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iLearn 97 Device & Program Agreement

Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

The district provides students with access to various forms of technology (computers, mobile devices, etc.), its network and the Internet in order to
enhance their educational experience both in and out the classroom.

Student use of technology, the district’s network and the Internet are governed by board policy, including policy 6:235 (Access to Electronic
Networks), policy 7:180 (Preventing Bullying, Intimidation and Harassment) and policy 7:190 (Student Discipline).

Students are responsible for exhibiting the same good behavior on the district’s technology, network and Internet that they are expected to display
on school property and/or during school- sponsored events and activities.

They will not use these resources for personal purposes or to access non-educational materials.

Students who disregard the district’s policies that govern the use of technology may have their privileges suspended or revoked. They may also
face disciplinary action.

They will also not

● send or display offensive messages or pictures;
● use obscene or inappropriate language;
● harass, insult, or attack others;
● damage computers, mobile devices, computer systems, or computer networks;
● break copyright laws;
● use another user's password or attempt to decode another user's password;
● misrepresent themselves or trespass in and/or modify another user's folders, mail, work, or files;
● waste limited resources;
● or give out personal information.

• Coverage begins on the first day the student received the device
• Coverage ends on the last day the students is in attendance
Coverage Exclusions
• Accidental Damage: Covers accidental damage • Dishonest, Fraudulent, Negligent, or Criminal
caused by liquid spills, drops, or any other Acts: Damage or loss is not covered when it
accidental event. occurs in conjunction with any dishonest,
• Theft: Covers loss due to theft provided fraudulent, intentional, negligent, or criminal act.
that a police report has been filed. In this case, the student/parent/guardian will be
• Fire: Covers loss or damage to the device as a responsible for the full cost or repair or
result of fire; the claim must be accompanied replacement.
by an official fire report from the investigating • Consumables: USB charging cable ($10), AC
authority adaptor ($10), stand ($10) entire case ($34),
• Electrical Surge: Covers damage to the Chromebook charger ($20)
device as a result of an electrical surge • Cosmetic damage that does not affect the
• Natural disasters: Covers loss or damage functionality of the device. This includes but is not
caused by natural disasters. limited to scratches, dents, and broken ports or
port covers.
• “Jail breaking” or otherwise voiding the
manufacturer’s warranty by altering the

D97 Annual Fee Claim Damage/Repair Payment Stolen Payment
$20 1 $0 $50
2 $25 $100
3 $50 $314(iPad)/$357 (Chromebook)

I …

Understand the District 97 Acceptable Use Policy
(https://boardpolicyonline.com/?b=oak_park_97&s=69073) and helpful AUP presentation

Will review the iLearn Handbook and abide by the expectations.

Understand the iLearn 97 Coverage Information

(Which includes what happens if device is damaged, lost or stolen) (Provided to
your student with this document and a draft can be found in the iLearn 97
Handbook at www.op97.org/ilearn97/index.

District 97 and staff will not only have the Chromebook and other technological
tools available for students, but also make use of beneficial online programs
that enhance the learning environment and offer opportunities to differentiate
instruction, while meeting the varying student learning styles. Below is a list of
programs that our staff may use this year for students and you can find this list
and links to the privacy policies at www.op97.org/ilearn97/educational-apps-

While these programs do require some student information for account creation, we
closely review all privacy policies and remain focused and diligent about limiting the
student information shared to directory information. Google Apps for Education, Apple
iCloud/Apple ID, Clever, Edmodo, Ten Marks, Connected – MyMath, Canvas, Khan
Academy, KidBlog, Newsela, FastForWord, Moby Max, Lexia Core 5, Read 180, Treasures
(reading curriculum), Realidades (world language), IXL, XtraMath, Nearpod, JunoEd,
Triumph Learning, Securly, Seesaw, Sketchbook Pro, Custom Typing Write Online and
Zearn. If there are any programs you do not consent to your child using, please list
them below.

By completing the following you are acknowledging and signing off with consent for
the statements regarding the above “I” statements and programs that may be
used during the upcoming year.

I understand the policies for acceptable use of my school-issued device. I am aware

that this document must be completed and returned before I can receive my school

Parent/Guardian – Print Name: School: Teacher:

Signature Date:
Student Name: