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Dear Members,

In recent months, the public and the media have continued their attacks
on public safety members, accusing them of fraud, abuse in the workers’
compensation system, and general misconduct. These often unsubstantiated
and uninformed stories have a limited basis in reality. The questionable
actions of a few should not discount the inherently dangerous and arduous
duties endured by public safety members every day. What gets lost in all the
misinformation is the physical, mental, and emotional toll that the job takes
on first responders while they perform their duties for our protection.

The Straussner Sherman team would like to take this opportunity to let you
know that we stand with you. When you are left without treatment or salary
after an injury on duty, we will be there to help you. When the media makes
false or misleading accusations, we will be there as your advocate to set the
record straight. When the public looks at you with suspicion rather than
admiration, we will work to secure you the same rights and freedom that your
service brings to the public. When your department turns their back, we will W
take your call.

We understand your sacrifice to keep the public safe and we will stay vigilant PAYM
to ensure that if anything happens to you, you will be taken care of -- no matter First N
what the underinformed media portrays or the public perpetuates, we stand
Card H
with you.
Card H
Your friends at Straussner Sherman

Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine up to
$50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine. Ch

PR $2,500



$10 per ball $20 for 3 balls $50 for 7 balls $100 for 20 balls

Winner Need Not be Present to Win Entries must be received by

Participants will receive ticket stubs by mail prior to event MONDAY, September 17, 2018


First Name: Last Name: TOTAL AMOUNT:

Card Holder’s Address: Home

City: State: Zip:
Card Holder’s Phone: Cell Email:

Visa MC AMEX Discover Credit Card No: Exp. Date: *CVV2 No:

Check Enclosed (Payable to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund) Signature:

MAIL TO: Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund

ATTN: Juliet Brandolino - PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles CA 90041
( 3 2 3 ) 2 5 9 -5 2 1 5
On the cover: By Robert Curtis - Brush Fires | Porter Ranch

Inset LAFD photo by: Rick McClure

Griffith Observatory - Brush Fire

2 • September 2018

Ride to Live and Live to Give
The Fire Hogs were true to their motto last month, putting on their
20th annual Fallen Firefighters Memorial ride with hundreds of
bikes parading across the Southland • ......................................06

Fact or Fiction
Attorney Robert Sherwin expresses his frustration in responding to
news articles relating to DROP and work comp fraud • ...............11

Hydration 101
Thanks to the Los Angeles Fire Foundation, modern hydration
packs have been purchased and soon every member in the field
will be equipped • ....................................................................40

President’s Message • ............................................................................05
Battalion News • ....................................................................................13
Station Fridge • ......................................................................................24
In Memoriam
Firefighter Peter Varnum, Active, FS 89-A • ..........................................35
Best Birthday Ever
A Fire Family makes a special gift to WODFF • .........................................36
Retirement Dinners • ..............................................................................36
Old Guys Get Fit
Sharecare helps all around town – and all across the country • ..............37
Department in Action • ........................................................................38
Kettlebell It!
Firefighting is all about strength-endurance and bells are the key • ........42
LAFD Handball
Spring Doubles tournament • .................................................................45
Mailbox • ...............................................................................................46
Memorials • ...........................................................................................49
LAFD History
LAFD response to 9-1-1 • ....................................................................52
Minutes of the Board of Trustees • .....................................................55
Classifieds • ...........................................................................................58
Tailboard • .............................................................................................61

Notice: Production of The Firemen’s Grapevine magazine is very expensive, and while your dues
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advertisers. Use of a Grapevine advertiser is at the risk of the member. If you are interested in any
of the advertisements, we urge you to use any and all means at your disposal to investigate them.

Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association.
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September 2018 • 3
ADVANCED DERMATOLOGY owned and published by the
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
AND SKIN CANCER INSTITUTE 7470 N Figueroa Street, Los angeles CA 90041


Adjunct Professor of Clinical Medicine, USC Diplomat, American
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• Have questions about filing your workers’ PSO’s
Amy Bastman, Margaret Stewart, Brian Humphrey
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Workers’ Compensation, QME, AME, PQME, Personal Injury Cases, CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
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4 • September 2018
he impact of the 9/11 tragedies still affects me deeply. The Your Pension Board was expected to vote on a couple of
events and the aftermath transformed my feelings for the issues affecting retiree medical coverage at their last meeting on
job and the people that I work with. It changed the way August 16, but we were able to get them to postpone the final de-
that I think about my family and the future of my boys. To me, cisions while we iron out a few more details in the new contracts.
remembering 9/11 isn’t an exercise in futility or a display of hal- There are a few issues where we cannot compromise. One is the
low patriotism. It helps to provide perspective to my career and safety of your personal information. We will not move forward
my place in the community and our nation. with any item that compromises the integrity of the firewall we’ve
If you feel the same, I hope that you will join me on Sep- erected around member medical data. Another is the demand that
tember 11th in honoring the memory of the 343 and the many oth- we get their pre-approval for plan changes and even communi-
ers heroes. In the early morning, there is a ceremony at the LAFD cations to our members. The notion that the Pension Board can
Fallen Firefighters Memorial at the Hollywood Museum. A little control the information that LAFRA provides to its members is
later, there is a City ceremony at FHMTC. outrageous.
On September 15th, I will be traveling with some of your In another issue, one Pension Commissioner continually
LAFRA Trustees to Colorado Springs. We will be assisting the mentions that the fire and police associations are paid $1.4 mil-
families of Dave Moorman and Kelly Wong, whose names will lion annually to administer the medical plans. OK, so how does
be added to the Wall of Honor at the IAFF Fallen Firefighter Me- that add up in the real world?
morial. According to the Society of Actuaries Health Watch
On September 29th, another LAFRA contingent will be newsletter, “Medicare administrative costs were estimated at 5.2
traveling to Sacramento to assist the family of Dave Moorman, percent of total costs and private insurance administrative costs
whose name will be added to the Memorial Wall at the California were estimated at 8.9 percent.” Senator Bernie Sanders has stated
Firefighters Memorial. figures that are a little different - “Private insurance companies
Both of these ceremonies are solemn remembrances spend between 12 and 18 percent on administration costs. The
steeped in the traditions of the fire service. Hundreds of uni- cost of administering the Medicare program is 2 percent.”
formed firefighters and family members gather to pay tribute to Now compare any of these figures to what the Pension
those who paid the ultimate price to keep us safe. Making the Board says the police and fire associations are charging in ad-
autumn trip to Colorado Springs or Sacramento is something that ministrative costs – 1.1%. That’s right – just 1.1%. That’s almost
every firefighter should do at least once. The powerful influences five times better than Medicare and about ten times better than the
of these events will stay with you for a lifetime. private industry average.
Closer to home, our own Annual LAFD Fallen Firefight- While you can rest assured that we are doing are best to
ers Memorial Ceremony will be held on October 13th. This is an maintain at least the status quo for your medical coverage, I urge
opportunity to join family, friends, and your fellow firefighters you to stay informed. We will do our best to keep you appraised
in honoring the 268 members of our own Department who have of these important issues.
made the ultimate sacrifice in their service to the City.
The LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament will be held at
Mountain Gate Country Club on Monday, September 24, 2018. September 24th – LAFRA Golf Tournament
There may be a few spots for golfers still available, and there October 13th – LAFD Memorial at the Museum
are definitely scores of “Golf Ball Drop” tickets available – your November 3rd – LAFRA Open House honoring
chance to win some great prizes in exchange for a small donation Bruce Galien and Craig White
to the WODFF.
On Saturday, November 3, 2018, we will be holding our
Open House here at LAFRA HQ. This year we will be honoring Be safe and be kind to each other!
Craig White and Bruce Galien for their commitment and dedica-
tion in putting on the Hook and Ladder Enduro event. This annual
desert pilgrimage has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Robert D. “Steintalker” Steinbacher
the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. So come for president@lafra.org
the food and stick around to catch up with your old friends. 323.259.5200

September 2018 • 5
hat an event Saturday, July 14, 2018,
turned out to be! With more than
200 bikes and close to 300 people it
was one of the biggest Memorial events to date.
The Fire Hogs motto of “Ride to Live and Live
to Give” carries through the Fire Hog’s heart
and soul and was never more evident.
If you missed it, here are the highlights:
as the national Fire Hogs president, I wel-
comed the crowd and recognized Chief Al Po-
irier, UFLAC President Tony Gamboa, LAFRA
President Bob Steinbacher, and Jim Finn from
the Historical Society. Also, in attendance
from other clubs were Wind and Fire from San
Diego, Compton Fire Fighters, the Punish-
ers, Iron Spartans, Harley Owners Group-Top
Rocker Chapter, and my friends Don White
and Greg Smothers from Tennessee. The Fire
Hog’s Board presented flowers to the families
of members lost: Cassandra Stewart, wife of
Fire Hog Keith, Val Lawrence, Melanie Al-
len, Cheryl Smith, Sandra Marquez, and Mitch
The Gold Coast Pipes and Drums, with
Fire Hog Rudy Santiago on the drums, ushered
in the LAFD Honor Guard. The flag salute
was led by VP Armando Diaz, with the Na-
tional Anthem sung by retiree John Lee. Chap-
lain Danny Leon, (in his full Fire Hog attire)
blessed the participants and families. Val Law-
rence and Diane Vigil spoke about the LAFRA
Family Support Group and explained the need
for volunteers.
Glenn Allen’s grandson Nate, and Dave
Bell, best friend of Keith Stewart, rang the ten
bells. The Gold Coast Pipes and Drums then
closed this portion with Amazing Grace, which
left many of those hardened bikers in tears.
The Fire Hogs partnered with ICAN-
LA to host the opening ceremonies. ICANLA
serves the community with programs for
adults with physical and developmental dis-
abilities. Through ICANLA, Hermosa Coffee
Co., which employs people with developmen-
tal disabilities, was hired to serve coffee, and
kombucha for the refreshments at the opening
North End VP Raul Miranda then gave
the riders instructions and it was off to Glad-
stones with a line of bikes as far as an eye could
see. Scott Gill arranged to have all the fire sta-
6 • September 2018
tions along Sunset to be out at attention as we
passed. The LAPD conducted a traffic break at
PCH and Sunset to allow the bikes to get into
Gladstones. Less than an hour later, the entire
entourage was heading up Malibu Canyon. A
call was made to the Cantina so all could come
out and see the group arrive.
Thanks to the hard work of Jay and
Cheryl Freeman, Taylor Gaskins, Bob Stur-
geon, Kurt and Craig Williamson, Craig Ya-
mashiro, Carl De Bono, Armando and Chris
Diaz, Katie Wise, Ashley Aaland, and the staff
at the Sagebrush, the Cantina was ready. The
band “Pet Rocks” was in full swing as the folks
came in and their famous Tex-Mex BBQ—
which was included with the event – was ready
to go. The 100 plus silent auction and live auc-
tion items were on display, along with the Fire
Hogs merchandize for sale.
The auction started with a beautiful Jim
Vels designed custom painted Fire Helmet in
yellow. After fierce bidding, SGVFD Fire Hogs
Manny Vasquez beat out a host of others to win
his prized procession. Next, Jay and his Raffle
Crew started drawing raffle numbers and the
prizes started flying - gift baskets of cigars and
fine liquor, riding apparel, pelican products, a
signed basketball by NBA Laker star George
Mikan, and a 42” Smart TV. One of the most
prized silent auction items was a Gibson Guitar
donated by Fire Hog Jon (Bulldog) Jesolva and
his wife in memory of their son whose passion
was playing the guitar and who was lost four
years ago in a tragic accident.
The live auction continued with two
passes to the Mikey Garcia v Robert Easter
boxing match at Staples Center. It included an
“Insiders Experience” offered by the donor,
Jack Reiss, retired LAFD captain and boxing
referee legend. The battle for these tickets was
heated between LACoFD Fire Hog President
Al Bustillo, and Hogs Bennie Orrantia and
Russel Bell who combined their salaries to
combat the bids by Al. But Al eventually perse-
vered and came up the victor.
Next up was the other Jim Vels designed
custom painted Fire Helmet in red with a Fire
Hogs theme. The bidding started at $2000 and
moved up from there. Jon Galiher and Bennie
Orrantia eventually joined forces and bought
the item together. The next thing those two
September 2018 • 7
brothers did was truly amazing - they decided
to loan the helmet to the Museum or LAFRA to
display for all to see - Right on Brothers!
The 2018 Stamy Challenge award for
most donations went to Dan Costa – more than
$10k with $7300 in cash. Darrell Smith was
presented a Fire Hog supporter shirt and patch
designed especially for him - Darrell and his
family have attended almost every Fire Hog
event and I’m sure you’ve sampled his fine
BBQ at Hope or Hogs Breath. Jay and Cheryl
Freeman were recognized for their 17+ years
of coordinating the raffle, Kurt Williamson and
Bobby (Skulls) Sturgeon were recognized for
their fundraising efforts for the last 10 years,
and Terry Miranda for her continued photo
journalism of the Hogs. I also want to recog-
nize Wendy Wise, for putting up with me and
carrying on with the coordination of the event
in my many absences.

