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Starting with a Smile
Supplement to The Jewish Standard • September 2018
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We’re Taking Pediatric ER and Hospital Care to the Next Level

Atlantic Health System has introduced an innovative approach to pediatric care at Chilton Medical Center, the
only one of its kind in the northern NJ region. The Children’s Center offers an exceptional level of care to our
most precious patients, combining pediatric emergency services and hospital care within a brand-new, family-
friendly environment.

With sleeping accommodations for parents, a kids playroom and a family lounge, our team of experienced
and compassionate pediatric physicians and nurses will put your family’s needs first. And, because we are part
of Atlantic Health System, there is ready access to more than 100 pediatric specialists who provide advanced
expertise at Goryeb Children’s Hospital at Morristown Medical Center.

Where You Go For Pediatric Care Matters

Chilton Medical Center · 97 West Parkway, Pompton Plains, NJ · atlantichealth.org

CMC-7208-17 ChildrensCtr_JewishStd.indd 1 10/23/17 12:54 PM


Now for Fall
Learn About Theand
A Creative Revolution
Exciting In
In BergeninCounty
for Children Grades 3-7
5 Starting School with a Smile 13 Homework Helper
Educator Aviva Yablok shares
her wisdom
Strategy for success
6 Fall into Style
14 Generation G
Granddaughter and ENCOUNTER PROGRAM
Good looks for school and shul her high horse Bar & Bat Mitzvah Preparation
7 Mathnasium Adds Enrichment 15 School Year Tune-Up Big Brothers/Sisters mentor each student
Local couple takes helm of Getting a doctor’s exam Classes meet Sunday mornings
tutoring center for school
Monthly Family Programs
8 Too Cool for School 16 Back-to-School Listings Located in Teaneck (Torah Academy)
Groovy swag for the school year After-school programs, nursery,
religious schools, and more No synagogue affiliation required
9 Preparing Your Child
for the World 28 Gallery Contact Dr. Deborah Rapps, Director 201-833-JYEP(5937)
Let them fly, let them grow Pictures of our children
Or visit us at www.JYEP.org or email debby@jyep.org

10 New Year’s, New Perspective 29 Top Choices
A mother learns from her son Great things to do
in September
11 Safe Sleeping All new
! Preventing SIDS 30 Calendar
Picks for the month
12 Giving Dad His Due
Newer, Better, More Spectacular!
Fathers are parents, too

About Our Children is designed to help Jewish families in our area live healthy, positive lives that make the most of the
resources available to them. By providing useful, current, accurate information, this publication aims to guide parents to
Thrilling New Rides!
essential information on faith, education, the arts, events, and child-raising — in short, everything that today’s Jewish fam- • Giant Slides • Giant Spider
ily, babies to grandparents, needs to live life to the fullest in North Jersey and Rockland County. • Obstacle Course Mountain
• Air Cannon Alley and Slide
• Sports Arena • And More!
Dr. Annette Berger, Psy.D.
Psychologist, Teaneck
Jane Calem Rosen
Marketing and Communications Specialist
Birthday Parties!
Michelle Brauntuch, MS,CCLS Barry Weissman, MD • Giant indoor inflatables
Child Life Specialist, Englewood Hospital, Englewood Pediatrician, Hackensack and Wyckoff • Private bounce and party rooms Spider Mountain

Hope Eliasof Cheryl Wylen • Hassle-free, easy to plan!

Marriage and Family Therapist, Midland Park Director of Adult Programs and Cultural Arts
• Dedicated party pros
Howard Prager, DC, DACBSP YM-YWHA of North Jersey, Wayne
Holistic Chiropractor, Oakland
• Clean, safe and secure
• We clean up!

Beyond Birthdays! PLACE
FOR A Air Cannon Al
• Open Bounce KID’S FUN Obstacle Course
James L. Janoff
Ruth Carmel Natalie Jay
Publisher Advertising Director
• Create & Bounce Art Camps PLACE
Slovie Jungreis-Wolff
Ed Silberfarb
Heidi Mae Bratt
• Field Trips
Peggy Elias • Class and Team Parties
Adina Soclof
Editor Kosher
Robin Frizzell • Fundraisers and more!
Aviva Yablok
Deborah Herman Available
Brenda Sutcliffe
Denise Morrison Yearian
Art Director
Account Executives
Stephanie Zandieh, M.D. Paramus
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• 843-5880
(201) 843-5880 Nanuet · (845) 623-5400
us Contributing Writers www.BounceU.com/paramus-nj /BounceUofParamus
70 Eisenhower Dr. · Paramus, NJ 07652 424 Market St. · Nanuet, NY 10954
About Our Children is published 11 times a year by the New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group, 1086 Teaneck Road, 70 Eisenhower Drive • Paramus, NJ www.Facebook.com/BounceUNanuet/
www.Facebook.com/BounceUParamus/ 07652
Teaneck, NJ 07666; telephone: 201-837-8818; fax: 201-833-4959.; e-mail: AboutOC@aol.com.


Musings from the Editor
n the beginning, we were a sizable we were in the room — but that — and so was I. because of my emotional immaturity
group of mothers who filled the once the kids began their Shaina’s first day of (gosh, I was only 4!), it was not to be.
child-sized seats arranged along the activities and engaged school was different. She One time, I devised a plan to show that
periphery of the colorfully decorated with each other and their began non-Mommy and I was a big girl. I asked my mother to jin-
classroom. The head teacher, a warm teachers, they kind of for- Me school when she was gle her keys when she was outside. From
and seemingly ageless woman, had a got about us. That was the a bit older than Yehuda. the inside of the class, I heard the jingle,
way of welcoming the new toddlers point. We were instruct- On her first day I brought and knew my mother was there. That
into her world. Her voice was soft as she ed to stay a while, in the her to the pre-kinder- day, no tears! My teacher was so proud.
spoke in singsong rhythm and her smile, background, and then qui- garten class concerned But thankfully, there was no need
which started in her eyes, was so reas- etly leave, only to return a about separation — after for jingling keys with Yehuda or Shaina.
suring that both children and parents few hours later for pickup. all, she had always been They were happy to leave and happy to
were put at ease. With each passing day, the mothers or with me — and shared my thoughts come back.
It was the first day of school. For caretakers followed the same routine, with her teacher. But once Shaina saw And now, as Yehuda embarks on his
both of us. Exciting, but scary. taking the sideline seats at the start of the wonder of the classroom abuzz with newest first day and goes abroad for his
There were children in the class class when they dropped off their child, kids and activity, she kissed me good- gap year, I hope and pray for a seamless
who were just barely 2 and just barely but staying less time. As the school bye, and breezed in. At pickup, she was entry into a new world of learning and
speaking, but Morah, teacher, could in- days progressed, fewer parents took all smiles. growth and that he too, will be happy to
tuit what they were thinking and know the seats. Many just dropped off their Said her teacher, “Shaina was happy leave and happy to come back.
what they wanted. child, kissed them, wished them a good to leave and happy to come back.” Wishing all a wonderful start to
Yehuda had no trepidation about day, and left. What more could I ask for? Happy the new school year, and a healthy and
this new venture. He joined the circle And there were those who stayed. to leave and happy to come back. happy Rosh Hashanah.
with his soon-to-be friends rath- Okay, okay, I wasn’t exactly the last Contrast that to my experience in
er seamlessly. little Indian left, but maybe staying was pre-kindergarten when I feared that my Cheers,
It was another story for the peanut more for me than for Yehuda. Soon mother would not be there to pick me
gallery, or rather, the parent gallery. enough, I did get out of that little seat up. I would cry every day before pickup,
Our presence was more obvious at (thankfully!) and out of the classroom. nervous that I would be left. Once there
the start of class — the children knew Yehuda was okay — even more than was talk about my skipping a grade, but



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Starting the School Year with a Smile

Aviva Yablok The teachers have to receive and dismiss
everyone safely. Keep those arrival and

or most of us, beginnings are excit- dismissal conversations short and try to
ing and conjure up thoughts of ad- schedule a time to speak to the teacher
venture, and experiences to be en- later in the afternoon or evening to find
joyed. For others, beginnings are visions out details of the day.
of things unknown, and may include inse-
curity about social situations and physi- 5. Keep your eye on the goal.
cal comfort. For all of us, the feelings as- Another question I often ask parents is
sociated with beginnings are a healthy to share how they would like their son or
combination of both — excitement at daughter to function in second or third
experiencing something new, along with grade and beyond. The consensus is that
feelings of not being quite sure how it will we envision our children functioning as
all play out. students with well-developed social skills,
As we send our young children off to the ability to work independently as well
their first days of school, let’s reflect on as in groups, the ability to listen, follow
what may be most helpful for our children directions, and produce developmentally
and for ourselves to prepare for a positive appropriate school work. This process
and successful new school year. begins in preschool. Learning the skills
Young children depend on the adults of navigating the classroom is what early
around them to help them navigate most childhood programs are all about. It be-
situations. We have all experienced how gins on Day 1.
children hang on to you and
look at your face as they enter 6. Early childhood programs are fun.
a new situation. They are look- They are your child’s first introduction to a
ing for your reaction. Children group experience. Your child will love being
have a keen ability to determine in school with his or her friends. She will
just what their parents are feel- love the routines. He will love the special
ing and they actually look at our activities. His language and communication
reactions to know if a situation skills will explode. The anxiety of the first
is safe and secure or if it needs few days will disappear quickly and your
a different type of response. This 1. Respect each day, it becomes more challenging for child will run into the classroom ready to
is an important concept to keep the teachers. this young student to adapt. Let’s remem- see what is waiting for him.
in mind as we prepare our chil- While you know ber that we all crave routine. The earlier This will happen with your en-
dren and each other for the new a great deal about we can establish routine, the better. couragement, positive attitude and the
school year. your child, the By the way, most schools love when trust that you have in the school you
When I meet with parents Aviva Yablok teachers know parents come to help with an activity, to have chosen.
who are new to our program (at about children read to the class, to cook or bake. You I must share with you that despite
Manhattan Day School), I often ask them and about creating classroom communities. will all have those opportunities after the our best efforts — having a plan, trust-
how their child has dealt with new begin- We want them to integrate our individual adjustment to school period is complet- ing the school, and following the guide-
nings in the past when left with a baby- child into the group. Follow their advice ed successfully. lines — those first days can still produce
sitter or at the home of grandparents. As and policies regarding how long to stay and In most schools, the teachers have a “first day jitters.” How can we deal with
you can imagine, I hear about children what is working best for your child. plan for integrating students and help- that? By understanding that it’s normal
who can be left at any time with anyone ing children acclimate. Ask about the and it’s temporary. Children are more
and seem to be fine. I also hear about the 2. To the extent that you can, treat process and follow that process. Trust resilient than we imagine and they do
children who have a more challenging the first day of school like any those teachers. adjust. Some children need more sup-
time getting adjusted to a new situation. other day. port than others, but it really works out.
Whether you are the parent to the child It can be so tempting to take videos and 3. Dress your child for comfort. School is a good place for children. Keep
who has more ease or the one who has pictures, to linger in the room and watch. Hopefully, there will be play, outdoor fun, your eye on the long-term goal and it will
more challenge, beginning a new school I know it’s counterintuitive, but staying exercise, dancing, cooking, painting, eat- work out just fine.
program likely will be very different than longer doesn’t help the process. I’ve seen ing, drinking, spilling, and lots of potential I wish the enthusiasm and love of
other “firsts” for your child. I’ve watched that it can confuse a new student. They for mess. Leave the special outfits for spe- school that our youngest children dem-
my staff members work with families to are not sure what will be happening next. cial occasions. Dress them like you want onstrate could stay with them through-
help even the most anxious child (and Is Mommy staying? Is she coming right them to have fun. This includes comfort- out their years at school. Here’s wishing
parent!) reach success as they begin the back? Will she be peeking in the win- able shoes. Flip-flops, crocs, and sandals all our families much success as the school
school year. There are so many factors in- dow? My advice is to make a plan with are best left for the beach. year begins.
volved that we can’t control, but there are your child, communicate it well and fol-
some that we can. low through. Here’s an example: “I’ll help 4. Most early childhood programs Aviva Yablok is beginning her 16th year as Early
I hope my recommendations help you put your things in your cubby, then are all about communication. Childhood Director at Manhattan Day School in
you prepare. By the way, the start of the I’ll give you two kisses and a hug, and The classroom teachers will let you know New York City. She has spent her career surround-
school year can produce anxiety wheth- then I’m going to go.” When this plan is how and when you will hear from them ed by children, teachers, and parents. Her work
er we are discussing a 2-year-old or a followed through regularly, it becomes and how you can communicate. Arrival focuses on helping introduce children and parents
5-year-old. the morning routine and the child can and dismissal are not the best times to to the wonder of being part of a learning com-
Here is what I’ve learned: regulate him/herself. If the plan is different gather information about your child’s day. munity. Mrs. Yablok is a resident of Teaneck.


Fall into Style
Czin Optical

Carly’z Craze

NJEye & Ear Marcia’s

Marcia’s Attic
Attic for Kids

Czin Optical


Carly’z Craze

Marcia’s Attic for Kids

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New Local Owners

of Teaneck Mathnasium
Add to Enrichment Options
Heidi Mae Bratt “And the more I looked at
the possibility of Mathna-

ew math? sium, the more I became
It’s the new excited. The Mathnasium
Mat hnasium method, their model, just
of Teaneck. The three- makes sense for kids.”
year-old enrichment Said Stefanie, who will
and tutoring center on stick to her work with the
Queen Anne Road has camera while Matt will
new local owners, who be the main math man,
are busy gearing up for Matt & Stefanie Diamond “We’ve met with the com-
the new academic year. pany’s founders, who are
Matt and Stefanie Diamond, Teaneck brilliant leaders in the education field and
residents who have been involved in even more brilliant math teachers, and they
business and community locally for blew us away. They have spent more than
years — Stefanie as the owner of her 40 years creating, designing, developing,
own photography business and Matt as and refining the unique Mathnasium tech-
a kids’ sports coach — have taken their nique and the company’s success rates and
acumen and commitment to commu- rave reviews from parents and kids are the
nity into a new local venue whose goals proof that their method not only works,
are to strengthen students’ math skills, but kids have fun while learning.”
help them gain confidence and progress Mathnasium, which has 900 franchis-
in school. es including several in Bergen County, fo-
“When they say a kid is not a math cuses only on math and shows youngsters,
kid, that’s just not true,” said Matt, a self- kindergarten through 12th grade, how
professed “numbers guy” who has worked numbers work, why different methods
in corporate finance for major companies are used to solve problems, and through a
like Nabisco and Avis Budget Rent-a-Car. combination of verbal, mental, visual and
“Everybody can learn math if it’s tactile exercises, makes learning math fun.
taught properly. We don’t believe that Students get an assessment at the
kids don’t get math. You just have to teach start of their math journey, and a custom-
and reach them the right way. ized learning plan for teaching the con-
“As a coach (for baseball and soccer), cepts are developed and followed. There
I have seen in the sports field how much is constant checkup on a student’s prog-
children can grow and learn and gain ress to make sure that material is learned
confidence. I’ve witnessed that amazing and retained.
moment when a light bulb goes on,” Matt “I hope that we can help the local kids
said. “I think we can make the same im- and the community. We want to help kids
pact with math. When a student is strug- get over their frustration and the labels
gling, and then they get it, it is amazing. and start to feel good about what they
The kids may come in scared, frustrated, can achieve,” said Matt.
and angry, and then they learn the math. Looks like it’s all adding up to a
It changes their lives. I’ve seen the letters good start.
and essays (of thanks) they’ve written.”
Matt was looking for a change, too, Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of
when this opportunity came up. He was About Our Children
doing well in his career, doing
forecasts and analyses of all
the revenue and expenses of
the major companies that he
worked for, but he was han- 215 W. Englewood Ave.
kering for something different,
something more meaningful. Teaneck, New Jersey
While he was doing well in his 201.530.7300
career, he was looking to do Mon-Thurs 10am-9pm | Fri 10am - 3pm | Closed Sat & Sun
good, as well.
Then the opportunity with
Mathnasium came up, he said.
5020 13th Avenue 1505 Coney Island Ave. 1700 Madison Ave. 467 Central Avenue
“I wanted something more
fulfilling,” said Matt, who has
718.972.4665 718.676.7706 732.987.9480 516.295.5006
three daughters with Stefanie. Mathnasium makes math fun.



