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Dhurjoti Bhattacharjee

Bangalore, Phone: +91-96864-33301

Karnataka Mail:dhurjoti@gmail.com
Linkedin: Skype: dhurjoti

Career Objective:
Seeking a global career as an Analyst/Tester/Service Delivery & support(operations) professional in business specific
testing, support & implementation segments, having rich experience in techno functional blend of work areas in
Telecom/Enterprise business environment(Kenan Fx) offering challenging & exciting opportunities where I can
collect,share and enrich the knowledge with practical analytics involving enhancement of data & thus improvement
of business user experience to contribute to the growth and success of the core business besides the organizational

Recent Endeavor:

 Working with Aricent, Bangalore as Sr. S/W Engineer in Telecom Testing Domain for Kenan Fx 3.0
product release testing(BSS submodules involved: Billing/Rating, Inventory, orders, Security, APITS,
RH&T) with Comverse Network Systems, Gurgaon.

 Completed working with Play Mobile Inc., Poland for Kenan NGFX2TP (Workflow) framework
implementation testing releases(involving Workpoint Designer BPM tool) at Warszawa, Poland(Onsite) with
Comverse Network Systems, EMEA region.

Past Accomplishments:

 Technically adept Telecom domain professional having More than 9+ years (7.9+ yrs. In telecom domain) of
Operational support, Testing Experience under different Enterprise application environment modules such as
Customer Care/CRM, Telecom Order Management & Billing projects in different verticals such as Fixed
line/Tele media, Cable TV/DTH, Mobility(Postpaid & Prepaid-BSS)Conversant with Kenan/BP and OM-
IM(Order Management-Inventory Management) and all the relevant surrounding processes. Having
knowledge of basic telecom signaling protocols & terms like SGU, SLU, diameter etc.

 Good Working experience in IATP, JATP, Regression and UAT for pre & post-implementation in Testing,
Sanity & support. Involved in Testing for Kenan Cc GUI, Serviceability, Orders, Inventory, API TS using
REST UI, Billing-Rating processes(URE), Workflow(workpoint GUI) modules w.r.t. product-specific
releases and Financial Sub-Modules.

 Involved in performance/load testing scenarios(using custom methods & processes) of complex utilities
(Business requirement) & applications on multiple platforms. Functional and performance tests execution
and requirements verification

 Extensive experience in system Administration and Maintenance specially on middleware servers like
(Tuxedo, WebLogic) for Kenan Fx.

 Functional experience & Knowledge of s/w engineering processes & ERP-based tools such as
CRM,activation tools besides working knowledge of QA/QC tools viz. HP Quality Center, DIME,
ClearQuest, Mantis, Bugzilla etc.
 Good hands on knowledge about MNP(Mobile Number Portability) flow as per Business requirement.

 Participated in reverse shadowing process for ticket resolutions.

 Product deployment (patches, releases), maintenance and support in Kenan FX architecture.

Potential Objectives:

 Managing requirement gathering, system analysis and finalization of design drafts for technical/functional
specifications & high level business documents for project specific solution development & further delivery.

 To emphasize on Customer Interaction on business levels always giving more importance to customer expectation,
based on Prior experience of handling business users at different levels.

 To seek & meet the level of satisfaction among business-users by professionally understanding & analyzing of
the client requirement, achievable with active Participation in knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer
among certain levels business(client & vendor).

Skill Set


 Undertaking requirement gathering, system analysis & finalization based on approved solution documents to
prepare test documents for system interaction testing, framework testing & also further troubleshooting and
debugging of the software based on analysis of business requirements for Telecom domain
 Having experience in individual case basis unit test case preparation & execution, defect raise & tracking besides
smooth implementation & support with respect to post & pre-deployment of products/updates(patches) in telecom
 Providing post-implementation, application maintenance and enhancement support with regard to the product /
software application for telecom domain
 Providing post-implementation, enhancement and maintenance support to client for telecom applications


Operating Systems Windows 2000 Server/ NT 4.0/ XP/7.0/8.1, UNIX

DBMS, languages/Scripts Oracle9i,Oracle10g, Oracle 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix(HP


Kenan Fx/Bp
Designer(BPM TOOL),IDAM, Workpoint, REST URI,
DOM API Interface, HP Quality Center, ClearQuest,
System Interaction Service provisioning(M6, ASAP), Number management
system, Order Management, Inventory Management,
Application Server(Middleware) WebLogic, Tuxedo


 Training in Billing & financial module, RHT module(order services) @Aricent
 Training on Kenan arbor/Fx conducted by Wipro InfoTech Pvt. Ltd
 Training of Kenan configuration(inventory basics) and working process conducted by Comverse
 Training of Oracle OSM/UIM conducted by Wipro InfoTech Pvt. Ltd


#Project Handled : Current Experience

Company Name : Aricent
Designation : Sr. S/W Engineer
Function : Product Release testing of Kenan FX 3.0, Bangalore

Brief Summary:
Performing testing for different DR’s & regression tests under multiple drops of upgrades of FX 3.0 product release

#Project Handled : Recent Experience

Company Name : Aricent
Designation : Sr. S/W Engineer
Function : e2e Testing for Play Mobile Inc., Warszawa

Brief Summary:
Recently worked in Play Mobile Workpoint Testing project at Warszawa(Poland). Play Mobile has undertaken
initiative to modernize Comverse Workflow solution & thus migrate from existing FX2TP workflow to NGFX2TP
framework for workpoint & enhance KSIINTEG in the process.