Here are our sponsors - without their
support this event could not exist:
• Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
• Al Hewitt Inc.
• Tom Lindstrom RV Sales
• Highridge Costa Construction
• Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke,
Sherwin& Lee LLP
• Straussner & Sherman
• Rescue Wipes
• Jim Vels
• Independent Settlement Services
• Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services
• Pelican Products
• Carrington Charitable Foundation
• Firefighters First Credit Union
• Sagebrush Cantina
• Anza Hotel
• Mission Viejo Country Club
• Lazy Dog Restaurants
• Fire Plaque
• Sam Brown
• Clear Capital
• Related California

If you would like to view all of the

photos from this event, go to https://terrymi
We are riding to the IAFF Memorial
September 11-15, 2018 where Dave Moorman
and Kelly Wong will have their names placed
on the Wall, and to Sacramento September
29, 2018 for the Cal FF Memorial. ALL ARE
WELCOME on these adventures. Our next
event is the Hogs Breath BBQ on SEPTEM-
BER 22, 2018 in Long Beach.
Members can find info on becoming
a Fire Hog and on upcoming events at www.
Firehogs.org. Join us on Facebook at Fire
Hogs M/C LAFD, follow us on Twitter - Fire
Hogs M/C

8 • September 2018
September 2018 • 9
10 • September 2018
really do respect the media . . . honestly. tion pushed by then Governor Schwarzeneg- it have to do with multiple body part claims? I
In fact, I’ve been a subscriber to the LA ger. The Governor thought most workers’ told him that no one, including me, condone
Times for nearly 50 years. But maybe it’s compensation claims were exaggerated and fraud. If they are caught doing such things,
time to cancel that subscription and go with a that permanent disability payments should be I’m not going to be their advocate. I then of-
news source that reports a story accurately and reduced. He argued for the adoption of guide- fered some of my own numbers and said that
fairly. I’m referring to a recent article in the lines which significantly reduced disability im- only 2% of the fraud in workers’ compensation
Times that focused on two City safety mem- pairment ratings for orthopedic injuries by 40 comes from injured workers. The remainder
bers (one police officer and one firefighter) to 60%. He and employers eventually got their comes from the employer, claims adjusters,
who were allegedly bilking the City on work- wish. What they didn’t realize, however, was and doctors.
ers’ compensation claims. Neither of the two that these guidelines included ratings for body As my interview concluded, I naively
were my clients so why do I care? Well, the parts that were not previously recognized for thought, maybe he’s going to present both sides
reporters didn’t just focus on those two. They disabilities. As an example, a firefighter with and it will be a fair investigative piece. Wrong
disparaged City police and firefighters in gen- prostate cancer would probably receive a very . . . once again . . . fake news. I was never men-
eral, and much of what they said (or did not small or minimal rating under the old system, tioned in the article. Apparently, I was too bor-
say) just didn’t add up. but now the rating would now include several ing to be quoted or he just didn’t like anything
You might recall these same reporters body parts, including removal of the prostate, I said because it didn’t fit his agenda. I later
wrote a so-called investigative piece in Feb- ED residuals, urinary incontinence, etc. So the learned that he had in fact been advised one
ruary about the alleged abuse of members in claim that previously only included “one body month earlier by the Department of Industrial
the DROP program. I wrote an article for you part” now included three or four. Relations that the statistics he was intend-
entitled “Fake News . . . I Can’t Believe I Said ing to publish were incorrect. He was relying
That” in which I pointed out the numerous in- on information collected from the Electronic
accuracies in the article. In that Times article, Access Management System which became
the reporters stated that “Mr. Sherwin refused active in 2008 and began archiving informa-
to comment.” Actually, I was unable to com- tion that existed prior to 2004. Consequently,
ment because they contacted me twelve hours the statistics he obtained were not solely from
before the article went to print and I wasn’t in claims filed after 2004. For those reasons, the
my office to receive the call. So when the same DIR suggested he not use the information to
reporters asked if I would speak to them about support his premise. But he still quoted these
another story, I gladly accepted the offer and numbers to imply nefarious conduct by attor-
we talked for nearly one hour. neys and injured safety members.
Reporter Jack Dolan initially told me On Saturday, July 26, I was a guest on
he was working on an article that dealt with the Alan Gurvey radio show on KABC Talk
the increase in cumulative trauma injury Radio. We spoke about the Times article, what
claims since 2004 and he quoted statistics he I had said to the reporter and what was left out
said he obtained from workers’ compensation of the article. You can listen to my interview by
files. I told him his statistics were wrong and going to www.gurveyslaw and then click on his
that, in fact, cumulative trauma claims have de- podcast link to bring up the show.
clined. When I called him back a few days later I also explained that many cumulative As they did in the last article, the
to provide him with the actual stats, he back trauma claims do include multiple body parts. Times, with a broad brush, tried to throw the
tracked and said he wasn’t working on cumula- A firefighter with 30 years on the job is going good men and woman of LAPD and LAFD un-
tive trauma claims but rather claimed injuries to have multiple body parts that are injured due der the bus. Talk about one or two bad apples
with multiple body parts. He said the research to the arduous work over that period of time. and then argue that the whole basket of apples
he had done showed a “dramatic” increase I asked Mr. Dolan what he thinks would hap- should be thrown out. Lump together a discus-
in such claims and the people he spoke with pen to a firefighter who has to put gear that sion of cumulative trauma claims, multiple
suggested it was a result of attorneys respond- weighs 45 lbs (turn-outs alone) to 165 lbs (B/A, body parts and fraud, and make it seem like
ing to the changes in the law in 2004 and now axe, helmet, etc.) on a few times a week for 30 they all go together. I get it when it comes to
“throwing in every body part they could think years? Would it cause injury to the neck, back, fraud. No one condones or encourages it. But,
of for a claim.” He asked if I had a different shoulders, knees, etc.? Wouldn’t that be a logi- let’s get our facts straight and present the story
explanation. I reiterated that his numbers were cal explanation for claims with multiple body in a fair and impartial manner.
incorrect but even if there was some increase, parts? This LA Times story was truly a disser-
there were two logical explanations, neither of We then discussed the “fraud claims” vice to our safety members whom I am proud
which was to simply toss in every body part to of injured workers who are off work and re- and honored to represent. We all know what
increase the value of a claim. ceiving IOD pay, yet working an outside job you do and how much you sacrifice to provide
I told him that the workers’ compen- or on a vacation doing things they not are sup- for the City of Los Angeles. Maybe the readers
sation laws on permanent disability were, in posed to be doing. Didn’t he already cover this of the Times will learn that one day and stop
fact, changed in 2004 as a result of legisla- in the last article on DROP fraud and what does reading this nonsense.

September 2018 • 11
Paid Advertisement

Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
12 • September 2018 Contact your plan provider to verify.
Deputy Chief Armando Hogan with Joshua
Tsai who promoted to Engineer at FS 4-C

Justin Clayton promoted to Captain I at FS 9-A

Deputy Chief Fligiel with Edward Barkley

who promoted to Captain I at FS 4-A

September 2018 • 13





Dave Moorman & the Crew


AT (805) 717-0618
14 • September 2018
Anthony Handy promoted to Captain I at FS 4-C Eric Matillo promoted to Captain I at FS 9-B


8 Albert Lozano promoted to A/O at FS 3-A Dustin Gates promoted to Captain I at FS 9-C

September 2018 • 15
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Noon – Four P.M.

Enjoy great food and catch up with old friends.

This year we honor the
commitment & dedication of

For Hook & Ladder Enduro


16 • September 2018
Matt (FS 4-A) and Maddie Cheaney welcome
Felipe Villegas promoted to Captain I at FS 9-C a new son, Waylon, born on 7/13/18.


Task Force 1 open for business once again.

Submitted by Joe Cunningham (FS 1-C) Preston Newman promoted to A/O at FS 12-A

September 2018 • 17
Saturday, March 23, 2019
Registration fees will be paid for the first 20 to sign up by Sept. 30!

Run, walk or stroll in memory of a fallen firefighter or in

tribute to a special firefighter family. The 5K is open to
participants of all ages and abilities.

Come enjoy beautiful views of Los Angeles as you travel through

iconic Elysian Park before a rewarding finish, set against the
backdrop of world famous Dodger Stadium. Then top it all off
with some delicious dishes from LA’s best food trucks!

