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Allergy Research Group® Newsletter

November 2008

Nattokinase: Clinical Updates from

Doctors Support its Safety and Efficacy
• Doctors Apply Nattokinase in Many Conditions
By dissolving branched fibrin–which coagulates prior to full clot formation–
nattokinase proves uniquely helpful in many disorders.
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In This Issue • A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic: By Martin Milner, N.D.
Nattokinase: Clinical Updates Clotting is a key, often overlooked factor in chronic illness, and with
from Doctors Support its nattokinase, we know how to reverse it. This is where the real treasure of
Safety and Efficacy this enzyme lies. Disorders such as heart disease, hypertension, fibromyalgia,
• Doctors Apply Nattokinase in chronic infection, inflammatory bowel disease, deep vein thrombosis, may
Many Conditions . . . . . . . . . . 2 respond to nattokinase.
• A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic: Turn to page 2 for more on A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic
By Martin Milner, N.D. . . . . . . . . 2 • Four Top Doctors Weigh In
• Four Top Doctors Weigh in . . 6
Hear how Jonathan Wright, M.D., David Brownstein, N.D., Christopher
Deatherage, N.D., and Stephen Hines, N.D. use this powerful,
The Guts and the Glory: fibrinolytic enzyme
Two Remarkable
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Nutraceuticals Support
Gastrointestinal Health
• Zyactinase: An Enzyme for The Guts and the Glory: Two Remarkable
Constipation, Diarrhea, and Gut
Health - Special Extract from Kiwi Nutraceuticals Support Gastrointestinal Health
Fruit Contains Enzyme that Heals
the Intestinal Tract . . . . . . . . . . 8 • Zyactinase: An Enzyme for Constipation, Diarrhea, and
• A Novel Probiotic and Prebiotic Gut Health - Special Extract from Kiwi Fruit Contains
for Gut Health - Short Chain Enzyme that Heals the Intestinal Tract
Fatty Acids in Propionic Bacteria
Dramatically Enhance Colon Zyactinase has a three-way mode of action that increases stool volume,
Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 increases gut motility, and serves as a prebiotic to improve gut microflora
Turn to page 8 for more on Zyactinase: An Enzyme for Constipation

• A Novel Probiotic and Prebiotic for Gut Health - Short

Chain Fatty Acids in Propionic Bacteria Dramatically
Enhance Colon Health
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Nattokinase: Clinical Updates from
Doctors Support its Safety and Efficacy
Doctors Apply Nattokinase in Many Conditions

Introduction: Six years ago in our helps keep blood optimally flowing nattokinase might prove uniquely
special issue on nattokinase, Martin more than any other single intervention helpful in a range of disorders in which
Milner, N.D., announced, “In all that I use.” hypercoagulation is involved. This
my years of research as a professor includes atherosclerosis, infertility,
of cardiovascular and pulmonary Back in 2002, we theorized that by high blood pressure, dysmenorrhea,
medicine, nattokinase represents the dissolving branched fibrin—which fibromyalgia, deep vein thrombosis,
most exciting new development in the coagulates prior to full clot formation— varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and
prevention and treatment ischemic strokes. We also
of cardiovascular related suggested it would prove
diseases.” In this issue, Dr. In this update we will report on: helpful in chronic infections,
Milner follows up with a where the body lays down
detailed report on exactly •  How to diagnose functional clotting problems before fibrin in an attempt to seal off
how he uses nattokinase obvious clinical disease. harmful pathogens. Finally,
in his clinical practice. His •  Why chronic, insidious, low grade clotting can we concluded that nattokinase
experience with nearly 300 could be helpful in slowing
damage blood vessel walls, leading to many of
of his patients who have many age-associated illnesses,
the “diseases” of aging.
taken the enzyme leads him since high fibrin levels create
to conclude that: “I believe •  A simple test that can be done in the office to local pathology and ischemia,
there is a low-grade chronic determine whether a patient is clotting at a faster and block nutrient and oxygen
coagulation disorder that is than optimal rate. delivery in microcirculation.
very broad-based throughout Six years later, with
the United States, as •  How Coumadin and nattokinase differ. nattokinase widely in use,
evidenced by the prevalence firsthand clinical reports from
of cardiovascular disease. •  The conditions that nattokinase may help. doctors around the country
Clotting is a key factor in the support our hypotheses and
evolution of chronic disease. •  Why the over-40 population may already suffer from the enzyme’s impressive
With nattokinase, we know chronic, subclinical hypercoagulation. record of efficacy and safety in
how to stop it. Nattokinase a wide range of disorders.

Nattokinase: A Potent and Safe Thrombolytic

By Martin Milner, N.D.

The enzyme nattokinase offers a trauma). It is like our natural plant of fibrin. A clear halo showed degraded
completely natural means of helping kingdom source of plasmin, and is fibrin. The halo around nattokinase was
prevent and dissolve blood clots. It the most potent fibrinolytic enzyme over twice the size of the halo created
closely resembles plasmin, our own of nearly 200 foods studied for their by the other two enzymes, which our
natural clot-dissolver, and actually clot-dissolving abilities. It can even body manufactures. It also more potent
enhances our body’s production of outperform our own body: in one than garlic, bromelain or ginseng.
plasmin. Nattokinase cleaves fibrin remarkable in-vitro study, nattokinase,
I have now used nattokinase with
(the protein that helps our body form urokinase and plasmin (all capable of
around 300 patients. It is truly a
the ‘mesh’ of a clot from a wound or dissolving clots) were placed on a plate

