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00 ❚ THE NATION'S NEWS AUGUST 10 - 12, 2018

After rough start,

Tiger has shot at
PGA Championship
WEEKEND Woods’ quest for a 15th major title is
still alive after he finishes first round at
even-par, five shots off lead. In Sports



IN LIFE A profitable
Avialae Horton, 21, is one of Unite
the Right’s lead rally organizers.


‘Rainbow’ shines light

on pop star Kesha Far-right
Documentary reveals tough moments
leading up to this year’s Grammys

Fridays feature HBO’s kWh

most offbeat fare
A look at three of the network’s
freaky, fun, genre-breaking offerings
Manafort trial is
a claim
must-watch for locals Controversial rally
Devoted neighbors pack Alexandria,
Va., courtroom to take in the drama
in DC finds them
in leading roles

Marina Pitofsky
Hurricane Maria toll USA TODAY
Government finally acknowledges
more than 1,400 died in storm
More hospitals across the USA are learning The “Unite the Right” rally in Char-
going green can help keep them out of the red lottesville, Virginia, last year brought
IN MONEY together a cadre of white nationalists
Julie Appleby Kaiser Health News and neo-Nazis. One gender was un-
When to walk away derrepresented: the women of the

from auto dealerships ospitals are energy hogs. ❚ With their 24/7 far-right.
The lack of female supporters at the
The hard-sell way of doing business is lighting, heating and water needs, they use up to event in August 2017, which ended in
alive and well at your local showroom five times more energy than a luxury hotel. ❚ the death of one counterprotester
and dozens of injuries, could be attrib-
Free speech on social Executives at some systems view their facilities uted to a variety of reasons: The far-
right culture has excluded women
media a sticky subject like hotel managers, adding amenities, upscale lobbies and
from some groups and in certain in-
Removal of far-right content spurs larger parking garages in an effort to attract patients and stances has advocated for violence
arguments about First Amendment against women.
increase revenue. But some hospitals are revamping with a Alt-right activist Richard Spencer,
IN SPORTS different goal in mind: becoming more energy-efficient, which who spoke at the Charlottesville pro-
test last year, has said he is not sure
Giants fans never can also boost the bottom line. women should have the right to vote
and tweeted that women are too
shunned Barry Bonds “We’re saving $1 million to $3 mil- according to a paper by researchers “vindictive” to handle foreign policy.
Bob Nightengale: Sellout crowd will lion a year in hard cash,” said Jeff at Northeastern University and Yale. Andrew Anglin, founder of the far-
watch slugger’s jersey be retired Thompson, former CEO of Gunder- Increasingly, health systems are right website The Daily Stormer, who
sen Health System in La Crosse, paying attention: helped publicize last year’s rally, has
NFL position battles go Wisconsin, which in 2014 became ❚ Gundersen Health System in a long history of posting sexist com-
the first hospital system in the USA Wisconsin employs wind, wood ments online.
beyond quarterbacks to produce more energy than it con- chips, landfill-produced methane So why are women getting more in-
10 non-QB races that could go a long sumed. And, he said, “we’re pollut- gas – even cow manure – to generate volved this year for the second Unite
way toward shaping the 2018 season ing a lot less.” power, reporting more than a 95 per- the Right rally Sunday in Washington?
The health care sector, one of the cent drop in its emissions of carbon For Avialae Horton, one of the
nation’s largest industries, is re- monoxide, particulate matter and
sponsible for nearly 10 percent of all mercury from 2008 to 2016. See WOMEN, Page 8A

QIJFAF-05005v(d)c ©COPYRIGHT 2018

A division of
Gannett Co., Inc.
greenhouse gas emissions – hun-
dreds of millions of tons of carbon
each year. Hospitals make up more
than one-third of those emissions,
❚ Boston Medical Center ana-
lyzed its hospital for redundant and


Honoring Heather Heyer
One year later, mother talks about
daughter’s death at rally. 8A


USA SNAPSHOTS © Thou shalt not kill? 71 percent

of white evangelical Protestants
support the death penalty, compared
Christians’ shared faith swers. Just as the death penalty divides
the nation, views among the religious
with 37 percent of black Protestants.

