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Reading 2 & 3

Lehman High School

Mrs. Krull

Course Overview
Greetings and welcome to Reading 2 & 3 at Lehman High School! Literature,
writing, grammar, and vocabulary appropriate to Reading 2 & 3 students will be
discussed, composed, implemented, and used in everyday communication.

Reading Focus
Reading is one of the most fundamental and important skills in our society. This
course will focus on improving skills to make you proficient and active readers
by providing you with opportunities to learn how to interpret and analyze litera-
ture as well as giving chances to use your personal experiences to make connec-
tions to the text.

Literary Focus
Holt McDougal Interactive Reader Grade 09 - Selected drama, short stories, poems
Independent Reading Selections
Various Informational Texts & Poems

Writing and Grammar

A journal will be used to write responses to literature read that will be used to
help you to improve as a better thinker and writer. We will also use that real, au-
thentic writing as a springboard to understanding deeper grammar and reading
concepts. BE SURE TO KEEP EVERYTHING YOU WRITE because we may come
back to any piece of writing at any time during the semester. At the end of the
term, the journal will be yours to keep.
You will be learning and using vocabulary from the various texts and novels we
read as a class. Practice and word application will be utilized.

Absence Make-up
YOU, the student, are solely responsible for making up all missed work. You
must check the folder for handouts and assignments that were missed. Also,
check with a classmate for notes. If a test or quiz is missed, the expectation is
that the student will complete the missed assessment on their next day at school.
I expect your full attention in class and for you to be working to the best of your
ability. As the student, if you make the decision not to complete work in class, I
will expect it to be completed for homework.

Late Work
The policy in our class for late work will follow the district policy. Late work
will be accepted ONE day late for a maximum of 80%. After one day, all late
work will be given a grade of ZERO. One day will be given for an absence with
full credit given.

The purpose of assignment due dates and grading is to offer meaningful, accu-
rate, and timely feedback of progress in this course. Assignments are not given
as “busy work”, and they should be taken seriously and completed on time. Each
category of assignment will be weighted as follows:

Grading Breakdown:
 At least 3 Major grades per each 9 weeks
 Includes tests, projects, writing assignments
 At least 1 Minor grade per week
 Including but not limited to daily work, homework, quizzes, warm-up

Daily Expectations
Students will bring the following materials to class everyday.

 A notebook and folder (exclusively for English).

 A writing utensil for completing assignments
 All materials necessary for the subject being taught.

Classroom Guidelines

 Be in your assigned seat and working when the bell rings

 Bring all materials to class every day and take them when you leave
 Follow directions the first time they are given
 Treat every person in this room with dignity and respect

Cell Phone Use Prohibited in this Classroom

Technology has a massive impact on our daily lives and accordingly, should and
WILL be used in our classroom. I have a cart of computers, so there will be no
usage of cell phones in my classroom per the district policy this year. Further in-
formation will be conveyed to students about the DYOD policy in the first week
of classes.

I’m excited to be here teaching you at Lehman High School. We will get to know
each other very well. We are going to have a great year!

Student and Parent Acknowledgement

I have read the course outline and expectations set forth by Mrs. Krull and understand
the requirements for success in Reading 2 & 3.

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