2 Focus November 2008

multidimensional supplement, useful Nattokinase and Cardiac risk factor that is implicated in almost
in each of the following conditions: all chronic disease.
Disease: A Profound
•  Arterial wall thrombi formation Intervention Atherosclerosis is a multidimensional
with atherosclerosis and evolving disease process, one
Cardiac disease is the single leading
that begins with free radical attack on
•  Atherosclerosis cause of death in America. Stroke is the
the lining of the blood vessels. In fact,
third leading cause. In 2005, nearly 81
•  Coronary artery disease (CAD)— million Americans suffered from high atherosclerosis is much like wound
heart attack prevention healing gone awry: an area becomes
blood pressure, coronary heart disease,
inflamed and ‘wounded’, and the body
•  Pulmonary embolism stroke or heart failure. But functional
brings in fibrin and platelet aggregates
clotting problems do steady, silent
•  Atrial chamber thrombi present in damage long before obvious disease to repair the wound. Before pulmonary
chronic atrial fibrillation emboli, heart attacks or strokes occur,
shows itself. If we can reverse silent,
patients accumulate
•  Thrombi in the eyes—
known as vena Centralia
Nattokinase is truly a multidimensional small micro-thrombi that
are still reversible. These
retinae acresia supplement, and can play a key role in thrombi develop and are
•  Diabetes, which often treating hypertension and hypercoagulation. maintained by the gradual
leads to excess platelet accumulation of excessive
aggregation fibrin and by the inability
functional clotting problems, we can
of the body to break down the fibrin
•  Hypertension—a natto rich diet or offer a profound healing tool to patients. strands effectively. Inflamed plaques
nattokinase supplements have been This is where the real treasure of this produce chemicals that slow down our
shown to lower blood pressure. The enzyme lies, and allows us to treat innate clot-dissolving ability.
microscopic trauma to a vessel wall cardiac disease in a way that puts our
under high pressure increases platelet patients at the forefront of preventive Micro-embolization is an often
aggregation and the need for blood medicine. In fact, by breaking down overlooked component of
thinning in the long term management fibrin, increasing blood flow and thus atherosclerosis. It is fibrin that is
of the prevention of CAD and strokes tissue oxygen levels, we are lowering a implicated in many heart attacks, since
in the presence of hypertension.
•  Peripheral vascular disease—arterial
atherosclerosis or venous thrombosis.
Nattokinase almost always improves
spider veins and varicose veins.
Hemorrhoids are improved as well.
•  Senile dementia in which there is
poor circulation and blood supply or
cerebral thrombi formation
•  Ischemic stroke—prevention
•  Chronic migraine—where platelet
aggregation releases vasoactive
chemicals implicated in migraines
•  Fibromyalgia, CFS and Lyme
Disease—where chronic infection
produces antibodies that cross-react
with endothelial cells, leading to
fibrin deposition
•  Dysmenorrhea—where excessive
clotting causes painful cramping
•  Excessively fast clotting times due
to platelet aggregation

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cardiac arrest usually occurs after a or dissolve their fibrinogen or existing These conditions are in part triggered by
plaque’s cap fractures, causing a blood clots. A patient on warfarin is only pathogen-associated fibrin deposition
clot to form over the fracture and block treating one part of the clotting cascade that leads to tissue hypoxia.
blood flow. Nattokinase is an ideal and dietary Vitamin K toxicity has
In chronic infection, antibodies
treatment, therefore, for heart attack not been shown to be a significant
generated in response to pathogens
patients, ischemic stroke patients, those etiology in cardiovascular disease.
can cross-react with endothelial cells.
at risk of pulmonary embolism or deep These patients with high fibrinogen
The pathogens themselves induce an
vein thrombosis—in short, any patient and persistent platelet aggregation are
antibody response that is damaging
with a clotting problem. still a walking time bomb. Nattokinase
the endothelium and the capillary bed.
is unique in profoundly lowering
Hypertension is another hallmark In a milieu of chronic inflammation
fibrinogen levels and degrading
of atherosclerosis. Fifty million and infection, fibrin and soluble fibrin
branched fibrin. It has three different
Americans suffer from hypertension. are deposited by the body in response
mechanisms of action. It lyses fibrin
By the time hypertension manifests, the to the “wound”. This causes local
directly, changes prourokinase to
blood vessel wall is already damaged ischemia and local tissue hypoxia.
urokinase, and increases tissue
and thickened by platelet aggregation.
plasminogen activator, which increases In fact, taking these conditions as
Yet the mainstream treatment strategy
our own plasmin. At the same time, a model, we might describe a new
is simply to lower blood pressure
nattokinase does not appear to actually syndrome called chronic coagulation
with medications, never considering
destroy the fibrinogen molecule, as disorder. Most of us over the age of
why the hypertension is occurring in
streptokinase and urokinase do. It is in forty probably suffer from this to
the first place or how to prevent the
a unique class of fibrinolytic agents. some degree. Ensuring that our blood
effects of hypertension from inducing
is flowing optimally and bringing
further clotting. Are We Suffering From healing oxygen to every cell is an
Nattokinase can play a key role in A Widespread Chronic important preventive measure.
treating hypertension, as well as Coagulation Disorder?
preventing the long-term sequelae A Few Remarkable Cases
Nattokinase lessens excessive
of damaged, inflamed blood vessel In general, I consider a low dose
coagulation and thus improves
walls. Proof of nattokinase’s efficacy one 100 milligram/2000 FU softgel
circulation, increasing oxygen to tissues.
in treating high blood pressure comes capsule 2 or 3 times a day; a medium
That is one reason disorders such as
from a new, randomized, controlled dose two capsules 2 or 3 times a day,
fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome,
trial published this September in and a high dose three to four capsules
and chronic infections such as Lyme
Hypertension. Scientists at Yonsei 2 or 3 times a day. Capsules are taken
disease and inflammatory bowel
University in Korea tested 86 on an empty stomach.
disease may respond to nattokinase.
individuals aged 20 to 80 whose blood
pressure ranged from 130 to 159 mmHg.
Each received either nattokinase at
2000 FU (fibrinolytic units) per capsule Effects of Nattokinase on fibrin,
daily or a placebo. After eight weeks, urokinase, plasmin & t-PA
those on nattokinase had significantly
lower systolic and diastolic blood The physiological effects of nattokinase on fibrin are best illustrated below.
pressure. The researchers conclude, Nattokinase lyses fibrin directly (A), changes prourokinase to urokinase (B)
and increases tissue plasminogen activator (L-PA) increasing plasmin.
“These findings suggest that increased
intake of nattokinase may play an Nattokinase
important role in preventing and
treating hypertension.” A Fibrin
C Fibrin Degradation
Why Nattokinase is Unique Products
Medical science has synthesized B
various compounds to help thin blood, Tissue Plasminogen Plasmin
from aspirin to warfarin, urokinase Activator (t-PA) Prourokinase
and streptokinase. Each has their role.
Warfarin, for example, blocks factors A = Lyses fibrin directly
B = Changes prourokinase
in the Vitamin K clotting cascade. to urokinase
However, warfarin does not help a Plasminogen Urokinase
A = Increases t-PA
patient lower their platelet aggregation

4 Focus November 2008

DVT (deep vein thrombosis) consumption of flaxseed oil (patient Migraines: I’ve seen migraines clear
Resolution with Nattokinase: This is vegetarian and doesn’t use fish oil) up using nattokinase, which leads me
83-years-young gentleman arrived at from 4 to 8 tablespoons twice daily to speculate that subclinical clotting
our clinic over 3 years ago, in early 2005, and added Bromelain (3,200 BCU) 2 disorders may be stimulating the
presenting with a large DVT confirmed BID, away from food and away from release of the vasoactive chemicals
on Duplex Doppler Ultrasound Nattokinase. In order to further speed implicated in migraines. One woman
(1/10/05) involving his left calf and resolution after two months we added suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic
knee associated with ultrasound Gingko Biloba 300 mg twice daily. migraines. After two weeks of taking
confirmation of DVT involving his left Fibrinogen and bleeding times were nattokinase, her migraines vanished.
politeal, posterial tibial and peroneal tracked to guide in the safe adding of Another woman who’d suffered a
veins. On physical exam the left calf these integrated therapeutics without pulmonary embolism also found
was 50 cm, left knee 37.5 her migraines cleared
cm and the right calf 37.5 If we can reverse silent, functional clotting up taking nattokinase.
cm, the right knee 34.5 Finally, a fifty-year-old
cm in circumference with problems, we can offer a profound healing female who’d had five
mild left calf erythema tool to our patients. deep vein thromboses
and 1+ pitting edema. leading to pulmonary
He refused conventional medical causing excessive blood thinning, embolism but no new occurrences
intervention suggestions of Warfarin. bruising or other side effects. Repeat since aggressive vein stripping, also
We initiated treatment with Nattokinase Doppler Ultrasound on 7/25/05, six had a long history of migraines two to
100 mg (2000 FU), initially given at months later, reported: “We compare three times weekly. She began taking
3 BID increased to 6 BID after one with prior study done here 01/10/05. two nattokinase twice a day and for
month, taken away from food. In order Today all vessels show normal lumina, thirty days there was not a single
to enhance resolution while continuing normal flow, normal augmentation, no migraine. When she finally did get a
Nattokinase we increased the patient’s residual clots nor stenoses identified.” migraine she only experienced nausea
and visual changes, but no pain.

A Simple Test for Bleeding Times When I looked at the research I found
that platelet aggregation induces
So how do we test for excessive clotting? Platelet aggregation and excess serotonin, histamine, epinephrine
fibrinogen start long before you can measure excess factors in the Vitamin K and norepinephrine—all powerful
clotting cascade (factors that usually rise after an actual injury to the blood
vasoactive substances that may
vessel). Vitamin K levels, prothrombin and thromboplastin times will not
be abnormal with individuals who are not taking Warfarin unless they are destabilize the vascular bed and
taking very high doses of Vitamin K. And it is the rare patient who will perhaps lead to migraines. I now
show abnormally high levels of platelets on a complete blood count. Dark- believe every migraine patient should
field microscopy can be useful, but many physicians don’t own such a ma- be tested for bleeding/clotting times.
chine. Platelet function assays are also useful yet are often normal unless
the platelet abnormality is severe. Intermittent claudication: Nattokinase
proved to be an excellent intervention
There is, however one test that has been performed reliably for years, and for a woman with advanced peripheral
that is a simple, in-office test for bleeding/clotting times. It is an excellent vascular disease and hypertension.
strategy for assessing optimal blood flow in patients. The duration of bleed- She had already undergone a bypass
ing from a standard skin incision is determined while maintaining constant operation in 1999 and subsequently
increased venous pressure. Bleeding time measures the overall hemostatic
developed severe intermittent
role of platelets. A shortened bleeding time (rapid clotting) is due to exces-
sive platelets and/or aggregation. claudication with bilateral calf
and thigh pain. The pain woke her
You will need a blood pressure cuff, a standard “Surgicutt” lancet for a frequently at night and disturbed her
controlled incision, and clotting paper to touch gently to the side of the drop sleep for years. In spite of two decades
of blood every 30 seconds. This test will reveal a patient’s actual bleeding of use of natural medicine, high doses
time. A normal reference range is about two to eight minutes, although of fish oil, and chelation once a month
some laboratories allow ten minutes. I see a lot of patients at 2-3 minutes,
for five years and then once a week for
but personally, I feel 4-6 minutes is optimal normal finding and targets may
another year, she had no improvement
need to be as high as 8-12 minutes for chronic anticoagulant therapy. I’ve
seen patients on a whole array of blood-thinning nutraceuticals such as fish in the pain. In July 0f 2002 she began
oil, gingko and garlic, who still have bleeding times of only 3 minutes. So taking two capsules of nattokinase on
I never assume someone is protected. I test them to verify they are at the an empty stomach and within a few
optimal platelet aggregating target. weeks her leg pain began to abate
and she was able to sleep through the