splits on death penalty on state-sanctioned execution splinter

48 percent
along denominational lines and from
Holly Meyer Nashville Tennessean pew to pew. of religiously unaffiliated
USA TODAY NETWORK – TENNESSEE Those perspectives are shaped by Americans support it.
how they view Scripture and how much
Barring extraordinary circum- weight they give to church leadership,

of newly diagnosed Type 2
stances, Billy Ray Irick probably will be
dead by the time you read this.
Irick faced lethal injection for the
said Graham Reside, an ethics and soci-
ety professor at Vanderbilt Divinity
School in Nashville.
rape and murder of a 7-year-old girl in “It’s a question of authority,” he said.
diabetes patients stop
1985. His case and those of other death “Where do you place your authority?”
taking their medications for
row inmates put questions about the Evangelical Christians, for example,
the illness within one year.
ethics and morals of capital punish- tend to place theirs in the Bible instead
ment front and center. of denominational leaders. Roman
SOURCE IBM Watson Health analysis of 324,136
adults with Type 2 diabetes Christians — despite their shared
MIKE B. SMITH, JANET LOEHRKE/USA TODAY core beliefs — do not agree on the an- See DIVIDE, Page 2A GETTY IMAGES/ISTOCKPHOTO


Hospitals Economic Institute, which released a

report this spring outlining ways the
five-year return on investment, Biggio
said. “We are a safety-net hospital with
things as reducing the heating and air
conditioning in operating rooms during
hospital industry can help states such a large Medicaid population,” he said. hours they are not in use, with median
Continued from Page 1A as California reach environmental goals “So this is the last place people expect to annual cost savings of $45,398, a report
by becoming more efficient. see the type of investments and pro- from the group notes. Other energy re-
underused space, then downsized while When Bob Biggio was hired in 2011 to gress we’ve made.” duction efforts net a median $53,599 in
increasing patient capacity. Among oth- oversee Boston Medical Center’s facili- How to sell that in the C-suite? annual savings, and swapping older
er changes, it has a gas-fired 2-mega- ties, hospital leaders were about to The environment argument wasn’t lighting for new LED bulbs in operating
watt cogeneration plant that traps and launch a broad redesign. Yet the hospital how Thompson persuaded executives rooms saves $3,329.
reuses heat, which saves money and faced serious financial struggles. He put at Gundersen. “At no point did I mention Individually, those savings are not
emissions while supplying 41 percent of the move on hold while analyzing how climate change or polar bears,” he said. even rounding errors in most hospitals’
the hospital’s needs and backing up es- the hospital used its space. Instead, he focused on the organiza- total expenses, which are measured in
sential services if the municipal power “My first impression with data I had tion’s mission to improve health – and the millions of dollars.
grid fails. gathered was our campus was about the potential cost savings. Still, within facility expenses, energy
❚ Kaiser Permanente aims to be “car- 400,000 square feet bigger than it needed Of the more than 5,000 hospitals in use accounts for 51 percent of spending,
bon-neutral” by 2020, mainly by incor- to be,” Biggio said. “A square foot you nev- the country, about 1,100 are members of so even modest cuts are “significant,”
porating solar energy at up to 100 of its er have to build is most efficient of all.” Practice Greenhealth, a nonprofit group said Kara Brooks, sustainability pro-
hospitals and other facilities. One in use The new design is smaller but more that promotes environmental steward- gram manager for the American Society
at its Richmond (California) Medical efficient, handling 20 percent higher ship. Fewer than 300 hospitals qualify for Healthcare Engineering.
Center helped reduce electric bills by patient volume and eliminating the as Energy Star facilities, an Environ- Ultimately, that may affect what hos-
about $140,000 a year. (Kaiser Health need for ambulance transportation be- mental Protection Agency program that pitals charge insurers and patients.
News is not affiliated with Kaiser Per- tween far-flung areas of the campus. It recognizes buildings that rank in the top “If hospitals can lower peak demand
manente.) cut power consumption by 42 percent quartile for energy conservation among through energy efficiency efforts, that
Though the environmental benefits from a 2011 baseline. their peers. will directly impact their pricing,”
are important, “what I’ve seen over the Though the hospital sunk a lot of Greenhealth estimates its members Thorpe said.
years is cost reductions are the prime money into the renovation, the center average about $1 million a year in savings, Kaiser Health News is a nonprofit
motivator,” said Patrick Kallerman, re- was able to sell off some of its land to but it all depends what steps they take. news service covering health issues. It is
search manager at the Bay Area Council help offset the costs. That led to about a There are modest savings from such an editorially independent program.

