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//////////TABLE OF CONTENTS//////////
I. Mupen64K
II. Setting Rom Directory
III. Setting Plugins
IV. Starting Netplay
I. Mupen64K
Simply double click Mupen64K.exe!
What does this thing do? It plays Nintendo 64 (N64) ROM files (the games) on a
personal computer (PC).
The idea or act of the playing of games on systems they were not designed to run
on is called emulation.
A program designed with this function is called an emulator.
So what does Mupen64 do? It emulates! Games for which platform? The Nintendo
There are several other emulators for this platform, but Mupen64k is one of the
few that supports NetPlay, or online gameplay.
Now, where to get these ROM files? If you so happen to have an N64, there are w
ays of retrieving the files yourself.
But unless you want to go shopping for the necessary tools of destruction, the e
asiest way is to download them.
Where to download them? Whoops, wait a minute...make sure nobody else heard tha
t, or you might be banned.
A lot of emulation support websites that do not host these files are serious abo
ut this question.
Reason being, when you host these ROM files, you are putting your website (and e
ven yourself) at risk to software piracy police.
Software piracy is the idea or act of illegally retriving software, and illegall
y means...not good!
That's right, everyone! They're illegal...to download. Not to retrive from you
r cartridge and not to emulate, just to illegally retrieve.
Anyway, if you still want to know where to download them, use your awesome Googl
ing skills at google.com, and see what sites can get you in trouble!

II. Setting Rom Directory
Next is loading the ROM files in Mupen64. Like Microsoft Word, it's as easy as
File and then Open. In that order I might add.
Are you tired of going through this drastic process every time? To find easier
ways, you need power, and knowledge is power.
Choose the "Settings" option from under the Options menu in Mupen64. After all,
settings help us set things with emulators and our preferences. You actually c
ould guess this process yourself.
A directory is a location on a drive, or a folder in short terms. So, to manage
your ROM directory easier, maybe there's a tab on this dialog that can help?
Under the Directories tab, click Add. Browse to the path where you keep your RO
Ms, and add that directory.
If you have ROMs in other directories as well, I would suggest adding those dire
ctories too under the circumstance that you want them added.
War's over; just click OK to apply the settings you changed AND exit the dialog
at the same time! Fun.
At times, you may want to press Ctrl+R to refresh your ROM listing when you add
or remove ROMs from these folders, or they may not show up next time you open Mu
III. Setting Plugins
If you are not an advanced user, keep this information in mind while installing
or uninstalling plugins.
First, you change plugins by choosing the "Settings..." option in Mupen64's Opti
ons menu.
The four kinds of plugins are: graphics, sound, controller, and reality signal
processor (RSP)
Graphics plugins affect visual emulation or everything you see in the emulator.
Sound plugins will process game sound. If you do not want this or are deaf, use
the No Sound plugin to save CPU.
Controller plugins let you control the game, whether it be with a keyboard, joys
tick, mouse, N64 controller....
The RSP will send display and audio lists to the emulator so that the graphics a
nd sound plugins will process them.
Second, to help prevent deleting the wrong files when adding or removing plugins
, below is a description of each file.
FILENAME.EXT Description
------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------
Adaptoid_v1_0.dll SJR's adaptoid controller plugin for those who have an
AziAudio.dll Azimer's 0.56 version of his HLE audio plugin, a rival
to Jabo's audio.
BMGlib.dll Binary library file needed in order for Rice's Video P
lugin to load.
Direct64 v0.5.03.25.dll Direct64 graphics plugin by Orkin, based on glN64.
Glide64.ini Configuration file tells the plugin which settings to
use per game.
Glide64.dll Glide64 Wonder++ graphics by Gonetz, Dave2001 and Guga
man. Dependent on glide3x.dll
glN64.dll Orkin's OpenGL graphics engine.
mupen64_rsp_hle.dll Mupen64's externally-loaded reality signal processor.