Too Cool for School

Learn how to count with this delicious book.

Popcorn erasers from

Lunch will keep your mood in check.

Carry all in style from Marcia’s Attic for www.perpetualkid.com Sunglasses with attitude from NJ Eye & Ear
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Small backpack, Mackenzie Classic Critter Kitty, These stones from Carly’z Craze rock.
www. potterybarnkids.com
be adorable
Preparing Children
for the World
Slovie Jungreis-Wolff dren cannot find their own spirit of inde-
pendence. The question is: how?

ne of my favorite childhood mem- First, examine if you are doing for
ories is of riding my bike Sunday your children that which they can do for
afternoons and peddling through themselves. Parents struggle with time
the sidewalks of North Woodmere. I lived crunch, pressure, and tight schedules.
in a quiet suburban community with open We don’t want to deal with tantrums and
spaces, shady trees and lots of winding explosive outbursts. It becomes easier to
roads. just handle the task ourselves. We let our
These were the days before Amber children off easy.
Alerts, 9-11, constant after-school pro- If you’d like to teach your child inde-
grams, and hours spent texting or checking pendence, begin with age-appropriate
out social media on your phone. We kids skills they can learn in the home. Don’t
loved to be free and explore our world. To- rush to put their things away, solve their
day’s children are growing up in a totally situations, or serve their meals and pre-
different environment. It can be stifling. pare their lunches and snacks. Even young
Andrea Petersen’s recent article, “The children can clear their plates, prepare
Overprotected American Child,” in the knapsacks for the next morning, or put
Wall Street Journal laments the lack of in- dirty clothing in a hamper. More than
dependence in our children today. Fewer chores, these are ways we allow children marcia's attic for kids
kids walk to school on their own. Parents to master moments that lead to feelings
29 n. dean street, englewood, nj
have been charged with neglect when of self-sufficiency.
they allowed their sons and daughters As children grow, they can be involved 201-894-5701
to play or walk unsupervised. As a result in their food prep and even cooking, with @marciasatticforkids
psychologists are seeing more children a parent’s watchful eye. Teaching safety
and young adults with anxiety disorders. and techniques allows for self-reliance in-
“Overzealous parenting can do real harm,” stead of greater expectations for parents
Petersen writes. to do it all. The result is self-confidence YOUR CHILD needs special education.
Encasing our children in bubble wrap and self-esteem, not based on empty You want her to have a Jewish education.
makes them even more anxious. praise, but because they, themselves, see
The connection between anxiety and how they are naturally growing into ca- You want him to be included.
lack of independence is strong. Studies pable and competent young adults.
show that the more autonomy given, the Independence outside the home is
less anxiety exhibited. When we encase more difficult to achieve but it is possible.
our children in bubble wrap, we mistaken- Again, it is up to a parent’s wisdom and
ly believe that we are safeguarding them discretion. Besides thinking about how
for life. In reality, we are making them to navigate street crossings, mall outings,
even more anxious. and venturing outdoors, here are some
Overprotecting children doesn’t guidelines for parents to keep in mind:
shield them from harm. Instead, it conveys Provide clear rules and understand-
the message that the world is frightening ings about curfews, distances, what to do
and dangerous. Children feel ill-equipped when feeling lost or unsafe, and expected
to handle stress. They remain over depen- responsibilities.
dent on mom and dad, seeking their solu- Speak about consequences if rules
tions instead of finding their own as they and responsibilities are not followed.
grow. When decisions need to be made, Teach children to own their behav-
they doubt themselves because parents ior. Explain: You are responsible for your
have always stepped in. mistakes, causing harm, damage, and bad

We don’t want our children to be behavior. If you hurt others, you need to ®

scared of life. We want them to become make amends. Don’t make excuses or seek
self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-assured. to blame others. It’s not about who else
Yes we need to deal with the reality did it, who pushed you to do it, or some- Serving Children with a Broad range of SpeCial needS
of the world today. There are some really how it’s everyone else’s fault but yours. Be
bad stories out there. Parents need to have accountable.
a sense of safety and awareness and guide Allow children to overcome fears,
Special education uniquely integrated within Jewish Day Schools
their children accordingly. Different cul- take risks, and gain courage. For example, • Individualization • Educational excellence
tures and different neighborhoods bring talk together about how shyness can be
• Meeting each child’s academic, social, and emotional needs
different rules. I recall being astounded conquered in small steps, or seek solu-
when visiting my daughter in Israel and tions instead of remaining frightened of Elementary Schools n High Schools n Adult Services
seeing young children running errands for dogs or heights. Empower your child.
their mothers at the local supermarket. But Realize that we cannot manipulate www.sinaischools.org/js • 201-833-1134
that does not mean that just because you our children’s friendships, sleepover in-
live in a more guarded society, your chil- See World on page 31



Of New Year’s, New Children,

and New Revelations
Ruth Carmel
Who knows? year later, he began to withdraw and not
top me if you’ve heard this one be- I’m in a contemplative mood. Rosh make eye contact. My husband and I were
fore. Hashanah is coming. For the last few years, freaked out. We finally faced the facts, THE GOOD
A clueless first-time mom has a
lifelong habit of denial, so her two-year-old
I’ve made a note to myself before the holi-
day of what I should request when praying
months later than we should have, and
found a specialist to evaluate and diag-
can’t possibly have a problem. Then, okay, for a good year. The other day I checked nose Cory. Having your fears confirmed is JUST ONE THING
he has a problem, but it will fix itself (like out last year’s list and realized how much terrifying. But sooner or later, you remind I’VE LEARNED AS
everyone tells her). Then she and her hus-
band get him diagnosed and it’s something
progress Cory has made. Not a moment too
soon, either. I’d been feeling low...some new
yourself that a diagnosis is just a label, not
a sentence. And, with God’s help, not un- THE MOM OF A
called PDD, which means Pervasive Devel- medicine Cory is on that’s not the hoped- changeable. When you know what to call SPECIAL-NEEDS
opmental Disorder; at least it’s not autism,
which seems to be sweeping the nation.
for cure-all. It helps to remember that the
last 12 months were, indeed, productive.
a problem, you start asking questions that
lead to answers.
Only, of course, it is. Noticing the good stuff: That’s just There have been plenty of missteps
Fast-forward and my son (call him one thing I’ve learned as the mom of a along the way. Early on, Cory was in a
Cory) is a teenager. Not a regular teen, special-needs child. So in the spirit of the mainstream nursery school. We were
but my beloved son, anyway. His speech season of renewal, here are five key les- looking for a special-needs setting but
is a little stilted, and he gets annoyed if sons from me to you: still clinging to a secret hope that his is- at times, but it’s manageable. I’m better at
he sees someone smoking on the street sues would fix themselves. That episode figuring out what will make me feel better,
(because it could kill you, so why would 1. Face what’s wrong head-on. was a disaster. But it showed me Cory whether it’s prayer, or a movie with a good
you do it?). Life’s not what it was sup- With apologies to the Rolling Stones, time needed a school that was right for him, friend, or reaching out to an online parents’
posed to be, but maybe it was supposed is not on your side. Not if your child has a not one that fit some preconceived idea group, or rocky-road ice cream.
to be much more challenging, and what problem you need to address. When Cory I had about where a child of mine should
I’m paddling through is a sea of blessings. was born, he seemed normal. About a be. An ego-puncture can be a gift. 4. Risk “no.”
If you need something for your child, keep
2. Get out there. trying to get it. When planning for Cory to
This part is about showing up. The world start kindergarten, I took him for an inter-
is full of people and ideas that can help view at School A. They turned him down,
you; meet it halfway. Don’t isolate your- feeling he was not ready for their program.
self. Go to lectures about what your kid My husband and I were disappointed but
has. Network with parents in his school. chose School B. Before the school year
After Cory’s diagnosis, I learned of a started, Cory went to the summer pro-
group at the local JCC for parents of spe- gram at School B. Soon we realized it was
cial-needs kids. The first time I went there the wrong place for him. Mid-August, I told
I was so sad, full of shame about my son’s Shannon, Cory’s speech therapist, how con-
condition. And then I met these parents cerned I was. She suggested I call School A
who had gone through, more or less, what again. “What’s the worst that could hap-
I was going through. It was so heartening pen?” she said. “So they’ll turn you down
to learn I was no pioneer, that there were a second time. Cory has come so far since
others who had been where I was and the winter. Try it.” I called the admissions
could help me find my footing. Over the person at School A. To my shock, he told us
years I also found out about email groups to come in. Cory was accepted, and spent
of parents of special-needs kids. Night or the next five years there.
day, I can ask any question or voice any
fear, never having to sugarcoat my words, 5. Where we started.
and there’s always a parent to listen, or Let the positive catch your eye. It’s eas-
share what she knows. ier to acknowledge the bad than accept
the good. When your child struggles to
3. Feel as awful as you need to feel... do what should come naturally, you can
up to a point. find yourself so focused on helping him
So you’re not a pioneer. Still, you are overcome his deficits that you overlook
unique, and your child’s issues are unique to his strengths. But don’t. Notice what
her. You don’t have to adopt someone else’s your child can do that she couldn’t do a
Fly into Fall with Flair and Fashion at Carly’z Craze! brand of optimism. Early on, family mem- few years ago. Notice what he can do that
bers would assure me that things would “normal” kids can’t. Stepping back and

15% OFF
472 Cedar Lane be okay. Sometimes that’s exactly what I gaining perspective reminds you there’s
needed to hear. Other times, I wanted to something to celebrate.
Teaneck dig a hole and descend to the bowels of the Like Rosh Hashanah.
201-342-3398 ONE ITEM earth and disappear. I eventually turned
carlyzcraze@gmail.com Discount will be taken off highest priced item.
Discounts cannot be combined. 1 coupon per customer.
to therapy, and my doctor also prescribed Ruth Carmel is the pen name for a writer and
Exp. 9/7/18. a little pharmaceutical help. I still get sad, lawyer based in Manhattan.
M, W 10-6:30 · T, Th 10-8 · F 10-3:30



Sleeping Babies, Sleeping Safely:

Prevention of SIDS
Stephanie Zandieh, M.D. room where you sleep, but not the
same bed.

udden Infant Death Syndrome • Breastfeed as much, and for as
(SIDS) is a rare and devastat- long as, you can. This helps reduce the
ing condition that is a concern risk of SIDS.
for all parents. SIDS claims the lives • Schedule and go to all well-child
of about 3,500 babies each year in the visits. Your baby will receive impor-
United States, with the greatest risk in tant immunizations.
the first 12 months of life. • Keep your baby away from
The American Academy of Pedi- smokers and places where peo-
atrics recently issued a recommenda- ple smoke.
tion that infants sleep in their parents’ • Do not let your baby get too hot.
room, close to the parents’ bed — but This helps reduce the risk of SIDS.
on a separate surface designed for in- • Offer a pacifier at naptime and
fants — for at least 6 months, bedtime. This helps reduce the risk
and preferably up to 1 year of of SIDS.
age. Such a sleeping arrange- • Do not use home cardiorespira-
ment decreases the risk of tory monitors to help reduce the risk
SIDS by as much as 50 percent, of SIDS.
according to the organization. • Do not use products that claim
The Academy’s recom- to reduce the risk of SIDS.
mendations go on to recom- gulation in bed as well as entrapment, suffocation, or strangulation
mend placing the crib/bassinet other ill-defined deaths out of the crib. Stephanie Zandieh, M.D., is the director of Valley’s
close to the parents’ bed so have increased. Risk factors • Place your baby to sleep in the same Pediatric Sleep Disorders and Apnea Center.
that the infant is within view for these different catego-
and reach, which in turn will Stephanie Zandieh, M.D. ries of death are strikingly
facilitate feeding, comforting, similar to those of SIDS.
and monitoring the infant. Since these Therefore, public health efforts are dou-
recommendations have come out, I have bling down on environmental risks such
heard an uproar from fellow pediatri- as prone and side-sleep positioning, bed
cians, parents, and colleagues.
The criticism includes comments
such as:
“Really? What about the parents’
sharing, and soft bedding in hopes of de-
creasing these other types of sleep-relat-
ed deaths.
Ultimately, this decision is a personal
Czin Optical
sleep and daytime performance?” one, but understanding why this recom- The Most Unique Collection of Eyewear Anywhere
And, “If these guidelines are followed, mendation was made can help parents
isn’t the lack of sleep of the parents likely
to cause more harm than good?”
make an informed choice.
Following is a summary of the Ameri-
Get Ready for
What is interesting is that these
are not new recommendations. This
can Academy of Pediatrics recommenda-
tions for safe infant sleeping.

$75 OFF *
recommendat ion was also in t he • Place your baby to sleep on his back
American Academy of Pediatrics 2011 for every sleep.
guidelines. However, the wording is • Place your baby to sleep on a firm
stronger, and there is now an added time- sleep surface. any complete pair
line — 6 months. • Keep soft objects, loose bedding, or
So why the change? any objects that could increase the risk of
of glasses or
One of the authors of the new $50 on lenses only.
guidelines had told The New York Times
in a published interview that the recom- Dr. Steven D. Starkman, O.D.
mendations were updated “to be on the 489 Cedar Lane, Teaneck
prudent side.” It is known that the first
6 months are a particularly critical time
for infants because the rates of SIDS and
“REALLY? 201-836-9199
other sleep-related deaths, particularly WHAT ABOUT THE Eye Exams • Contact Lenses
those occurring in bed-sharing situa- PARENTS’ SLEEP
tions, are highest in the first 6 months
of life. AND DAYTIME Open Sun. 11– 2 • Mon. 12–6

In addition, while the rate of SIDS has PERFORMANCE?” Tues. 10–5 • Wed. 10–5:30 • Thurs. 10–7
Fri. 10–2:30 • Shomer Shabbat
hit a plateau over the last few years, the *Not to be combined with any other promo,
rates of other sleep-related infant deaths, insurance plan, or discount. Good thru Sept 21.
such as accidental suffocation and stran-
NJ Lic. #0A 4411



Giving Dad His Due — Fathers Are Parents, Too

Adina Soclof
wrong. This helps children feel se-

y colleague was the first cure so that they feel comfortable
one to point out to me standing up for what they believe
that the authors of The in. Children who are close with
Berenstain Bear series portray Papa their fathers are less susceptible
Bear in a negative light. Only Mama to peer pressure, are able to set at-
Bear knows any of the right an- tainable goals for themselves, and
swers, how to raise kids, and how to are less likely to enter into an abu-
keep her cool. “Papa Bear,” she said, sive relationship.
“is portrayed as a bumbling idiot.”
I had never thought about that 4. You can show him new
before, but when I read the books parenting skills.
to my kids (my kids loved them!), I Moms can sometimes get frustrat-
started to notice what she was talk- ed with their husbands’ parenting
ing about. skills. If you want to incorporate
It’s not only The Berenstain some new parenting policies in
Bears. Emasculating men and making jokes pivotal role in the family and how their shown that kids with nurturing, play- your house, it’s best if you adopt them
about dads seems to be a pervasive theme children grow up. So step back and let ful fathers have higher IQs and do well yourself first. Role modeling a better
in today’s cultural climate. And when wom- dads be dads. in school. Having a father figure to look way to deal with your kids can make a
en get together, how long does it take be- up to helps kids handle the stresses and big impression.
fore we bad-mouth the men in our lives? 1. Fathers are important. frustrations of school with equanimity, so You can also speak to your spouse in
From social science research to anec- It’s sad that that I even have to point this they have fewer behavioral issues. They private about a specific parenting issue
dotal tales, it is true that a father plays a out, but dads are essential. Studies have are generally more sociable and popular. you might have. Try not to be pushy, and
Children also need to see their moth- ask for his opinion:
er’s respect and appreciation for their fa- “I know we have been having this is-
ther. It helps them feel secure and loved sue with Mikey not doing his homework.
when both parents care for each other. Do you think we should try talking to his
Both mothers and fathers are responsible teacher? Do you think we should help him
for maintaining a good and positive rela- more with his homework? I heard that if
tionship with each other. we praise him specifically for the work
Women are not the only ones who that he does well, that can help him. Does
need appreciation. Men do not want to that sound right to you?”
be overlooked; they also need to be given It might sound phony, but it is more
recognition for all that they do. respectful. I have learned that my hus-
band is very receptive to my ideas if I let
2. Roughhousing is good. him have his say, sincerely, without an
I know, I know, this is hard for women to ulterior motive and agenda. I have also
understand, but it is true. I have watched discovered that we need a guy’s opinion.
(with gritted teeth) as my husband threw They love their kids too, and have some
our delighted babies in the air, spun them great ideas on what works. We just need
around, and gave them horseback and to really listen to what they have to say.
piggyback rides until they were both (And, of course, this works both ways!)
exhausted. As they got older, there was Avoid criticism.