Corrections & Clarifications

Divide according to the National Conference of

State Legislatures.
After the Vatican announced the
change, prominent Southern Baptist
USA TODAY is committed to accuracy.
To reach us, contact Standards Editor
Manny Garcia at 800-872-7073 or
Gov. Bill Haslam pointed out the le- leader Russell Moore republished a re- e-mail accuracy@usatoday.com. Please
indicate whether you’re responding to
Continued from Page 1A gality of the death penalty in Tennessee sponse to Pope Francis he wrote in content online, on social media or in
on Monday night when he declined to 2016. the newspaper.
Catholics put theirs in Scripture as well intervene in Irick’s lethal injection. In At the time, the pope had cited one
as church teachings. 1986, a Knox County jury convicted Irick of the Ten Commandments – Thou
The Bible is ambiguous on the death of the murder and aggravated rape of shalt not kill – in opposing the death
penalty, said Reside, who teaches phi- 7-year-old Paula Dyer. penalty. Moore argued that it was
losophy and religion courses to inmates Marvin Padgett, an ordained minis- wrong to apply the commandment to 7950 Jones Branch Dr., McLean, Va. 22108, 703-854-3400
Published by Gannett, Volume 36, No. 231
on Tennessee’s death row. That means ter of the Presbyterian Church in Amer- every application of capital punish- (ISSN0734-7456)
believers can interpret Scripture as ei- ica, said he supports the death penalty ment.
ther for or against it, he said. and believes the Bible permits it. But it “We must not lose the distinction SUBSCRIPTIONS 1-800-USA-0001
The majority of Americans support should not be taken lightly nor celebrat- the Bible makes between the innocent Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET

the death penalty. Fifty-six percent said ed, he said. and the guilty,” Moore wrote.
Regular U.S. subscription rates: $29 per month; $348 per
they favor it for those convicted of “It is something to be approached W. James Booth visits Tennessee’s year. For customer service-related inquiries, please
murder, according to a Pew Research with gravity,” Padgett said. death row nearly every Saturday for an contact Barb Smith, VP/Customer Service, PO BOX
650301, DALLAS TX 75265-0301, or fax 1-800-732-3631.
Center survey in 2015. The racial imbalance of those sen- ecumenical service and study group.
Advertising: All advertising published in USA TODAY is
The survey breaks down support and tenced to death in America concerns Like Pope Francis, Booth, director of subject to the current rate card; copies available from the
opposition by religious affiliation: Padgett. People of color account for a prison ministry for the Roman Catho- advertising department. USA TODAY may in its sole
❚ 71 percent of white evangelical Prot- disproportionate number of those sen- lic Diocese of Nashville, opposes cap- discretion edit, classify, reject or cancel at any time any
advertising submitted.
estants support the death penalty; tenced and executed, according to the ital punishment. Classified: 1-800-397-0070
25 percent oppose it. American Civil Liberties Union. “We try as Christians to educate our National, Regional: 703-854-3400
❚ 66 percent of white mainline Prot- Pope Francis changed the Catholic passions in light of Christ’s teachings,” Reprint permission, copies of articles, glossy reprints:
www.GannettReprints.com or call 212-221-9595
estants support it; 27 percent oppose it. Church’s stance on the death penalty Booth said. “That teaching is one
❚ 53 percent of Catholics support it; last week. It is now “inadmissable” be- consistently of forgiveness, not being USA TODAY is a member of The Associated Press and
subscribes to other news services. Published daily except
42 oppose it. cause it attacks the inherent dignity of the first to throw the stone, that hu- Saturdays, Sundays and widely observed holidays.
❚ 37 percent of black Protestants all humans; before, an exception al- man beings are capable of change and Periodicals postage paid at McLean, Va., and at additional
mailing offices. USA TODAY, its logo and associated
support it; 58 percent oppose it. lowed for it if no other way to defend not to be treated as if they are mere ob- graphics are registered trademarks. All rights reserved.
Regardless of the moral questions, human lives against an “unjust aggres- jects to be killed in order to satisfy a POSTMASTER: Send address changes to USA TODAY,
capital punishment is legal in 31 states, sor” existed. thirst for revenge.” 8700-K Red Oak Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28217.


