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ACFM® Inspection Technology

Leaders in Advanced Non-Destructive Testing

ACFM® Inspection Technology Features
The AMIGO™ provides the operator all the • Rapid scanning using a hand-held probe.
functionality and advantages of TSC’s Alternating • Reliable crack detection with accurate sizing
Current Field Measurement (ACFM®) in a portable (length and depth).
package. • Reduced cleaning requirements, no need to
clean to bare metal.
Reliable crack detection with accurate sizing, in • Rugged site unit, IP54 rated.
both length and depth, is quickly achieved using a • At least 5 hour operation on one fully-charged
rapid scanning technique with a hand held probe. battery pack and easy exchange of battery packs
Reduced cleaning requirements, as there is no need in the field.
to clean to bare metal, add to the time savings gained • Mains-powered battery charger for use with 110
when using ACFM® for your inspection campaigns. to 240V AC (50 or 60 Hz).
• ASSIST™ software (Microsoft Windows®) for
The AMIGO™ has the benefits of a long battery life ease of operation and compatibility with other
and is a rugged site unit, rated to IP54. Windows® applications.
• Full data storage for back-up, off-line view and
Capable of inspecting through thin metallic coatings audit purposes.
and non-conductive coatings several millimetres • On-board buttons for RUN / STOP and MARKERS
thick, for a wide range of geometries, the AMIGO™ and larger probes to allow one man operation in
provides ACFM® solutions for a broad scope of gen- difficult access areas.
eral inspection applications. These features make
the AMIGO™ Instrument the best solution for top-
side inspection crack detection.
Probes ASSIST™ Software
Access to a wide range of geometries is possible The AMIGO™ is supplied with ASSIST™ software,
using TSC’s wide range of topside single sensor and TSC’s comprehensive instrument control, data col-
array probes. lection and analysis package, which features include:
• Dual frequency probe option: • The creation of professional client reports of
• 5kHz (for optimum performance on inspection data and results.
ferritic steel). • Real-time output of graphic based results
• 50kHz (for improved sensitivity on enabling instant defect recognition.
non-magnetic materials). • Immediate defect identification and sizing.
• Standard probes contain a tangential field • Automated data saving management for
inducer giving a locally uniform input field and reliability, time-saving and auditing.
concentric or adjacent sensors to measure Bx • Powerful graphical views including butterfly,
and Bz fields simultaneously. surface contours, zooming, panning etc.
• Array probes contain up to 32 sensors and up to • Recording of inspection notes and identified
two orthogonal field inducers. regions of other areas of interest.
• All probes contain electronics providing signal • Data analysis possible on or off-site.
filtering and pre-amplification, a pic containing a • Full range of ACFM® probes supported.
unique serial number, and firmware to support • Simple clock-marking capability during scan.
optional switches and LEDs. • Mouse/Pen controlled defect marking and sizing.

Common Applications
ü Topside Crack Detection
ü Storage Spheres and Tanks
ü Weld Inspection
ü Splash Zone Inspections
ü Through Coating NDT
ü Rail Track, Wagon and Axles
ü Drilling Thread Inspection
ü Pipelines, Welds and Damage Assessment
ü Bridges and Infrastructures
ü Subsea Weld Inspection

Advantages of ACFM®
Feature ACFM® MPI Eddy Current
Reduced dependence on operator competence.
• Detection reliability and repeatability
• Confidence in integrity data
ü O O
Detection through coatings.
• Avoids cost and disruption of coating removal ü O ü
Detection in normal ambient light. No pollutants used. ü O ü
Detection in Duplex and non-magnetic materials. ü O ü
Can be remotely deployed.
• Enables deep water or hazardous zone deployment
• Reduced cost of dive support vessels and systems
ü O O
Provides accurate and auditable inspection records.
• Enables effective integrity and risk management
• Supports regulator verification and audits
ü O O
Determines crack length and depth without calibration.
• Allows crack criticality assessment ü O O
ASSIST™ Software

Typical signal of a longitudinal defect detected Typical signal of a transverse defect detected
with an array probe, showing Bx and Bz traces on with an array probe, shown as a contour plot.
the left and the Butterfly plot on the right. Bx and Bz signals are depicted above and below.

AMIGO™ System Specifications

Unit Weight 4.5 kg
Unit Size 206 x 292 x 127mm
Probe Cable Length 5 metres (standard). Up to 50m upon request.
Serial Communications Cable Up to 30 metres
Operating Temperature -20oC to 40oC
Environment Protection IP54 rated
>5 hours continuous operation with array probe
Battery Life
>10 hours continuous opertaion with a single probe
Recharge Time 4 hours
32 channels standard (i.e. 16 sensor pairs) + position encoder
Array Support
More channels by special request

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