Other ways to participate include:



Sunday, March 24, 2019 & FUNDRAISE

for information and registration visit

All proceeds benefit the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemenʼs Fund, a 111-year-old non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to helping our LAFD families in times of crisis

18 • September 2018
Vince Martinez promoted to Engineer at FS 1-C

RV burns in a gas station in Westchester

on 8/3/18. Submitted by John Gregory

Mohammad Nabhani promoted to Apparatus Operator at FS 95-A

September 2018 • 19
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First Responders Discount Available

Emergency Instant Shelters • Custom Canopies
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Printed in USA Registered Flame Resistant Fabric
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Quick Turnaround Time Heavy Duty Construction

20 • September 2018
Brian Marshall promoted to Engineer at FS 41-C

Marc Fiamengo promoted to Engineer at FS 41-B

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September 2018 • 21
Paid Advertisements:

Judith M. Weigle
Mediator & Legal Document Assistant


(310) 441-7555 • (310) 876-1355

2999 Overland Avenue, Ste 207B, Los Angeles, CA 90064

22 • September 2018
On 07/10/18 Engine 56 battles a 25 acre wildfire
near Griffith Observatory. Photo by Rick McClure

David Eugenio promoted to Captain I at FS 42-C

7/17/18. LAFD responded to a reported brush fire in the 5600 block of

N Woodley Av in the Sepulveda Basin at 7:10 P.M. Photo by Leo Kaufman

September 2018 • 23
24 • September 2018
7/27/18. Structure fire in the 7700 blk of Oak
Park Ave in 100’s first-in. Photo by Jacob Salzman

7/27/18. Engineer Alex Quintana teaches his son Vince some

skills during overhaul procedures at SF. Photo by Jacob Salzman

September 2018 • 25
Timothy Ketaily promoted to Engineer at FS 11-A Jason Vriens promoted to Engineer at FS 13-B

7/28/18. E-6 reunites a cat with its family af-

Jeremie Bellendir promoted to Captain I at FS 13-B ter an early morning fire. Photo by Eric French

26 • September 2018
Larry Salas promoted to Captain I at FS 26-C

Marc Aguirre promoted to Captain I at FS 77-A

Motorhome in the 14800 blk of Lassen St On 7/25/18, a vegetation fire on the

on 8/1/18. Photo by Rick McClure EB 118 Fwy. Photo by Brandon Buckley

September 2018 • 27
At 3:28PM on 7/8/18 LAFD responded to a reported grass
fire at the SB 405 FY x Nordhoff St. Photo by Rick McClure

A man was trapped in his burning home in the 13600

block of Brussels Ave on 7/10/18. Photo by Rick McClure

28 • September 2018
7/31/18. E-89 handles a well-in-
volved auto. Photo by Rick McClure

102’s with an attic fire at 5212 Teesdale

Ave on 7/31/18. Photo by Kelly Seidel

September 2018 • 29
7/18/18. Crews searched for four missing hik-
ers in Granada Hills. Photo by Greg Doyle

7/13/18. E 8 stands alone, pumping at maximum

capacity at a Greater Alarm fire in Northridge.

Heavy fire in the attic on Septo St in Chatsworth

on 7/30/18. Photo by Brandon Buckley

30 • September 2018
7/10/18. Companies battle a grass fire
in Porter Ranch. Photo by Jacob Salzman

Fully involved SFD on 7/14/18 in

Winnetka. Photo by Rick McClure

September 2018 • 31
Fire sweeps through a Canoga Park automotive
business on 8/4/18. Photo by Brandon Buckley

Attic fire in Woodland Hills on

8/5/18. Photo by Glenn Gordon

Captain II Cedric Cleveland presents a CA Fire

Foundation SAVE card after a devastating SFD fire.

32 • September 2018
James Goetze promoted to Engineer at FS 68-A

Ronald Rodriguez promoted to Engineer at FS 61-A

Arthur Rodriguez promoted to Inspector I at FPB-S

September 2018 • 33
48 recruits graduated DT 81 with Class 2017-3. Photo by Gary Apodaca

On 7/23/18, LAFD expansion launch of the APRU Program. Photo by Robert Navarro Members of LAFD Cycle Team gather again for yet another deployment.

SAFER Grant provides funding to restore E-1, E-20, E-73 and E-75. Photo by Alex Gillman

34 • September 2018
eter truly loved his family and friends to no end. He was a very social person who loved
being surrounded by friends and a good time. Riding motorcycles in the desert with his
dad, brother, and friends was his passion.
An extremely hard worker, Peter put everything he had into his job as a firefighter. Prior
to his appointment to the LAFD, he served on the Ventura County Fire Department hand crew.
The Varnum family has a long history with the fire service. Peter’s brother Josh is a
Ventura County firefighter. His cousin, Tyler Varnum, is a LAFD engineer assigned to FS 27.
Peter’s grandfather, Engineer George Varnum, was also an LAFD member, retiring from old
Fire Station 61 in 1978.
The Varnum family, as well as the LAFD, and the extended fire service family, is deeply
saddened by the tragic loss of this vibrant young man. He will be forever remembered, forever

What Is The...
Extinguisher Fund?
The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the LAFD and LAFRA, your sta-
tion’s Extinguisher Fund is a simple way to collect donations for the Widows, Or-
phans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund. Ted saw the accumulation of change that
the cook dumped into the mess fund box each shift and had a better idea. If this
change was instead collected for the WODFF he figured it could really add up. With
an average of 50 cents per day per station, in a year there would be . . . well, you
can do the math!
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and remember to drop all your
change into your station’s extinguisher. There should be one in every firehouse.
And any loose change in your pockets, any that you find in the TV chairs, or hoard-
ed in the “ashtray” of your vehicle can be thrown in for good measure.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund is the heart of the Relief
Association. This fund provides assistance to our firefighters and families who are
faced with personal difficulties and tragedies. Donations are the sole means of
support for this Fund.
Firefighters risk their lives to protect the community on a daily basis. Thus,
they and their families can be comforted in knowing that the “Fire Department
Family,” supported by the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund, is there
for them in times of need.

September 2018 • 35
wins, Chloe and Averie Smith, along with their mom Cheryl and sister Samantha came into the Relief on July 12 to present a donation
to the Board members. The girls have some very generous family and friends. They collected $860 in cash for the Widows, Orphans &
Disabled Firefighters Fund. The girls decorated a box with unicorn stickers for all the donations to be placed in. They put larger stickers on
the side for security reasons. When a Board member offered to CUT the unicorn stickers so they could open the box the twins screamed, “No,
you can’t cut the unicorns!” Once we were able to gently open the box, the girls proceeded to read off each and every check and explained
who that person was and how they knew them, in the cutest 8 year old way!

Thank you to Chloe, Averie, Mom Cheryl, and sisters Dakota & Samantha

James P. Patterson
Assignment Date - 06/05/1989
JOE COUCE, FF/PM, FS 23-B Retired Date - 06/28/2018
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2018 Rank - Firefighter III, FS 101-A
Private Home
9113 Eglise Avenue, Downey CA

Starts at 1:00 PM
Jose M. Couce, Jr.
No Cost
Assignment Date - 05/04/1980
Call FS 23 - (310) 575-8523
joecouce@aol.com Retired Date - 08/31/2018
Rank - FF/PM, FS 23-B

36 • September 2018
walked into the T.O. Gold’s Gym a couple ing Gold’s or LA Fitness so he can work out in
of weeks after the new LAFRA Wellness Anaheim before or after his shifts at the happi-
Program went into effect, and everything est place on earth.
seemed pretty much the same. As usual, I found Spending about half the year in Granite
the mayor of the gym, Bill Koenig, riding the Falls, NC, Al Barrios joined Spa Athletic Club
stationary bike closest to the entrance. From his in nearby Hickory. He had a little trouble sign-
pedaling perch he monitors the daily comings ing up at first, but after the initial hurdle, he got
and goings as he reads the sports sections of a personal tour of the facility from the owner
every local newspaper. and is on his way to a new level of wellness.
“Hey, Billy,” I asked. “Are you going to Even his wife Pam is getting into the act and is
try out any of the other gyms in the area?” planning on joining too
“Nope,” was his curt reply. “I like it Dave Peters, the LAFRA Trustee who
here just fine.” could be considered one of the architects of
Not so for Carl DeBono. Although Carl the Wellness Program, now lives near Dallas.
has about a year left on his Gold’s contract, he He plans on joining a gym one day, but says
signed up at the Anytime Fitness near his home that he’s attempted to fill out the Well-Being
in Newbury Park. Assessment on Sharecare’s website but never
“I really like Anytime,” he related. “It’s completes it. His excuse, “It’s not like I’m go-
the opposite of Gold’s. It’s always clean and ing to go exercise tomorrow!”
never crowded. They have plenty of equip-
ment: free weights, weight stacks, TRX, you HOW IT WORKS
name it.” I’ve heard from a couple of guys who
DeBono was a little upset with the man- were worried that their fanatical gym use might
agement at Gold’s though. With the LAFRA drive LAFRA into bankruptcy. “If the gym gets
Wellness Program footing the bill, he thought paid every time I show up, and I’m showing
he would ask for a refund of his prepaid bal- up six days a week, how can the Medical Plan
ance there. Not surprisingly, they declined. afford that?”
Fred Lopez on the other hand, with an LAFRA pays the same fee per mem-
extended membership at LA Fitness in Valen- ber– no matter if you go the gym once a week,
cia, was pleasantly surprised when he asked for go to three different gyms six days a week, or if
a refund. LA Fitness plunked $150 back into you never go to any gym at all. The bean coun-
his bank account and continued his member- ters have worked out all the numbers, and this
ship through Sharecare. Fred now splits his is a Win, Win, Win, Win situation. The individ-
workouts between the Valencia’s Anytime Fit- ual gyms win, Sharecare wins, LAFRA wins,
ness and LA Fitness, where he can exercise and we are the winning beneficiaries of it all.
with his son.
A hundred miles or so down the free- SO, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
way in Murrieta, Henry Amparan continues to If you haven’t received your letter with
exercise and attend classes at his local gym, your membership card, please call 1-866-936-
which is also part of the Sharecare network. 4243, or contact the Relief Association for
“It was just the motivation that I needed,” says help. You can also go to www.lafra.org/well-
Henry, who takes advantage of the boxing, ness for further information such as locating an
yoga, and spinning classes to stay in shape for eligible fitness center near you. See you at the
his backpacking and bike trips. He is also an gym!
A/C for the Disneyland FD, and plans on join-

September 2018 • 37
Photos by John Conkle, Rick McClure, Greg Doyle,
Austin Gebhardt, and Jacob Salzman

Major Emergency Fire Erupts in Northridge

The Los Angeles Fire Department was notified at 9:51 PM on July 13, 2018 of a structure fire at the 19300 block of Londelius Street. Firefighters quickly began an aggressive
and coordinated fire attack inside a 300’ x 300’ commercial building while successfully protecting several structures nearby including a three-story condominium complex with residents
inside. Ultimately, the contents inside the large commercial building created a fast-moving fire igniting the entire center-located business causing a partial roof collapse and deadly
conditions. A defensive operation ensued using heavy streams and two businesses inside the building were saved. Over 100 firefighters extinguished the blaze in 1 hour and 40 minutes
with no reported injuries. The cause is under active investigation.

