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Science in Ohio 2018-2019

Graham High School

Miss Austin Wick & Ms. Betsy Moore
wicka@grahamlocalschools.org | mooreb@grahamlocalschools.org

Website: awick.weebly.com Twitter: @GHSWickScience | @mrsmoore_ghs

Course Description: The goal of this course is to gain an appreciation for the natural materials that
make up the earth, the processes that modify these materials, the dynamic systems that change the
surface of the earth through geologic time, and the impact and effects of humans on the earth. This
course will also go into depth about the geologic history of Ohio and will look at key geologic regions
and features of the state.

Supplies: A pen/pencil, paper, and textbook are needed every day for class. A binder or folder is
recommended to hold all assignments and materials.

Attendance: When you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the absence clipboard to see what
you missed and get any missing assignments from the bin. Do not wait until a quiz or test to state that
you missed a topic; this will not be accepted as a valid excuse once makeup time has passed. . If you are
absent the day before or the day of an assessment, you will be expected to take it the day you return to
class. If any work was due on the day of absence, students will be expected to turn in those assignments
the day they return to class. Assignments given on the day of absence will be given the number of days
absent plus one day to complete.

Demonstrations and Lab Exercises are difficult if not impossible at times to make up, so being present
and actively participating in class each day is crucial. If you were absent on lab day then you must stay
after school, or come in during a free period when you return to make up the lab. In some instances,
making up a lab is not possible. In this cases, and alternative assignment will be provided.

Grading: All assignments must be turned in before the tardy bell of the due date. Late work will not be
accepted for full credit. All work must be completed by the due date to receive full credit. Late
assignments will receive a 10% deduction of the total points for each day past the due date. Homework
that is not taken for a grade, just completion, will not be accepted late. If student is excused absent on
the due date, work is due the day they get back. Late work must have a “late receipt” attached to it to
receive any credit.

Cheating will not be tolerated. You will receive a zero on the test, assignment, homework etc. and your
parents will be notified. You may not retest on the material you cheated on. Talking during any
assessment or test will be considered cheating.

Grading Scale:
A+ 99 - 100 B- 83 - 84 D 67 - 71
A 94 – 98 C+ 81 - 82 D- 65 - 66
A- 92 - 93 C 76 - 80 F 0 - 64
B+ 90 - 91 C- 74 - 75
B 85 - 89 D+ 72 - 73
Extra Credit: Extra credit will be offered periodically throughout the year. It is the student’s
responsibility to participate in extra credit assignments when offered. No additional extra credit will be
given at the end of the quarters/semesters.

Homework: Students will have frequent homework. Students usually have some class time to start the
homework assignment to answer some questions before they go home. Some very motivated students
do finish in class. Homework is due at the beginning of class for full credit. Homework that is not taken
for a grade, just completion, will not be accepted late

Electronics: Cell phones may not be used in class unless instructed by the teacher. You are permitted to
use a laptop/tablet for notetaking. If the device is being use for purposes other than educational, you
will no longer be permitted to use it. The devices may not be used on lab days.

Topics to be covered:
Prelude & Chapter 10: Introduction to Geology & Geologic Time
Chapter 1: Forming the Universe
Chapter 1: Context of the Earth
Chapter 2: The Way the Earth Works
Chapter 8: Earthquakes
Chapter 3 &4: Rocks & Minerals
Chapter 6: Weathering & Soils
Chapter 6: Sedimentary Rocks
Chapter 13: Landslides and Mass Movements
Chapter 18: Glaciers & Ice Ages
Chapter 14: Streams and Floods
Chapter 16: Groundwater

Classroom Expectations:
 Be respectful and polite to others & their property
 Come to class prepared with all necessary materials
 Be in your seat when the bell rings
 Use appropriate, respectful language in the classroom
 Leave food and drinks out of the classroom
 Clean up after yourself
 Do your own work
 Turn assignments in on time
 Wait for dismissal before leaving
 Actively listen and participate