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Manafort trial a must for locals

Neighbors are devoted
to real-life legal drama
Kevin Johnson

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Most days, they

are among the first in line.
In a sea of dark suits, they lean more
toward summer casual and comfortable
Outside of an army of journalists
chronicling the criminal fraud trial of
former Trump campaign chairman Paul
Manafort, few have tracked the pro-
ceedings more closely than the resi-
dents of the high-rise community that
surrounds the federal courthouse.
Many are retirees or those who work
from home. Most regard the trial as
entertainment, a curiosity or a civics
lesson. Sometimes a combination of all
During opening arguments and this
week’s testimony by Manafort’s long-
time business partner Rick Gates, they
packed the benches in the ninth-floor
courtroom and in an overflow room
three floors below where the proceed-
ings were beamed in via closed-circuit
Among the group was a busy knitter,
whose handiwork kept pace with the Seeking an entertaining diversion or a personal view of the latest news, people line up Wednesday outside the Albert
rhythm of the lawyers’ questioning. V. Bryan U.S. Courthouse where former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is on trial in Alexandria, Va. GETTY IMAGES
There have been more than a few
nappers, including a man who dozed off
during Gates’ testimony – on the right lived near the courthouse for several est in the everyday proceedings of the
shoulder of a journalist. The reporter years and had never attended a trial criminal justice system. He said more
was careful not to rouse the elderly man before Manafort’s, said they were “Last week, I just people should be exposed to the legal
until it was necessary to relieve the moved by the divisive political climate plight of undocumented immigrants.
weight on his note-taking arm. that reigns in and around the nation’s got hooked.” Ellis’ off-the-cuff commentary is one
“Last week, I just got hooked,” said capital. “We felt that this is the time we James Dana Adams of the reasons Adams comes back to
James Dana Adams, a retired federal should see our system in action,” Nancy Retired federal worker court, day after day.
worker who has been very much awake Seaver said. Jim Clark, a retired attorney, said he’s
throughout the proceedings. George Seaver, a retired risk manage- reached a verdict, and it won’t please
Adams, who lives two blocks away ment executive, said he and his wife had “Judges should be patient,” Ellis, 78, Manafort.
from the Albert V. Bryan U.S. Court- followed the case and desired a closer declared Wednesday. “They made a “I’ve spent a lot of time following the
house, said he followed the Manafort view, given its proximity to their home. mistake when they confirmed me.” whole Trump thing,” said Clark, outfit-
case for months through news reports “It is interesting to see how the pro- The comment sent a ripple of laugh- ted in appropriate retirement gear of
but wasn’t aware until last week that ceedings are going – who is telling the ter across the benches in both court- Hawaiian shirt and sandals.
members of the public were permitted truth and who isn’t,” George Seaver said. rooms, including the gallery where Clark said he was “convinced” that
to observe trials. The Seavers and Adams have been Adams watched intently. Gates was telling the truth, despite his
“I’ve been fascinated on so many dif- amused by the unusually active role The surge in public interest has not many acknowledged faults.
ferent levels, watching the whole story played by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis escaped Ellis. After Gates’ testimony, there was a
as it’s being pieced together in court,” III. The jurist, who has a taskmaster’s Presiding over an unrelated immigra- drop in attendance, opening more than
said the 66-year-old spectator, clad in reputation, has fully lived up to his tion case as a packed gallery waited for few spaces on the ninth and sixth floors
shorts and casual shirt. profile, continually challenging prose- the Manafort main event, Ellis lamented of the courthouse.
George and Nancy Seaver, who have cutors to pick up the pace of the case. that the public doesn’t take more inter- Perhaps it was time for a nap.