38 • September 2018
September 2018 • 39
hen I first came on the job, a fire- chase additional packs. The Foundation will
fighter’s fresh drinking water continue soliciting funds until every member
on the fireground hinged upon has one, with a few surplus at S&M.
whether or not someone remembered If you would like to help, donations can
to fill the metal canteens that morning. be made through the Foundation by designat-
Most judicious engineers would have ing the funds for hydration backpacks at: www.
them arranged neatly in a row, situated supportlafd.org
in a well-crafted wooden box, stored in
the rear compartment WATER, THE
of the engine. The ESSENTIAL
metal container, RESOURCE
with its wool-clad Water is one of
siding was heavy the most precious
and not comfortable resources on this
to carry around on earth and a funda-
your side. They also mental tool used for
absorbed the heat of firefighting. It is also
the day, so by the an essential element
time you got around for the well-being
to drinking it, it was and health of those
about the same tem- doing the firefight-
perature as what was ing. In general, a
outside—but we still man’s body should be
drank it. made up of between
H o w e v e r , 50 and 65 percent
something new is on water, while the ideal
the horizon. Thanks range for a woman is
to the Los Angeles between 45 and 60 per-
Fire Foundation, mod- cent. So why is this es-
ern hydration packs sential resource such a
have been purchased low priority for most of
for members to use in us to consume?
the field. With help from Our profession
other private resources, has a way of getting in our
720 packs have been way of a healthier lifestyle.
made available, with more The career of a firefighter
on the way. The plan is is a busy one. Training, fire
to eventually equip every prevention, station and ap-
member in the field with paratus maintenance, not to
their own pack. mention responding to daily
“A/C Tim Ernst has emergencies - they all con-
been instrumental in the proj- sume our time, sometimes dis-
ect,” states Liz Lin, the LAFD tracting us from taking in the
Foundation President. She goes proper nutrition and hydration
on to say, “The Foundation’s we need to operate at our peak
primary goal is the safety and performance levels.
wellness of the men and women
of the LAFD. Adequate, acces- DEHYDRATION, THE REAL
sible hydration is essential in the ENEMY
field. It is a privilege to provide this Dehydration is one of the
important tool.” most common causes of fatigue and
Recently a burger-eating general malaise on the fireground.
contest at Farmer Boys and a dona- This generally occurs when we sub-
tion from the Wasserman Foun- ject our body to intense heat and
dation have resulted in another physical exertion which, in turn,
$50,000 that will be used to pur- produces excessive sweating.
40 • September 2018
Dehydration means your body does not
have as much water and fluids as it should. Left
unchecked, this can lead to major problems on
and off an incident. Excessive sweating can
also lead to other issues such as a loss of salts
and other important minerals, called electro-
lytes. These compounds are essential for keep-
ing the body functioning properly.
The risks of dehydration only increase
in hotter temperatures where the rate of sweat-
ing increases. The following are indicators to
look for when exposed to such conditions:
• headache
• lethargy
• low urine output
• sunken eyes
• dry or sticky mouth

It may only take a 2 percent reduction

in water within your body for these signs and
symptoms to appear.

The answer is simple--drink more wa-
ter. The Food and Nutrition Board suggests
about 91 ounces of water from both liquid and
food sources daily. Most experts recommend
consuming between eight to ten cups of water
per day. Maintaining this level of hydration
may even benefit you in other areas of your
health. One University of Missouri-Columbia
study showed that drinking about two cups
of water increased blood flow to the skin. Al-
though we don’t know if that makes it healthier,
people have reported that increasing their daily
water intake has made their skin look clearer.

Did you know that in many states, the
highway patrol carries two gallons of Coke in
the trunk to remove blood from the highway
after a car accident? The active ingredient in
Coke is phosphoric acid? It will dissolve a nail
in about four days. People who have switched
from soda to water have reported feeling less
bloated and have even loss some of the un-
wanted weight associated with the sugar-laden
Firefighting is a physically demand-
ing profession that requires all of us to be at
our peak of condition. Thanks to the LA Fire
Foundation and the purchase of the new hydra-
tion packs, we will be well on our way.
Staying hydrated should be a priority in
every first responder’s life. Drinking the rec-
ommended amount of water daily will not only
keep you fit for duty, it can also make you feel
better in your everyday life. It has been shown
to decrease fatigue, increase weight loss, flush
out toxins, prevent cancer, prevent cramps and
sprains, and lastly, even if you choose bottled
or filtered water, it’s STILL cheaper than that
high sugar and fat-filled latte!

September 2018 • 41
taying in shape for any first responder to NOT PUT THE BELL DOWN, going that or endurance. A certain percentage of people
should be a top priority. At any time, any extra, extra mile to finish the set. But, do we that show up at my gym are completely de-
one of us could be pressed into service in just bull through this? No! We master tech- conditioned. Real kettlebell training can drag
a moment’s notice. The life of a firefighter is nique, meaning we find a way to work WITH them back from the depths of the sedentary.
physically demanding. Just like taking a CPAT the bell, minimizing stress per rep, doing ten But people resist. Understandably so.
exam, we are often called upon to climb lad- times as many reps than we’d have thought Years of commercial advertising has defined
ders, pull hose, and carry heavy objects--all possible. fitness for most Americans. I know we, as
of which can take a heavy toll on your body. Imagine performing a set of 150 reps firefighters, must do better. We need to find a
That is why it is so important to always be in (versus 15) while never putting the bell down really workable system that addresses exactly
the best shape of your life. Emergencies hap- and only switching hands one time. That’s 75 the specific aspects of fitness necessary for our
pen, and it’s your responsibility to be ready to reps per hand. This takes more than just brute survival. I’ve found it, and offer it to you, fire
handle them both mentally and physically. strength, but tremendous endurance, mental departments across the country.
Don’t Americans already know how fortitude, as well as a high level of technique I see a set of kettlebells in every fire-
to get in shape? There seems to be no short- – that everybody that’s passed a CPAT can house. No longer will the mainstay be 30 sec-
age of super fit models adorning billboards, achieve. ond bench press sets that do little, if anything,
magazines, or TV commercials. But, I urge I see it firsthand everyday. Young men to prepare you for the job. Kettlebell sets,
you to take a closer look. Are we simply as- and women who couldn’t pull a hose line, lasting 2, 3, and even 10 minutes will closely
suming these models are capable of any real drag a dummy, last 3 minutes on a step mill, replicate what we actually do, and prepare the
work or possess athletic ability, or are their TRANSFORMED into physically fit and capa- individual both muscularly, and aerobically —
results more about appearance, diet, and good ble people. Backgrounds all vary. Some have addressing our greatest need, increased cardio-
genetics? We know how to pump up muscles, been running and weight respiratory capacity.
but bodybuilders are not performance-oriented lifting and are shocked Mental fortitude, strength, endurance,
athletes. As firefighters, it’s ludicrous to think that they had very little cardio, all in a nice neat little package called
that training like a bodybuilder will do any- real work capacity the kettlebell. As the American Kettlebell
thing but handicap job performance. Club’s Fire and Rescue Advisor, my
Why kettlebells? Our job, firefighting, mission is to bring kettlebells to
is all about “strength-endurance.” I’ve written every department in the United
numerous articles about just what that is, but States, big or small. Be one
for simplicity’s sake we can define strength-en- of the first.
durance as strength that endures. Superhuman,
one repetition maximum lifts have no real
place on the fire ground, nor do isolated move-
ments designed to train only minimal amounts
of muscle.
Kettlebell timed sets, whether utilized
in sports-oriented or fitness protocols, build
the elusive quality of strength-endurance
like nothing else. The student learns how

42 • September 2018
September 2018 • 43
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mail: phone: visit:

P.O. Box 41903 (800) 244-3439 www.LAFRA.org
Los Angeles CA 90041

44 • September 2018
want to say thank you to all the players in
this tournament for keeping this tradition
A Winners
alive. We had a great turnout. It started
off with 90 players and came down to the best
competing in the finals in each division. B Winners
In the “D” bracket, it was the fellas
from Station 66 vs Station 73. These are new
players to the sport and they have a bright fu-
ture. Winning the division was Soubra/ Spree-
man representing all the players from 73’s.
In the “C” bracket, it was Spriggs/ Gri-
ley to defeat the long lasting Jones and Hirsch
in this division.
The “B” division was the longest match
of the day. It went 2 ½ hours and came down
to a tie breaker. Alex Gonzales and Rossello
would not let up against Ian Soriano and El-
liot Ibanez. At the end, it would be Ibanez and
Soriano pulling it off to win in the tie breaker.
Congratulations to you guys. Welcome to the
“A” division. GOOD LUCK!
This next match was one of skills, pa-
tience, endurance, and overall control of the
game. Alex Garcia and Sergio Guzman vs John
Libby and Frank Lima - the defending champs!
This game came down to the tie breaker match
point four times rotated in and out. Finally,
the guy that was passing all game – Libby - fi-
nally took a shot and cracked it out front wall
sidewall. This was a great battle between these
guys. Thanks for all the lessons learned by just
watching you fellas play. Libby and Lima de-
fend their title. C Winners
Now for the Masters division. Just let
me say it was really good to see these retired
guys still participating in this tournament. In
the finals, it was Gary Maga/Craig Nielson vs
Paone/ Marez. These guys actually had the first
match of the day and set the tone for the rest
of the brackets to follow. These matches lasted
1hr 45min, coming down to the tie breaker.
Maga with his finesse, Nielson with his serves
put up a fight against Paone’s passes and Marez
ceiling shots. They took it to the tie breaker,
with Paone and Marez winning the Masters.
Thanks once again for a great tourna-
D Winners
ment and getting the younger players involved
to keep this game of fine camaraderie alive!
Also, thank you to Fire Station 2 for hosting
Master Winners
the tournament. Next is Fall Singles, that tour-
nament will define the Department Handball
September 2018 • 45
ing our spirits and surrounding us with uncon-
ditional support, we could not do this without

