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A Letter from the desk of Pastor


As October rolls in, many of us have

experienced the yearly change back into
various routines: school has started,
vacations have ended and the weather is
beginning to cool. Maybe this is the time
FOOTPRINTS to begin a new faith routine. Not long
ago I gave several messages about the
significance of being able to obey God
and being part of a community of
believers – you can't in fact do one
without the other. Christian faith is done
together-period. Sunday morning
worship certainly is a way to do this but it
is really only a very small portion of the
community pie. There are also things like
serving, being the hand and feet of
Christ, fellowship, teamwork on
committees or projects, to name a few. Yet
one of the most important community
events crucial for every Christian's
ongoing discipleship is what we call Life-
groups, or small groups. Without them we
are handicapped and our faith often
becomes stagnant. There is nothing more
challenging and encouraging than a
group of people with whom one can share
the trials and joys of being a follower of
Christ. I encourage everyone to consider
being a part of one of the groups that
meet to help one another follow Christ

FOLLOWING together.

May God bless you in your journey

Pastor Luke
October 3, 2010
Update from Session Family Page

Here is what activities and decisions our If you ask any responsible parent if they
Session has made since the last want what is best for their child they will
newsletter. answer with a resounding yes! If you ask
any responsible Christian parent if they
A second Greeters and Ushers training want their child to grow up knowing and
session for those who were unable to loving the Lord they too will answer with
attend the first will be scheduled for later a resounding yes! Where parents of all
in this month. stripes struggle is with the follow through.
Many studies have been done to see if
The Church outreach event (free hotdogs there is a statistical correlation between
and freezies) for the Pincourt 50th family activities and d a child's chances
Anniversary in Bellevue Park was well of continuing to walk with the Lord
received. The town may consider holding through the teens and into early
a boating event again next year to adulthood. What many groups have come
promote the idea of creating a marina at up with are four elements for doing the
the park. best we can for our children as they
mature in faith. While there are no
Committees are being established to guarantees of success, they have proven to
mentor Presbyterian college students be essential. They are:
Samuel and Doreen.
Prayer-children need to be taught to pray
A report on our Vacation Bible Camp and have prayer modeled for them by
prepared by Janet Evans was approved for their parents. Learning from Church is
submission to Presbytery. Additional not nearly as effective as learning it
adult participation will be needed next from home.
year and the congregation will be
approached for help in providing craft Reading Scripture-children need to hear
materials. (e.g.: toilet and paper towels the word of God and see that their
rolls) parents desire to hear the word of God.

Many thanks to Janet Evans for the many Doing Scripture-children also need to see
years of hard work, dedication and heart their parents living the work and
she has put into the Sunday School. She is admitting to where they still need God's
greatly appreciated. Session has discussed help in doing so. Nothing says your
new ideas for a new Sunday School co- faith is meaningless more that
coordinator. ignoring the plain teaching of
Scripture or failing to confess sin.
Our congregation received positive
feedback from a francophone Pincourt Church-children need to see that the
resident on the inspirational messages body of believers is a real priority in
displayed on our front sign. life that does not take a back seat to
other things. While church attendance
That's all folks! and engagement may not be a
salvation issue for a parent it may be
for the next generation.
In the next issue of FOOTPRINTS, I will Hospitality Committee-
share some of the practical ways a parent
can follow through and thus do all we We are pleased to see the Welcome
can to be the best we can-God helping us! packages have arrived and we encourage
everyone to take on home and read it
Pastor Luke through. If a neighbour is interested in
knowing more about the church feel free
to offer them a welcome package to read
through. There are also invitation cards
Vacation Bible Camp 2010 available so you can give people
something with our address and
Vacation Bible Camp (VBS) was held this gathering times.
summer from August 23rd to the 27th. The
camp ran from 9 am to 4 pm Monday to Equipping people for ministry is essential
Friday. The theme of the camp was “High in the church and so the hospitality
Seas Adventure”, and was about the committee will soon offer another
apostle Paul. training session for greeters and ushers.
We ask that those who were not at the last
The activities were led by Martha Evans- training session and who are interested
Hanna, Debra Hewitt of “Faith Mission” to please attend this next one.
and Janet Evans. The curriculum came
from the Child Evangelism Fellowship. One direct ministry PCIP is able to be
involved in is the food bank at the
The children enjoyed Bible stories, crafts, church. We are able to help 10-12 families
activities, games and some great songs! in a year as well as give food to a West
Island Christian food bank that services
We had 21 campers! 5youth helpers and 3
up to 100 families a week.
leaders. Thank you to all involved.
Presently the food bank is quite low and
The highlight of the week was the growth
we ask everyone to pitch in and help to
of the camp, last year we had 8 campers
bring it back up with some non perishable
and this year we were at 21! This gives us
goods. We are in need of things like:
lots of hope for future camps. We are
really looking forward to next year! Cereal, pasta, sauce, coffee, tea, soup,
toothpaste, soap, fruit, vegetables, mac
Thank you Lord for your presence in our
and cheese, instant potatoes.
With Thanks,
Evans Committee members

Nancy, Eric, Janet, Ruth Luke and Elly.

