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About Us

Neokinetic Services is a India registered business with offices in India, UK and U.S. We aim to build long-term, collaborative
business relationships.
Neo Kinetic Services provides data management, data research services and marketing Services. We offer both; project
based services as well as fully outsourced options. We provide a dedicated and up-scalable staffing resource that is a cost-
effective extension to your team that reduces overheads and enables you to focus on your core activities. Whether you
need specific project work undertaken or wish to outsource entire business functions, we have the resource, business
experience and flexibility to deliver your requirements

 Established in 2008
 Over 140 Members of staff & growing
 Management team with multiple sector
experience including: Media, Events, Financial
services, Business Consultancy & Outsourcing
 Over 100 clients in UK, Europe, North America
and India
 Executed over 1500 projects encompassing more
than 100 countries

Our Service Stack

Research Services Data Management Services Marketing & Customer

Engagement Services

List Building, and Tele Research Data Cleaning, Classification Tele-Verification

& Categorization
Business Intelligence & Competitor Analysis Lead Generation
Data De-duping
Marketing & Sales Data Validation Appointment Setting
Data Audits
Market Universe Identification & Builds Customer Services
CRM Management
List Verification Event Registration
Website Content Management
Information/Content Research Email Marketing

Our Methodology for Building Marketing Lists

Receive Brief from Client Communicate to client Re-scope if necessary or move

Scope out the brief
about the findings ahead if client approves

Research Kick off : Using paid and / Third party tools for research such as Agree TAT & expectations with
LinkedIn, Online Directories, company website and other information available client
on the internet

QC Kick Off :researched data is taken over by the qc to

conduct 3 layered full proof quality check process to
ascertain 95% accuracy of the


Our Methodology for Appointment Generation Services

Sales Qualified
Data Building Data Qualification Pitching Quality check Delivery
Survey call Each Sales Qualified Common CRM on real time /
Understand Brief Call to qualified Company Reaffirm Authority & Need
Validate and update fields Appointment is recorded. weekly
Identify research sources Pitch and Objection Handling Appointment confirmation
Identify Decision maker ( Each Appointment is vet by a Excel / Google sheet real time
Define & Populate data fields Interest and Need Analysis Documentation
Name & contact) supervisor / weekly
Perform research function
Decision maker availability

Call Follow up Process


Call Blueprint

Target Prospect Introduction “ Hello Puneet, this is Niranjan, calling from XYZ. Have I caught you in the middle of Anything

Elevator Pitch Great, The Purpose of my call . We help companies in their mobile marketing to promote.

Disqualifying Statement I don’t know if you are the right person to speak with but I just have a couple of questions

Do you perform any mobile marketing, if yes: what activities are you using. How old is ? Etc
Qualifying Questions

Common Pain Examples oh, ok. Well, as we talk with other FMCG’s, we have noticed that they often express challenges
with ….

Product details, Benefits, Value proposition, Differentiation, Brand etc

Brief Company Product

Close Confirm interest and appointment


Our Value Proposition

Why Us?

• Bespoke Data Research Services - tailored to

your requirement
• Guaranteed 95% data accuracy
• Flexible and Very easily scalable
• Proven success at helping Clients achieve
measurable ROI
• SLA Driven
• Experience in delivering over 1500 Projects Companies and Sectors Served

Our Team • Media Exhibitions and Trade Shows

• Marketing and Research
• A Strong Management Team having a blend • Industrial Services and Products
of both International and Domestic Subject Matter • Ecommerce & Retail
Expertise • Banking and Finance
• Over 140 Primary and Secondary Researchers, • Pharmaceutical
Multilingual Tele-Marketers and IT • IT Services and Solutions
Professionals • Healthcare
Examples of Projects

Client A Client B

To research over 10,000 retailers in the UK and Europe U.S Based Healthcare startup Identified India as their
and build a visitor prospect database for a major retail potential market to introduce their revolutionary
focused B2B event. To capture full company contact Product for patient monitoring.
details together with targeted decision making staff (up Our market survey helped them identify the right segment of
to 50 at larger businesses). Researched data also hospitals to target for this product. We built marketing leads
includes: Number of stores, Revenues, Retail sector, of these hospitals from 10 cities further extending to 20
Generic job functions. Includes desk and voice research more.
Services. Our lead generation experts were involved in calling these
In addition to researching the above, we also manage hospitals to identify the decision makers and through a
data on-going for the Client, which includes processing robust sales pitch assisted the client in setting more than 150
returns (email/mail), data cleaning and data hosting. Sales appointments every month.

Partial Clients List


Partial List of Exhibitions Handled


Some of Our Corporate Clients

Our Management Team

Puneet Bharadwaj, Managing Director & CEO

A Business Graduate from the UK with 18 years of International Business Development & Management experience,
working with companies like Siemens, Hughes, Tata’s and Datamatics Over the past 11 years he has been involved with
more than 500 companies in the US and Europe, helping them to grow their business through outsourcing

Sajiv Kurup, Director of Operations and Technology

Sajiv is a Computer Engineer from University of Mumbai. He brings in more than 14 years of experience Operations.
His previous experience includes managing Operations for Tata BSS, Datamatics & Cheers Interactive with team sizes
ranging from 50 to 350.

India Office :5th Floor, Business Park, Chincholi Naka, S.V Road, Malad West ,Mumbai 400063 | Tel: + 91 22 61278722/26
Mobile No : +91 9967777824 1