New York Magazine’s some wrestling as well.

I used to get upset, but then I found
There is nothing more annoying to a
man than to have his wife criticize or nag

“Best Doctors” list! out that research has shown this to be

beneficial. Roughhousing teaches kids
him, even if it might be about something
valid, like his parenting skills. Plus, if you
how to deal with aggression without criticize your husband’s parenting skills
Open 365 Days a Year · Early Walk-In Hours losing control of their emotions. It often in front of your kids, that can be miscon-
gives boys the additional sensory input strued as disrespect. Kids can pick up on
At All Office Locations on Weekdays
they may need in a safe way. It also helps this as well.
boys expend their extra energy with a Unless there is outright physical and
Call our main office to schedule a trusted adult. verbal abuse, you need to support your
FREE “Meet-the-Doctor” visit. husband’s decisions and parenting, even if
Meet a physician and the staff! 3. Fostering independence. you might not agree with his tactics. Kids
Fathers play an integral role in teaching feel more secure when their parents act
kids to be independent and to learn life as a team.
skills. A dad pushing his kids to do things
on their own encourages risk-taking and Adina Soclof is a parent educator, professional
gives children the confidence to get out development instructor, and speech pathologist.
into the world. Dads are often better at She is the founder of ParentingSimply.com. She
Offices in Tenafly, Fort Lee, Paramus, stressing rules, laying down the law and is available for speaking engagements. You can

FIRST PLACE Oakland, Clifton, Park Ridge, Hoboken enforcing discipline, giving kids a good reach her at asoclof@parentingsimply.com or at
PEDIATRICS sense of justice, and knowing right from www.parentingsimply.com.
201-569-2400 · www.tenaflypediatrics.com



Homework Is a Reality:
Manage it for Success Reserve early
for our
Denise Morrison Yearian
omework is a standard component in a child’s
educational experience. To help families make
the most of homework time, consider these tips.
Sunday, September 16
1. Time It Right.
To find the best time to do homework, consider your
8:50 AM to 1 PM
schedule and your child’s temperament and personality. 56 kids, 7 hygienists, 4 doctors,
Some kids need a break when they get home. Others lose 1 magician, tons of giveaways
steam if they don’t do their assignments right away. Try Checkup Parties always fill up early so call
doing homework at different times to see where you have today to make sure your family is included!
the greatest success. Then create a consistent routine consider the cause. Is she tired? Unfocused? Dawdling? See our video on YouTube
based on what works best for your child. Not understanding the material? If she’s procrastinat- 201-837-3000
ing, set a timer or offer an incentive for completing the Teaneck Dentist
2. Create Space. assignment on time. If, however, your child is diligent Drs. Gertler, Frohlich and Solaimanzadeh
Children need an undistracted desk-like area for doing and still not finishing in a reasonable amount of time, General Dentistry
1008 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ
homework. And for some that may not be a bedroom have her stop. Then let the teacher know how long she www.teaneckdentist.com
where familiar toys could divert their attention or a worked.
kitchen table situated around household hubbub. Find a
consistent place away from distractions but still central to 7. Pay Attention to Patterns.
a parent so the child can be monitored if he has questions If you find your child frequently saying he doesn’t
or needs help staying on task. understand the work, it may be a clue he needs extra
school support or a tutor. Likewise, if he effortlessly
3. Tuned in or Turned off? whips through his assignments day after day, it may
Some children enjoy listening to music while studying, be an indication that he’s not being challenged. Home-
but parents need to consider their child’s learning style work isn’t supposed to be overly difficult, but students
and the type of media he’s tuning in to. While a small should have to put some time and thought into it. Look
percentage of children do better with a little background for patterns that something is happening, either good
noise, the majority need it quiet. If your child insists on or bad. Then communicate with the teacher and ask for
having something on, refrain from familiar tunes that dis- her suggestions.
tract his thinking. Instead choose unfamiliar songs with-
out words, such as soothing, classical music. 8. Delegate Responsibility.
Encourage your child to take on the responsibility of
4. Aid and Ally. starting and finishing homework by creating a system
Parents should be there to lend support and provide such as a check-off list. When she starts to receive long-
guidance when needed. Read together, help with direc- term projects, help her map out the work by using a cal-
tions, and spec out the first few problems to make sure endar so she learns good time management and organi-
your child understands the concepts. Then let her work zational skills. Break down large projects into the smallest
independently while remaining available for questions. components of what needs to be done each day—reading
Follow up by checking for quality. If you see several mis- “X” number of pages, for example. Then check with your
takes, encourage your child to make corrections. But don’t child periodically to make sure she’s staying on task.
fix it for her. Teachers would prefer the work come back
wrong rather than having a parent make needed correc- 9. Scope Out Sick Days. Margaret Ravits M.D.
tions. If the work is replete with errors, let it go and send If your child is going to be out for more than a few days,
a note to the teacher saying your child didn’t understand contact the teacher and let her know. If he has to stay
and Associates Dermatology
the work. Another thing that may help is a homework home due to a minor illness, the teacher may want to Serving the NJ community since 1980
buddy. Encourage your child to partner with a classmate send a few things your way. But if your child is truly sick Providing Expert Dermatology Care for
so they can be in contact with one another if either has and needs to rest, she’ll probably suggest letting him re- Beautiful & Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails
trouble while completing an assignment. cover and catching him up on the work when he returns.
Treating Babies, Children,
5. Rapid Review. 10. Constantly Communicate. Teens and Adults
Reviewing previous lessons is beneficial in refreshing a Find out early on the best way to contact your child’s
student’s memory, particularly with subjects like math , teacher — either by phone, email, note, or other. Then if
where one concept builds upon another. Look at a couple an issue arises, don’t wait to discuss it. Small problems
of past lessons and have your child briefly explain the can escalate if not addressed right away. Even if things are
concepts to you. But keep it short so he’s still alert for the going well, occasionally touch base to make sure you’re
current day’s assignment. both pleased with your child’s progress.
721 Summit Ave. 130 Kinderkamack Rd., Suite 205
(201) 487-3691 (201) 692-0800
6. Tarry and Toil. Denise Yearian is a former educator and editor of two parenting
If your child is working for an extended period of time, magazines, a mother, and grandmother.


Generation G

Making Memories Horsing Around

Ed Silberfarb thrill. They ride it five times. waiian money.” They didn’t realize it was
But the banana boat did not outdo plain old U.S. cash, but they won anyway.

e arrived at the dude ranch at the horses. The girls rode them once There were cowboy and western
2:30 p.m. with two 10-year- or twice a day along trails through the themes throughout. Bunk beds had tree
old girls, my granddaughter, woods from a walk to a brisk trot and fi- limb supports. Chairs had horsehide
and her friend, both chafing to go horse- nally, with a burst of energy, an exhilarat- seats. There were western pictures and
back riding. We signed them up for the 3 ing cantor. furnishings in the lobby and a giant hand-
o’clock ride. Where are their helmets and A change of pace from horseback carved totem pole. In the gift shop was a
boots? In the luggage that disappeared. riding, swimming, and banana boating life-sized bear dressed as a cowboy with
It’s been tagged and sent to storage to was bungee jumping and rock climbing. a guitar. When you pushed a button, he
await the room availability at 3 o’clock. Strapped into bungee harnesses, they began to sing and strum.
Desperation for the luggage. Can’t ride bounce up and down like yo-yos, and with Before departure there was a last
without the boots and helmet. The 3 a smile of triumph comes a back somer- horseback ride. They watched a black-
o’clock ride is fading. sault. The rock-climbing wall, however, is smith shoe two horses, and took a final
Jack, the daytime manager, arrives. He deceiving. Neither can make it to the top The author’s granddaughter on her high horse. plunge in the pool. Alas, the banana boat
sends a courier to retrieve the luggage. He despite repeated tries. But, hey, “One’s was not running that morning.
calls the stable. Hold for two late arrivals. reach must exceed one’s grasp, or what’s They bought stuffed animal horses and Homeward bound, the glow of three
He escorts the girls to the stable where a heaven for?” “energy stones” with animal engravings. days of rollicking dude ranch was dark-
they are eagerly awaited. They mount and To meet the hunger needs are a vast There was so much to do that the fear ened by a missed train at the Poughkeep-
away they go. buffet for breakfast and lunch and a din- was that the day was not long enough sie railroad station. With suitcases and
Thus began three days in which the ner menu with soup, salad, and a dozen for everything. We had to schedule din- knapsacks, we obediently waited for the
kids thought they might have died and main course offerings to choose from ner early enough so we could get to the Amtrak train on the platform designated
gone to heaven. Riding through the woods with a specialty each night such as steak, magician’s show and not be detoured in by the station departure board. A station
and swimming in indoor and outdoor pools roast beef, or lamb chops. Our grand- the game room. Another night we had announcement directed us to another
with water slides that twist and turn as daughter’s gourmet choice each night is to get to the arts and crafts shop before track that required two elevators to reach.
they deliver the swimmer to a splashdown. French fries and string beans, and for her it closed. There the kids would choose a The train never arrived there, but came in
There’s bungee jumping and rock climbing. friend it’s plain pasta. The piece de resis- small object to be painted using any imag- on the original track, which we could not
There’s a hula-hoop contest, and to slow tance for both is unlimited ice cream with inative design of their choosing. Each girl reach in time.
the pace there’s the arts and crafts shop. sprinkles. And to keep to the outdoor picked a little two-drawer jewelry box. We frantically called the girls’ par-
And there’s the banana boat. theme, there was a barbecue lunch and a They donned smocks, and went to work ents, and as we awaited the next train, we
In a lake the size of two football fields nighttime marshmallow roast. with an assortment of brushes and multi- heard another announcement of a track
is a speedboat to which is attached an open One possible threat to the girls’ enjoy- color paints. One box became purple with change. We thought fondly of that other
craft with 12 seating spaces. The passen- ment is supervision, so we establish this green drawers and a red decorative heart form of transportation. The horses always
gers in life vests sit two abreast and each rule: Go where you want and do what you on top. Another was blue with pink draw- knew where they were going.
grasps a handle. The speedboat whirls want on your own, but you must tell us ers and a lavender heart. They were left to
around the lake generating waves and where you’ll be. dry overnight. Ed Silberfarb was a reporter for the Bergen
shrieks of delight. When the ride ends, the Thus, they said on the first day, “We’d Another diversion was a scavenger Record in New Jersey, then the New York Herald
boat doesn’t dock. The riders jump off and like to walk around the place on our own.” hunt. The girls unearthed most of the elu- Tribune, where he was City Hall bureau chief.
splash their way ashore. They hurry to the We later learned this exploratory walk sive ephemera, which included a library Later, he was a public information officer for the
dock so they can line up for another ride. led to the gift shop where they each spent card, a comic strip, and a coin among oth- New York City Transit Authority and editor of
The two girls find this to be the supreme the money their parents had given them. er things, but they were stumped by “Ha- one of its employee publications.

Israel Scholarship Fund for Gerrard Berman Students

The Academies @ Gerrard Berman Day School in experience is memorable and life-changing. because of her Jewish roots and identity, but
Oakland has created The Marilyn Piels Kawka Is- Marilyn Piels Kawka spent several years of because of her marriage to Pierre Kawka, the
rael Scholarship Fund to benefit its students who her life, and much of her professional career, son of Israelis, the father of two Israelis, and a
go to Israel on the school’s 8th grade school trip. traveling the world helping others. She lived citizen of Israel and former resident himself. She
Established by Louis Piels and Pierre Kawka, the and worked in Thailand for two years, assisting visited Israel several times with Pierre, Aubrey,
fund will honor and perpetuate the memory of the United Nations with health programs that and family to build connections to the Jew-
Marilyn Piels Kawka, who died in December 2016. helped tens of thousands of recipients through- ish homeland.
Marilyn had a love of Israel, travel, and children out Asia; she worked on women’s health and The Academies @ Gerrard Berman Day
and her friendship touched many lives in the Ger- safe motherhood initiatives in Egypt and Chi- School held its annual Zimriyah (song festival)
rard Berman community, where her daughter, Au- na; lived at various times in Spain and Austria; at the Wayne Y on June 13, where Mr. Piels, Mr.
brey Kawka, will be in the class of 2021. backpacked throughout Europe and traveled Kawka, and Aubrey Kawka officially unveiled
In the spring of eighth grade, GBDS stu- throughout South America; and brought her the fund.
dents travel to Israel, where they are immersed unique brand of vivaciousness and love of life to Donations to the The Marilyn Piels Kawka
in Israeli culture and have the opportunity to her travels with family. Israel Scholarship Fund can be made through
apply their years of study. For the students, the Marilyn was connected to Israel, not just http://ssnj.org/mpk Marilyn Piels Kawka



Back to School and

Back for the Yearly Health Checkup
Heidi Mae Bratt Hygiene is as much a part of the health
care package as anything else. Remember

long with buying new shoes and to teach children the importance of hand
fresh notebooks, put the yearly washing to prevent the spread of germs
back-to-school health checkup that can cause bacterial infections like
on the to-do list no matter what grade pinkeye or viruses like the common cold.
your child is about to enter. And make sure that your child is not
While it may not seem urgent, the an- carrying too much of a physical load. Do
nual back-to-school exam by a pediatri- not allow them to overload their back-
cian is an important part of a child’s health packs. According to the American Chi-
care. The medical provider can head off any ropractic Association, a child’s backpack
health issues and offer wellness guidance at should weigh no more than 10 percent of
the start of a year busy with schoolwork, his or her body weight. If your child rou-
homework, after-school activity, and social tinely lugs around more than what is rec-
engagement, and lay the ground for a pro- ommended for her weight, try purchas-
ductive and good year. stomach bug or a viral illness. It’s impor- no’s with healthy alternatives. Salty snacks ing a backpack with wheels or one with a
On the list is making sure that inocu- tant to be able to talk about your child’s may seem healthy because they don’t con- support belt to help distribute the weight
lations and other vaccines are up-to-date symptoms and make sure they’re not a tain sugar, but simple starches can be just more evenly.
(and required by school). The medical clue to something else that needs to be as bad. These snacks break down into a Here’s to a healthy and happy new
professional also can check for other less- addressed,” said Dr. Ardon. sticky goo, coating teeth and promoting school year.
obvious issues by monitoring heart and In addition to a general exam, a vision decay. Avoid candies and granola bars, of-
blood pressure and testing for diabetes, exam by an eye professional is also very fering crunchy snacks like celery sticks, Heidi Mae Bratt is the editor of
cholesterol, and anemia, and giving them important. Eye care professionals recom- baby carrots, and cubes of cheddar cheese. About Our Children.
a vision and hearing screening. mend a comprehensive exam because
The annual physical gives the doc- screening tests only check for visual acuity,

tor a chance to give the child a thorough while comprehensive exams will test for
physical exam, to discuss diet and exer- visual acuity, chronic diseases, color vision
cise options, and to address any emo- and make sure that the eyes are working
tional, developmental, or social concerns.
It is also a good chance to address issues,
properly. Screenings will give information
on distance vision but not for near vision SCHOOL
especially with teenagers, that include issues, as farsightedness is often missed.
drinking, smoking, drugs, sexual activity, Amblyopia, or lazy eye, and eye coordi-
and depression. nation issues are also frequently missed