Henry and Kate Munoz


Jim O’Neill, a friend, mentor and an

outstanding Fire Ground Commander.
A Marine who fought his way from the
Yalu River to safety as part of one of the Ma-
rine Corps greatest battles, “The Frozen Cho-
sin.” [Battle of Chosin Reservoir, Korean War,
Nov/Dec 1950] He carried that courage to fight
and win throughout out his Fire Department ca-
LETTER FROM THE EDITOR It was nice to know that the flag was reer - at emergencies, in special duty and as a
RE: THE 2017 YEARBOOK flown at the Fire Prevention Bureau. The negotiator. His word was his bond.
plaque was a wonderful addition to the dis- I had the good fortune to work in Bat-
Dear LAFRA Members: play. The wooden display is on top of a display talion 11 as a rookie B/C. O’ Neill was in Bat-
cabinet in our living room. Inside the cabinet talion 5, and another Marine, Glenn Dinger,
Thank you for your letters and emails are other ceramic firefighter items. Friends and was in Battalion 1. They showed me the way
following the publication of our 2017 Year- family can enjoy looking at it. and kept me out of trouble.
book. The Yearbook Work Group labored long We all miss Howard so very much. He Jim, guns up, God bless and Semper Fi,
and hard to create a tome that would suitably was a wonderful husband for 61 years and a
honor the work and sacrifices of our firefight- wonderful father to our two sons and two girls. Robert DeFeo
ers. We tried to provide as broad a history as He was also a grandfather and great-grandfa- Orange, CA
possible, working within our constraints of ther!
space and funding. Thank you again for the wonderful hon-
As you are aware, LAFRA and the or of Howard. LAFRA,
LAFD date back more than 100 years. It would
have been impossible to provide a comprehen- Sincerely, Enclosed, please find a check in the
sive list of every member who served all the amount of $175.00. This was collected at the
way back to the turn of the last century. We Margaret Garner firefighter breakfast at Mimi’s Restaurant on
have had more than 2,000 retired members pass Prescott Valley, AZ June 6. We would like to donate this to the
away since 1999 alone. Therefore, we limited WODFF in memory of Ken Dameron, who
the list of “Retired Firefighters” to those who passed away on May 16, 2018.
were living at the time of publication.
It is important that we remember and Sincerely,
honor all who unselfishly served our City. In Kirk Bingham
our hearts and in our minds, yes – but more Camarillo, CA
than that. A good place to start is at the LAFD
Memorial Ceremony at our Fallen Firefighters
Memorial each October. It is a time and a place LAFRA-
to recognize those that gave the last measure
of devotion, but also to reminisce about those Chief [Melvin] Leydecker was a well-
with whom we served and their contributions Dearest Fire Family, liked officer and very competent. He was my
to our great Department. chief two different times. I remember one of
Although the past few months have the first large brush fires I ever went to with
Dave Wagner been a challenge for our family, we have been him. We had an “officer’s meeting” next to
Managing Editor overwhelmed by the show of love and friend- my rig . . . so I listened in as to hear the plan.
ship from all of you. Whether through calls and The cul-de-sac we were on was threatened and
texts, visits at the hospital, or most recently, chief had a plan. What totally blew me away
Dear Mr. Dolan, the astounding attendance at the Canyon Club was his calmness under fire. A quality I always
benefit event, you have so generously given of admired in firemen.
Thank you so very much for the nice yourselves. Although we do not know what the RIP Chief
flag display in honor of my husband Howard future holds, we are encouraged by your pres-
Garner. Howard was proud to be part of the ence and willingness to help. We know we are Ed Sandell
City of Los Angeles Fire Dept for 32 years. not alone on this journey. Thank you for boost- Somis, CA
46 • September 2018
Dear Andy,

Please accept this donation to the

WODFF in memory of my good friend and co-
worker, Ken Dameron. Ken did an outstanding
job while we worked together at OCD and the
Fire Prevention Bureau.

Dal Howard

Protect Those
Valencia, CA

with Special Needs

Firefighter Justin Mendence set up a special needs trust to ensure his
son and entire family is taken care of in the best manner possible.
“You want to think everybody’s going to take care of your kid because

If I handwrite a will,
everybody loves him, but unless you have a plan in place…you’re planning
to fail. Leaving it to chance is not in me and my wife’s vocabulary.”

Retired LAFD Captain and longtime

Long Beach area volunteer, Jim Jeffery, re-
cently passed away. In his more than 50 years
isn’t that
A Special good
Needs Trust enough?
Helps You:
as a community volunteer, Jim Jeffery served
• Set up long-term funding for living expenses & care
as a mentor, role model, and surrogate dad to
hundreds of boys and girls. Jeffery had a huge • Determine who will be the primary caregiver
impact on scores of people in so many differ-
ent area of the community, including creating • Create an advisory group of experts to help caregivers make
scholarships for Eagle Scouts and taking a spe- sound decisions
cial interest in youngsters with disabilities.
Jeffery’s lifelong love affair with scout-
ing started in 1952, when he joined Cub Scout
• Ensure your child’s assets are protected & well-managed
Pack 30 and earned his first rank, Bobcat. He
later became the 824th Eagle Scout awarded by • Ensure your child maintains eligibility for special services
the Long Beach Area Council in 1958 at age
14. “I sleep a little bit easier at night knowing that my son is set up for his
Jeffery enjoyed a long career as a Los
Angeles firefighter, retiring as a captain from entire life,” Justin said.
the LAFD in 1987. He later took on the role
as assistant chief with the California Office
of Emergency Services. He retired for good
in 1998. In 2010, Jefferey earned his 50-year
Scout Veteran pin and was elected president
of the Long Beach Area Council. He became
the second longest-serving president in council
history. When asked to sum up his life, he did it
in three words, “Be of service.”
Whether you care for a child or adult with special needs or not,
Courtesy of the Press-Telegram, everyone should consider setting up an estate plan. Ask for a
Public Editor—Rich Archbold
“Getting Started Kit” today by emailing Relief Association
Development & Marketing Director Marlene Casillas at
MCasillas@lafra.org or calling (323) 259-5217.
September 2018 • 47
September 15, 2018

Kelly Wong
Dave Moorman
Fire Hogs M/C
Join us on a journey to honor our own.

Fallen Firefighter Memorial The 32nd IAFF Fallen Colorado Springs, honors Scan QR Code for RSVP
1315 Pikes Peak Ave. Fire Fighter Memorial the sacrifice made by and details or copy &
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 service will be held on IAFF members who have paste link below.
Saturday, September 15 given their lives in the
in Colorado Springs, line of duty. http://evite.me/
Colorado. At this year’s gNCQkMktXF
memorial service, the The annual ceremony
IAFF will add 261 fallen remains an uplifting
fire fighters from the service for the families,
United States and Canada friends and loved ones,
to the Wall of Honor. celebrating the lives,
heroism and
The Fallen Fire Fighter accomplishments of our
Memorial, located in the union’s bravest of the
shadow of Pikes Peak in brave.

48 • September 2018
James H. Toon, Engineer. Appointed May 2, 1950.
Retired on a service pension June 30, 1980 from FS 60-B.
Passed away April 24, 2018.

Robert L. Secor, Fireman. Appointed June 17, 1952.

Retired on a service pension February 1, 1973 from FS 69-C.
Passed away July 17, 2018.

James J. O’Neill, Assistant Chief. Appointed April 20, 1963.

Retired on a service pension January 20, 1996 from S&M.
Passed away July 20, 2018.

Thomas J. Young, Captain I. Appointed May 29, 1951.

Retired on a service pension April 1, 1978 from FS 42-C.
Passed away July 21, 2018.

James N. Jeffrey, Captain II. Appointed July 24, 1965.

Retired on a service pension November 8, 1987 from FS 1-A.
Passed away July 22, 2018.

Peter D. Varnum, Firefighter I. Appointed March 5, 2018.

Actively on duty at FS 89-A.
Passed away July 24, 2018.

Geln G. Irwin, Engineer. Appointed April 1, 1973.

Retired on a disability pension September 17, 1994 from FS 44-A.
Passed away August 3, 2018.

Richard A. Williams, Engineer. Appointed July 2, 1951.

Retired on a disability pension March 1, 1967 from FS 21-C.
Passed away August 6, 2018.

Ronald E. Meador, Captain II. Appointed June 10, 1961.

Retired on a service pension June 29, 1990 from FS 102-B.
Passed away August 6, 2018.

Peter J. Goff, Jr., Captain I. Appointed March 13, 1983.

Retired on a service pension January 31, 2014 from Medical Liaison Unit.
Passed away August 15, 2018.

Marie E. Skersick, surviving spouse of Kenneth G. Skersick, passed away July 9, 2018.
Florence V. O’Brien, surviving spouse of Martin J. O’Brien, passed away July 15, 2018.
Mary V. Baxter, surviving spouse of Jack C. Baxter, passed away July 15, 2018.
Helen I. Flemming, surviving spouse of James A. Flemming, passed away July 22, 2018.
Margaret E. Planagan, surviving spouse of William C. Planagan, passed away July 24, 2018.
Jonet Taylor Caplan, surviving spouse of Thomas G. Taylor, passed away August 3, 2018.

Correction from last month’s issue: James A. Ullrich did not pass away. He is alive and well. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

September 2018 • 49


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50 • September 2018 A
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All service marks, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. VISA® Checkout is a trademark of VISA®. September 2018 • 51
Federally Insured by NCUA
Submitted by Frank Borden • Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD HISTORY – The 9-11 Attack on the World Trade Center

and the Impact on the Emergency Responders and Families

eptember 11, 2001 reinvigorated Ameri- (Urban Search & Rescue) Task Force to New celled because the airports in New York were
ca’s gratitude for all firefighters’ efforts. York. These are a group of about 70 firefighters shut down again. We finally got a flight out on
In response to the terrorist attacks that who have been specially trained in search and Saturday, September 15, and arrived in New
destroyed the World Trade Center, FEMA ac- rescue in collapsed buildings. Within about 12 York about 6:00PM.
tivated the LAFD CA-TF 1 (California Urban hours, they were on their way to New York via All together I spent one entire week
Search & Rescue Task Force 1) with 70 mem- the US Air Force transport planes. there, returning on Saturday, September 22.
bers and a Critical Incident Stress Management On Wednesday, September 12, I re- During that week, I saw the worst and the best
Team (CISM). The military aircraft transport- ceived a call from our fire department asking that we as God’s children can do. The worst
ing our US&R team was the first aircraft in the me if I could go to New York to assist with was obviously the incredible destruction in New
sky after the attack. Their mission included CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management). York. Ground Zero actually covers 4-6 square
search and rescue, body extrication, and as- This is a fancy word for counseling people who blocks and the debris is 10 stories high. When
sistance in the use of canine search teams. The have gone through a serious emotional trauma. I first stood before “The Pile”, I could hardly
CISM mission evolved into a completely un- With the support of the other priests in the par- move or speak. The sight was so incredible, so
precedented Firefighter Assistance Program, ish, I was able to clear my calendar and make overwhelming. We ended up spending 12 hour
which was delivered at and near ground zero as myself available. On Thursday, September 13, shifts at Ground Zero and I spent 4 shifts there.
well as other sites. Working with many other our CISM team (23 chaplains and counselors During that time, I had the opportunity of talk-
agencies for the first-time, FEMA honored the from our department) went to Los Angeles Air- ing to 300-400 firefighters, primarily from New
combined efforts by making the teams the first port to go to New York. We were actually on the York, but from all over the country. I even had
FEMA sponsored program in the history of plane and ready to go, but the flight was can- a chance to talk with a special search tem from
CISM. Several LAFD Officers were also sent
as a part of the Incident Support Team for the
Task forces sent to the disaster.

The following story was written by Father

Christion Van Liefde for the 2001 Issue of
the Fireman’s Grapevine. This is his personal FDNY firefighters on a break
story of his experience. I added the photos to rehabbing from the very hard
the article for this publication. physical and mental work of
-Frank Borden body recovery.

“Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

As most of you know, I had the privi-

lege of going to New York with a team of about
100 firefighters from our Los Angeles Fire de-
partment. I say privilege because it was that,
a privilege for me to represent our department
and our church in this very difficult situation.
I’ve had a chance to speak to many of you
about this experience, but I wanted to send this
out to everyone on my list, so you’re all aware
Firefighters involved in a buck-
of what happened to me.
et brigade of selective debris
Like most of you, I was shocked and
removal in search of victims.
speechless as I watched the news that morn-
ing and saw the collapse of the Twin Towers
and the attack on the Pentagon. Our fire de-
partment received a call from FEMA (Federal
Emergency Management Agency) and prepa-
rations were made to send our LAFD USAR
52 • September 2018
France. They came with their specially trained For then, they have truly won, they will have Each year since 9-11-2001 our LAFD
dogs to search for survivors. Sadly, after about changed us to become like them. As a nation, Historical Society has remembered those who
the first 24 hours, there were no more survi- we are hurt and angry. But let us not lose our were killed in the attacks on our country. Each
vors. souls and become that which we have grown year we mourn the loss of the 343 New York
I want to highlight one experience that to hate. We really need to ask God for grace, firefighters who were killed. We start at 0700
I had. I spent about an hour talking to a retired strength, and guidance. hours in the morning that corresponds to the
captain from the New York Fire Department. While I was there, I also had the great time of the collapse of the South Tower at east-
He had retired about 2 years ago after 35 years blessing of spending an hour with my niece, ern standard time. We have guest speakers who
as a firefighter. We sat there and he cried in my Kristen who lives in New York. She’s doing fine had on site experience at “Ground Zero” and
arms because he had 2 sons who were missing. and the family whose children she cares for is various memorabilia from 9-11.
It was a heartbreaking experience to sit and surrounding her with love and goodness. When
listen to him. I found the New York firefighters we spoke, she wasn’t sure what she was going HAPPENINGS AT THE HARBOR FIRE
very appreciative of my presence. About 90% to do, but I trust that God will guide her to the MUSEUM. OLD FS 36 SAN PEDRO
of them are Catholic, Irish and Italian and they right decision in her life. Sometimes small miracles happen in
were so glad that a priest was there, a chaplain Well, that’s about it. I’m back home, the form of donations. Laguna Beach Fire
who understood what they were going through. safe and sound, and the parish is as busy as al- Department Engineer Chris Ornelas, Fire Sta-
You might have heard that their chaplain, Fr. ways. I thanks God that he gave me the strength tion 2 “A”, called Firefighter Margaret Stewart,
Michael Judge, was killed in the collapse while and the wisdom that I needed. It was really a LAFD PSO, about an old LAFD helmet he had
blessing a firefighter who had just died. He was privilege to be able to go to New York and serve found in front of his fire station that somebody
kneeling beside him, praying over his body, the FDNY and the people there. Let us continue left. Margaret emailed me to see if the LAFD
as debris came down and killed him. WHAT to pray for each other that the good Lord will Historical Society would be interested in it.
MORE POWERFUL EXAMPLE OF WHAT guide us through these difficult times. Sure enough the helmet was a vintage metal
PRIESTHOOD IS ALL ABOUT!!! I heard a lot BIG HUG TO ALL – (End of the Father Chris Forker helmet from the 1920’s – 1930’s with
of confessions during those hours there, I saw story). the front piece “T 48”. Yes, it is an authentic
a lot of tears and a lot of courage. Much has “We will never forget the 343!!” Truck 48 helmet that has been aged through the
been said lately about the courage and bravery years and is now on display at the Harbor Fire
of our firefighters. I’ve always known that, and THE LAFDHS ANNUAL 9-11 Museum (In Truck 48’s first in district). Our
I am proud and humbled to be able to serve as MEMORIAL CEREMONY thanks to Engineer Ornelas.
a chaplain.
One of the other things we were able Retired LAFD member Don Forrest was part of the LAFD CISM team that went to New York. He will share
to do is visit some of the fire stations in New his interesting experiences meeting with the FDNY firefighters and being at “Ground Zero”. We are plan-
York and talk to the firefighters there. There are ning to get a member of the LAFD US&R team to speak as we have done in the past. The event takes place
60 fire Stations in New York that lost someone, at the Hollywood Fire Museum and Memorial at Old Fire Station 27. All are invited.
some stations lost as many as 12-15 people. I
visited one station that lost 7 members. Engine
23 in Manhattan. They invited me into their sta-
tion and the 7 families were there, hoping that
someone would be found alive. We had a little
impromptu prayer service, lots of tears and lots
of hugging. I spoke with one young lady whose
fiancé was missing. They were supposed to be
married on September 22 but in her heart, she
knew that he was gone.
My prayer is that we may all have the
faith and the courage we need for the difficult
decisions ahead. We cannot let hate enter our
hearts, we cannot allow ourselves to become
the kinds of monsters who caused this pain.

This is a photo of Deputy Chief

Ray Downey who was killed at
the FDNY Command post from
the collapse. Ray was a per-
sonal friend and co-instructor
for several years before 9-11.

The body of Father Michael

Judge being carried away from
the collapse zone by first re-

September 2018 • 53
Each year at the Harbor Fire Museum we have
Engineer Chris Ornelas on the right and had a group of blind military veterans from the
Firefighter Buccola on the left holding Long Beach Veteran’s Hospital visit us.
the vintage LAFD Truck 48 helmet Chris
found in front of his fire station.
tions will be gladly accepted to help support the
We will be celebrating the fireboat’s
93rd birthday on October 20th (the same day it
was launched in 1925 in San Pedro).
The “Ralph J. Scott” Fireboat Open
House during US Navy Fleet Week.


The old Truck 48 helmet is on display in the

Harbor Fire Museum hanging on the top of the
pillar above a 1940’s Truck 48 helmet. The photo
below shows the members of Truck 48 in 1940.

Our volunteers continue working on the
restoration of the fireboat as we make plans for
our open house during Fleet Week on Labor
Day weekend. We are still a “shipyard”, but we
transform the tent during Fleet Week into a dis-
play for visitors to enjoy the history of the boat
– a National Historic Landmark. We will have
videos, photo and equipment displays, sales of
various items and docent tours. Because we
cannot permit visitors up on the deck we will
have a model of the “Scott” to show what the
deck looks like. We show the Huell Howser
video of his two visits to the boat that has it in
the water and up on the dock. Sales and dona-
54 • September 2018
July 11, 2018

CALL TO ORDER PRESIDENT’S REPORT Springs Memorial and indicated that Joe Vigil,
Mike Sailhamer and Tim Freeman will be
President Bob Steinbacher called the meeting 1) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Disaster attending.
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Operation Center (DOC) and indicated that
Firemen’s Relief Association to order at Bob Dillon has done his due diligence with 3) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the proposed
10:08 a.m. trying to locate another location. He indicated Bylaws and Policy Book changes and indicated
that we have decided to stay with the existing that they will be brought for approval at the
ROLL CALL space in Covina and will sign a new three-year August Board meeting. He discussed some of
lease. the proposed changes and indicated that they
MEMBERS PRESENT: should help with clarification and cleanup.
Bob Steinbacher, President Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President approve the new DOC three-year lease. Chris 4) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Healthcare
Andrew Kuljis, Secretary Stine so moved. Craig White seconded. There Cost Management conference in September
Trustee Rick Godinez was no discussion or objections. and indicated that Frank Aguirre and Henry
Trustee Craig White Gasbarri will be attending. He stated that Rick
Trustee Jim Duffy Motion carried to approve the DOC three- Godinez and Joe Vigil will be attending the
Trustee Frank Aguirre year lease. Benefits and Communication conference in
Trustee Kenneth Breskin Portland, OR.
Trustee Chris Stine 2) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Wellness
Trustee Henry Gasbarri Benefit Program under the Relief Medical EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT
Trustee Tim Freeman Plan and indicated that it was running well. He
Trustee Gayle Sonoda mentioned that there may be some challenge 1) Todd Layfer referred to Hope for Firefighters
Trustee Gene Bednarchik for members over 65 years of age where and indicated that we had another successful
Trustee Joe Vigil some gyms may try to get them to sign up for year with ticket sales and the silent auction. He
Trustee Tim Larson – Pension additional “Silver Sneakers” programs. He indicated that this year was the highest day of
Trustee Steve Domanski - Pension advised that members should let the gym know event revenue since 2013 and attributed that to
Trustee Doak Smith – Pension that they are under the LAFRA Sharecare a diversified menu and booth themes.
Todd Layfer - Executive Director Wellness Program.
Liberty Unciano – Controller-Treasurer 2) Todd Layfer referred to the insurance
3) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Pechanga renewals and reported that the rate increased
MEMBERS ABSENT: Reunion dates for 2019 and indicated that by $1,000 for the year. He indicated that
Trustee John Jacobsen they were able to secure May 13th through nothing has changed in terms of coverage and
Trustee Steve Berkery May 17th. providers.
Trustee David Peters
Trustee Danny Wu 4) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Board 3) Todd Layfer referred to the PCORI tax and
Trustee Tyler Tomich Offsite meeting the day before the Golf indicated that it is due in July. He indicated
Trustee Richard Moody Tournament and indicated that our meeting that the tax is $2.39 per member of the medical
Trustee Mike Sailhamer should start around 10:00 a.m. He indicated plan and is part of the Affordable Care Act. He
that they will meet with the larger donors later stated that 2019 will be the last year that we
INVOCATION & Flag Salute that evening. have to pay the PCORI tax.

Rick Godinez led the invocation. Gene 5) Bob Steinbacher and the Board received 4) Liberty Unciano and Todd Layfer presented
Bednarchik led the flag salute. a check to the WODFF from Cheryl Smith, the 1st Quarter Expenditure Review.
Brian Lee’s domestic partner. He indicated
RATIFICATION OF MINUTES that Brian and Cheryl’s daughters have raised MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT
money during their birthday and would like to
Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to ratify donate to the WODFF. Frank Aguirre presented the following motion.
and approve the Board Meeting Minutes of
June 6, 2018. Craig White so moved. Gene VICE PRESIDENT REPORT The committee recommends and I so move to
Bednarchik seconded. There was no discussion accept the applications to the Medical Plan.
or objections. 1) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the annual IFEBP There was no discussion and no objections.
Conference in New Orleans October 14th
Motion carried to approve the Board Meeting through 17th. He confirmed those Trustees Motion carried to accept all applications to
Minutes of June 6, 2018. that have replied that they will attend the the Medical Plan.
The committee recommends and I so move
2) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Colorado to approve the contract renewal for medical

September 2018 • 55
attorney Bob Macaulay. There was no The committee recommends and I so move to members. There was no discussion or
discussion or objections. pay: objections.

Motion carried to approve the contract The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of Motion carried to advance funds for both
renewal for medical attorney Bob Macaulay. $50,938.87 active and retired members.
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of
The committee recommends and I so move to $7,500 SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT
approve up to $20K to seek outside counsel The Life & Accident Death Benefit in the
for Pension issues. There was no discussion or amount of $24,000 Rick Godinez reported that all the Scholarship
objections. The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of Program winners have received their awards.
$45,000 He recommended that they discuss increasing
Motion carried to approve up to $20K to seek the Scholarship Award amounts at the Board
outside counsel for Pension issues. There was no discussion or objections. Offsite meeting.

