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Assignment # 3

Date: 28/8/2017

Schematic diagram above reflects the operation of external power control, protection and
indication on aircraft B737.The BPCU is the key circuit for this operation. BPCU will close the
EPC when all of the parameters below occur:

1. Ground power switch on P5 is in the ON position

2. External power quality has correct voltage and frequency
3. The interlock pins (EF) have continuity
4. No protective functions occur
5. There is no power between the bus tie breakers (BTBs).

By referring to the above diagram, aircraft manuals and other relevant sources, except for
no.1, please elaborate in detail how does each condition plays a crucial role in determining
whether to open or close the EPC.

Aircraft Electrical System – Assignment # 3 (JULY 2017)

Requirement of Assignment

1. Front page –
Name, class, assignment no, title of assignment, date of submission

2. Contents – between 3 to 5 pages with a few figure and illustration

3. Must be originally yours. GROUP assignment. 3 to 4 students per group.

4. If sources of information are derived from internet or other references, proper

acknowledgement and citation must be made.

5. No two assignments should look the same.


Aircraft Electrical System – Assignment # 3 (JULY 2017)