway, not really
directly mine.

My vibrational intention is aligned, in that sense, with what you

really desire to hear. But remember: your capability of hearing what I
am saying comes from the fact that you are actually telling yourself
these things, because that's the reality you prefer.

So if you understand that you are capable of hearing these ideas

because that's the reality you prefer, then you are capable of
manifesting that reality, because it's self-contained to begin with.

Q: Yes.

B: Does this help you?

Q: Yes, it does.

B: Well, thank you very much.

Q: Thank you.

B: Sharing!

Q: I seem to have all kinds of disparate images and remembrance of


B: Yes. Well, it was, in your terms of historical timing, covering

quite a lot of time, and there were many different aspects of that
civilization. You must understand that it existed, as an entity, so to
speak, as an Atlantean culture, from somewhere around, in a
distinctive phase, about 30,000 of your years ago, until about the
idea of 12 to 11 thousand years ago. That is quite a lot of history as
far as your modern age is concerned. So there are many different
levels and phases of society that develop within what might be overall
called the Atlantean period.

Q: Yes, I seem to remember at the beginning that it was an

extraterrestrial culture with humans as sort of secondary citizens;
I'd guess, you'd say?

B: Incorrect.

Q: Oh, okay.
B: It was a human directly from the idea of what you would call
Lemuria, but there was a lot of extraterrestrial mixing.

Q: Okay. Then at a later point, the extraterrestrials' influence on

our memory was not there.

B: Correct. In many cases, yes. As many different changes occurred,

there were many leavings, yes.

Q: And so we just ran our energy along, and the whole thing just came
to an end?

B: If you wish to over-simplify, yes.

Q: Okay.

B: Does that help you?

Q: Yes, it does.

You will find it was a combination -- at least the pyramids you are
familiar with -- of early Egyptian civilization with late Atlantean,
with some, some extraterrestrial intermixing. That is the earliest
pyramid. Stonehenge: another remnant of Atlantean civilization, in
what you call the Druidic fashion, that created that as a remnant, as
a symbol of what they believed they had lost in their relationship to
nature by destroying themselves in Atlantis.

You will find that as the island chain... there were several ideas of
destruction over a long period of time, stretching to what you
understand in your timeframe all the way, let us say, intrinsically,
as the existence of the land mass itself at the beginning of the
civilization was from approximately the idea anywhere from 100,000 of
your years to 60,000 of your years ago, and also up to the ending
point of what you would recognize to be approximately 11,500 of your
years ago, to what you call the final submergence.

The idea was not atomic as you understand it, but vibratory: The
transformation of light directly into vibratory energy more akin to
what you would understand to be through crystalline energy -- the
laser that you have now created in your society, but slightly
different. It was the vibratory resonance pitched too high that
activated synchronous harmonic vibration in subterranean volcanic
chambers that caused the collapse of the island chain. You follow me?

Q: Yes. Thank you. Then the Druids are descendants of the Atlanteans?
B: Yes.

Q: Is it true that the Easter Islands -- the statues that were brought
from Orion (--?) ... the scarecrows. to sort of... (rest inaudible)?

B: Now, there is some connection, some, to that idea. But again, it is

not that anything was brought. Recognize simply that in the idea you
call Lemuria in your Pacific Ocean, you will find there was some
initial interaction, initial identification with the idea of the Orion
energy. And there was some recognition of some of that, but not in the
way you think. It was more in an archetypal recognition of energy that
now existed upon the planet. And it was, let us say, an instinctual
representational expression by the natives who existed in Lemuria to
represent the aspect of what had become blended with the entire idea
of your Earth civilization. That is all we will say at this time. Sharing!

Q2: Will you tell me... (rest inaudible)?

B: Some, yes. Again also, the idea of Atlantis influence, some

Lemurian influence. Also some idea of another density -- Venutian
influence in this way. For you will find in that area you call
Tijuanatco(? ) the idea of what you call your Venutian calendar --
representing a year that is not your Earth year.

