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AUTO INSPECTION & PHOTOGRAPH REPORT Vehicles bound with PHYSICAL DAMAGE coverage must be inspected and photographed. Vehicles with EXISTING DAMAGE may not be bound (other than normal wear & tear disclosed below) renee =< == = eine hase Saieaian we as = ll erro Waar it [alo Nissen Tan 1NGAAWEDG ANS 228-04 | [osemeterreeana: 14 [S14 [6 14 1Y License Plato #] y[[teonse state:| 47 \Poliey bn = PHYSICAL CONDITION OF VEHICLE Plensercheck damaged areas o areas in poor contin (ex. dents, scratches and us). Give particular attention to bumper, windshields and condton of paint Please provide a wren descition of any damage. a Qo : re Bo eer 9998 a? Oe Oe Desir lems checked above and any other damage: ; PHOTOGRAPHS “Two photographs showing font and sie, and rear an side, wit Ioens plate, re required In sdton tothe above inspection, Please maintain ether & hare copy of the phos inthe insures fle, Itakencigtaly, they can be stored on your hed ive os INSPECTION IS NOT NEEDED WHEN: *+ Anew, unused vehicle is purchased from s Icensed dealer or leasing company, we ae provided wit: (1) a copy ofthe bl of ale or buyer's order ‘containing a full description ofthe vehicle incusing af options and accesseries, or (2) 2 copy ofthe Wtregievaton showing vanstr of onnereip. {anda copy ofthe window sickerealer invoice with alloplons Usted, + A voici eased for lass than 8 months, I we receive te lease or rental agreement wih a descrston ofthe leased vehi, including te physical Condon. ‘The undersigned certifies that this Auto Inspection Report is true and also attests to the authenticity of the VIN. an aR a) mane Aen eo TnepedrWagertsNane—Tnapectoratagents Signature 0 Box 723128 * ante, GA * 31196-0128 * Phone: (888) 825-2802 * Fax (877) 952-0258 * www. AssuranceAmerica.com mascinn > Be sues JO Siow!!! pe