Dr. Tina Ardon, a family medicine during screenings. That means that a child
physician at the Mayo Clinic, said yearly may pass a vision screening because they
visits to your health care provider ensure are able to see the board, but they may not
the child is healthy and ready to learn. even be able to see the textbook in front of
“It’s important to check your child’s
height and weight, and their development
them. Children’s bodies are rapidly growing
and changing. Their eyes are as well. Regu- FRAME &
at least annually to make sure they are
growing appropriately for their age,” said
Dr. Ardon. “Identifying areas that may im-
lar eye exams will ensure early detection
and treatment of any problems.
And then there are their teeth. Start-
pact your child’s ability to learn and grow ing the year with good oral health habits SOME EXCLUSIONS
can help ensure they have access to, and is very important. Parents should start the MAY APPLY
receive, appropriate services at school.” school year for their children with a dental
For student athletes, the doctor’s
annual exam is similar to that of a non-
cleaning and exam. Ask your child’s dentist
about sealants and fluoride treatments to
Call today to make
athlete, but most pediatricians will also
address sports-specific issues, including
prevent decay. These treatments are easy
ways to stop cavities before they start. And
an appointment!
injuries, nutrition, and training and exer- they can even improve your child’s perfor-
cise programs. The other side of the ex- mance at school. A third of children miss 71 Grand Avenue · Englewood
ercise issue is the student athlete who is
already involved in an exercise and train-
school because of oral health problems.
Remember to make brushing and flossing,
ing program. Overuse and overtraining not only a must-do, but fun. For example, 1016 Main Avenue · Clifton
injuries continue to be huge problems. use a themed toothbrush in a favorite color
The annual physical also can be a or character and play their favorite two- 973-546-5700
place in which to discuss any other con-
cerns, such as anxiety or sleep issues.
minute song to make sure they brush the
whole time.
“Sometimes it can be tough to tell Also, give youngsters healthy snack
what’s bothering your child, such as options not just for their waistline, but for
Coming soon to
anxiety with school, or what may be a their teeth as well. Swap out lunchbox no- 23 W. Palisade Avenue, Englewood


to Schools,
Activities, and Programs

Spring Shabbaton 2018

THE BERGEN COUNTY • Dynamic Hebrew school • Flexible preschool

HIGH SCHOOL OF JEWISH STUDIES kindergarten thru 12th grade program –
full & half day options
Engaging academic & social programs • Inclusive Youth Group Program
in an environment that supports • Enrichment programs
• Young 2’s for children who are
for 3, 4 & 5 year olds
Jewish self-discovery and lifelong Jewish identity almost 2 starting September
• Weekly Mom & Tot for
For All Jewish Teens in Grades 8 – 12 • Traditional 2’s with
the very young!
Sundays, 9:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. enrichment options


Sunday, September 16, 9:30 – 12:00 p.m. Call 201-891-4466 to speak
with Hillary Posner, Director
53 S. Woodland Street, Englewood
585 Russell Ave., Wyckoff, NJ
www.bchsjs.org · 201-488-0834


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

emotional, cognitive, physical and language Infant Toddler Programs Kaplen JCC
After-School Programs Nursery School growth. We strive to enrich each child’s on the Palisades
world through exposure to language arts, Taub Campus
After-School Programs at Kaplen JCC science, reading and math readiness, music, 411 E. Clinton Avenue
on the Palisades Gan Rina Nursery School art, Judaic programming, physical education Tenafly, NJ 07670
Taub Campus 354 Maitland Avenue and swimming. For convenience, the school 201-408-1436
411 E. Clinton Avenue Teaneck, NJ 07666 offers various day options including extended www.jccotp.org/infant-toddler
Tenafly, NJ 07670 201-833-0458 7:30 a.m.–6 p.m. day program, full day and Newborn to 2 years
201-569-7900 Contact: Rue Taubes half day. Open enrollment, space permitting.
The JCC offers many great class options for
www.jccotp.org/children Ages 1–4 Schedule your tour today! Contact Devin Zu-
babies and toddlers — from dance and mu-
We are a state-accredited preschool that kofsky, Early Childhood Director, at 201-408-
The JCC offers many after-school programs sic, to sports and swim and everything in
provides a warm, nurturing environment to 1430 or zukofsky@jccopt.org.
and classes for children ages 2 on and up, between. A great way to meet new people
including art, STEM, cooking, swim, sports, further growth, fun, and learning by focus- and for your child to have fun and build ap-
ing on each child’s social, emotional, cogni-
Full Day Infant Care
gymnastics, dance, drama, music, and more. propriate skills. Visit jccotp.org/infant-toddler
tive, and physical development. We strive to The Leonard & Syril Rubin
for class schedules and details.
Kids Club instill traditional Torah values such as tefila, Nursery School
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades brachot, Shabbat, chagim, tzedaka, and midot Kaplen JCC on the Palisades Temple Beth El Nursery School
Taub Campus tovot. Our curriculum includes Hebrew im- Taub Campus 221 Schraalenburgh Road
411 E. Clinton Avenue mersion, healthy habits for life, and specialty 411 E. Clinton Avenue Closter, NJ 07624
Tenafly, NJ 07670 programs. Summer program. Extended hours. Tenafly, NJ 07670 201-768-2195
201-408-1467 Please see our ad on page 23. 201-408-1467 www.tbenv.org
www.jccotp.org/Kids-club Going back to work after your maternity Ages 18 months to 5 years
Grades K through 6 The Leonard & Syril Rubin leave? Having a hard time finding a nanny Barbara Weinberg, Director
Looking for a seamless end to your child’s Nursery School you feel comfortable with? Prefer a more so- We are a wonderful place for children to learn
day? We provide door-to-door transporta- Kaplen JCC on the Palisades cial option than having your baby at home? and grow. We provide a safe and stimulating
tion to the JCC, English/Hebrew homework Taub Campus The JCC’s full-day infant program is for you! environment, which promotes positive learn-
help, and snack daily. All for less than the 411 E. Clinton Avenue Babies enjoy our clean and bright space, a ing experiences, builds strong self-esteem,and
cost of a babysitter! If your child is enrolled Tenafly, NJ 07670 nurturing environment, and a small teacher nurtures inherent curiosity. Jewish identity is
in an after school class, we’ll escort them to 201-408-1436 to baby ratio. Care for babies, 3–12 months, enhanced through celebration of Shabbat and
that too. Your most affordable end of the day www.jccotp.org/nursery-school available from 7:30 am–6 pm, perfect for the holidays. Please see our ad on page 18.
care option, and the one your child will love We offer a warm, child-centered preschool busy parents! Contact Elissa at eyurowitz@
the best. Kids Club Hours: September to June, for ages 3 month– kindergarten. Our school jccotp.org or 201-408-1436 to schedule a tour.
Mon-Thur and seasonal Fridays, after school follows a progressive curriculum rooted in Space limited — call today! Visit jccotp.Org/
to 6 p.m. Contact Leron Bensoussan at 201- Jewish values that empowers each child to nursery.
408-1467 or LBensoussan@jccotp.org. become a confident learner through play &
hands-on experiences. We focus on social/

We Found Schechter.
You can too! Find out about our new International Baccalaureate World
School program and fabrication lab featuring emerging technology opening
in September 2018.
To schedule a visit, email us at admissions@ssdsbergen.org


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley ensuring the strength and longevity of our to get to know the students and learn their Israeli Scouts
Early Childhood Program (ECP) temple. Our Mom & Tot is a free class open interests. The bar/bat mitzvah ceremony can Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
87 Overlook Drive to children less than 2 years old with a care- be conducted at the facility of your choos- 411 East Clinton Avenue
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 giver! Beginning with a flexible 5-day per ing. Cantor Barbra, who is compassionate and Tenafly, NJ 07670
201-391-8329 week class for ages ranging from 2 through 5 patient, will tailor the ceremony according to Ages 8 to 18
Email: cheryl@tepv.org years old, TBR is the perfect early school ex- each child’s needs. Cantor Barbra is also an The Tzofim meet every Sunday at the JCC to
Director: Jessica Friedman perience for all children whose families seek officiant at bar/bat mitzvah ceremonies, baby share in games, discussions, projects, camp-
ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen small classes, seasoned, caring teachers, and namings, and weddings, and she is a certified ing trips, holiday celebrations, music, sports
www.tepv.org a focus on tradition. Please contact us at 201- cantor with more than 12 years of pulpit ex- and many other fun activities, including sleep
Ages: 2–4 891-4466 or visit us at www.bethrishon.org. perience. Please see my ad on page 27. away camp experiences where they hike
Pre-school for children ages 2–4, as well as Please see our ad on page 16. and take part in scouting activities. Veteran
after-school enrichment programs. New ex-
scouts, ages 15–18, serve as counselors for
tended day hours and vacation programs Israeli Language and Culture Program younger members, ages 8–14. The program
available!! Our child-centered curriculum Enrichment Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
is conducted in Hebrew and currently has
meets the needs of each individual child and 411 E. Clinton Avenue
more than 100 members. New members are
is deeply rooted in Jewish values. Please see Cantor Barbra Lieberstein Tenafly, NJ 07670
always welcome. For more information, call
our ad on page 24. 201-788-6653 Grades Pre-K–Grade 10
cantorbarbra@aol.com Welcome to Emek — the only program that
Temple Beth Rishon www.cantorbarbra.com brings everyday spoken Hebrew into every
585 Russell Avenue Cantor Barbra tutors bar/bat mitzvah can- child’s life in fun and creative ways. Imagine a
hands-on Hebrew educational program that
Special Needs
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 didates weekly in their homes in Bergen
201-891-4466 will allow your children to experience all the
County as well as Rockland County, NY. Les- Berger Learning Group, LLC
www.bethrishon.org sons are usually 1 hour. Small group tutoring wonders of Israel without having to fly there!
Well, guess what? It already exists, right here 31-11 Broadway
The Andrew Friedland Early Childhood is available as well as private tutoring. The Fair Lawn, NJ 07601
Learning Center at Temple Beth Rishon is majority of the lesson time is spent learning at the JCC! Learn all about Israeli culture and
heritage, history, customs, holidays, and songs 201-742-5298
committed to providing a wide range of reli- how to read in Hebrew and the prayers that www.bergerlearning.com
gious, educational, cultural, and social experi- the students need to know for their special and stories with Israeli Hebrew-speaking
Ages: 18 months to 16 years
ences for young children and their families. day. The remainder of the time includes To- teachers who specialize in teaching standard
Hebrew as a second language. The children BLG provides a range of Applied Behavior
A passion for Jewish learning is evident in rah, Jewish holidays, and what it means to be
sing, dance, talk, bake, listen to music, learn, Analysis (ABA) services for children with
our flourishing preschool and experienced Jewish. At the initial meeting with the parents
and create — and absorb Hebrew at the same special needs. Our ABA programs address
teaching staff. Our newly renovated state-of- and students, she will discuss the books that
time by engaging in activities that activate all cognitive, social-emotional, play, and self-
the-art education wing provides the perfect will be used, the prayers that will be taught,
their senses. Visit jccotp.org/emek or contact help skills, as well as language/communica-
environment for successful learning under a chesed project that relates to the student’s
Adi Levy at alevy@jccotp.org or 201-408-1469. tion and behavioral challenges through a
the guidance of our full-time director, Hill- Torah portion, the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony positive behavioral approach. Please see our
ary Posner. Building relationships within the itself along with a tutoring agreement. In ad on page 26.
Temple Beth Rishon community is the glue, addition, Cantor Barbra will take the time


Temple Beth El El ofof Northern
Northern Valley
Northern Valley
WILL WANT TO GO TO Temple BethNursery
El of School
Northern Valley
221Nursery School
Congregation Shaarey Israel’s
Schraalenburgh Road, Closter, NJ 07624
221 Schraalenburgh Road, Closter, NJ 07624
201-768-3726 www.tbenv.org/nursery-school

Hebrew School is like no other!

Innovative, Tech-Centered, Hands-on learning
combined with iPad-based Hebrew instruction

“Child Centered Curriculum in Warm & Nurturing Environment”

 Boutique-style Intimate Learning Center

 Full-Day (7:30am-6pm) Programs with Before &
After Care Options
 Programs for Mommy & Me (Toddler Time)
• Students ages Our program offers one day of instruction  Fully-Equipped Classrooms, Indoor Play Space &
5-13 learn to read (Tuesday) and a second optional day of Outdoor Playground
and speak Hebrew experiential learning, and features:  Child-Centered Curriculum
at their own pace. • iPad-enhanced learning for all students  Excellent Teacher-To-Child Ratios TODDLER TIME
• We love Israel • Kid-centered Bat and Bar Mitzvah
 Superior Enrichment Programs FREE
and so will your  Day & Evening Tours Available Every Tuesday – 9:15am – 10:45am
preparation and projects, working directly
family!  Welcome families from all backgrounds while
with Rabbi Weinbach Call to register!
cultivating Jewish traditions
• Our students love • STEM Projects • Jewish and Israeli Music  FREE Temple Beth El membership included with
and understand Drama • Cooking • Video production enrollments
Jewish living • Optional Hebrew Immersion program

With so much learning and fun, ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN

your child will want to go every day! Contact us for more info
and to register:
Congregation Shaarey Israel Hebrew School Tour the facilities and
Montebello, NY Barbara Weinberg, Director
nsdir@tbenv.org meet the staff
For more information call 845-770-4191, 201-768-3726
or visit us on the web www.OurJewishLearning.com tbenv.org/nursery-school


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

Child Success Center at the Kaplen ADL room, and much more. The Therapy
JCC on the Palisades Gym also offers classes for kids such as Yoga,
The Center offers on-site support services
Mommy and Me, Social Skills, and Sports
Skills. We bill insurance and verify all bene- Mariann’s
School of Dance
for children, including Speech & Language
fits so our clients can focus on their children’s
Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and individ-
rehabilitation. Please see our ad on page 25.
ual consultations. Includes social skills groups
and parent counseling. All sessions are held Therapeutic Nursery EASY ONLINE REGISTRATION FOR THESE GREAT CLASSES:
at the JCC and are open to the community. Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Session fees are highly competitive. For more 411 E. Clinton Avenue Ballet • Jazz • Hip Hop • Tap
information, please visit jccotp.org/csc or con- Tenafly, NJ 07670 Lyrical/Contemporary • Acrobatics
tact us at 201-408-1439 or csc@jccotp.org. 201-408-1448
Ages 3 to 6
Creative Movement • Musical Theater
Friendship Solutions LLC www.jccotp.org Combination Classes • Boys Only Classes
1564 Lemoine Avenue
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
The JCC Therapeutic Nursery is a unique pro- Adult Barre Fitness
gram for bright preschool children with spe-
201-390-8017 Classes for Ages 2 ½ - Adult • Beginner to Advanced
cial needs. We serve children ages 3–6 years
friendshipsolutionsllc@gmail.com PERFORMING & COMPETITIVE DANCE COMPANIES
old that have language disorders, emotional
Friendship Solutions LLC, an after-school challenges (including selective mutism),
social skills program, has relocated to Fort learning disabilities, attention deficits, ADHD,
Lee, NJ. The program is for students 4 to 18 and high-functioning autism (including PDD NOW OFFERING SUNDAY
years old who, because of varying reasons, and Asperger’s Syndrome). The program is
have social skills deficits. By learning and a parent-child model and the curriculum is CLASSES FOR 2018-2019!
practicing these skills in a fun and support-
ive environment, Eileen Stauber (BCBA and
developmental and communication-based.
Speech-Language, Occupational, and Play
Free Trial Class
owner of the group) says, “Our students
improve their social skills as well as the
Therapy are offered as well as parent counsel-
ing and a weekly parent support group. Our
Sunday, August 26
quality of their lives.” Friendship Solutions intensive social skills curriculum prepares our To reserve your space go to Dance
students to participate successfully, as they
LLC works with a wide range of students,
including those with a diagnosis of Autism, ready themselves to mainstream in settings
www.mariannsdance.com Birthday
at school, home, and in the larger communi-
ADHD, other disorders, and those with no
diagnosis at all. Friendship Solutions LLC, ty. Students may enter the program anytime
1564 Lemoine Avenue, Fort Lee. 201-390- during the school year with the director’s ap-
8017, friendshipsolutionsllc@gmail.com. proval. Call Lois Mendelson, Ph.D. at 201-408- 49 East Midland Ave. • Paramus, NJ 07652
Please see our ad on page 27. 1498 or tn@jccotp.org. 201-261-1207