Q: That's the calendar... (rest inaudible)?

B: Upon which you call the inscriptions upon the stone you call the
date of the sun.

Q: Oh, yes.

B: Thank you. Now approximately 25,000 of your years ago, in what you
term to be Atlantis, or in their dialect Atalundi, you will have found
that the idea of separation of the self from the 'creatorhood' began
in earnest, though it had appeared upon your planet before that. You
will find, now, there was the choice within the mass consciousness of
that era to determine for themselves that they were, in this way, not
needing the integration of the self to the All That Is, but that they
could exercise their power directly in such a manner as to separate
themselves from the totality of All That Is, so that they could
recognize themselves in a more, I'll say, personalized way as being
the creator. This stemmed from the projection of spirit into material
form. As it continued, as spirit continued to project into material
form, in and of itself, was the definition of separation, limitation
to a certain degree. Thus, the more spirit experienced the idea of
material form or physical reality, slowly, in a sense, but as you say
surely, became used to the energy patterns. They began to sense ideas,
feelings, emotionality, thoughts, beliefs that they had heretofore not
encountered within non-physicality. They began to create the idea of
fascination with the limitation, and in so doing, allowed themselves
to become enmeshed, locked in, so that they could experience all that
there was to experience in that mode as well as every other mode that
had been experienced within All That Is of non-physicality. Thus, they
became use to, or as you say, created the habit of expressing
themselves in material ways, again, through emotionality, and thought,
and belief, rather than knowingness.

Q: Plato says that in the center of Atlantis there was a twenty-foot

high golden statue of Zeus, and when Atlantis sunk the statue sunk
with it.

B: Yes. There were many such statues.

Q: Well, it's a curiosity to know if this statue could be located at

this time.

B: The gold is intact. You will find that the northernmost continent,
the northernmost island, so to speak, of what you would call Atlantis,
is in the area now submerged off of what you call your United States
of America's eastern seaboard -- the area pinpointed upon your maps
that you call the Bermuda rise. The southernmost island of Atlantis --
because it was not just one landmass, nor extremely large -- you will
find exists in the area you basically call the Bahamas.

Exploration into those areas may yield, and to some degree has already
yielded some artifacts -- though do recognize that much of it is
buried quite deeply under what you call the ocean silt, and your
technology may or may not have the accessibility of recovering some of
these ideas.

Q: Thank you.

B: Thank you. SHARING!

Q: I have a question.

B: All right.

Q: In your perception, what is the purpose. who built the pyramids and
what was their purpose?

B: There was a connection to the idea of what you call the Atlantis
civilization, and also some intermixing of what you call

In this way the so-called purpose was in the recognition that in the
focusing of the magnetic energy in that way, and the immersing of a
being standing in that focal point, it would be utilized in what you
call initiations, to allow there to be, let us say, an acceleration.
Or the forming of an atmosphere that was conducive to the idea of what
you would call astral travel, and the learning of the higher self.

There are initiation temples that are remnants -- let us say,

different, because much of the idea was somewhat lost -- but they are
somewhat akin to the same idea of the pyramids that were created in
Atlantis. And that is where they originated upon your planet: in
Atlantis. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes. In the book known as the Ra Materials, which is represented as

a transcript of channeling such as we're experiencing here.

B: Yes.

Q: . Ra describes itself as a social memory complex.

B: All right.

Q: . a sixth density consciousness, which took form on this planet

and, among other things, built the pyramids as a single thought form.
So what would their relationship be to Atlantis and so forth?

B: In this way, you will find that much of the extraterrestrial

communication at that time was ongoing in the early stages of what you
call the Atlantean civilization. You follow me?

Q: So was it that energy, the Ra energy, in Atlantis and (-- --?)?

B: Yes. And other energies as well, but they were involved in that
way, and formed what would be the extraterrestrial connection at that
time that allowed there to be the sharing of that technology.. .

(Tape change)

. that is only, let us say, a remnant of the former level of the

technology. Thank you!

Q: Thank you.

