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Welcome Aboard…

The RAgon Trail

Summer RA Newsletter 2008
Forging New Friendships
Training Dates
2008 Supplies To Pack For The
8/9 – RAs Return to Campus Journey
8/10 – RA Training Begins  Goals for Yourself as an
8/11 – RAs Attend Ropes RA
Course  Goals for Building Your
8/17, 8/19, 8/20 – Early Community
Drop Off  Bulletin Board Ideas
Floor Theme Ideas
8/20 – 1st Year & Transfer

 Recognition Ideas
 Door Decorations
* RA Training Committee meets Saturday 8/9 @ 5pm in RHA Suite *

A Word From The Associate Dean…

As I write this, I am about to leave for the annual international housing conference in
sunny Orlando, FL. I always enjoy this conference, as I am able to reconnect with
friends and professional housing staff from around the world. You will return to
campus in early August where you will blaze the “RAgon Trail.” This will be a fun filled
educational week. You will have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and
forge new friendships. By the end of training you will be prepared to welcome
residents to your floors and wings, develop a great community and handle whatever
may come your way throughout the year. I would like to thank Tara Huss, McCormick
Hall Assistant Hall Director and Megan Yeo, Cobeen Hall Director for all of their
dedication. They have worked tirelessly to create your training experience. So for
now, rest, relax, and enjoy the sunshine. Join us in Milwaukee, August 9th with great
attitudes, open minds and a spirit of care so that the 2008 -09 academic year will be
one to remember on the “RAgon Trail!”
Mary Janz

New Faces on the Trail – Welcome RHDs!

NATHAN BIGNALL – McCormick Hall – University of Central Missouri
KRISTINA BRICE – Abbottsford Hall – University of Wisconsin Whitewater
KELLY DINEEN – Carpenter Tower – Michigan State University
NICOLE KRUBSACK – Schroeder Hall – Kansas State University - MU Alumna
DAVID LAUR – O’Donnell Hall – University of Wisconsin Whitewater
RENEE WIEDENHOEFT – Straz Tower – Bowling Green State University


Ropes Course Abbottsford
th All double rooms were converted to triples. A
Monday August 11 , 2008 our first female floor was swapped for a male floor,
stop along the RAgon trail will be at evening out the hall’s gender ratio.
Lutherdale Bible Camp in Elkhorn, WI. Mashuda
We will spend the day team building Gained a new RA because the Guest Wing
with our staffs, participating in low was converted to permanent space for male
transfer students.
ropes course activities and learning
about programming. Prepare for this O’Donnell
The old cafeteria space now features a
adventure by wearing close-toed recreational area with flat screen TV, game
shoes, shorts or pants (whatever is tables and an exercise space.
most comfortable in hot weather), Schroeder
sunscreen, and bug spray. We will Cafeteria was converted to a restaurant-
style dining center that will feature extended
continue along the trail regardless of hours and delivery service.
weather. Rain or shine, be ready to Dining Improvements
bond with your staff, meet new friends Meal plan swipes can be used at new
locations across campus, such as The Brew
Bayou. Marquette Place was renovated to
Do not go where provide a greater variety of retail options.

the path may lead.

University-issued telephones were removed
from student rooms.
Go instead where Special Thanks to
there is no path the RA Training
Committee for all
and leave a trail. the Hard Work!
Emery Nelson, Jess
- Ralph Waldo Emerson - Herrick, Kristin Herdrich,
Jon Bucki, Gaby Dorantes,
Theresa Voors, Tim
Enjoy the summer! Prepare to start a great journey aboard the
RAgon Trail!

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