The Guttenberg Center Social Skills Group

for Special Services Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades 411 E. Clinton Avenue
411 E. Clinton Avenue Tenafly, NJ 07670
Tenafly, NJ 07670 201-408-1448
201-408-1489 Ages 4 to 6
www.jccotp.org www.jccotp.org
This program is designed to help with social-
The Special Services Department at the
ization, communication, and self-regulation.
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades offers more than
Social skills are taught in a small group set-
65 weekday, Sunday, and monthly programs
ting by the Therapeutic Nursery school.
for individuals with disabilities and their
Contact Lois Mendelson, PhD, Director at
families. Included are special life skills and vo-
201-408-1497 email TN@jccotp.org, or visit
cational programs for individuals with devel-
opmental disabilities and classes for children
and teens with autistic spectrum disorders, Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley
and developmental, learning, and communi- PROOF O.K. BY: _____________________________
Religious School CHAI Program O.K. WITH CORRECTIONS BY:_________________________
cation disorders. Mainstreaming and inclu-
sion opportunities are provided where ap- 87 Overlook Drive
propriate. Some activities include social skills Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677PLEASE READ CAREFULLY • SUBMIT CORRECTIONS ONLINE
classes and groups, academic enrichment,
Tel: 201- 391-0801
computer classes, yoga, cooking for kids,
Director of Congregational PERSON: Ellen Zitis
Learning: PROOF DUE: -
teens, and adults, fitness training, creative
movement, music therapy, art therapy, recre-
Rabbi Shelley Kniaz PUBLICATION: NR-Community News North NEXT RUN DATE: 09/14/17 NR-0004187314-05
ation and leisure activities, community trips,
School Administrator: SIZE: 3 col X 4.88 in
Marjorie Shore
Super Soccer Stars…and much more! Open
to JCC members and nonmembers. Contact
Shelley Levy at 201-408-1489 or slevy@jccotp. Our CHAI Program enables us to meet the
org. learning and social needs of all our students.
Our three specialized teachers work with our
The Therapy Gym students in small classes or one-on-one. Stu-
205 W. Englewood Avenue dents may also receive additional support for
Teaneck, NJ 07666 the students’ bar/bat mitzvah preparations.
201-357-0417 This service is available not only to mem-
www.thetherapygym.com bers of our own congregation, but also to
members of the community who are not af-
The Therapy gym is a comprehensive facil-
filiated with our congregation. The quality of
ity offering Physical, Occupational, Speech,
education and the results obtained have been
Behavioral, and Aquatic therapy to children
outstanding. The CHAI program is a benefi-
from birth-21 years old. All of our therapists
ciary of a grant from the Jewish Federation of
are highly skilled and trained and really focus
Northern New Jersey. Registration is required.
on each individual child’s needs. The Therapy
Please see our ad on page 24.
Gym has a beautiful facility equipped with a
rock climbing wall, jungle gym, monkey bars,
ball pit, swings, and many more sensory and
therapeutic pieces of equipment. We are also
currently expanding our space to include ad-
ditional treatment rooms, a messy play room,


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

87 Overlook Drive Children ages 2 to 5 enjoy a wide range of fun days, twice monthly, 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Preschool Alternatives Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 activities during school breaks. Please see our Please see our ad on page 24.
201-391-8329 ad on page 24.
Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley Email: cheryl@tepv.org Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley
Director: Jessica Friedman Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley Parenting Center — Come Play
Vacation Station @ECP (Early
ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen Summer Fun Camp @ ECP (Early with Me
Childhood Program) www.tepv.org Childhood Program) 87 Overlook Drive
87 Overlook Drive Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 201-391-8329
201-391-8329 Email: cheryl@tepv.org
Email: cheryl@tepv.org Director: Jessica Friedman
Director: Jessica Friedman ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen
ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen www.tepv.org
www.tepv.org Toddlers 12 months through 18 months &
Fun during the summer vacation for children Parents Program
ages 2 to 5 years old. Weekly themes and The acclaimed “Come Play With Me” offers
At Glen Rock Jewish Center, we have so much to offer... daily specials allow children the opportunity the best combination of experiences and
Our curriculum includes: to have fun with friends, both outdoors and nurturing to provide the very young child a
indoors. Make your child’s summer an adven- strong foundation for learning. Using a frame-
• Instruction in conversational Hebrew (Ivrit B’Ivrit) ture with play and learning rolled into one. work of discovery, the class includes circle
• Prayer study, Israel education and trips Please see our ad on page 24. time, gross motor opportunities, playtime,
music, & snack. Wednesdays, 9:15 am to 10:30
• Art, music, yoga and family educaiton Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley am. Please see our ad on page 24.
• Our “Gan” class for Kindergarteners Parenting Center — Playgroup
87 Overlook Drive Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley
meets twice monthly on Sundays Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 Parenting Center — Toddlers To Be
We will happily accommodate students with special needs 201-391-8329 87 Overlook Drive
Email: cheryl@tepv.org Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
To register and for more information about Director: Jessica Friedman 201-391-8329
tuition fees and curriculum, please contact ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen Email: cheryl@tepv.org
www.tepv.org Director: Jessica Friedman
office@grjc.org or 201-652-6624.
Infants through 12 months & Parents Pro- ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen
682 Harristown Road • Glen Rock, NJ 07452 gram: Come to our FREE drop-in Playgroup. www.tepv.org
201-652-6624 • www.grjc.org It’s a time to enjoy your baby, connect with Toddlers 18 months through 24 months &
other moms, and discuss relevant topics. Fri- Parents Program: Children will participate in

Theater Classes at

Musical T
for Kids
and Teen

Box St
offers udios
omedy collab ound
Improv C p
e theate
works r
t i n g hops f
an d A c and al
or all a
for Adults exper
l level
s of
E! ience.
and MOR

200 Walraven Drive Teaneck NJ 
(201) 357-2221


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

playtime, circle time, art experiences, snack, cilitated by an early childhood professional. The JCC Dance School
story time, music, and movement. Wednes- The program is designed to engage and in- Music, Art, Dance, Theater Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
days, 9:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. 10-week session: still in young children the joy of Judaism, with Taub Campus
September to December. Call for specific emphasis on Jewish Holidays. You are also Black Box Studios at The Black Box 411 E. Clinton Avenue
dates. “Toddlers To Be” will gradually tran- welcome to attend our very child-friendly Performing Arts Center 201-408-1495
sition to become “On My Own” (a separate Early Family Shabbat service once a month www.jccotp.org/dance
200 Walraven Drive
class) in January. Please see our ad on page 24. Friday at 6 p.m. Mitzvah Makers is open to The JCC Dance School offers the highest stan-
Teaneck, NJ 07666
the greater Jewish community for a small $54 dards of dance education in a fun, nurturing
Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley 201-357-2221
fee to cover snacks and supplies. Registration environment. Its goal is to inspire students
Parenting Center — Lecture Series is required. Please see our ad on page 24. to appreciate dance as a form of expressive
BBS/BBPAC continues to emerge as the Tri-
87 Overlook Drive communication and features a professional
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley State area’s premiere destination for both cut-
ting-edge professional theater and collabora- staff that follows a creative and progressive
201-391-8329 — Club Katan curriculum that allows students to build their
Email: cheryl@tepv.org tive arts education — in the heart of Teaneck,
87 Overlook Drive skills and grow as individuals with confidence
Director: Jessica Friedman Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 just a quick ride over the George Washington
Bridge. Heading into our 11th season as a the- and pride. Classes include ballet, jazz, tap,
ECP Admin: Cheryl Mazen Tel: 201- 391-0801 hip-hop and lyrical, as well as audition prepa-
www.tepv.org E-Mail: Margie@tepv.org ater school and our 3rd full season of cutting-
edge Main Stage productions, Black Box was ration and musical theater dance. The school
A lecture series for families with young chil- Director of Congregational Learning: also features a dance company that performs
Rabbi Shelley Kniaz founded by Artistic Director Matt Okin and is
dren, discussing a variety of topics that are in venues such as Six Flags, Hershey Park, and
School Administrator: run by the Black Box Rep. Company, a vibrant
timely and informative. These talks will be nursing homes. Contact Allyson Carolan at
Marjorie Shore group of actor/producers from NJ and NY.
interspersed throughout the year. Call for 201- 408-1495 or acarolan@jccotp.org.
www.tepv.org Black Box is proud to serve on the Teaneck
specific details. Please see our ad on page 24.
Chamber of Commerce board as chair of the
Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Val- For 4-year-olds, Club Katan is an innovative
burgeoning Cultural Arts committee - seek-
JCC Thurnauer School of Music
monthly program. It focuses on Jewish obser- Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
ley — Mitzvah Makers ing to build up, bridge, and promote all forms
87 Overlook Drive vances and family customs through storytell- 411 E. Clinton Avenue
of performance throughout Teaneck and Ber-
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 ing and crafts, songs, and games. The club Tenafly, NJ 07670
gen County. Currently, Black Box is working
Tel: 201- 391-0801 meets on designated Sundays from 10 a.m. 201-408-1465
in partnership with the Township of Teaneck
E-Mail: Margie@tepv.org to 11:45 a.m. You are also welcome to attend www.jccotp.org/thurnauer
to present a month-long, free Shakespeare in
Director of Congregational Learning: our very child-friendly Early Family Shabbat The JCC Thurnauer School of Music is a vi-
the Park program, with Macbeth and Twelfth
Rabbi Shelley Kniaz service once a month, Friday at 6 p.m. Club brant music community offering private
Night currently running in rep through the
School Administrator: Katan is open to the greater Jewish commu- music lessons, group classes and ensembles
end of August in Teaneck and surrounding
Marjorie Shore nity for a small $54 fee to cover snacks and including chorus, orchestra, and jazz. All of
towns. Please see our ad on page 20.
www.tepv.org supplies. Registration is required. Please see our classes are taught by nurturing and dis-
For 3-year-olds (drop off) we offer Mitzvah our ad on page 24. tinguished faculty and everyone enjoys fre-
Makers, a Sunday morning group from 10 a.m. quent performance opportunities throughout
to 11:45 a.m. Call for specific dates. It is fa- the year. Classes begin September 24 and JCC


• Creative curriculum
• Computer lab • Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation
• Family programming
• Social events/holiday celebrations
• Nurturing environment • Dedicated faculty


Come join us in our succah.
Call for details and RSVP.

JCC of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah

304 East Midland Avenue, Paramus · www.jccparamus.org
Marcia Kagedan, Educational Director
201-262-7733 edudirector@jccparamus.org


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

membership is not required to sign up. To

schedule a tour, call 201-408-1465. Academic Enrichment/
The JCC School of Dramatic Arts Tutoring
Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Taub Campus MATHNASIUM of Teaneck
411 E. Clinton Avenue 1374 Queen Anne Road
Tenafly, NJ 07670 Teaneck, NJ 07666
201-408-1492 201-862-1600
www.jccotp.org/drama www.mathnasium.com/teaneck
The JCC School of Dramatic Arts offers a Mathnasium is the area’s premier math-only
dynamic, comprehensive theater program of learning center. When math makes sense,
classes, workshops and performance oppor- kids leap way ahead — whether they started
tunities for preschoolers through adults. It is out far behind or are looking for enrichment.
designed to develop talent and imagination Mathnasium has transformed the way kids
while building confidence, self-image, and the have learned math for over a decade. Please
joy of performing. Whether you are a begin- see our ad on page 20.
ner or a seasoned professional, on stage or
backstage, the School of Theater Arts has a
class for you! Contact Allyson Carolan at 201- Schools
408-1495 or acarolan@jccotp.org.
The Abraham Joshua Heschel School
Mariann’s School of Dance
Lower and Middle School
49 East Midland Avenue 30 West End Avenue
Paramus NJ 07652 New York, NY 10023
201-261-1207 212-784-1234
www.mariannsdance.com 212-246-7717 (High School)
Established in 1982, Mariann’s School of www.heschel.org
Dance has been growing ever since with The Abraham Joshua Heschel School is an in-
the distinctive energy and spirit of its danc- dependent Jewish day school dedicated to the
ers, teachers and staff. The state of the art values that characterized Rabbi Heschel’s life:
6,000-square-foot facility has four spacious intellectual exploration, integrity, love of the
studios with hardwood and marley floors, Jewish people and tradition, and a commit-
private dressing rooms for both girls and ment to social justice. The Heschel School is


boys, a comfortable waiting room with four a pluralistic, egalitarian community that in-
closed circuit televisions and Wi-Fi, and cludes families from a wide range of Jewish
ample parking. It is easily accessible from backgrounds, practices, and beliefs. Boys and
Route 17 and the Garden State Parkway and
convenient to local shopping. The studio
girls, men and women participate equally in
all aspects of the school’s religious, intellec-
September 9-November 18
teaches dance as a total art form, develop-


ing technical skill and discipline as well as a
tual, and communal life. Please see our ad on Sundays,
2018 FALLSeptember
LEAGUE 9-November 18
page 26.
strong sense of theater, style, musicality and
expression. Voted one of the “Top 50 Studios Academies at Gerrard Berman NFL
September 9-November 18
on the Move” by Dance Teacher and Dance
Spirit magazines, the studio is committed
Day School
45 Spruce Street NFL
September 9-November
18 18
Overpeck Park in Palisades Park
to providing energetic, fun and high caliber Oakland, NJ 07436
training to dancers of all ages, abilities and 201-337-1111 220 Roosevelt Place, Palisades Park, NJ · Sundays ONLY
interests. Classes are offered on Sundays as www.ssnj.org
well as weekdays in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Hip Games will take place between 12:00pm - 6:00pm
21 months to 8th grade
Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, Theater Dance,
Academies at GBDS is a non-denominational
Tap, Creative Movement, Conditioning, Ac-
Jewish Day School serving families with chil-
robatics and Boys Only Classes for ages 2½
dren ages 21 months to 8th grade. Academies
to Adult, at levels from Beginner through
focus on leadership, STEAM, and Performing
Advanced. Classes are taught by a profes-
Arts. Dual curriculum with a strong empha-
sional faculty with a personal approach to
sis on love of Israel and Jewish peoplehood.
help each student reach his/her highest po-
Please see our ad on page 19.
tential. Whether students are considering a
career in dance, seeking personal fulfillment, SINAI Elementary at Joseph Kushner 6-on-66-on-6 FlagFlagFootball
Football •• Fast Paced
Fast Paced
or just want to have fun, they are encour- Hebrew Academy NonNon Contact
Contact • Boys&&Girls
• Boys Girls •• Grades
GradesK-8 K-8
aged to develop self-confidence, form lasting
friendships, and cultivate an appreciation for
110 South Orange Avenue 6-on-6 Flag Football
Official NFL Flag Football complete with
• Fast Paced
Livingston, NJ 07039
Official Official
NFL FlagNFL FootballFlag Football
complete with
the arts. In addition, the studio offers very
special Dance Birthday Parties as well as
862-437-8000 x8190
Official Contact
NFL Flag
Flag Boys
Jerseys &

and ••Flag
Fast Grades
FlagPaced K-8
performance opportunities on a competitive
Grades 1–8
Non Non complete
Contact •online
$165 with both Earlywith
Bird andOfficial
Boys & Girls
& Girls NFL
• Grades
• Grades
Sibling Discounts
level for the more serious student. Contact Cost: $165 withnow
both Early Bird and Sibling Discounts Available
Mariann’s School of Dance today, where danc-
Elementary-Middle School for children with
a wide range of complex learning or devel-
online at:
Flag complete
ing dreams become realities. Please see our Official
Official NFL NFL Flag Flag Football
No Experience Necessary – Beginners Welcome!
opmental disabilities. Inclusive, yet individu- Official NFL Jerseys and Flag Belts! completecomplete withwith
ad on page 19.
Experience Cost:Necessary
$165 · Sibling Discounts
– BeginnersAvailable Welcome!
alized to fit each student’s social, emotional,
Official NFL NFL Jerseys
Jerseys and and Flag
Affiliated Flag
with Belts!
The Performing Arts School and academic needs. Recognized for educa- Register now online at:
Cost: $165 with both Early Bird and Sibling Discounts Available
@bergenPAC tional excellence; Middle States Association Cost:Cost:
with with
Bird Bird
and Sibling
and Sibling
Affiliated with Available
1 Depot Square of Colleges and Schools accreditation. Please Register
Register now online at: www.aiflag.com/bergencounty
at: www.aiflag.com/bergencounty
at: www.aiflag.com/bergencounty
see our ad on page 9. Call: (201) 417-5729
Englewood, NJ 07631
www.aiflag.com • Jeffb@aiflag.org
SINAI Elementary School at NoExperience
NoNo Experience
Experience Necessary
Follow us on FB at #AIFLNJ77
NecessaryNecessary –– Beginners
– Beginners
Call: (201) 417-5729 Welcome!
Rosenbaum Yeshiva of North Jersey,
Ages 3 months to 21 years
including the Riva Blatt Weinstein Follow us on FB at #AIFLNJ77 www.aiflag.com •Affiliated
with with
Music, recording, dance, and theater classes Affiliated with
are offered for all ages and abilities, as well as Judaic Studies Program
private lessons. Students have the unique op- 666 Kinderkamack Road
River Edge, NJ 07661
portunity to train with professional teaching
Call: (201) 417-5729
artists and perform on the bergenPAC stage.
Please see our ad on page 21. www.sinaischools.org
Follow Follow
us on FB
FB at #AIFLNJ77 www.aiflag.com
www.aiflag.com • Jeffb@aiflag.org
• Jeffb@aiflag.org
www.aiflag.com • Jeffb@aiflag.org
Grades: 1–8
Follow us on FB at #AIFLNJ77
GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

• Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Elementary-Middle School for children with Functional academic high school program paring them for adult life. Offers a functional Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen

a wide range of complex learning or devel- preparing girls with developmental disabili- academic program that integrates pragmatic County (SSDS) is the first Jewish day school
opmental disabilities. Inclusive, yet individu- ties for rich and productive adult lives. Inte- Judaic and secular curricula with community in the tristate area to be an internationally
alized to fit each student’s social, emotional, grates pragmatic Judaic and secular curricula awareness and vocational studies. Please see authorized International Baccalaureate (IB)
and academic needs. Recognized for educa- with community awareness and vocational our ad on page 9. World School and the first in the nation
tional excellence; Middle States Association studies. Inclusive, yet individualized to fit to tailor this gold-standard educational
of Colleges and Schools accreditation. Please each student’s social, emotional, and aca- SINAI Elementary at SAR Academy framework to our Judaic studies curricu-
see our ad on page 9. demic needs. Please see our ad on page 9. 655 W 254th Street lum, creating a uniquely Jewish experience
Bronx, NY 10471 for our students to connect their Jewish
SINAI Schools Rabbi Mark and Linda SINAI’s Maor High School at Rae 855-328-9389 x123 learning to the world around them and
Karasick Shalem High School at Torah Kushner Yeshiva High School, includ- www.sinaischools.org to turn their learning into action. Now in

Academy of Bergen County ing the William Solomon Judaic Grades: 1–8 its 44th year, SSDS is the only Jewish day
1600 Queen Anne Road Studies Program Currently in its inaugural year, in the 2018-19 school in Bergen County to be accred-
Teaneck, NJ 07666 110 South Orange Avenue year, SINAI at SAR serves children ages 6-9 ited by both the New Jersey Association
201-862-0032 Livingston, NJ 07039 who have a wide range of complex learning of Independent Schools (NJAIS) and the
www.sinaischools.org 862-437-8000 x 8190 challenges and/or developmental disabilities. Middle States Association. Together with
Grades: 9 – 12 www.sinaischools.org The school will expand to add higher grades in Schechter’s new IB status, the expansion

e you to call or E-mail

Functional academic high school program Grades: 9 – 12 each year of its operation, ultimately serving of our STEAM (science, technology, engi-
preparing boys with developmental dis- Academically rigorous program for high children in grades 1-8. Following our inclusive neering, arts and math), Design Thinking,
abilities for rich and productive adult lives. schoolers with academic/social challenges. In- “school within a school” model, SINAI operates and highly anticipated Fall 2018 opening

Integrates pragmatic Judaic and secular cur- clusive, yet individualized to fit each student’s in partnership with SAR Academy, providing of the Popkin Innovation Lab, Schechter
ricula with community awareness and voca- social, emotional, and academic needs. Rec- the academic support SINAI’s special education nurtures its students to be globally minded

hard Tannenbaum,
tional studies. Inclusive, yet individualized ognized for educational excellence; Middle students need, and working together with SAR future Jewish leaders and life-long learn-
to fit each student’s social, emotional, and States Association of Colleges and Schools to create an inclusive educational experience ers through an inquiry-based educational
academic needs. 18-21-year-olds move on to accreditation. Please see our ad on page 9. for the students of both schools. SINAI stu- approach. Our students learn to apply the
our Shalem High School at Heichal HaTorah. dents are part of the SAR community — sharing integrated concepts they learn across all
Please see our ad on page 9. SINAI’s Rabbi Mark and Linda the playground, lunchroom, and even classes subject areas, and use their minds, hands,
Karasick Shalem High School at with SAR students when appropriate, and rid- and hearts to solve real-world problems

xecutive Director at
SINAI’s Rabbi Mark and Linda Heichal HaTorah ing the same buses as their brothers and sisters as they grow in and beyond the classroom.

Karasick Shalem High School at 70 Sterling Place to school. Please see our ad on page 9. Beginning with our youngest, students first
Ma’ayanot Yeshiva High School engage in child-driven play in imaginative
Teaneck, NJ 07666 Solomon Schechter Day School
1650 Palisade Avenue classroom environments, and are guided by
201-335-0633 x4

ung Family orMembership

Teaneck, NJ 07666 of Bergen County award-winning educators along a path that

201-833-4307 x 249 Ages: 18–21 275 McKinley Avenue will lead them to the knowledge, critical
www.sinaischools.org New Milford, N.J. 07646 thinking, strong moral compass, and hands-
High school for boys ages 18-21 who have
Ages: 14–21 201-262-9898 ext. 203 on tools to dream, build, test, fail, and try
developmental disabilities, focusing on pre-
www.ssdsbergen.org again with the goal of performing Tikkun

pv.org with any questions.

rly Childhood Program
 Affordable Tuition
uition  Midweek Classes Only
Temple Emanuelofof
thethe Pascack
Pascack Valley
Valley • Woodcliff
• Woodcliff Lake, NJ
Lake, NJ

sses Only
 Kindergarten through High School

anuel of the School
n through High School
Pascack Valley
 Located on the Bergen/Rockland Border

he Bergen/RocklandCALL FOR A TOUR: 845-359-5920 ext. 110

Sandy Borowsky, MS.Ed - Education Director FOR
TOUR: 845-359-5920
Overlook Drive
110 ext.
Young Family Membership
wsky, MS.Ed - EducationOJC DirectorIS THE PLACE TO BE! Young Family Membership

ult Education Keru

• Affordable
Rabbi Craig Scheff · Rabbi Paula Mack Drill · Rabbi Ami Hersh
Tuition Early Childhood Program
8 Independence Avenue · Orangeburg, NY 10962 · www.theojc.org Please call or email
We invite you to call or E-mail Early Childhood Program
GETOWN JEWISH • Midweek Classes CENTER Only
An Egalitarian Conservative Congregation serving Rockland and Bergen Counties
Jessica Friedman Young
Religious Family
School Membership

dcliff Lake, NJ 07677

WeRichard Tannenbaum,
invite you to call or E-mail
g Scheff · Rabbi Paula•Mack
Kindergarten throughHersh High School ECP Director
Executive Director at Religious School
Drill · Rabbi Ami Tannenbaum, Early Childhood Program
Adult Education

to Int
nce Avenue · Orangeburg, NY 10962
• Located on BEGINS · www.theojc.org 201-391-8329
201-391-0801 or
the Bergen/Rockland AT Border our Executive Director at Adult Education
nservative Congregation serving Rockland and Bergen Counties jfriedman@tepv.org
execdir@tepv.org with any questions.
201-391-0801 or New Extended
Sisterhood Hours
• Scholarships Available SCHOOL

l: 201-391-0801
execdir@tepv.org Shore
with any questions. Vacation
Club Programs

• Inclusive for Children with AT Special Needs Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley Men’s Sisterhood
OJC RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Religious87School Administrator
Overlook Drive
 Affordable Tuition Religious
Keruv-Reaching School
Free Kindergarten Temple 201-391-0801
Woodcliff of the
Lake, Pascack Valley
NJ 07677 Men’s Club
to Interfaith Families
 Midweek Classes
 Affordable Only
Tuition margie@tepv.org
87 201-391-0801
Overlook Drive
Diversified, Judaic, Innovative, tel:
Adult Education
Community Out

www.tepv.org C
 Midweek Classes Only www.tepv.org
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677 Creating
 Kindergarten
Experiential Learning andHigh
through School Activities
Extracurricular Temple Emanuel
tel: 201-391-0801
to Interfaith
Inspiring Commitment
 Kindergarten through High School
 Weekly musical
Located t’fillotBergen/Rockland
on the with Amichai, our newBorder
musical director of the Pascack Valley
www.tepv.org Creating Community

n’s Club
 Located on the Bergen/Rockland Border 87 Overlook Drive Men’s Club
Inspiring Commitment
A TOUR: 110 110
A TOUR: 845-359-5920 ext.ext.

Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
Borowsky, MS.Ed
Borowsky, MS.Ed - Education
Education Director
TEPV Ad.indd 1
tel: 201-391-0801 Reaching Out to 10/31/14 2:01 PM
www.tepv.org Interfaith Families
Rabbi Craig Scheff · Rabbi Paula Mack Drill · Rabbi Ami Hersh
NEW selection of High Holiday Services to attend:
10/31/14 2:01 PM

Rabbi Craig ScheffAvenue

· Rabbi Paula Mack Drill· ·www.theojc.org
Rabbi Ami Hersh

ruv-Reaching Out
8 Independence · Orangeburg, NY 10962
An Egalitarian Conservative
8 Independence AvenueCongregation serving NY
· Orangeburg, Rockland
10962and·Bergen Counties
www.theojc.org Traditional, Contemporary, or Young Family Service
An Egalitarian Conservative Congregation serving Rockland and Bergen Counties

Interfaith Families
GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

Olam, repairing the world. We also
offer Suzuki violin and chess, musical
Ages 12–18/Grades 8–12
BCHSJS is a weekly academic and so-
Rabbi Weinbach at 845-770-4191. Please
see our ad on page 18. THE THERAPY GYM
theater, an organic teaching garden, cial program for all Jewish teens. Each
a Zeiss microscopy lab, and a digital Sunday session includes three elective
Glen Rock Jewish Center
media center for Holocaust studies. courses and a bagel break, with op- Hebrew School
Exciting after-school activities and portunities for community service, col- 682 Harristown Road
extended day care are offered. Contact lege course credit, and letters. Frequent Glen Rock, NJ 07452
Charlotte Carter in our admissions school trips and overnights help foster 201-652-6624 (phone)
office at 201-262-9898, ext. 203, or lifelong friendships. Please see our ad 201-652-6628 (fax)
visit our website at www.ssdsbergen. on page 16. www.grjc.org
org for more information. Please see Grades: Kindergarten
our ad on page 17. Congregation Shaarey Israel through 7th grade
Hebrew School Number of students enrolled: 125
18 Montebello Road Contact: office@grjc.org
Religious Schools Montebello, NY 10901
Glen Rock Jewish Center is now regis-
tering for Hebrew School for Septem- Aquatic Therapy
Ages 5 through 12 ber 2017. Classes from kindergarten SUMMER Physical PROGRAMS
Therapy • AT Occupational Therapy
Congregation Adas Emuno Rabbi Elchanan Weinbach, through grade 7. Our curriculum in- THE THERAPY GYM
Speech Therapy • Behavioral Therapy
Religious School Educational Director cludes instruction in conversational He- PT, OT, Speech, and Behavioral Therapy
254 Broad Avenue brew (Ivrit B’Ivrit), prayers, Israel, trips Social Skills Classes • Mommy and Me Classes
The Hebrew School at Shaarey Israel in
Leonia, NJ 07605 and special programs along with music Yoga and Art Classes
Montebello is dedicated to enriching the
201-592-1712 and family education to enrich our stu-
lives of Jewish children through mean-
Grades: Kindergarten through confir- ingful Jewish learning experiences, and dents’ experiences. We also offer music, WE BILL INSURANCE FOR YOU
strives to foster a love and connection to library, art, cooking, yoga and more. The
mation 205 W. Englewood Ave
Judaism that will last a lifetime. Our “ex- class meets on Sundays from 9:30 to 11
Our religious school provides a welcom- periential learning” curriculum is engag- a.m. Students are involved in all Hebrew Teaneck, NJ
ing and inclusive environment for chil- School activities, including Jewish cus-
dren to experience the study of Judaica
ing, rewarding, and fun, and is designed 201-357-0417
to meet the needs of all children. Small toms and celebrations (including bar/
and Hebrew in the context of a Reform bat mitzvah), music, library and more. 205 West Englewoodwww.thetherapygym.com
Ave • Teaneck, NJ
groups and individualized attention al- www.thetherapygym.com
Jewish education. Our Rabbi, Cantor, lows us to cater to your children’s learn- Please see our ad on page 20.
Please call 201-357-0417
and teaching staff bring a high level of ing style and thereby maximize their or email ellie@thetherapygym.com
commitment and enthusiasm each Sun- learning potential. All of our students
Jewish Community Center of
day morning during the school year and Paramus/
Put Your Child
use iPads provided by the school to
our parents provide support through make learning more engaging and dif- Congregation Beth Tikvah
their participation in special program- ferentiated. Most importantly, we want 304 East Midland Avenue

in the Picture
ming and events. Registration is ongo- each child to “want to be here” and love Paramus, NJ 07652
ing. Contact Cantor Sandy Horowitz, receiving a Jewish education. Our class- 201-262-7733
Religious School Director. Please see our rooms are warm and welcoming, and edudirector@jccparamus.org
ad on page 27. informal spaces are furnished with ta- Ages 4–13
bles and area rugs instead of desks. Our Award-winning Hebrew School offers
The Bergen County High School
two core curriculum areas are Hebrew educational opportunities for children
of Jewish Studies aged 4–13. Our Sunday School offers
language and Jewish values. In addition,
475 Grove Street enrichment activities include music, classes for pre-kindergarten through
Ridgewood, NJ 07450 fine arts, filmmaking, creative dramat- 3rd grade students. 4th–7th grades at-
201-488-0834 ics, cooking, and Israel studies. We have tend on Sundays and Tuesdays. Use of
Sunday Phone Number: 201-410-9105 learning centers for arts and Hebrew lit- our computer lab enhances the stu-
www.bchsjs.org dents’ Hebrew proficiency. Individual
eracy. For more information, please call

Identity. Community. Knowledge.

Our children love being Jewish!

Come join us, call today (845) 357-2430

Montebello Jewish Center

A vibrant Conservative Egalitarian community

Montebello Jewish Center Religious School

Fun and interactive programs
Join us at Temple Emeth Religious
Warm and caring teachers
Individualized, differentiated and experiential learning School. Give the gift of a wonderful
New member incentives Reform Jewish education for K-12,
FREE PRE-K & KINDERGARTEN AVAILABLE created by our own inspiring religious
school director, Dora Geld Friedman.
First-year tuition is FREE for most
new students—then included with your
voluntary commitment membership.