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How Four Top Doctors Are Using Nattokinase
— Jonathan Wright, M.D.: Nattokinase: An Effective Answer to Hypercoagulation —
I’ve been using nattokinase since it first became available home for a few days with terrible cramps. Her doctors
here and it is very effective. I think of this enzyme like wanted to put her on Coumadin but she is a naturopath
the guards at Buckingham Palace. They stand there stock and refused. She also was allergic to fish, so could not
still—you’ve seen those famous photographs where you take fish oils. We put her on nattokinase every 8 hours.
can tickle a guard’s nose with a feather and he won’t move. I ask people to use it before they go to bed, when they
But if you try to enter Buckingham Palace, the guards get up in the morning, and once in the middle of the day,
spring into action. Well, that’s nattokinase. It stands there because the research shows that the effects vanish after
stock still and the one thing it responds to is a clot, or about eight hours. This young woman has not had a
specifically fibrin. When fibrin starts to form—bingo, single problem since she began the nattokinase.
nattokinase goes into action.
Another dramatic case comes from a woman who wrote
Let’s go for a moment to the idea of Coumadin. It thins out to me in response to my newsletter article on nattokinase.
the blood by poisoning the part of the coagulation system She wrote that she had a chronic deep vein thrombosis
that’s dependent on Vitamin K. Now that’s certainly one that blocked flow from her ankle to her groin. She had
way of approaching clots. Another way is fish oil. Studies been lucky thus far, because the clot had not thrown off
on Eskimos found they have half the risk of atherosclerosis microclots to her heart or lungs. She was told she needed
of anyone anywhere in the world. However, what doesn’t surgery, that Coumadin was not enough. She wrote
get talked about is the fact that they have a far greater me that she began taking a double dose of nattokinase
risk of stroke when a blood vessel is weak and bursts every eight hours, on her own, and within four months
and can’t clot at all. Fish oil is basically doing a lube job the clot had been slowly eaten away. Tests showed it
on the bloodstream. My approach is to recommend two had simply dissolved.
tablespoons of fish oil daily, which is not going to stop
So, for anyone who has just had a heart attack and is trying
you from clotting. Then add in nattokinase to dissolve
to prevent a recurrence, or just had an ischemic stroke
fibrin. This will offer an effective and safe treatment for
and doesn’t want to suffer another, or for any indication
coagulation disorders.
where Coumadin is recommended, run as fast as you can
I’ve seen the remarkable efficacy of nattokinase in one of to your nearest natural medicine doctor, someone who
the young physicians in our clinic. In her late twenties really knows what they’re doing, and ask them about fish
she suffered from recurrent mesenteric arteriosclerosis. oil and nattokinase. If we combine the two our odds are
The artery that branches off into the intestines kept exceptionally high that we’ll have an effective answer
developing thrombi that would block blood flow, causing to hypercoagulation without putting a person at risk by
excruciating intestinal pain. Every few weeks she’d be poisoning their Vitamin K cascade.

— David Brownstein, N.D.: Nattokinase and Bone Pain —

At our clinic we have fabulous results with nattokinase. An older woman with bone pain said her pain vanished
We use it for hypercoagulation states and clotting when she took nattokinase. Many older women
disorders. One gentleman been diagnosed with complain of bone pain, but you don’t want to put them
hemochromatosis, an iron overload disorder that on Coumadin and upset their Vitamin K cascade since
requires therapeutic phlebotomies. We had a very that helps form a protein in bone. Nattokinase may do
difficult time performing those phlebotomies because the trick. I also am treating a lady right now who was
his blood was so thick and it was a very painful prescribed Coumadin for atrial fibrillation, and she just
experience for him. With just ten days of nattokinase could not tolerate it. It was her choice to try nattokinase
he was able to undergo the therapy without a problem. instead and she has done fabulously with it.

— Christopher Deatherage, N.D.: Nattokinase and Dysmenorrhea —

I’ve been practicing for 23 years in the Ozark mountains used nattokinase where it’s proved nearly miraculous
and my practice focuses on both naturopathic and is dysmenorrhea. A lot of women who come to us
functional medicine. We look for underlying causes suffering from painful menstrual cycles are helped
for illnesses and one common underlying causes is with a standard naturopathic protocol of hydrotherapy,
hypercoagulation. One condition for which we’ve lifestyle and nutrition changes and botanicals. But about

6 Focus November 2008

20% are not helped and they are miserable every month. remarkably on nattokinase, with a standard dose of two
The fact is that the pain is caused by excessive clotting capsules twice a day. Nattokinase is also beneficial in
and sending clots through the cervix, and nattokinase atrial fibrillation, because of the danger of throwing
relieves the pain. I don’t know of any other doctor in a clot. I treat a 77-year-old pathologist and physician
the country using nattokinase for dysmenorrhea. Most who has atrial fibrillation and is doing very well. She is
interesting of all was one out-of-state patient of mine walking every day. One of the supplements that really
who had a complete hysterectomy for endometriosis made a difference for her was nattokinase. We work with
and still had monthly cycles of pain. This pain cleared a cardiologist and always bring him in on such cases.
up completely on nattokinase.
In sum, I think nattokinase is a wonderful supplement.
Nattokinase is also very effective in fibromyalgia, It might just be possible that this should be a standard
although I’m not sure we understand the exact supplement for patients over forty.
mechanism. Most of my fibromyalgia patients improve

— Stephen Hines, N.D.: Nattokinase and Lyme Disease —

Lyme Disease is my specialty. I am a lyme patient myself mobile, so they can’t do as much damage, but you also
and I use myself as a test subject for any therapy I use can’t get antibiotics or other medications to them as easily.
on my patients. When you have a chronic infection that Ultimately, in order to treat the infection, we want to get
gives rise to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms, deep into the tissues and this is where nattokinase has a
you will deposit excess fibrin in your tissues, and that powerful role. I start my patients on nattokinase and build
will trigger a secondary immune response. Your body them up slowly, and once they have reached a peak level
deposits fibrin so that organisms are inhibited from being and the pathogens are exposed and vulnerable, I add in
very mobile. That is both good and bad. They’re not the antibacterial, antifungal, or antiviral medications.