Our motto

“Giving of ourselves for the good of our

Our Church Family f the family. Following a 9 month spell of
unemployment, Pat was hired by Michelin
–Ruth and Pat Horan
tire and they lived in Nova Scotia for two
and one half years.
Two men from Canada went to Europe to
help fight against the fascist regimes
They returned to Montreal with a six
during the 1940's. Both soldiers returned
month old son. Adrian was born in May
to Canada with Wives. Ruth's mother was
1973. Sian followed in July 1974 and
from Birmingham, England while Pat's
Chris happened along in February 1979.
mom was from Pontypridd, South Wales.

Ruth joined the Presbyterian church of Ile

Ruth has one younger sister residing in
Perrot not long after the family moved to
Hamilton and a younger brother living
Pincourt, Pat was reluctant until the day
in living in Uxbridge Ontario. They grew
he met Jesus who became his Lord and
up in an area called “Park extension”
Saviour, on October 28, 1989
and attended Livingston United Church.

The Bible has caused us both to come

Pat has one older brother now in Whitby
alive in a way we could never dream of.
and 2 younger brothers around the
We have been blessed with 3 amazing
Montreal area. Church for them was non-
children. Adrian met and married
Naoko from Japan. They live in Courtice,
just this side of Oshawa with 3 beautiful
Strangely enough, Ruth and Pat met at a
children and they attend Trulls Road
Sunday school picnic at the beach in
Free Methodist Church. Sian married
Plattsburg in NT. His older brother was
Sylvain a few years back and they live in
trying to arrange a meeting with Lynda,
Beauharnois with a beautiful and bright
a young Sunday school teacher from the
young Jessika. They attend Westview Bible
church he then attended. That did not
Church. Chris met and married Hikari,
happen. What did happen however was
also from Japan. They have a precious
that Pat saw Ruth, a lovely young lady
daughter, Melia and they live in Tokyo.
and decided to get to know her. As it
Church is not a factor for their lives just
turned out, Ruth was the older sister of
yet. but we're still praying. We visited
the teacher Pat was supposed to meet.
them a few times and were encouraged to
They dated for 18 months, got engaged worship Jesus at a small Baptist Church
and married 18 months later in July not far from their home. It was a strange
1969. Ruth had planned a trip to Europe experience to sing hymns in Japanese
with high school friends and left for a few (phonetically and in Romanji), the tunes
months. Pat waited eagerly and patiently were certainly familiar!
for her to return. One year after their
Looking back, we can see that God's hand
wedding Ruth returned to Europe, but
was always near. His eye is on the sparrow
this time Pat joined her. To facilitate
and we know now that He watches us.
travel, they purchased a 500cc Triumph
Today we have a special relationship with
motor-cycle and toured West Europe for 5
an awesome God, creator, sustainer, and
Saviour. The Bible is our daily source for
They returned to Canada just before a life that has been transformed, and is
Christmas and shocked the daylights out continually being transformed. Together
we have walked with Him for 21 years. Marriage is HARD!! It takes love,
Imagine, 21 years out of a life that has understanding, patience, kindness,
promises for all eternity, with HIM. We're truthfulness, trust, perseverance,
just getting started! selflessness, sacrifice and teamwork, to
mention just a few things. From maybe
Our God is an AWESOME GOD! All praise having to leave family due to job
and honour are HIS and may all who transfers, financial difficulties, children,
read our little story be blessed by His teens! Marriage is rarely what we
power, might, grace and LOVE. expected it would be. Some of our dreams
do come true, others don't, many change.
Ruth and Pat Horan We learn about ourselves as never before.
We try to bring out the best in each other
and learn to accept the worst. We love
together, we fight together, we dream
A word of thanks together and we are disappointed
together. We fly or fall, together. We grow,
A big word of thanks to all who helped as individuals and as a couple,
with the window removal and becoming more and more one. But it
installation of the wall. It was a great takes time and prayer.
day of community building. There is still
more work to be done and the board It is the most fulfilling job you will ever
would appreciate a helping hand with have. It is the most blessed of all
various finishing touches. If you can help relationships. It is a joy and a completion
please speak to Pat Horan. of oneself. Without our mate, we are not
whole and life seems empty. It is a prime
example of the relationship God wants to
have with us.

So let us celebrate marriage, let us revel

Marriage: A gift from God in it! Let us say thank you to our Father
for the gift of marriage.
We meet, we fall in love, and we get
married! We start off all bright eyed and Rose-Marie LeBel
bushy tailed, full of love and
expectations, anticipating the years of joy
and fulfillment to come. We imagine
making our lives together and of our
dreams coming true. On some level we
know that marriage takes work, but we
love each other, it can't be that hard!!

And then reality set in. “what do you

mean you don't want kids?!” or “You
want HOW many kids??” or “man, your
cooking stinks!” or “I hate my job”,
“you're so moody all the time, you used to
be more fun” or “but I want to!”
Reverend Fun

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