Pentagon hangs on Maria joins ranks of Katrina

to sexual assault study as Puerto Rico revises toll
More than 1,400 islanders
Delayed risk report could and functionality, we must be certain
of the strengths, limitations and func- died in last year’s storm
frighten recruits, families tionality of the new risk estimation
analysis fielded in the RAND report,” Rick Jervis
Tom Vanden Brook Barna wrote. USA TODAY
USA TODAY “We’re confident we utilized the
best scientific methodology to analyze The Puerto Rican government ac-
WASHINGTON – The Pentagon again the available data and stand behind knowledged Thursday that the death
delayed release of a report ranking the both the soundness of our analysis toll from Hurricane Maria was more
risk of sexual assault at more than 200 and our findings,” Hiday said. than 1,400 – an estimate many times
military installations, comparing the The RAND study was commis- higher than the official count it has
study to unleashing an untested weap- sioned by the Pentagon in July 2016. clung to for months.
on system, according to interviews and The aim was to review data on sexual In a draft report to Congress posted
documents obtained by USA TODAY. assault and harassment in 2014 to de- online, the government said the death
The release of the study, rescheduled termine how they affect the risk of as- toll is 1,427, based on public health rec-
for September, could spark concerns sault at individual bases. ords. It said 527,000 homeowners re- Thousands of pairs of shoes were laid
among troops and their families, partic- RAND agreed to create supplemen- ported damage to their homes and outside Puerto Rico’s Capitol in June
ularly those stationed at bases where tal products to help clarify the results about 40 schools permanently closed to represent the island’s uncounted
RAND Corp. research determines they while maintaining the integrity of its because of structural damage. dead from Hurricane Maria. EPA
face the highest risk of sexual assault. original methods and results, Air Force “Although the official death count
The report’s rankings will be of par- Maj. Carla Gleason, a Pentagon from the Puerto Rico Department of
ticular interest to the tens of thousands spokeswoman, said Wednesday. Public Safety was initially 64, the toll causing widespread destruction and a
of recruits who join the military each appears to be much higher,” it said. months-long blackout.
year and their families. It could raise The 411-page document, titled A New York Times analysis of island
questions about what choice, if any, “Transformation and Innovation in records estimated the death toll at
they have in declining assignment to a “Just as (the Defense Department) the Wake of Devastation: An Economic about 1,052. In May, a Harvard Univer-
post with a higher risk of assault and would not field a weapon system and Disaster Recovery Plan for Puerto sity study estimated that 800 to 8,500
what liability the military has for a without knowing its strengths, Rico,” laid out the government’s recov- people died because of Maria.
recruit assaulted at such a base. limitations and functionality, we ery plans and estimated it will need Gov. Ricardo Rossello acknowledged
The Pentagon received an updated must be certain of the strengths, about $125 billion over the next decade that the official count of 64 probably
draft of the study July 24, four days limitations and functionality of to rebuild. About $35 billion in federal was low but hesitated to confirm a high-
after USA TODAY reported that Defense the new risk estimation analysis.” disaster recovery money has been al- er count until further study. The govern-
Department officials were reluctant to Stephanie Barna located for Puerto Rico. ment commissioned George Washing-
release it. RAND stood by its findings. Top personnel official at the Pentagon The new estimate places Maria in ton University to conduct a more thor-
The only changes being made to it are the category of historic deadly hurri- ough study, due for release this month.
to communicate its conclusions better, canes such as Katrina, which claimed Besides those killed in the storm,
according to Jeffrey Hiday, a RAND “The revisions have not changed 1,800 lives after slamming into the Gulf scores died when they weren’t able to
spokesman. the estimates themselves or the statis- Coast in 2005, said George Haddow, a access hospitals over impassable roads,
The report required “additional tical methods used to create them, nor senior fellow at Tulane University’s couldn’t plug in dialysis machines when
steps” by RAND to explain its “approach has the feedback from (the Depart- Disaster Resilience Leadership Acad- the island went dark or couldn’t cope
and conclusions,” Stephanie Barna, the ment of Defense) suggested any emy and a senior official with the Fed- with the stress after the storm.
top personnel official at the Pentagon, specific problems with regard to these eral Emergency Management Agency The low official death count sparked
wrote in a letter to Sen. Kirsten Gilli- methods,” Hiday said. in the Clinton administration. protests in San Juan. This year, Puerto
brand, D-N.Y. Barna told Gillibrand, who along The higher death count is key to re- Ricans laid thousands of pairs of shoes
Barna wrote that the Pentagon has with Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, has building Puerto Rico to stand against outside the island’s Capitol building to
worked with RAND to “resolve ques- called for the release of the report, that powerful storms, he said. represent the uncounted dead.
tions about the study’s methods and the Pentagon is preparing for that. “The number of people who died How to classify hurricane-related
outcomes.” In its latest survey through Septem- and how they died should play a role in deaths has been debated since the
She compared the report to an un- ber 2017, the Pentagon reported a how they rebuild,” Haddow said. storm struck 10 months ago. Two bills
tested weapon system. 9.7 percent increase in reports of sexu- The Puerto Rican government was were introduced in Congress in June in
“Just as (the Department of Defense) al assault among troops. There were criticized for underplaying the number an attempt to establish a standard for
would not field a weapon system with- 6,769 reports in fiscal year 2017 com- of deaths from the Category 4 storm, counting deaths after a natural disaster.
out knowing its strengths, limitations pared with 6,172 reports in 2016. which hit the island Sept. 20, 2017, Contributing: The Associated Press