night for the first time in years. Over been taking many supplements for then she could not walk at all without
a six month period she reported no many years. She began with two shortness of breath. For a patient so
side effects and only two episodes of capsules of nattokinase twice a day disabled, such improvement meant a
nighttime awakening. Considering and then increased to three capsules whole new level of freedom in her life.
her history of hypertension and severe twice a day. Her energy improved and
peripheral vascular disease I believe there was complete resolution of her Clotting is a Key Factor in
that she also had micro-thrombi in her headaches. Interestingly, her varicose Chronic Illness
lungs and was at risk for emboli in her veins also improved. To make a long story short, clotting
heart. This is a highly under-assessed is a key, often overlooked factor in
COPD and Pulmonary Hypertension:
risk conventionally, and I am convinced chronic illness, and with nattokinase,
A forty-nine year old patient with
the nattokinase is protecting her from a we know how to reverse it. We can
pulmonary hypertension visible on
dangerous clotting episode. safely and accurately monitor the dose
an echocardiogram as enlargement of
Fibromyalgia: A patient came to the right pulmonary ventricle of the of nattokinase with target fibrinogen
levels at 275-325 and bleeding times
me with a longstanding history of heart and COPD with 30% reduction
using a Surgicutt lancet targeted to
chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, in pulmonary function was very short
7-12 minutes.
hypothyroidism, chronic migraines, of breath. I wondered how much of her
GERD, colitis, leg cramps, mild problem was due to micro-thrombi in The management of chronic coagulation
osteoporosis, degenerative disk the pulmonary vasculature, and how is a new huge horizon in the prevention
disease, osteoarthritis of one much was permanent damage due to and treatment of cardiovascular and
knee, varicose veins, obesity and COPD. After 2-3 days on nattokinase peripheral vascular disease and has
hypertension. She was a classic she reported that breathing was easier wide implications for the effective
example of a chronic patient with and she was able to walk around the treatment of many other chronic
multiple health challenges who had block and go grocery shopping. Before diseases as well.

Coming in the next issue of Focus:

How nattokinase may uniquely inhibit PAI-1 (plasminogen activator inhibitor), which has recently been identified by the
New England Journal of Medicine and by researchers at Vanderbilt University as a key factor in ischemic heart disease.

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The Guts and the Glory
Two Remarkable Nutraceuticals
Support Gastrointestinal Health

Two new developments in gastro- a microbiome, a kind of super-organ- biota choreograph multiple important
intestinal nutrition may change the ism made of microbial life, according functions, such as producing essential
landscape of gut health and immune to Jeffrey Gordon, M.D., the Dr. Robert vitamins, metabolizing toxins, fer-
function. In this issue we feature two J. Glaser Distinguished University Pro- menting food in our gut, manipulating
remarkable new nutraceuticals: Zyac- fessor at Washington University in St. our gene activity, influencing the rate
tinase, a uniquely processed enzyme Louis, and one of the architects of the at which our gut lining renews itself,
from kiwi fruit that has a tonic effect National Institutes of Health’s Human and helping regulate everything from
on the entire gut, stimulates healthy Microbiome Project. In fact, descen- blood pressure to obesity. Our micro-
lactobacilli and other lactic-acid flora, dants of the most ancient single-celled biota are potent regulators of human
speeds bowel transit time and increas- organism, the “mother” organism, ar- health, and our “healthy” native flora
es gut motility. We also look at the sci- chaea, can be found in our digestive help eliminate potential pathogens,
entific research on an impressive, new tract. Fossils of archaea date back to and modulate innate and adaptive im-
probiotic that functions as a unique about 3.5 billion years ago. Scientists mune defense mechanisms. Microbiota
prebiotic, selectively stimulating bifi- first isolated archaea from the human
may one day form the basis of a whole
dobacteria, the essential, health-pro- intestine in 1982. Our microbiota are
new pharmacopeia. The dawn of that
moting flora in our colon. evidence not only of evolution’s awe-
day has already begun, as evidenced
inspiring creations, but of how closely
An astounding 100 trillion micro- in the two new nutraceuticals that to-
allied we are with the microbial world.
organisms thrive and happily beget gether can influence the entire diges-
themselves in our guts. They constitute Research already shows that micro- tive tract in a targeted, powerful way.

Zyactinase: An Enzyme for

Constipation, Diarrhea, and Gut Health
Special Extract From Kiwi Fruit Contains
Enzyme That Heals the Intestinal Tract

The most famous fruit in beautiful through a special process, has a pro- Iona Weir, PhD. “My background is
New Zealand—the kiwi, which was found yet gentle normalizing effect on programmed cell death in plants. Kiwi
actually carried from China to New gut troubles, from IBS to constipation, fruit can actually initiate programmed
Zealand by a missionary and under- diarrhea, impaction, and even food cell death and completely recover from
went an extensive breeding program poisoning. It also shows promise in it. Once a human cell has committed to
to become the plump confection it is lowering cholesterol. dying, it will die. But you can put kiwi
today—might not automatically bring fruit through a drought or other signifi-
to mind phrases about your feces like Zyactinase, a cysteine/serine protease cant stress, and it will lock itself down,
“snake or sausage like…loose, mas- enzyme complex from kiwi fruit, con- almost die, and then restore itself back
sive with rough edge, slurry-like… tains plant enzymes, polyphenols, di- to normal health. The enzyme that trig-
separate hard group, like stone…” But etary fiber, carbohydrates, sugars and gers this programmed cell death is also
it turns out that an enzyme complex in oligosaccharides. “Kiwi fruit is ex- involved in cellular repair of the plant.
kiwi fruit, when isolated and enhanced tremely interesting,” says cell biologist Thus there is something quite unique