REPORT benefits.
Rick Godinez referred to the Golf Tournament
Frank Aguirre presented the following Rick Godinez read the names of members who and indicated that Marketing is working on
motions. recently passed and asked for a moment of getting sponsors and auction items prepared.
silence from the Board. He reported that Marlene is working on getting
The committee recommends and I so move to the Palisades community to recruit more
pay the usual and customary bills in the amount MEMORIALS participants for the L.A. Marathon.
of $1,103.967.87. There was no discussion or
objections. James H. Toon EXECUTIVE SESSION
Kenneth L. Dameron
Motion carried to pay the usual and customary Richard M. Smith The Board entered into Executive Session at
bills in the amount of $1,103,967.87. Dean E. Cathey 11:00 a.m.
James M. Mills The Board adjourned from Executive Session
The committee recommends and I so move Howard R. Garner at 12:07 p.m.
to renew the contract with Santiago & Jones. Charles A. Smith Jr.
Bob Steinbacher indicated that this contract John C. Roeder Member updates, a personnel issue and a
renewal would increase the monthly retainer Conrad C. Marcione legal matter were discussed during Executive
by $1,000 for legal services. There was no Session. No actions were taken.
discussion or objections. ASSISTANCE COMMITTEE
Motion carried to renew the contract with Rick Godinez presented the following motions.
Santiago & Jones. 1) Fire Hogs Memorial Run – July 14th
The committee recommends and I so move 2) LAFRA Board Offsite – September 23rd
The committee recommends and I so move to accept the donations in the amount of 3) LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament –
to approve $750 for the Drill Tower 81 $21,428.03 to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled September 24th
Graduation ceremony. There was no discussion Firemen’s Fund. There was no discussion or 4) IFEBP Annual Conf. – October 14 – 16
or objections. objections. 5) LAFRA Open House – November 3rd

Motion carried to approve $750 for the Drill Motion carried to accept the donations in RETIREMENT DINNERS
Tower 81 Graduation ceremony. the amount of $21,428.03 to the Widows,
Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. 1) Mark Akahoshi – July 26th B @ Brookside
The committee recommends and I so move Golf & Country Club (Aguirre)
to approve the contract renewal for Social The committee recommends and I so move to 2) Vinnie Jenkins – July 28th B @ Fire Station
Media Consultant Deborah Lew. Doak Smith approve the financial assistance applications for 64 (Godinez)
indicated that there was some discussion surviving spouses, active and retired members.
regarding the measurement of value for social There was no discussion or objections. ADJOURNMENT
media posts. There was no further discussion
or objections. Motion carried to approve the financial Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to
assistance applications for surviving spouses, adjourn. Steve Domanski so moved. Tim
Motion carried to approve the contract active and retired members. Larson seconded. There was no discussion and
renewal for Social Media Consultant no objections.
REPORT Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
RELIEF COMMITTEE REPORT Trustees meeting adjourned at 12:28 p.m.
The committee recommends and I so move
Rick Godinez presented the following motion. to advance funds for both active and retired Bob Steinbacher, President

56 • September 2018
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s Fund - August 2018

HENRY MUNOZ JR. proceeds from the private benefit DOUG NOONAN

LYNN O’NEILL in memory of my husband James J. O’Neill GARY T. SHELFORD






ANN R. TOON FIRE STATION NO. 67 from the Fire Extinguisher Fund


BEVERLY J. PROHASKA in memory of Loren Prohaska IRVETTE SMITH in memory of Brian Lee

ROHRBACK TRUST ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of Dean Murray

ROBERT D. NEAMY in memory of Arliss Berenger, GEORGE ROSS in memory of Mel Leydecker
Claude Creasey, Mel Leydecker, Glen Dinger, Dean Cathey,
Tim De Luca, & Don Anthony ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of Mel Leydecker

JANE JOHNSON ARCHER R. MORGAN in memory of Loren Prohaska

KIRK P. BINGHAM CAROL A. DOLL in memory of Julie Stires


JOHN L. PECEL in memory of Lane Kemper SCOTT L. AMES

RICHARD L. WATTERS in memory of Melvin L. Leydecker & MOBILE CAUSE INC

James J. ONeill
CANDICE NONINI in memory of George Georges
CHERYL I. SMITH in memory of Brian Lee
HARRY M. MORCK in memory of Marilyn Rubio, William
Honohan, Loren Prohaska, Donald Brian, & Melvin Leydecker KAVEH FARSHAD


FIRE STATION NO. 15 from the Fire Extinguisher Fund RON & STACEY LEYDECKER in memory of Mel Leydecker

MICHAEL T. MITCHELL in memory of Diah Saritzer RON LEYDECKER in memory of Jim O’Neill