Involved as part of Workpoint Testing team & working on below modules in sync with timing of deliverables:

• System Test
• System Integration Test (SIT)
• DR switchover Test (is a sub-phase of the SIT)
• Performance Test
• Customer Acceptance Test (CAT)

Project : NGFX2TP Workpoint migration in play mobile Inc., Warszawa.

Client : Play Mobile Inc., Poland
Location : Warszawa, Poland (Onsite)
Language & Tools : Oracle11i, PL/SQL developer, Kenan FX, UNIX, Mantis, Packet Wire/Tele provisioning.
Application Server : WebLogic, Tuxedo
Duration : From June 2014 – December 6th, 2014

#Project Handled : Past Experience

Company Name : Wipro Ltd (InfoTech Division)
Designation : Sr. Analyst Programmer
Function : Dishnet Wireless Business Operation and Support
Project : Order Management and Inventory Management System
Client : Dishnet Wireless Pvt. LTD. (Operator: Aircel)
Location : Gurgaon, Haryana
Language & Tools : Oracle9i, TOAD,PL/SQL,Kenan Fx 2.0,java, Unix, Shell Scripting, DAM
Application Server : Weblogic, Tuxedo

Role : Sr. Analyst Programmer

Team Size : 15
Duration : From January 2009 to November, 2013

 Monitoring and ensuring the Tuxedo/weblogic based application to be available 100%.

 Tuxedo API_TS integration support based on new requirement from business.
 Understand the System Requirements, analysis and designing of the Application Modules and Database.
 Creation and modification of database Tables, Indexes, Triggers, Views, Functions, Stored Procedure and
 Writing Stored procedures and Trigger for modules according to requirements.
 Planning & Deployment of Application.
 Involve in System and Application Integration.
 Responsible for timely and accurate Service Provisioning, MIS Delivery, using ken an Billing system with
Using the Skill set like Unix (Shell- Scripting for execution and automation of manual process) at Sun
Solaris Platform and Sql ,Pl/Sql
 Creating dashboard in PL/SQL,UNIX as per business requirements
 Interaction with vendors (Relationship Connects) for Application Support Management.
 Dealing in IT Telecom Operations like (Billing, Service Provisioning, MIS, and CRM)
 Automation of Business Processes
 Tuxedo & WebLogic server monitoring, Troubleshooting, Restart and refresh under different conditions
 New Postpaid Rate Plan Configuration, Top-up Plan Configuration
 Inventory Transition Configuration, Inventory Line Configuration.

Mobile Number Portability:

Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when
changing from one mobile network operator to another. In MNP, a subscriber will be able to retain his mobile number
while switching from one Service Provider to another. However the other network identities will change. All calls to
and from the old mobile number will be serviced and

Billed by the new service provider. The customer care, voice mail, billing responsibilities, etc. will also shift to the
new network operator. In MNP, the philosophy is that a mobile number is the property of the subscriber. Subscribers
can carry their mobile number to any Service Provider of their choice within a defined geography.
Past Experience (IBM Bharti project):

Title Oracle CRM Order Entry implementation

Client Airtel Bharti
Duration 7 months
Technology Kenan, Bharti Enterprise CRM OE Implementation (iCRM)
Details The project steps towards ‘Convergence’ as envisaged by Bharti. IBM is
involved in implementing and supporting order entry, DTH (direct-to
home), Oracle configurator, Kenan/FX 1.2 system, order fulfillment
system and number management system.
Role Junior Operations Engineer
Responsibilities  Request handling and tracking, number management system.
 Product, workflow Data configuration knowledge, order
management, order troubleshooting arbor updater rejection
clearance, service provisioning handling with mediation

 Team member from onsite to successfully deliver enhancement

requests and support of L1 and L2 activities pertaining to
requirement from the client.

Title Implementation of Oracle11i CRM

Client Airtel Bharti
Duration 1 year
Technology Kenan OM IM, Bharti Enterprise eCRM Telemedia Implementation
Details It was the largest Implementation of Oracle11i CRM in India with 17 different circles, 18 call
centers, more than 35,000 users and customer base of more than 10 million approx. The
implementation covered servicing customers through implementation of Oracle Apps teleservices
module. Implemented component mainly aimed at providing better teleservice to its huge customer
Role Operations Executive
Responsibilities  Involved in testing & support for Oracle CRM Modules like teleservice, sales workflow
configuration, service request routing.
 Writing SQL queries, writing procedures & function & anonymous blocks

 Level 1& level 2 support to end-user.

Career Summary:

 Sr. S/W Engineer – Aricent, Bangalore from Dec 2013- till present
 Sr. Analyst Programmer - Wipro InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon from Jan 2009- Nov 2013
 Junior Operations Engineer - IBM India Pvt. Ltd, Noida from July 2008 – Dec 2008
 Operations Executive - Synova Innovative Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Gurgaon from Jul 2007 - June 2008
 Network Support Engineer - Himalayan InfoTech Systems Pvt. Ltd., Siliguri, West Bengal from March
2006 - May 2007


 M.C.A (Computers), Jorhat Engineering College, Dibrugarh University, 2005

 B.Sc., Pandu College, Gauhati University, 2001
 12th from Assam Higher Secondary Education Council(AHSEC), 1998
 10th from Assam Board of Secondary Education, Assam(SEBA), 1996


Date of Birth : 18th Feb, 1981

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Assamese and Bengali
Passport No : G6529488 (Valid till 2018)


I hereby declare that the above –mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility
for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.

Date: 05-APR-2015
Place: Bangalore
Dhurjoti Bhattacharjee