8 Focus November 2008

about this fruit.” In fact, notes Weir, “Normal healthy subjects who had Zyactinase had more frequent bowel
kiwi fruit (Actinidia deliciosa) has long recently…developed constipation movements during and after the tri-
been known in traditional Chinese defined as no more than three bowel al—both when compared to their pre-
medicine for its ability to prevent and movements per week” were studied. trial frequency, and when compared to
relieve constipation. Half received Zyactinase capsules, and the placebo group. The most signifi-
half received a placebo. The study be- cant increase occurred in the last two-
According to research Zyactinase has a gan with a two week washout period week period, after supplementation,
three-way mode of action: in which no supplements or medicines suggesting that the enzyme had actu-
1.  the cysteine/serine protease com- for constipation were taken. For the ally rebalanced gut flora. The research-
plex increases gut motility next two week treatment phase, each ers conclude that, “the prebiotic effect
individual took four capsules a day of takes time to build up in the system to
2.  the sugars and oligosaccharides in either placebo or Zyactinase. For the relieve constipation.” In addition, the
the extract serve as a prebiotic to im- final two weeks individuals stopped trial group had a statistically signifi-
prove gut microflora cant decrease in serum
total cholesterol, while all
3.  the insoluble fiber in
the extract helps increase
Even at very high doses there was no other bloodwork stayed
in normal range.
stool volume unpleasant laxative effect: stools were
Zyactinase was tested on soft but firm. The combination of fiber, No negative side effects—
no diarrhea, abdominal
400 individuals in 2007. oligosaccharides and the enzyme complex pain, discomfort, bloat-
Researchers also carried
out two animal trials and has a unique protective effect. ing, flatulence, or foul
smelling feces—were ob-
two human clinical tri-
taking any supplements or medicines served in any of the indi-
als, and concluded that Zyactinase:
for constipation. viduals, either by themselves or by the
•  Significantly improves constipation doctors who examined them. In fact,
The intrepid scientists scored both IBS symptoms of tenesmus, flatulence
•  Is safe for human consumption “defecation condition” and “fecal char- and abdominal pain improved within
•  Has dose-response correlation acteristics” based on the Bristol Stool the first 24 hours of consumption.
Chart system. Tenesmus and discom-
•  Has no negative side effects, includ- fort, pain, or anal burning sensations In a second clinical trial at Kaixian Tra-
ing diarrhea, cramps, or damage to were scored. So was the appearance ditional Chinese Medicine Hospital,
gut mucosa of the stool, which was rated from a 58 individuals were studied. Thirty
healthy smooth, soft, sausage like ap- were in the placebo group and 28 in
•  Has a beneficial effect in a follow-up pearance, to slurry-like and loose, to the treatment group. All, like the first
period in which Zyactinase is no longer hard like stone and difficult to pass. group, were healthy but had recently
being taken developed constipation, defined as
Results showed that the group taking no more than 3 bowel movements per
•  Takes only 24 hours to improve
tenesmus (painful, ineffectual bowel
urgency), flatulence and abdominal
pain; takes one week to increase gut
motility; and two weeks to establish a Frequency of Bowel Movements
significant prebiotic effect in humans
•  Stimulates peristaltic motility 6
Zyactinase is Highly 5
Frequency (Times/Week)

Effective in Treating
Constipation 4
Two human clinical trials show that Zyactinase
Zyactinase is a safe and effective treat-
ment for constipation. In one double-
blind placebo trial of 134 individuals
with constipation, from the Chinese
Center for Disease Control at Tianjing 1
Centre Hospital, Zyactinase normal-
ized bowel function without any side 0
Baseline Period 1 Period 2
effects at all.

For more information call 800-545-9960 or visit www.allergyresearchgroup.com 9

week. A higher dose of six capsules per These results in humans tally precisely Zyactinase works in three
day (two capsules three times a day be- with animal studies, according to lead
fore meals) was prescribed. There was researcher Iona Weir, PhD. “The key
ways to heal the gut
a one week washout period during finding of both the animal and hu- Existing treatments for constipation
which nobody used any supplement or man research is the strong correlation stimulate gut motility, bulk the stool, or
medicine for the treatment of constipa- in dose response in the efficacy of Zy- increase the number of beneficial flora.
tion, a one week treatment period, and actinase,” she says. In animal studies, Zyactinase has all three mechanisms
a third week follow-up period when the effective human equivalent dose of action, and is gentle as well. Even at
the individuals took no supplement or for severe constipation—initiated by a very high doses there was no unpleas-
medicine of any kind for constipation. chemical called diphenoxylate, which ant laxative effect: stools were soft but
inhibits peristalsis—was between four firm. The combination of fiber, oligo-
In this study, a fecal score of 0 is the and eight capsules a day. saccharides and the enzyme complex
ideal, and consuming six capsules a has a unique protective effect.
day returned individuals to “near nor- Zyactinase appears very safe: acute
mal feces within the seven day feeding toxicity studies in animals show that When healthy human flora such as
period.” The fecal score was 1.9, and Zyactinase is nontoxic at 500 times the Lactobacillus reuteri, Lactobacillus
remained very low in the follow-up pe- normal daily dose, and in vitro tests acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum,
riod as well. In addition, near normal of cellular toxicity on human cell lines and others were incubated with Zy-
sensation (in terms of tenesmus or dis- found no toxicity. The enzyme was actinase extract in an isomalt broth
comfort) was achieved by those in the not cytotoxic. In other safety stud- medium, the extract promoted the
treatment group during both the treat- ies, eighty rats were divided into four growth of each strain of beneficial
ment and follow-up period. Finally, groups: a control group and three sep- flora, significantly more so than the
there was no diarrhea, which can often arate dose groups, with 20 animals in isomalt medium alone.
be the case with high doses of a motility each group. Dosages were set at the
stimulant. In summary of the two stud- equivalent of 25, 50 and 100 times In addition, the enzyme extract inhibited
ies, the researchers conclude, “Although that of the recommended dose for common food-borne pathogens such as
significance was achieved at both 4 and humans. Rats were fed the extract by E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus.
6 capsules per day, there was definitely stomach tube. All of the animals’ ac- When cells in culture were treated
a stronger effect at 6 capsules.” Once tivities, bodily functions and growth with the extract, Zyactinase actually
again, there were no negative side ef- were normal, with the added benefit stimulated renewal growth. Overall,
fects; while there was a significant im- of thickening and glossing of the skin Zyactinase is far more than a laxa-
provement in tenesmus, flatulence and and hair. Weight and food consump- tive or an antidiarrheal agent. It is a
abdominal pain in the first 24 hours, and tion were the same for all the groups. digestive aid that promotes long term
increased bowel movements and softer On a separate test of mutagenic activ- intestinal health.
consistency not only during the trial, but ity, the classic Ames test, Zyactinase
for the seven day post-treatment phase. had no mutagenic activity.