SONJA DAMERON in memory of Kenneth L. Dameron LYNDA MCKENNEY

ALAN T. SCHROEDER in memory of Dean Cathey DEANNA PORTER

VIRGIL D. WARRINGTON in memory of Brian Lee CHRIS ROUNDS in memory of Peter Varnum
TERRI BULLARD in memory of Kenneth L. Dameron VIVKIE RUSSELL in memory of Peter Varnum
BEVERLY J. PROHASKA in memory of Betty Parker MARCENE SAXMAN in honor of Kenneth Dameron
WILLIAM M. WOODSON in memory of Earl E. Harris JOHN SCHERREI in memory of Jim O’Neill
FIRE STATION NO. 21 from the Fire Extinguisher Fund
THOMAS VIGAR in memory of James O’Neill
PAMELA L. MILLER in memory of Earl E. Harris
JOELLEN WELSCH in memory of Loren “Bud” Prohaska
September 2018 • 57
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Flat) 225/40/19 (89Y) - $250 ea. sultingcompany.com 2 bath, 2 story. Sleeps 6-8.
255/35/19 (92Y) - $200 ea. About 6 miles from ski slopes
AIR - Free estimates, residen-
Call (310) 876-5758. GARAGE DOOR INSTALLA- & lake. Fireplace/wood, cable,
tial, commercial. Great rates for
LAFD and LAPD. Toll free (877) TION & SERVICE. Garage full kitchen - furnished. $100
REAL ESTATE 891-1414, (661) 298-3070, FAX doors and openers. Need to per night M - Th. $110 per night
FOR SALE (661) 298-3069. State License replace your broken springs? F-Sun. Weekly available. Sheri
No. 527114 or does your door need repair, (909) 851-1094 or (760) 948-
even replaced? We do it all from 2844.
EXECUTIVE RETIREMENT new product to repairing old.
suited for private estate between
SOLUTIONS, (ERS INC.) Call (661) 860-4563 Grassroots BIG BEAR - Beautiful decked
Los Angeles and San Diego on
We are a professional planning Garage Doors, Inc. Lic# 950020. two story cabin. 2 bedroom, 1
the Reagan Ranch properties.
organization that specializes in Son of 35 year veteran fireman. bath. Sleeps six. Pets OK. Near
Twenty minutes from Tem-
“tax-free” and secure retirement lake, slopes, shopping. Fire-
ecula Wine Country, you will find
plan strategies which allow the MACKENZIE TUCKER HOUSE place/wood, cable/WiFi. Fully
privacy and beauty. Located in
public to benefit from competent SITTING & PET SITTER. Short furnished except linens. Winter
Tenaja Valley, enjoy miles of hik-
and ethical financial planning. or extended stays. For Reserva- $110/$650. Summer $100/$550.
ing and equestrian trails, groves
We have offices in Palos Verdes tions, call (661)703-7154 2 night minimum.
of oak trees and seasonal
and Simi Valley, California. Call TuckerMackenzie@rocket www.schaffercabin.com
running streams. On a water
Todd Ford (424) 772-6050 or fax mail.com Call Donna/Beep (760)723-1475.
table, so well-ready. Excellent
retirement property with multiple (424) 242-0002 or email:
options.Contact LAFD Engineer
lines, sun spots, acne or loss of Deluxe lakeside townhouse,
Chad Logan (562)537-9644 firmness? Rodan and Fields skin
DEFERRED COMPENSATION 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, 2 cable
MANAGEMENT: Introducing products are clinically proven to TVs, HBO, DVD, WiFi, 2 wood
SERVICES My Deferred Compensation change your skin. Start using burning fireplaces, laundry room,
Manager® AL HEWITT, INC., a products that make a difference. tennis court, indoor pool, sauna,
ARE YOU LOOKING TO FEE-ONLY Financial Planning Go to: https:/annatsanchez. spa, boat dock. Fully equipped,
BUY, SELL, INVEST IN A and Investment Management myrandf.com - Love the prod- including all linens. Sleeps 6.
HOME?  Call me, Diana Fuen- Firm, offers Comprehensive ucts? Start selling them online 310-541-8311 or nmbigbear@
tes, Realtor® and wife to Fire Deferred Compensation Man- and become an independent gmail.com
Captain 56A at 661.373.6569, agement using Elite Institutional consultant. Call Annet (626) 818-
dianafuentesrealtor.com, Money Managers. Personalized 1846 for more information. BULLHEAD CITY, AZ. Home for
diana@nchal.com. I also portfolio selection and ongoing rent with river access, 15 min-
58 • September 2018
utes to casinos. Google search off-road desert behind house. minimum. Call Ben (805) 444- Summer $175/night. Holidays
airbnb 17558148 for pictures 3 bed/3 bath, fully furnished w/ 2264. $325/night. Cleaning is included.
and more info. Call for Grape- linens. Direct TV/DVR, BBQ, Mike Whitehouse, Retired,
vine rates. Contact Lewis Smith Casino, Grocery/Meat Market, LAKE MOHAVE / BULLHEAD email: btkwhitey@yahoo.com or
112-B (310)261-0894 Launch Ramp, Marina with Boat CITY. 4 bedroom, 3 full bathroom, Bruce Galien, Retired, 661-645-
House, Gated Community. No 2200 sq/ft Located in private 7448, email: luvbaja2@aol.com
CATALINA BEACH COTTAGE pets/smoking. $350 Dan Cook community w/ private marina and
- 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, one block (310) 418-1577. launch ramp. Directly across from MAMMOTH CONDO AT MAM-
to beach, view, fully equipped the river, backs to large park with MOTH ESTATES, 4BR/3BA,
housekeeping unit. Marci (818) LAKE HAVASU HOME FOR grass. Fully equipped kitchen, sleeps 10, fully furnished, 2
347-6783 or Clarence (310) 510- RENT- 3 BED/2 BATH, Fur- BBQ, Washer/Dryer, TV/DVD. No TVs, DVDs, WiFi, towels/linens,
2721. nished Modern Home, Sleeps 9. cable. No pets, No Smoking. Call fireplace. Full kitchen. Walk to
2 Car Garage, Covered Boat Kevin (805) 279-2430 Gondola Village and shuttle.
CATALINA CONDO - HAM- Parking . Laundry, BBQ, TVs, Complex has pool, spa, sauna,
ILTON COVE. Ocean front, 1 Cable. Quiet Cul-De-Sac Street. MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Sum- laundry. Winter $335/night, Sum-
bed, 1 1/2 bath, sleeps 4. Steps 3 miles to London Bridge, mit condo, sleeps 6. Convenient mer $215/night, plus cleaning.
to beach, pool, gym, putting located near Golf Course. Lake underground garage parking. Ja- Includes city bed tax. No pets,
course, tennis and more. Newly View. No pets, No Smoking. cuzzis, gym (pool/tennis in sum- no smoking. Dory Jones (310)
refurbished, fully equipped. Summer/Winter/Snowbird/ mertime), shuttle right outside! 918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran
Includes golf cart, WiFi. Contact Holiday Rates. Cleaning Fee in- Across from Eagle Lodge, Win- (310) 619-5355
Bart @ (310) 510-0190. Ham- cluded. Call John (323)449-4473 ter $110 per night, Summer $80
iltoncove.com. Ask for “LAFD per night plus $65 cleaning fee MAMMOTH CONDO. 2 bed-
8-89” discount. Owner active LAKE HAVASU LANDING and 13% tax. All linens included. room & large loft, 3 full baths,
LAFD. RESORT. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) sleeps 8. 5 minute walk to Can-
waterfront house, boat, moor- 513-2000 or mammoth241@ yon Lodge. Fully furnished, TVs,
COEUR D’ALENE IDAHO ing out front, fully furnished, aol.com VCR/DVD, pool, spa, rec room,
Lakeside Resort Town. 1909 laundry, gas BBQ, launch ramp, sauna, linens included. Winter
Vintage Vacation Home walking gated community, grocery MAMMOTH CONDO - 2 bdrm, $175 weekdays, $195-week-
distance to lake and downtown store, hardware store. No pets, 2 bath, 2 TV’s, phone, garage, ends/holidays; summer $125,
entertainment. Sleeps 12 with no smoking. Email Kathy at pool, jacuzzi, fully furnished - ex- plus cleaning. No smoking; no
5 Bed-2 Ba, 3000 sq ft Fully scarkj@yahoo.com or call ept linens. Near shuttle/chair 15. pets. Craig Yoder (909) 948-
Furnished including Hot Tub. (760) 858-4470 Winter $125/night. Weekends 3659.
Winter, Summer, Spring or Fall and Holidays $110 midweek.
easily accessible from Spokane LARGE LAKE HAVASU HOME Summer $95/night. $495/week. MAMMOTH LAKES - One
Airport. www.vacasa.com/unit. FOR RENT – 5 bedroom, 3 No smoking. No pets. Jim John- bedroom, extremely charming
php?UnitID=11928 bath, 2900 sqft home with ame- son (818) 992-7564, FS 80C. wildflower condo. Full amenities,
http://www.vacasa.com/unit. nities & pool that easily sleeps close to shuttle. Antiques, art,
php?UnitID=11928 14+ people. Centrally located, MAMMOTH CONDO- SEA- satellite TV, fireplace. Sleeps 4.
LAFD Family Owned 1 mile from the lake, close to SONS FOUR RESORT. Winter $110, Summer $85 plus
downtown shops and restau- Charming and cozy furnished cleaning fees. Call Bill Clark
JUNE LAKE CABIN - 2BR/2BA rants. Check out home at 1 Bedroom sleeps 5. Updated (818) 371-6722
cabin with Carson Peak https://www.vrbo. unit with amenities including Email: shakesong@aol.com
view. Close to fishing & ski- com/4648549ha wifi, sauna, jacuzzi, phone,
ing. Furnished, wood deck, Call Julie 818-268-7906 for spe- rec room, 2 flat screens , DVD MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
equipped kitchen, wood burning cial firefighter family rates. players. W/D on site. Shuttle Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
stove, tree swing, cable /DVD/ stop. Walking distance to village. sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV, VCR,
phone. Garage/ample parking. LAKE HAVASU LANDING RE- $120/night + $80 Cleaning fee DVD. Garage parking. Walk to
$100/night plus cleaning fee. SORT BEACHFRONT HOME Bobby@310-350-5552. Canyon Lodge. Ski back trail.
Email for pictures. Jeff Easton with boat mooring. Swim, ski 2 night minimum. Winter $100/
LAFD retired (805) 217-5602. or fish from front yard. 4 bed/2 MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy 2 nite, $125 Fri, Sat & Holidays.
junebound@gmail.com bath, fully furnished. DirectTV/ bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully fur- Summer $60/nite. Plus $120
DVD/WiFi, pool table, laundry, nished, WIFI, 3 TV’s, pool, spa, cleaning & linens. Jeff & Lisa
LAKE HAVASU BEAUTY FOR BBQ. Gated community with ca- walk to shuttle, Old Mammoth Moir (661) 254-5788.
RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600 sino, groceries, marina, launch area. Winter $115, Summer
sq.ft. Fully furnished with all ramp and off-road trails. No $90, plus cleaning fee $139 and MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
amenities- Laundry & BBQ. pets, no smoking. $350 Bowen/ 14% city tax. Includes linens. No Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio
13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car boat-deep Garner email: smoking. Call (310) 540-4648. loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full
garage. 3 miles from launch havasulanding27@gmail.com kitchen, 2 baths, garage parking,
ramp. Close to downtown shops MAMMOTH CONDO NEXT TO TV, VCR, DVD. Winter Sun-
& restaurants. View of the lake. LAKE NACIMIENTO. Oak THE GONDOLA VILLAGE – Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat $115/
Quiet street in good neighbor- Shores gated community. 3 Fully furnished, three bedroom, nite plus cleaning fee $100. Non
hood. No pets. No smoking. bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large loft. two bath with towels and linens, smoking complex. Joel Parker,
Snowbird rates. Call Mike (661) 3minute drive to main marina in internet cable TV, pool and LAFD retired.
510-6246 Oak Shores. Large flat driveway. Jacuzzi. Walk to the gondola, email: cat25sailor@gmail.com
Fully equipped kitchen, BBQ, shops, restaurants and ski in on or (213) 399-6534.
LAKE HAVASU LANDING- washer/dryer, TV/DVD. No the new comeback trail. Park-
WATERFRONT, steps to the cable. No pets/smoking. $225/ ing at the front door. 2018/19 MAUI BEACH FRONT CONDO
water. Boat mooring out front, night. $150 cleaning fee. 3 night RATES: Winter: $275/night. ON NAPILI BAY - 50’ from
September 2018 • 59
water. Studios and 1 bedroom. friendly. Spacious 4 bedrooms $115 per night plus cleaning. or call 661-297-2398 as for Jeff.
Luxury furnishings + full kitchen. with game room. Come relax Call Shawn or Rose Agnew at Make money with your mo-
All the amenities! Maui’s best and enjoy the large pool with (661) 250-9907 or (661) 476- torhomes to offset your payment.
snorkeling/beach. All island jacuzzi and built-in BBQ. Game 6288. We sub-lease RV’s.
activities & Kapalua within 4 min- room has a pool table, ping pong
utes. 5-day minimum, from $150 table, pinball machine and bar. SUNSET RANCH ­PALM WANTED
per night (regularly $310/night). Patio areas with seating for all. DESERT. 163 acre ranch
Call Sherrie or Bill for info/reser- Walk to “El Paseo” dining and private ski lake. Perfect for LOOKING FOR A RETIRED
vations (805) 530-0007 or email: stores. Pet friendly. No smoking. Family vacations. Ranch house FIREFIGHTER OR INSPECTOR
pmimaui@aol.com or visit: Email: lilinoecastro@yahoo. accommodates large groups. with high rise experience and a
www.napilibaymaui.com com or text (562) 895-8263. Amenities: pool, AC, billards, passion for training. Part time,
TV, fishing, pet friendly. Nearby $300-$700/day. Mainly So-Cal
MAUI’S MOST BEAUTIFUL PALM SPRINGS- 3Bdr/3Ba golf, casinos, ATV riding. Also, area with possiblity of travel to
BEACH - Napili Bay. Beautiful Pool home with great back yard Premier lodging for Coachella SF, CO & AZ. Certificate of Fit-
furnished condo that sleeps 4. to BBQ. Fully furnished w/WiFi, music festivals. *Seasonal duck ness preferred, but not required.
Lanai/balcony, full kitchen, king Big screen Cable TV and Pool hunting club. See website for Contact Olga @ Sure-Path Solu-
bed, flat screen TV’s/DVD, AC’s Table. Pets Ok on gated proper- rates and info: tions to join our fun team! (951)
free WiFi (internet), complimen- ty. Close to Palm Springs Aerial sunsetranchoasis.com 277-1761 or
tary maid service, complimen- Tramway,Casino and Down or call Nick Davidson olga@surepathsolutions.net
tary coffee every morning and Town. Call property manager for (424) 237-4121
breakfast on Fridays. Special DESERT SUNSHINE house and
firefighters’ discount - Best value ask for seasonal pricing.
in West Maui! Nice pool & BBQ (800) 215-9880
area - Close to beach!
VEHICLES For advertising information,
(800) 336-2185 SOUTH LAKE TAHOE Ro-
MOTORHOMES FOR RENT. please contact:
www.napilivillage.com mantic Chalet Family getaway.
Several Class C’s & Class A’s for Eric Santiago
Don Sprenger - retired LAFD 3 bed/2 bath plus loft. Sleeps
(949) 929-0989 8–10. Cable TV, washer/dryer,
rent. Serving family and friends (323) 259-5231
for over 15 years. LAFD, LASD, eric@lafra.org
microwave, woodburning stove.
PALM DESERT - Gated mini 7 minutes to casinos and Heav-
estate on half acre. Multi-family enly. Located in Tahoe Paradise.
Visit us at www.so-calrv.com

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


“#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years!” Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve Denson—Fleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson­­­­­­­­­
For special pricing contact steve@hamertoyota.com 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry Miller—Fleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621 DaveE@hondaofhollywood.com
15505 Roscoe Blvd “Specializing in hassle-free car buying”
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l www.galpin.com

60 • September 2018
Fire Station 80

Engine Company 80 “B” Platoon February 25, 1945|Auto Fireman C. M. Godman| Engineer
W. A. Grimm|C. A. Woodburn, Jr.|Nick Betz|Captain L. L Riggs|G. G. Schiefer

Fire Station 80 1956-1985 (Presently FS 51) Fire Station 80 1985-2010

Present day Fire Station 80. 7250 World Way West.

80 crew. August
Fire Station

Engine 80 went into service October 16, 1941 on the “B” shift under the command of Captain Leslie “Doc” Riggs. The quarters at one time was a
five-room bungalow belonging to the Engineering Department. A lean-to for the rig was added and presto, a new company was born. -Searle Bennett
September 2018 • 61
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

The professionals at Firefighter Insurance
Services (FIS) understand the unique
lifestyles of firefighters and their families.
FIS can evaluate your current policies to help
make sure you have the appropriate coverage.
FIS works with dependable insurance
providers such as Allied, Capital Insurance
Group, Hartford, Safeco, Mercury, Civil
Service Employees Insurance Group,
Travelers and others.


For more information and to get an insurance quote, please visit
www.firefighterinsuranceservices.com • (800) 231-1626

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