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TOTAL DISSOLVED HARDNESS INTERFERENCES — HIGH LEVEL TOTAL DISSOLVED HARDNESS Speci 'NR-2 (460-S0442) should be added to the sample if Species ppm heavy metals, such as copper or zinc, are known to Ar 100 bbe present. A white to brown precipitate will form. 14 Filter the solution with 2 0.45 wm Millipore filter Cat 06 to remove precipitate. Fo 50 Ne 08 ‘The above species do not intarfere under the stated, values. Ba”, Cd”, Po®, and Zn® will titrate as equivalent hardnass, PROCEDURE — HIGH LEVEL TOTAL DISSOLVED HARDNESS PL IP 2 \ /) 3 . 4 Vo) Rinse the casserole ‘Add 2 mL of #2 ‘Add2or3.shakesofH3 _Placetthe casserole under ‘thorough with (46090275) and st. (460-9077) and mx ‘the buret, a fil he buret ‘water. Measure with Ht (480-8027) Be sample water into the Woe LA GSDSOAGE) |) sure the solution at zero ‘graduated cylinder and pour Res level atte top of he buret tino te casserate. perelec eA occ H3.When using LH, however, do not use riore ‘Noto: Tomporatures bolow than 2 mil. THF 21°C) slow the ‘eacton ime signficanty. 2 carofl not fo over- firaie. Hot samples shoud a cocled to alow 105°F (40°C), High temperatures wil cause the ue color to puple atthe re PROCEDURE — TOTAL ACID HARDNESS (continued) 9 J 10 Filine buret unio he 2e10 —Thale wih H-1 (460-8027) Check he burt scabs and rrark win Ht @60-50274). uri one croptuins te racord he numba of mi that tnt souten tom edt was used a cause the color Live. Record te number of change. mL used Note: Temperatures balow 21° (71°F) slow ne ieaction ime sgnitcanty, Be caret not to ovet vate. Hot samples shoud be couled to betow 40°C. MOS"). Higher tempera tures wil cause the blue color o fade fo purple at ine endpoint. Determine low total harcnesslovols by dtutng 14-1 one mL to ton mL total Jsobtion and mceasing the [sample size 0 100 mL in nis case, each mL of rant equivalent io 1 pom. marches: Jcaucutation om Total Acid Hardnoss as CaCO, = (20) (mL 460-SC274 used)