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Magazine 750 North e Paul Steet Suite 2100 Dallas, 775201, £214-939-3636 218-748-4579 Mayor Ron Nirenberg 15 Plaza de Armas, 2nd Floor San Antonio, TX, 78205 August 23, 2018 Dear Mayor Nirenberg: Hey, there. Hope things are rocking down there in San Antonio, despite that deal with the crooked judge and that fire at Chacho’s & Chalueci’s and that thing with the serial flasher and also Kawhi Leonard and the other stuff. Anyway, Ill get right to the point. You totally dissed the entire city of Dallas when you LOL'ed in your retweet of our post showing the September cover of D Magazine, which proclaims that Dallas is Taco City. Now, there are two ways we can go from here. Fither we can prolong this beef between our two cities (and we all know how that's going to end: with your city still not having an NFL franchise and Dallas doing the Orange Justice vietory dance from Fortnite over your prostrate body), OR you ‘can come up here and eat some tacos. ‘You; José Ralat, our taco expert who wrote the story in question; and our own Mayor Mike Rawlings will go on a taco tour of Dallas. We'll even pay for the whole thing, as Tong as you don’t go nuts on us and order 25 beers. If, after participating in said tour, ‘you stil LOL to the notion of Dallas being Taco City, well give you Liz Cambage, the best player on the Dallas Wings. And welll travel to San Antonio on our dime and publish a glowing story about how much we love it. We await your response, Respectful as lie Tim Rogers sion D Magazine Partners ‘www.dmagazine.com