A Novel Probiotic and Prebiotic

for Gut Health
Short Chain Fatty Acids in Propionic Bacteria
Dramatically Enhance Colon Health

A unique, new probiotic that simul- are potent promoters of gut health: they time, these remarkable bacteria serve
taneously functions as a prebiotic may produce natural biological acids and as a powerful prebiotic: bile-resistant
be highly effective in enhancing colon short-chain fatty acids that protect the strains of the bacteria can flourish in
health, and improving bowel function colon, improve constipation and bowel the lower gut and selectively stimulate
and constipation. Propionibacterium transit time and, according to the latest bifidus bacteria, the dominant, healthy
freudenreichii is a natural probiotic research, may reduce the risk of colon flora in our colon.
that has been used for centuries as a cancer. They have been proven to in-
starter culture to make Swiss and Em- crease bowel motility and improve con- By stimulating our own native “good”
menthaler cheeses. Propionic bacteria stipation in healthy adults. At the same flora, propionic bacteria bypass the

10 Focus November 2008

concern that a non-native strain might stimulates bifidus by producing a bi- greater stool quantity and frequency
not “stick” or be well adapted to our fidogenic growth stimulator (BFG), when taking PF. The women with nor-
body. For each of us has a gut ecology specifically an acid called DHNA mal bowel frequency saw no change.
that is as unique as our own finger- (1,4-dihydroxy-2-napthoic acid). PF, therefore, “increases the number of
print, one fine-tuned over the years by DHNA stimulates bifidus even at a defecations of constipated volunteers.”
genes, environment, microbes in food, very low concentration, and inhibits
diet, and especially our early source of pathogenic bacteria in vitro. Other In another eight week, open-ended
milk (breast milk or formula). Propi- research has shown that DHNA is unpublished study, 30 volunteers who
onic bacteria are an excellent comple- heat stable and resists proteolytic en- suffered from either constipation or
ment to the health-promoting effects zymes. Therefore it can reach the large diarrhea took PF. The volunteers were
of widely used lactic acid bacteria such intestine while retaining its activity. seen before the study began, at four
as acidophilus. In addition, the short-chain fatty acid weeks and at eight weeks. The volun-
propionate inhibits gram-negative teers complained of at least one of the
A New Probiotic Approach anaerobes in the intestine. following problems: distension, un-
pleasant odor, gas, or irregular stool
We can shift our native flora by chang- frequency. The slow-transit “constipa-
ing our diet, by supplementing with Propionibacterium tion” group took two capsules of PF in
live probiotics, and by supplement- freudenreichii Normalizes the morning half an hour before break-
ing with prebiotics that stimulate the Bowel Function fast. The fast-transit “diarrhea” group
growth of healthy flora. Propionic bac- took two capsules in the morning half
teria are unique, food-grade probiotic PF has been proven to enhance gut an hour before breakfast, and two more
organisms that are also highly effective motility and increase healthy flora in capsules in the evening, half an hour
prebiotics for bifidus bacteria. They healthy women, according to a ran- before dinner. Volunteers kept a daily
are antimutagenic, produce vitamins, domized, double-blind crossover study self-report based on questions evaluat-
modify the composition and metabolic in Japan. PF was given in tablet form ing quality of life and digestion.
activity of gut microflora as well as the to 41 women, and the women were as-
immune system, and pro- At the end of eight weeks,
duce bacteriocins—toxins both the diarrhea and
that inhibit the growth of “80% of the volunteers with diarrhea, and constipation group had
other bacteria. All this 79% of the volunteers with constipation significant improvement
confers powerful health in the ease of “transit”, in
benefits, especially from said they would continue taking normalization of stool fre-
bile and acid-resistant Propionibacterium freudenreichii.” quency, stool consistency
strains such as Propioni- and volume. For those
bacterium freudenreichii with diarrhea, stool vol-
(PF), which can survive the perilous signed to two groups based on stool ume decreased, and for those with con-
journey to the colon. When eighteen frequency (less than four times a week, stipation, stool volume increased. Gas,
individuals were given oral propioni- or more often than four times a week). odor and abdominal discomfort im-
bacteria as a prebiotic daily for 14 days, The experimental period consisted of proved. By the end of the study, 80% of
the amounts of the prebiotic as well as four two-week periods. The first two the volunteers with diarrhea, and 79%
bifidobacteria increased significantly weeks was a control period, and dur- of the volunteers with constipation said
in stool samples, as measured at 7, 14, ing the second two weeks, the women they would continue taking PF.
and 21 days. By 28 days, however, lev- took tablets containing PF culture or a
els had returned to baseline. In other placebo after a meal. The women were PF can help resolve colitis, according
research, seven healthy volunteers in- asked to consume no other probiotics or to several animal studies. In one 2005
gested propionic bacteria at low doses prebiotics. They kept a record of stool study, milk whey cultured with PF was
ranging from the equivalent of 10 grams frequency, and stool samples were col- given to rats suffering from colitis in-
of Swiss cheese to the equivalent of 100 lected between days 12 and 14 of each duced by injection of a powerful acid.
grams of Swiss cheese. The bacteria experimental period. Milk whey cultured with PF was given
survived the entire digestive tract and Bifidus bacteria were significantly in- daily, twice a day, for nine days. Milk
were detectible in significant numbers creased in the stool of women taking whey cultured with PF “significantly
in feces. Just as important, short chain PF. Putrefactive products, including accelerated the healing of the colitis in
fatty acids (SCFA) increased. The SCFA fecal indole and skatole, was signifi- a dose-dependent manner…to clarify
butyrate has been studied for its ability cantly lowered by the tablets. “Fecal the active substance, the effects of pro-
to kill colorectal cancer cells; research indolic and phenolic compounds are pionic acid and acetic acid contained
now suggests that SCFA stimulated by associated with a variety of disease in milk whey culture was tested.” So-
PF, specifically propionate and acetate, states in humans and animals,” write dium propionate was discovered to be
probably serve the same role. the healing acid, and the researchers
the researchers. The women who began concluded that, “Milk whey culture
New research shows that PF probably the experiment with less than 4 bowel may become a useful prebiotic for the
movements weekly had significantly