B: Sharing!
Q: You talk about the music -- was it harmonics, was it vocal, or was
it a musical instrument? Or what kind of a process was the sound made
by, that moved the --

B: At that time there were many methodologies as well; and in the

overall sense, it was mental. But in this way, there was the use of
crystalline forms to allow there to be the vibration -- as what you
call electric current was passed through them and then simply focused
or aimed.

Q: So could that be done today?

B: Yes, in a sense, although not exactly within the same methodology.

For your technology is slightly different.

Q: Is it being rediscovered at this time?

B: Yes. You will understand that your civilization has already, to

some degree, achieved the idea of the suspension of the gravitational
field by sonic vibration, on minute scales.

Q: Was it the... is there -- well, there obviously is a connection --

but was the reason that the king was buried in a pyramid... was it
because it was his initiation.

B: Now, understand that in what you call to be the oldest pyramids, no

one was buried.

Q: Oh. And that just came about later?

B: Yes. For it was what was remembered of the idea, and the assumption
after the knowledge had been, in your terms, lost -- that this
individual would be able to be preserved and expanded, in that sense,
in their connection from physical life to non-physical life. The idea
of the passage of the soul, or what they called the ( --?) out of the

Q: Right.

B: But simply what was forgotten was that, in the early stages, this
was done while the body was still alive, the passage from the living
realm into the realm of the dead, so to speak. So it remained as a
symbol of that idea, but the original intention was forgotten.

Q: So in Atlantean times people didn't really die?

B: Simply that in those pyramids they were able to have the

out-of-body experience, and knew that that is what the pyramids were
for -- for the initiation or activation of that ability, in that sense.

Q: Okay. Does it matter what happens to the physical body after we die?

B: Does it matter?

Q: Well, I mean, some... if we're disemboweled, or if a fluid is put

into us, or if we're put into a pyramid, is it all relevant?

B: Do you mean to the consciousness that has left?

Q: Well, it seems like in certain religious philosophies they seem to

think that there was some representation after the soul left.

B: In a sense, there is an energy essence -- the consciousness of the

world spirit -- still acting through the matter of that form. But it
is quite different from the focused consciousness that you recognize
to be the personality within the body. And in that sense, to that
focused consciousness that has gone on, it does not really much
matter. Or at least, if it matters at first, it will not after a while.

Although in this way many individuals then -- and still do -- well, so

to speak, attend their own funerals. And in that sense, at that
moment, what is being transacted may satisfy them according to
recognizing that everyone allows themselves to find their place within
their understanding of the event. But to the soul that has passed on,
very quickly there comes the recognition that it is simply one more
symbolic idea, and that is all.

Q: So we don't have to die.

B: Not in that sense, and you never really do.

Q: But I mean, I've been reading some information regarding ascending,

and not.

B: Yes, in that sense, but also do not forget that that still
incorporates the idea of existing within at least a quasi-physical
reality; and that in your terms eventually you may choose to become
non-physical altogether -- even after living for thousands of years
physically. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: As long as it serves your purpose to remain in that ascended

physical light-body state, you will do so.
Q: Mhmm.

B: You can still, even after tens of thousands of years in that state,
choose to become completely non-physical.

Q: So in becoming non-physical -- the connection I'm trying to make is

between taking the body with you, instead of leaving the body behind.

B: With you where?

Q: Wherever you go, ascending into the heavens.

B: That is the point. The idea simply is that "taking it with you" --
where that can exist, is still only one portion of all of creation,
much of which is non-physical in nature. Now, you will always exist as
everything you have ever been, and so in that sense, you still have
every body you have ever been. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: And from even the ascended point of view, that always will exist.
But you can also change the focus of your consciousness to allow it to
seem as if you no longer have a body, ascended or not. You follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: Therefore, recognize that entities or consciousnesses, that are not

physical, in your terms, simply can have the experience of an ascended
body, so to speak, but do not have to.

Q: Mhmm.