Montebello Jewish Center TEMPLE EMETH

34 Montebello Road Montebello, NY 10901 1666 Windsor Road
www.Montebellojc.org / 845-357-2430
Rabbi Joshua S. Finkelstein Cantor Michelle Rubin Harriet Spevack, President Teaneck, NJ 07666
www.emeth.org • 201-833-8466


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

tutoring is available. The Hebrew School The JYEP is a pre-bar/bat mitzvah Hebrew Temple Emeth Religious School provides a edgeable, responsible, and participatory
curriculum includes prayer, Bible studies, Is- school for children in grades 3 – 7, which, in rich learning environment that flows with the Jews. Our goal is for all of our students to feel
rael and Holocaust studies, Jewish values, and addition to the traditional classroom instruc- Jewish calendar. Join us! Tuition is FREE for comfortable walking into any synagogue or
holiday appreciation and celebration. This is tion of Bible and holidays by young and vi- first-year students in K-2, then free for mem- Jewish environment, having gained at MJC a
all geared to strengthening the children’s Jew- brant teachers, matches each child with a bers with your voluntary commitment. Our strong Jewish identity, Judaic literacy, knowl-
ish identity and connection to the community tutor/mentor. Our JYEP staff, directed by Dr. Reform Jewish curriculum, created by our edge of Tefillah, and, most importantly, a love
here and in Israel. Family programs engage Debby Rapps, is committed to creating an inspiring religious school director, Dora Geld of Judaism. We work to help our students to
parents in learning alongside their children. environment where each child is individu- Friedman, and our innovative Rabbi Steven understand and appreciate the importance of
Trips and special activities round out the ally nurtured to his or her own strength in Sirbu, fosters strong and loving relationships assuming meaningful roles in the Jewish com-
school year! The Hebrew School, along with a warm, creative, meaningful and stimulating between students, families, faculty, and cler- munity and to apply Jewish ethics, values and
the Cantor, prepares the children for a bar/ environment. We offer bar and bat mitzvah gy. The program builds a lasting foundation traditions to everyday life. Our curriculum
bat mitzvah that can be celebrated in either training in the higher grades, where each child in Jewish texts, history, ethics, culture, Israel, is geared toward fluency in Hebrew reading
a traditional or egalitarian setting. A free is mentored individually by a Big Brother/Sis- Torah, and religious worship. For teens, we as well as comfort and familiarity with the
monthly program, Sunday Specials, is offered ter regardless of the level at which they enter. offer the engaging Emeth Teen Community, Siddur (prayerbook), synagogue rituals, and
for children ages 4 to 7 as well as a four-week Please see our ad on page 16. with ETC Mitzvah and ETC on the Road. This a basic understanding of our prayers. Our
Taste of Hebrew School mini -session for this year, we are introducing an exciting new mu- students gain a strong Jewish identity as they
same age group in the spring term. Please see Temple Emeth Religious School sic program, Music and Mitzvah, led by our develop an understanding and appreciation
our ad on 22. and Emeth Teen Community own Cantor Ellen Tilem. Please see our ad on for the holidays, Shabbat, Israel, history, and
1666 Windsor Road page 25. Jewish values. Students learn in a warm and
Jewish Youth Encounter Program Teaneck, NJ 07666 embracing environment through experien-
1600 Queen Anne Road 201-833-8466 Montebello Jewish Center tial and individualized learning, classroom
Teaneck, NJ 07666 www.emeth.org Religious School work, family programs, a monthly Shabbat
201-833-JYEP (5937) Grades/Ages Served: K–7, 8–12 34 Montebello Rd school and more! We strive to create an en-
www.JYEP.org Number of students enrolled: 55 Montebello, NY 10901 vironment that is inspiring and prepares our
Grades 3–7 Contact person: Dora Geld Friedman, Phone: 845-357-2430 x103 children with the essential values, ideals, and
Barbara Shater Fax: 845-357-1043 traditions for practicing Judaism in our ever-
BShater@emeth.org Email: Cantor@montbellojc.org changing world. Please see our ad on page 25.
Website: www.montebellojc.org
Education Director: Cantor Michelle Rubin Orangetown Jewish Center
Grades served: Pre-K–12th Religious School
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services
Our Religious School provides our students
for children with autism, 8 Independence Avenue
with a nurturing and enjoyable school envi- Orangeburg, NY 10962
developmental delays
ronment, which fosters an enthusiasm and 845-359-5920, ext. 110
and behavioral challenges
• play & social skills love for Judaism and a commitment to life- www.theojc.org
• cognitive skills long Jewish living and learning. We are dedi- Kindergarten through high school
Diane Berger, MA, BCBA, Director cated to educating our 4/3/14
0003662844-01_0003563833-01 youth to2:49
be knowl-
PM Page Orangetown
1 Jewish Center, a vibrant con-
• language/communication
(201) 742-5298
• behavior: tantrums, eating, toileting

Email: info@bergerlearning.com For more information, please visit

31-11 Broadway · Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 www.bergerlearning.com 3
Celebrating our 32nd Anniversary!! 5
Gymnastics A Unique Children’s Bookstore 4
and Fitness Extensive Selection of Children’s Books R
10 mo
months to 12 years

Regis Now Ask about our Guided Reading Section
for Grades K-6
BIR ARTY Fall Classes T
TO Begin September 12th i


401 Market Street - Nanuet, NY
(845) 623-2553 • www.Tumble-Beegymnastics.com
Voted “Best Children’s Bookstore”
• Gift certificates

The Heschel School

Follow us • Free gift
on Facebook for wrapping
author events
and story times!
• Knowledgeable
Ariela Dubler, Head of School NURSERY - 12TH GRADE • Joint programs
High School Open House Dates: Open with schools
Wednesday, October 17 | Tuesday, November 13
To RSVP contact Iris Klein, Co-Director of Admissions
Sundays and libraries
iriskl@heschel.org 10-3
Early Childhood and Lower School Tours:
Contact Erica Panush, Co-Director of Admissions ericap@heschel.org
229 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ | 201-444-1918
212.784.1234 www.heschel.org www.thecuriousreaderbooks.com
30 West End Avenue, New York, New York 10023 Tuesday-Friday 10-6, Saturday 9-6, Sunday 10-3


GUIDE to Schools, Activities, and Programs

servative synagogue located on the Bergen/Rockland border, Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley features basketball classes led by CMEK coaches and tennis
is accepting enrollment for our exciting Religious School. Religious School offered by Stavri Tennis Academy. Contact Keri Thoren at 201-
Programs available from kindergarten through bar/bat mitz- 87 Overlook Drive 408-1476 or kthoren@jccotp.org.
vah, with an innovative middle school curriculum and active Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
award-winning social and educational high school program- Bounce U
Tel: 201- 391-0801
ming. Mid-week classes only, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special E-Mail: Margie@tepv.org TheNOW
Party and Play Experience25 YEARS!
needs accommodations and resources offered. Free Kinder- Director of Congregational Learning: 70 Eisenhower Drive
garten. For more information, please contact our educational Rabbi Shelley Kniaz Paramus, NJ 07652
director, Sandra Peck-Borowsky, and visit our website. Please 201-843-5880

School Administrator: Marjorie Shore
see our ad on page 24. www.tepv.org www.bounceU.com/paramus
Grades K–7. 150 Clearbrook Road
Temple Beth Rishon Elmsford, NY 10523 Infants · Toddlers · Pre-K
Two hundred children from the Pascack and Saddle River Val-
585 Russell Avenue 914-874-5200 4 Extended Hours
leys and Rockland County attend the Religious School. The www.BounceU.com/elmsford-ny
Wyckoff, NJ 07481 classes are for kids in kindergarten through seventh grade. 4 Reasonably Priced
201-891-4466 424 Market St.
The students learn using digital tools such as tablets, smart
boards, and online classes with teachers in Israel. There are
Nanuet, NY 10952 4 Dynamic Curriculum
4 Creative Art, Music and
to Scho
Temple Beth Rishon is committed to providing our members
of all ages with a wide range of religious, educational, cultural,
hands-on programs, with visits to the local supermarket to
www.bounceU.com/nanuet-ny Gymnastics Sessions a
learn about keeping kosher, trips to the local assisted living Preschool to adults 4 Certified Teachers
and social experiences. A passion for Jewish learning is evident homes to entertain the residents, and fun in the synagogue
in our flourishing preschool, religious school, and adult edu- Now with three locations, in Paramus, NJ, Elmsford, NY,
kitchen, where kids learn to make foods for all the Jewish holi- NOW REGISTERING FOR FALL 2014
cation programs. Our newly renovated state-of-the-art edu- and Nanuet, NY, Bounce U is a party place for families and make new fri
days. There are Shabbat and Holiday celebrations, meaningful
cation wing provides the perfect environment for successful friends toFOUR
memories that TO SERVE YOU BETTER!
will last a lifetime. All parties Open Monday
family programs, and youth group activities. Please see our 225 Edgewater Rd, Cliffside Park 555 Palisade Ave, Cliffside Park
learning. Our adult programs offer meaningful opportunities and events completelyprivate
(201) 945-0234
for you and your guests. 2 Gi-
(201) 945-0266
ness and weig
ad on page 24.
for Jewish living, life-long learning, thoughtful discussion and ant19bounce stadiums. 12
Emerson Plaza East, Emerson
incredible inflatables. Plus the new
5 Legion Dr, Cresskill
their fitness go
leadership. We enjoy observing holidays together at Temple Beam 30 (201)
634-8622 attraction. Cosmic(201)
569-9112 parties.
Check out our open bounce and preschool play date schedule Bounce U of P
Beth Rishon, which include celebrations ranging from festival
meals to candle-lighting ceremonies to carnivals to national
Sports & Athletics on line. Kosher available. Please see our ad on page 3. The Ultimate Pa
70 Eisenhower
Israeli holidays. Building relationships within the Temple Beth
Rishon community is the glue, ensuring the strength and lon-
After-School Swim at the Kaplen JCC Tumble-Bee Gymnastics Paramus, NJ 07
on the Palisades 401 Market Street 201-843-5880
gevity of our temple. Please contact us at 201-891-4466 or visit www.BounceU.c
us at www.bethrishon.org. Please see our ad on page 16. Taub Campus Nanuet Mall South
411 E. Clinton Avenue Nanuet, NY 10954 Preschool to ad
Voted #1 Best
Temple Emanu-El of Closter Tenafly, NJ 07670 LEARN TO PLAY CHESS
Fun Place
180 Piermont Road, 201-408-1473 www.tumble-beegymnastics.com
One of the world’s oldest and most popular games!
www.jccotp.org/aquatics Celebrating our 31st anniversary, Bounce U is a
Closter, NJ 07676 Register before August 25th andTumble-Bee Gymnastics
save the registration of-
201-750-2959 The JCC offers Water Babies and Parent/Toddler Swim Classes fers private birthday parties and programs for boys and girls, share memori
Classes start on September 2nd events comple
www.templeemanu-el.com for parents of children 6 months to age 2; Red Cross Swim ages 10 months to 12 years. Our preschool program offers ex-
See website www.icanj.net for schedule and pricing Giant bounce
Ages 5 to 13 classes for all-level swimmers beginning at age 3; a com- citing weekly lessons and theme weeks. We are the only gym
petitive swim team for children and teens ages–17, Lifeguard inAtour
we offer
1995private, group,
to teach and after-school
the nationally lessons.
recognized Fun the new Ligh
At Temple Emanu-El, children experience Judaism tangibly,
Training Courses for ages 15 and up, and private instruction. & Fit Gymnastics after-school programs for children master.
Students of all levels are welcome, from beginner to entering parties. Check
emotionally and intellectually. We foster a life-long connec-
Contact Kathleen Costantini at 201-408-1473 or kcostantini@ kindergartenWe host world-renowned
through sixth grade. Ourinternational
warm and well-trained date schedule
tion to Judaism and instill a sense of purpose and pride in stu-
staff will and our
teach your students
children the have
that giveforthem
the confi- ad on page 3.
dents. With a well-trained, dedicated staff, full time learning World Youth Championships! With lessons 6 days
specialist and music teacher, we blend formal and informal dence in the future. Please see our ad on page 26.
After-School Athletics at The Kaplen JCC a week in two locations, scheduling is flexible. CourtSense T
learning in multi-sensory, station-based classrooms. Students Tenafly Racque
on the Palisades 185 Court Street, Teaneck, NJ · 201-833-1741
enjoy regular interaction with the clergy, and special projects 195 County Ro
Taub Campus 9-10 Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn, NJ · 201-797-0330
and programs. Highlights include learning about Jewish holi- Tenafly, NJ 076
days and traditions, practicing acts of Hesed, how to pray in a 411 E. Clinton Avenue www.icanj.net · chessdirector@icanj.net
synagogue service, connecting to Israel, creating Jewish friend- Tenafly, NJ 07670 Bogota Racque
ships, feeling proud of Judaism, reading Hebrew, studying To- 201-408-1476 156 West Main
rah, Mitzvot and Jewish values, and understanding Israel’s past The JCC offers a progressive curriculum where your child will Bogota, NJ 076
and present. Please see our ad on page 22. love building his/her sports skills. Classes offered in all sports, 201-489-1122
including basketball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, volleyball, and www.courtsens
Tae Kwon Do, with private instruction available. The JCC also CourtSense is
struction, prov
professional l
down each co
Friendship Solutions, LLC Cantor ing it easier fo

ness is incorpo
Building Social Skills nis to adult pr
One Step at a Time
to enhance th
0002441714-01.qxd 10/15/08 5:09 PM Page 1 strength, coo
Social Skills Groups for Children and Teens speed and car
Ages 4- 18 Certified Cantor with cifically tailor
• Servicing those with various delays or
disorders or no diagnosis
12+ years
MITZVAH student. Pleas
• Afternoon and evening sessions Lessons in experience
your home Ice Vault Skat
• Conversation skills • Play skills Learn to read Hebrew LIEBERSTEIN, BARBRA 10 Nevins Drive
Wayne, NJ 074
• Body language and other social cues Fri, Oct 24, 2008 973-628-1500
• Utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Group and1 cols, 2.13 x 2.50" www.icevault.co
Analysis in a fun and supportive environment Learn to All ages
private lessons
Process Free The Ice Vault
… AND SO MUCH MORE! read Hebrew in your home
Lisa Spadevecchia Public session
Eileen Stauber, BCBA/201-390-8017 skating, free-s
1564 Lemoine Avenue
Parent Paper
parties are als
Fort Lee, NJ 07024
Officiant atCantor BarbraCeremonies,
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Carine
Baby Namings and Weddings
___ Art Direction
Cell: 201-788-6653
Officiant for Baby Namings
_X__ E-Proof Fall Cl
e-mail: cantorbarbra@aol.com
Certified Cantor with 12+ years
of pulpit experience bergenPAC Pe
istration for t
ABOUT OUR CHILDREN • SEPTEMBER 2018 27 dance, theate
and private in
___ OK AS IS us on Facebook. age ranges an
Wednesday, S
___ OK W. CHANGE to 7 p.m. For o
or education

In Preparation for Rosh Hashanah Athletes and Scholars Both

Valley Chabad offers Jewish education, outreach and social service program- Joseph Taub Scholar Athlete Award winners Alexandra George of Northern Valley
ming for families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and affiliations. Regional High School at Old Tappan and Tobias Zypman of Cresskill High School accept-
Students in Valley Chabad Hebrew School display a “Yemenite” Shofar when ing their scholarships from Barry Zeller, vice president of the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
learning about Rosh Hashanah with Rabbi Yosef Orenstien. board, at the JCC’s first Sports Night of Champions Event.

Teen Leadership Launches

Valley Chabad Teen Leadership offers middle school students a
chance to engage with seniors for an afternoon of crafts and fun
is starting its new year. Pictured, Devon Nassau of Woodcliff Lake
and Alexis Ban of River Vale hold a Sukkah food art with Maricela BBQ Fun in the Sun
Learning About Israel created at last year’s Sukkot Linking Hearts gathering at the Summer camp kids at Temple Emanuel of the
Students at the Temple Beth Tikvah in Wayne congregation get Jewish Home Assisted Living. Pascack Valley enjoy a summertime barbecue in
to learn about Israel. the playground.

Day Camp Marks a Decade

Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp celebrated its 10th with a record number of 420 campers, in addition to staff, counselors and special
activity instructors. This event was marked with a photo op with Bris Avrohom and Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp staff.



TopChoices SEPTEMBER 2018

Compiled by Heidi Mae Bratt

Singer Sonia De Los Santos

Serenades at Family Concert
Sonia De Los Santos sings songs from story. Featuring songs from her second Sunday, Sept. 30
her native Mexico in English and Spanish family album, “¡Alegría!” (Joy), she sings 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
along with bilingual versions of “This about her love of nature and celebrates Scheuer Auditorium
Land is Your Land” and “If I Had a migrating butterflies, morning sunshine, The Jewish Museum
Hammer” and Latin American party wildflowers, jumping bunnies, and birds. 1109 Fifth Avenue
tunes in a concert for 2- to 7-year-olds Also included are songs from her debut Manhattan
at The Jewish Museum. Playing guitar, album, “Mi Viaje: De Nuevo León to the 212-423-3200
mandolin, and jarana, Ms. De Los Santos New York Island,” which won the Parents’ www.thejewishmuseum.org.
offers a personal, yet universal, musical Choice Foundation Gold Award.