No Sound.dll zilmar's No Sound plugin used to free up CPU for syste
ms with no sound output.
NRage_DInput8.dll N-Rage's DirectInput8 plugin.
RiceVideo6.1.0.ini Iconoclast's configuration tells Rice's plugin which s
ettings to use per game.
RiceVideo.dll Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 beta 10, a DirectX and OpenG
L graphics plugin.
glide3x.dll hacktarux's Glide wrapper, keep this in the main folde
gltest.exe A program to test your compatibility with Glide.
Third, about Jabo's plugins... *** They are illegal to bundle in the package, bu
t legal to copy over and use
Many of you will probably want to use Jabo's plugins that come with Project64. S
imply copy their dll files over to this folder. (make sure you bring over the Pr
oject64.RDB file)
If you do not use Project64's RSP plugin by Jabo and zilmar, you will hear no so
und from Jabo's DirectSound plugin.
*** It is highly recommended that you use the one provided as Project64's will s
low down the game abruptly and
hinder performance.
It is also recommended for you speed-lovers that you use Jabo's D3D7 1.4 plugin,
supplied with Project64 version 1.4.
*** When testing this version of the plugin, I found many compatibility errors w
ith some games causing them to not load
correctly after the first usage. My work around is that Mupen will 'flicker' (fu
llscreen/restore) only when using this
specific plugin.
Fourth, do not have option Sync Game to Audio checked in Jabo's DirectSound conf
iguration on certain games, or they won't play.
Jabo's DirectSound is LLE, which is slower but more like the actual N64;
Azimer's HLE is HLE, which is faster and may not sound as good as Jabo's DirectS
ound with some games (ex. crackling).
Fifth and last, controller plugins.
Do not ask for the default keys, and do not ask how to change them. The easiest
way is to just change them.
Save yourself the asking; look under the Options menu for a setting that lets yo
u configure the controller plugin.
*** If you are having trouble with getting your controller set-up please make su
re you are using the latest version of
DirectX, that it is properly calibrated, and works for your Computer.
Plugin support readme by Iconoclast.
Lines beginning with *** are okaygo's comments.
VI. Starting Netplay
So now we get to the Netplay part of Mupen64K, this section should provide a gui
de to properly setting up Kaillera.
I provided two versions of Kaillera: Supraclient CPPE, and the original core.
To run one of them, set up your plugins, and rom directory and then goto Utiliti
es -> Kaillera // Old Kaillera
For that matter too, I will only provide a guide on using Old Kaillera!
First, enter your username in the username box. (this is on the bottom)
Next, select 'Good (20 keyframes/s)' as your connection type.
Now, you may use another server but for pratical purpose, and ease of writing th
is guide I will just tell you how to connect to Emularena Grounds
Click 'Enter IP' and paste this address into the box:
Now click connect! Next time you want to join the server, check your Recent tab.
So now you should be in the server, if it doesn't connect that means the server
is down, and you now have an opportunity to figure out how to refresh the
serverlist by yourself... (I hope this never happens LOL)
You should have two buttons now 'Join' & 'Create Game'...
If you set your ROM directory up, you should be able to join games with people p
laying on the same version of Mupen as you.
If you click create game, and see nothing then follow these guides:
Make sure you set your directory.
Refresh your ROM List.
Restart Mupen64K, after setting your directory.
Restart Kaillera...
If you have a ton of ROMs then make a smaller folder and use that as your direct
ory... (remove the old one from your list)
Redownload Mupen64K, you might have a bugged Mupen64.ini
Post on www.emularenagrounds.com or any emulator forum supporting Mupen64k, aski
ng for help. (please explain specifically the problem) (sign up)
Sometimes when in games you desynch, this is caused by dropped packets (game dat
a), or lag. Just restart the game if this happens... However
Mupen64K rarly desynchs, and it even plays games like Goldeneye...
EOF - 169 Lines of Tutorial Goodness