B: It is all simply a matter of perspective, or point of view. There

are always going to be all sorts of different ways of expressing your
existence and simply, by definition, some of them are non-physical.

Q: Right.

B: Therefore, you are always going to be a physical body, a

non-ascended form, an ascended light body, and a non-physical being --
all at the same time. Now, if you choose to spend eons as an ascended
physical body, you can do so -- in terms of assuming that that is the
only perspective through which you are expressing yourself.

Q: But in doing so... let's see, I'm not sure how to describe this.
The information that I received is that the body... there is a way to
turn the body to light energy.

B: All right.

Q: And I think that's what I'm trying to say.

B: All right.

Q: So the body doesn't necessarily have to die.

B: Thank you. It is more the idea not so much as what you recognize as
death, but as phasing. And in this way, you can phase, because you are
light energy right now.

Q: Mhmm.

B: You are made of light; you are living light right now. What you are
speaking of is simply different phases of light. And so even when you
are consciously a light body -- and so to speak, ascended -- when you
make a decision -- if you make a decision -- to become another form of
light body, it will not be experienced as death, but only as phasing.
And it will seem that you are a light body. For light is what
everything is made of. Light and love: it is the same thing. You
follow me?

Q: Yes, I do.

B: It is simply the conscious recognition of what you are made of, and
existing in that state. Is that clearer?

Q: Yes, it is. Thank you.

B: The universe is made of love; existence is unconditional love; love

is the substance of which you are made. Light, love: same thing.

Q: Do we have... is it within our present lifetime to... is it

available to some, or many of us, for our physical forms as they are
now, to live several hundred years?

B: Yes! Although it will not be exactly as they are now; they will be
more fourth density. But basically, yes.

Q: I mean, they are not going to turn into elephants or giraffes or.

B: Oh, no, no, no, no.

Q: They're going to kind of look like what they look like now.
B: Yes, yes, yes.

Q: Right. What is the fourth density? I heard you speaking about that
tonight and I.

B: Well, simply the idea of the energy state of existence in which you
are more aware of more of yourself, and have the opportunity to look
through the illusions that, in third density, are taken as the real
reality. Living in the moment.

Q: I see. Okay. Thank you.

B: Thank you. Sharing!

Q: Okay, some more questions on sound.

B: All right.

Q: One is that I have heard that there's enough energy within this
room, from a sound point of view, to power the whole of Los Angeles.
In other words, there is an enormous amount of energy available.

B: There is enough energy in one particle of existence to do that.

Q: And does that relate to sound?

B: Everything is vibration - everything, and therefore, in a sense, sound.

Q: Okay. Is the technology available in our present time to convert

that energy into use in our civilization?

B: Let us say, the technology is available; the understanding is not

yet there. You follow me?

Q: Yes. Would it be advantageous to the process of the blending, for

this understanding to become more available, and so make energy
available to.

B: Of course, and all you have to do is follow your imagination, and

explore that idea in whatever way you wish to. Then you will be making
that difference by being that reality. You follow me?

Q: Yes. Thank you.

B: Thank you! Sharing!

Q: You said something about Halloween being connected to the
destruction of Atlantis?

B: Yes, from your ancient times, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween,

represents the day before the destruction of Atlantis. November 1 is
the day of destruction, and November 2 is the day after. In some of
your religious vernacular these days translate into All Hallows Eve,
All Souls Day and All Saints Day, and are the idea of the destruction
of your Atlantean land mass approximately 11 to 12 thousand years ago.

The issue you are dealing with on your Earth at this time is connected
strongly to both the planet Maldek destroying itself long ago and a
repetition of the cycle of Atlantis, although on a smaller scale than

In your current time frame the United States represents the idea of
the replay of Atlantis, for you have much of the same technology and
the same position in relation to politics around the world. Also you
have many of the same individuals from Atlantis who have now
re-instructed themselves to the point of deciding whether or not they
will destroy the world again.

You all chose to be here in this transformational age to see that you
do NOT replay Atlantis and destroy yourselves and your Earth this time

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