The Russians Are Coming to the Jewish Museum

Family programming will highlight the works of Marc city of Vitebsk, now in Belarus. As the museum does The Jewish Museum
Chagall, El Lissitzky, and Kazimir Malevich, part of with other exhibitions, family programs explore differ- 1109 Fifth Avenue
a new exhibition at The Jewish Museum. The exhi- ent themes inspired by the works on view. On Sunday, Manhattan
bition, “Chagall, Lissitzky, Malevich: The Russian September 16, from 1 to 4 p.m. the drop-in art session 212-423-3200
Avant-Garde in Vitebst, 1918-1922,” opening Sept. for children older than 3 will use watercolors to paint www.thejewishmuseum.org.
14, explores the little-known chapter in the history of a scene that illustrates a family story or images for
modernity and Russian avant-garde. It focuses on the the New Year, inspired by the imagery found in the
People’s Art School founded by Chagall in his native Chagall paintings.

Dream The Dream Machine

at Liberty Science Center
Explore different emotions in this combinations of colors, sounds, and Liberty Science Center
interactive, sensory adventure. The scents — some pleasant, some unpleas- Liberty State Park
Dream Machine debuted at New York’s ant. Explore each of the different stations 222 Jersey City Boulevard
Panorama Festival last year, but now has to experience a complex range of human Jersey City
a permanent home at Liberty Science emotions, including happiness, disgust, 201-200-1000
Center. In this interactive, sensory adven- shame, and hope. www.lsc.org.
ture, you’ll use bicycle pumps to produce

Checkup Party At Teaneck Dentist

A party? At the dentist? Incredible! No, actual! A check-up party at Teaneck Dentist offers children Sunday, Sept. 16
Teaneck Dentist, at its new location on Teaneck unexpected fun while busy parents get unparalleled 8:50 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Road, will host its semi-annual Check-Up Party, convenience for their children’s routine dental exam- 1008 Teaneck Road
where fun and giveaways are as much a part of the ination, cleaning, X-rays, and fluoride treatment. Teaneck
experience as sitting in the dentist’s chair and open- Large families can be in and out in under an hour. On 201-837-3000
ing wide so the doctor can check your pearly whites. hand at the upcoming event will be 56 kids, seven www.teaneckdentist.com.
The kids have a ball, and the experience of going to hygienists, four doctors, a magician, and tons of fun.
the dentist becomes associated with a good time. Enough to make you smile.


The Good Life With Kids
To Add Your Event
to Our Calendar
Send it to:

Calendar Editor
About Our Children
New Jersey/Rockland Jewish Media Group
1086 Teaneck Road
Teaneck, NJ 07666 AboutOC@aol.com
or fax it to: 201-833-4959
Deadline for October issue:
This calendar is a day-by-day schedule of events. Although all information is as timely as we can make it, it’s a good idea to call to verify details before you go. published Sept. 21, Wednesday, Sept. 16

Saturday, August 25 Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus.

201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org.
Farmers’ Market Story & Crafts: All ages wel-
comed. Your favorite librarians will be at the
Storytime at the Library: Enjoy old and new Paramus Farmers’ Market for stories and crafts.
favorites at this family storytime from 11 a.m. to Saturday, September 8 Stories begin at 3:30 p.m. Crafts run from 2 p.m.
11:30 a.m. No registration required. Teaneck Public to 6 p.m. No registration necessary. Paramus
Storytime at the Library: Enjoy old and new
Library, 840 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, 201-837-4171, Farmers’ Market, Petrushka Park, North Parking
favorites at this family storytime every from 11 a.m.
www.teaneck.org. Lot, Paramus. 201-599-1300.
to 11:30 a.m. No registration required. Teaneck
Sunday, August 26 Public Library, 840 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, 201-837-
4171, www.teaneck.org.
International Storytime Festival: Welcome
all ages. From 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Celebrate a
Discussion in Fair Lawn: We invite you to join us panoply of cultures. Join in for stories in Spanish,
and meet a member of the Jewish community in Wednesday, September 12 Korean, and Japanese. Make crafts and eat snacks.
Uganda in an informal discussion setting at Fair No registration necessary. Paramus Public Library,
F2F (Face 2 Face)/USY for 9th-12th Graders
Lawn Jewish Center, 10-10 Norma Ave., Fair Lawn. 116 East Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-1300,
at Temple Emanu-El of Closter: 6:00 p.m. Join
Discussion at 8 p.m. www.paramuslibrary.org.
us for our enlightening and educational program
Wednesday, August 29 for teens, where we provide them with an outlet
for weekly community service, religious thought, Thursday, September 27
Farmers’ Market Story & Crafts: All ages wel- socializing, and of course dinner. Starts at 6 p.m. See Dig It, Monday, September 17 Welcome Autumn: Welcome the new season
comed. Your favorite librarians will be at the For more information, contact Tammy Ween with art. Come and make a bleeding tissue paper
Paramus Farmers’ Market for stories and crafts.
Stories begin at 3:30 p.m. Crafts run from 2 p.m.
at 201-750-9997 or ween@templeemanu-el. Wednesday, autumn tree. For grades 1 through 4. 4 p.m.
to 6 p.m. No registration necessary. Paramus
com. 180 Piermont Road, Closter. 201-750-9997.
September 19 to 4:45 p.m. Paramus Public Library, 116 East
Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-1300, www.
Farmers’ Market Petrushka Park, North Parking Farmers’ Market Story & Crafts: All ages wel- paramuslibrary.org.
Lot. Paramus. 201-599-1300. Farmers’ Market Story & Crafts: All ages wel-
comed. Your favorite librarians will be at the
comed. Your favorite librarians will be at the Animal Farm: Get up close and personal with
Paramus Farmers’ Market for stories and crafts.
Sunday, September 2 Paramus Farmers’ Market for stories and crafts.
Stories begin at 3:30 p.m. Crafts run from 2 p.m.
Stories begin at 3:30 p.m. Crafts run from 2 p.m. some interesting animals at the library’s Unique
Creatures event. From 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. For
Youth Carnival: At Jewish Center of Teaneck, to 6 p.m. No registration necessary. Paramus
to 6 p.m. No registration necessary. Paramus grades kindergarten through 4th grade. Charles
10 a.m, to 11:30 a.m. with Youth Directors Rav Farmers’ Market Petrushka Park, North Parking
Farmers’ Market Petrushka Park, North Parking E. Reid Branch, 239 West Midland Ave., Paramus.
Yishai and Yiskah Klein. Come get ready for Rosh Lot, Paramus. 201-599-1300.
Lot, Paramus. 201-599-1300. 201-444-4911, www.paramuslibrary.org.
Hashanah with songs, crafts, snacks and inflata-
bles. 70 Sterling Place, Teaneck. 201-833-0515, Saturday, September 15 Saturday, September 22 Friday, September 28
www.jcot.org. Storytime at the Library: Enjoy old and new
Storytime in at the Library: Enjoy old and new Picture Bingo: Play everyone’s favorite game and
favorites at this family storytime every Sturday
Tuesday, September 4 favorites at this family storytime every Saturday at
11 to 11:30 a.m. No registration required. Teaneck
at 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. No registration required. win tasty prizes. All ages welcomed. No registra-
tion required. From 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Charles
Movie Madness: While it’s nearly time for Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck,
Public Library, 840 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck, 201-837- E. Reid Branch, 239 West Midland Ave., Paramus.
school, it’s always time for a movie. Check out 201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org.
4171, www.teaneck.org. 201-444-4911, www.paramuslibrary.org.
“Paddington 2” from 10:30 a.m. to noon. No regis- Yoga with Lauren: Help your child learn basic
tration necessary. Paramus Public Library, 116 East
Century Road, Paramus. 201-599-1300, www.
Sunday, September 16 yoga poses through stories. Parent participation Saturday, September 29
encouraged. For children 3 to 6 years old. Register
paramuslibrary.org. Opening Day Krav Maga: First day of Religious Yoga with Lauren: Help your child learn basic
a week in advance. 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Paramus
School and Opening day Krav Maga Israeli yoga poses through stories. Parent participation
Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus.
Wednesday, September 5 Self-Defense interactive event with parents and
children, as well as Back to Shul Barbecue with
201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org.
encouraged. For children 3 to 6 years old. Register
a week in advance. 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Paramus
Farmers’ Market Story & Crafts: All ages wel-
comed. Your favorite librarians will be at the
bouncy house for children at the Fair Lawn Jewish
Center, 10-10 Norma Ave., Fair Lawn.
Sunday, September 23 Public Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus.
201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org.
Paramus Farmers’ Market for stories and crafts. First Day of Religious School: Kindergarten
Stories begin at 3:30 p.m. Crafts run from 2 p.m. Drop-In Studio at The Jewish Museum: Explore Storytime in at the Library: Enjoy old and new
through 5th grade Meet the Teachers Breakfast
to 6 p.m. No registration necessary. Paramus new themes each week in these drop-in art favorites at this family storytime every Saturday
at Temple Emanu-El of Closter, 9 a.m. Questions
Farmers’ Market Petrushka Park, North Parking workshops. This week, use watercolors to paint a from 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. No registration required.
or to enroll your child in Religious School, contact
Lot, Paramus. 201-599-1300. scene that illustrates a family story or images for Teaneck Public Library, 840 Teaneck Rd, Teaneck,
Christina Buchert at 201-750-9997 or buchert@
the New Year inspired by the playful cityscapes 201-837-4171, www.teaneck.org.
templeemanu-el.com. 180 Piermont Road, Closter.
Friday, September 7 and imagery found within the paintings of Marc
Chagall. 1 to 4 p.m. For ages 3 and older. 1109 Fifth
201-750-9997, www.templeemanu-el.com.
Little Artists: Drop off your toddlers and pre- Drop-In Studio at The Jewish Museum: Explore
Ave., Manhattan. www.thejewishmuseum.org.
schoolers for a weekly craft. Ages 2 to 5. No reg- new themes each week in these drop-in art work-
istration necessary. From 11 a.m. to noon. Paramus Monday, September 17 shops from noon to 3 p.m. This week, inspired by
artwork on view in Scenes from the Collection as
Magical Mondays: Join us on Monday
well as the exhibition, Chagall, Lissitzky, Malevich:
mornings for stories, an activity, and a snack
The Russian Avant-Garde in Vitebsk, 1918-1922,
as we reveal the magic that can be found in
use letter stamps and drawing materials to create
your favorite books. From 10 a.m. to 10:45
a work of art that incorporates words or phrases
a.m. For children ages 2 to 5. Paramus Public
which are meaningful to you. Hang this special
Library, 116 East Century Road, Paramus.
stamped artwork in a sukkah for the holiday or
201-599-1300, www.paramuslibrary.org.
in your home. 1109 Fifth Ave., Manhattan, www.
Dig It: Join us for an afternoon archaeologi- thejewishmuseum.org.
cal adventure. Unique in New York City, our
simulated archaeological dig highlights Wednesday,
replicas from ancient to modern times in
a hands-on experience. On Archaeology
September 26
Mondays, hunt for a featured artifact. F2F (Face 2 Face)/USY for 9th-12th Graders
Collect stamps in a special passport each at Temple Emanu-El of Closter: 6:00 p.m. Join
visit and receive a gift after your third dig us for our enlightening and educational program
adventure. From 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for ages 3 for teens, where we provide them with an outlet
to 10. The Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Ave., for weekly community service, religious thought,
Manhattan. www.thejewishmuseum.org. socializing, and of course dinner. Starts at 6 p.m.
For more information, contact Tammy Ween at
See Yoga with Lauren, Saturday, September 22 201-750-9997 or ween@templeemanu-el.com. See Movie Madness, Tuesday, September 4
180 Piermont Road, Closter. 201-750-9997, www.



World from page 9 children can stick to a schedule and learn

vitations, and social lives. Yes, when they how to appropriately balance their time.
are small we can help with playdates. That 3. Acceptance: Don’t get stuck on per-
stops early on, though, and then our chil- fection. Recognize efforts and then work
dren need to navigate on their own. We on bettering skills.
can try to guide them, help them recog- 4. Begin with the good. If your son
nize the meaning of true friendship, and dressed himself, recognize that before
open our homes and hearts. Ultimately mentioning that his shirt is on backwards.
we hope that they make good choices be- Energize instead of criticize.
cause we have taught them well. 5. Teach solution skills. No matter the
Guide children to help and do for age, you will find your child struggling with
themselves. They can fulfill their needs something. Don’t rush in to fix the problem.
and requirements without expecting Instead, encourage him to find solutions.
parents to come to the rescue. One gym When we cannot step back and allow
teacher told me that I cannot imagine children to make mistakes or discover life’s

the number of students who blame their
moms for not packing their sneakers.
magic on their own, they lose the power to
spread their wings. As children grow, they
want to rely less on us but still be aware
Making Changes
If you desire to bring more independence
to your child’s life, begin with these 5 steps:
of our love and inspiration. We are here to
guide, to teach, to strengthen, and to disci-
pline. We have the ability to help our sons
1. Communicate that you would like and daughters flourish, gain independence,
to see more self-reliance. Say something and nourish their souls so that they can
positive like, “Now that you are in middle make a difference in this world.
school, you can….” And be clear about
responsibilities. Slovie Jungreis-Wolff is a parent educator,
2. Give a sense of time. Show through couples counselor, and the author of “Raising a
clocks, watches, and phone alarms that Child With Soul,” (St. Martin’s Press).
Ride Free on the LIRR to
Gazillion Bubble Show and Save.
Go to mta.info/lirr/getaways
Basketball to Help Kids with Cancer Telecharge.com or 212.239.6200
For groups or birthdays call 866.642.9849
New World Stages 340 W. 50th St.
Heidi Mae Bratt tory 220 in Passaic.
“The mit zvah project GazillionBubbleShow.com
Jack Corrigan is taking his love comes from his love of bas-
of basketball and his desire to ketball and his wanting to
help youngsters and putting help people,” said his mother,

it all to good use for his bar Heather. “We are very excited
mitzvah project. about this.”
On Saturday, September In addition to the fun
22, from 4 to 6 p.m., Jack, his and games, said Jack, each
family, and the renowned bas- Jack Corrigan participant will get a pair of
ketball coach Billy Armstrong “golden laces” for their bas-
of Hoop Dreamz will hold a basketball ketball shoes.
clinic at The Westwood Community Cen- When he’s not in school — he will
ter, 55 Jefferson Ave., in Westwood. be attending Riverdale Middle School in
The entry fee of $5 will go to Go For River Edge — Jack works as an actor and
The Gold, a fundraiser for pediatric can- model. He has appeared in various com-
cer. Not coincidentally, September is Pe- mercials and movies and played the new
diatric Cancer Awareness Month. boy in “The Polar Express” when it played
Jack, 13, of Oradell is the son of Heath- recently in Whippany.
er and Michael Corrigan, and the older 973-661-9368
brother of Siena, 8. Jack will celebrate his Heidi Mae Bratt dis the editor of
bar mitzvah at a party on Dec. 8 at Fac- About Our Children.

Sing to Your Heart’s Content Include:

Love to sing? Check out Tzipporei Sha- 1 hours of skating (during public session)
Private decorated party room
lom, the award-winning Children’s Chorus Off ice party attendant
of Congregation Beth Sholom, with Can- Skate rental
Invitations for party guests
tor Ronit Wolff Hanan. The chorus, now Pizza and soda
in its 20th year, is open to all children in Personalized Carvel ice cream cake
Favors and candy
first grade and older who love to sing. No FREE skating pass for future use
auditions. Start date is Sept. 8 at 10 a.m. Birthday child receives FREE Ice Vault T shirt
Congregation Beth Sholom, 354 Maitland
Ave., Teaneck. www.cbsteaneck.org.


CALL 201-389-0808.

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