For more information call 800-545-9960 or visit www.allergyresearchgroup.com 11

therapy of inflammatory bowel dis- onate, kill colorectal adenocarcinoma fidus flora'' in the newborn, which is
ease, and propionic acid may be one of cells in vitro. This study found that thought to activate the immune system
the active substances.” extracellular pH mattered: at a pH and defend from pathogens. It may
range of 6.0-7.5, PF triggered cell death also normalize weight: a study of new-
In a second 2006 study from the journal through apoptosis (or disintegration borns found that those who were nor-
Gut, DHNA (the active bifidus-stim- of cell membranes), in a process that mal-weight seven years later had more
ulating acid in PF), was given to mice could take as long as 96 hours. How- bifidobacterium in their guts as babies;
who were suffering from colitis induced ever, at a more acid pH of 5.5, the kill-
by seven days of injection of dextran so- while those who were overweight by
ing was far more rapid and “drastic”, age seven had more Staphylococcus
dium sulphate (DSS). DHNA or a “con-
occurring in less than 24 hours, and aureus in their guts as babies.
trol” substance was then given in drink-
characterized by “sudden mitochon-
ing water for seven more days. Damage Bifidus protects against colonization
drial depolarization, inner membrane
to the mucosa of the rats was scored, with E. coli, rotavirus, clostridium,
permeabilization, drastic depletion
and measures of proinflammatory cy- bacteroides, and enterobacteria. In a
in ATP levels and ROS accumulation,
tokines (IL-6 and TNF) were measured. Brazilian study, mice treated with bi-
suggesting death by necrosis.”
Bacteria flora and concentrations of fidus milk for ten days were protected
short chain acids were also measured. Similar results were found in a 2002 when they were “challenged” with
The researchers found that DHNA not study in the journal Cell Death and pathogenic bacteria such as salmonel-
only improved the survival of the rats, it Differentiation, where PF killed can- la. Bifidus may also have other wide-
significantly reduced inflammatory cy- cer cells “via the metabolic production ranging health benefits. In one 2003
tokines and mucosal damage. Healthy of two short chain fatty acids (SCFA), study, taking bifidus bacteria slowed
flora was restored, and butyrate concen- propionate and acetate….our results
tration was restored as well. the progression of renal failure in pa-
extend the hypothesis that SCFA might tients with a creatinine level more than
have a prophylactic action on colon
“There was a significant difference 4.0 mg/dl. The researchers, from Jichi
between survival rates of the two cancer…and could play a role in diges-
Medical School in Japan, speculated
groups”, the researchers note. “DHNA tive cancer prevention.”
that lowering the level of intestinal
was equally effective for both preven- putrefactive products helped protect
tion and therapy of DSS-induced coli- The Beauty of Bifidus the kidneys. And in a study from In-
tis…It not only attenuates the develop- Though acidophilus lactobacillus is dia, bifidus yogurt was found to re-
ment of colonic inflammation but also well-known and well-studied, bifido- duce LDL cholesterol.
has an inhibitory effect on established bacteria actually outnumber lactobacil-
inflammation…partly through a de- lus strains by about 1000:1 in the human Together probiotics and prebiotics ex-
crease in…levels of proinflammatory gut. That is an astounding number. The ert a synergistic impact on gut health.
cytokines. Our findings demonstrate five common strains of Bifidobacteria Propionibacterium freudenreichii,
for the first time that oral adminis- are B. infantis, B. adolescentis, B. bi- serving as both a probiotic and a pre-
tration of DHNA attenuated colonic fidum, B. longum, and B. breve. Hu- biotic, may offer profound benefits to
inflammation not only in relation to man milk favors the growth of a ''bi- the entire digestive tract.
the traditional functions of prebiotics,
such as balancing bacterial flora and
increasing short chain fatty acids (SC- Heartburn and Indigestion Solution is a new electronic booklet
FAs), but also by suppression of lym- in which you can learn simple and effective steps to heal heartburn and
phocyte infiltration through suppres- indigestion.
sion of proinflammatory cytokines The signs and symptoms of Acid Reflux (GERD): Relief is not just about
and adhesion molecules. The results of acid, but about the proper movement of food and fluid through the
the present study suggest that DHNA gastrointestinal tract.
is useful for preventing and treating
human IBD.” In The Heartburn and Indigestion Solution, you can learn the program Dr.
Galland has developed for addressing acid-reflux and indigestion naturally.
May Help Reduce Risk of To get the natural secrets for fixing acid reflux and heartburn go to:
Colon Cancer http://fatresistancediet.com/alternative-medicine/gerd/
What other health benefits might PF About Dr. Galland
confer? Much anecdotal and scientific
evidence suggests that health-promot- Leo Galland, M.D. is a board-certified internist who has been repeatedly
ing lactic acid bacteria may reduce the chosen as one of America's Top Doctors and one of the Best Doctors in New
risk of colon cancer. A 2007 in vitro York by New York Magazine. Dr. Galland is the winner of the Linus Pauling
study on PF (published in the journal Award and the author of highly acclaimed books including The Fat Resistance
Apoptosis) found that the short-chain Diet and Power Healing, Use the New Integrated Medicine to Cure Yourself.
fatty acids in PF, acetate and propi- Dr. Galland is the Director of the Foundation for Integrated Medicine.

12 Focus November 2008

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