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MYP Year 3 Assessment Strands (Years 7 and 8)

Criterion A - Knowing and Understanding

i) Demonstrate awareness of the artform, including the use of appropriate language

Showing that you understand the artform studied and that you can use subject specific
language correctly.

ii) Demonstrate knowledge of the role of the art form in original or displaced contexts
Showing that you understand the art form in it’s original setting, and how it has been
used and further developed by people in later times and places.

iii) Use acquired knowledge to inform your artwork

Showing the ways in which you are using your new knowledge to directly shape your
own classwork.

Criterion B - Developing Skills

i) Demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the
Showing how you have gained and developed new skills and techniques specific to the
art form studied.

ii) Demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present
Showing that you have used these new skills effectively in creating and
performing/presenting your own work.
Criterion C - Thinking Creatively

i) Outline a clear and feasible artistic intention

Showing that you have thought about the purpose of your performance/art work (the
impact will it have on the audience) and communicating this clearly using art form
specific vocabulary.

ii) Outline alternatives, perspectives, and imaginative solutions

Showing that you have looked at different ways of doing things. Communicating what
you have done and why clearly.

iii) Demonstrate the exploration of ideas through the developmental process to a point of
Showing how you have looked at lots of different ideas and had creative ideas during
the process of creating your performance/art work. Communicating this clearly through
various mediums.

Criterion D - Responding

i) Outline connections and transfer learning to new settings

Showing that you have made connections and that you can identify links between
ideas/art forms/genres etc. Showing how you have used your learning in new settings
such as your class work in Drama/VA/Music, or work in other subjects.

ii) Create an artistic response inspired by the world around them

Showing what has inspired you and why. Explaining how the ideas you had have been
influenced by people, places, ideas and things. Showing how your research has
influenced your work.

iii) Evaluate the artwork of self and others

Showing that you can reflect on your own work and the work of others