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The video was about the housing project in Bulacan that was intended for the
people in danger areas in Metro Manila. They have to be relocated to a safer place
provided by the government. The RA 7279, Urban Development and Housing of 1992,
stated that the government should provide those people who cannot afford houses with
houses that has basic facilities such as water and electricity. They should have the
minimum standard required in the building code.
In watching this video, I knew both stories of the group. The kadamay group which
is known as professional informal settlers, they occupied houses that were intended for
other people. This made it difficult for the government and the other families because
some of them are living in danger zones. They explained their side that they cannot really
afford these kind of houses and that they wanted to get the pabahay for free which is
prohibited by the law because it will be unfair for other people. I understand that what they
are trying to say but I think with extra effort they can earn and save for it.
I have to agree with what Mang Ronald said in the video. They should still go
through the process with the government in getting a pabahay instead of suffering with
the current condition of the houses they are in. Their houses have no electricity, water
closets, door, and roof. The basic necessities that should have been provided are not
there. However, in my opinion, there is a problem in the government too because the
pabahay they’ve built didn’t pass the standards of the code of the Philippines and didn’t
have basic necessities that humans need.

Cleofas, Lorraine Angela G.

4 AR 6
Housing Reflection Paper


The video showed the current condition of housing projects here in the Philippines.
There are a lot examples mentioned that the government promised pabahay projects to
people but it didn’t push through because of certain problems. In my opinion, the
government have shortage in managing these problems. This is because a lot of the
pabahay projects were not finished and a lot of them are not occupied by people.
According to them, they cannot occupy houses that have poor construction and
insufficient facilities that every human being needs. One main problem is the construction
because they were funded by the government but the output that they have put in the
housing project is poor. There are no doors, windows and roof in other units which is
unusual given the thought that they are well funded by the government. If this problem is
was addressed and looked into, they wouldn't have a problem in giving out pabahay
projects to people because they will gladly take it and live there if the conditions are up to
the standards of what every human being needs.