STATE-BY-STATE News from across the USA

ALABAMA Montgomery: Makenzie women who accused the founder of Office of Public Instruction is high- violations were found.
Rieves, 4, who was injured in a crash sexual harassment. lighting American Indian success
PENNSYLVANIA Pittsburgh: The city
over the weekend, has died. with a new series of “Montana
INDIANA Putnam County: State is reportedly a finalist for getting a
Proud” posters.
ALASKA Anchorage: Air cargo traffic Police found 260 pounds of marijua- nonstop flight to Ireland.
at the Ted Stevens Anchorage Inter- na – worth $1 million – in a load of NEBRASKA Lincoln: Gov. Pete Rick-
RHODE ISLAND Newport: Officials
national Airport increased 5.2 per- fresh lettuce on Interstate 70. Two etts has unveiled a plan to promote
shut down a children’s lemonade
cent from January to June. men were arrested. the state abroad, increase trade
stand at Cliff Walk, citing an ordi-
with other countries and attract
ARIZONA Payson: A woman is un- IOWA Des Moines: The reward fund nance aimed at keeping the trail com-
more foreign investment.
dergoing a medical evaluation after for missing University of Iowa stu- mercial free.
allegedly abandoning her three chil- dent Mollie Tibbetts has reached NEVADA Las Vegas: Brothel owner
dren along a highway and later being $301,363. turned politician Dennis Hof has
dents at six schools will have half-
found wandering naked. lost his license for his Nye County
KANSAS Wichita: High school ju- days Aug. 21 because of the Beyonce
operation after failing to apply for
ARKANSAS Little Rock: Officials are niors will be able to take ACT exams and Jay-Z concert. The school district
renewal and pay fees on time.
asking Exxon Mobil to pay more than and assessments for free next worried buses would get caught in
$1.8 million in compensation for a school year. NEW HAMPSHIRE Cornish: The concert traffic.
2013 oil spill. 152-year-old Cornish-Windsor
KENTUCKY Louisville: Statues hon- SOUTH DAKOTA Sioux Falls: Philan-
Bridge has been damaged for the
CALIFORNIA Sacramento: The area’s oring a Confederate soldier and a thropist T. Denny Sanford has donat-
second time this summer.
first Cracker Barrel is set to open 19th-century editor known for anti- ed $1 million to the Great Plains Zoo.
Aug. 20. immigrant writings will be moved NEW JERSEY Manchester Town-
TENNESSEE Waverly: Former jailer
from prominent spots in the city. ship: A venomous timber rattle-
COLORADO Denver: Law enforce- Chrystal Michelle Krasinski has been
snake found under a woman’s car
ment is raiding suspected illegal mar- LOUISIANA New Orleans: The Na- charged with introducing contraband
has been relocated.
ijuana operations. tional Park Service is returning four and sexual contact with an inmate.
rundown Armstrong Park buildings NEW MEXICO Clovis: Curry and
CONNECTICUT Avon: The town leads TEXAS Austin: School districts will
to the city. Roosevelt counties have lifted burn
the state in number of black bear receive letter grades for the first time.
sightings (453) over the past year. MAINE Fort Kent: The Fort Kent
UTAH Provo: People are being
International Muskie Derby takes NEW YORK Ithaca: Ithaca High
DELAWARE Newark: Student jay- warned not to swim in Utah Lake as a
place this weekend, with the winner School will host Broadway hit
walkers at the University of Delaware toxic algal bloom spreads.
having the chance to bag $35,000. “School of Rock” this weekend.
could be required to take a “pedestri-
VERMONT Montpelier: Officials are
an safety class.” MARYLAND Towson: A woman who NORTH CAROLINA Winston-Salem:
urging residents to bear-proof homes
ate a poppy seed bagel before giving A woman has been convicted of
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The and secure outdoor food sources.
birth tested positive for opiates. preparing 519 false tax returns re-
Georgetown Library has reopened
sulting in more than $1 million in VIRGINIA Goochland: A sheriff says a
after the findings of four snakes MASSACHUSETTS Webster: Two
refunds. 17-month-old spent about three hours
caused it to close for a couple of days. more buildings damaged by last
in a hot car and died after the father
weekend’s tornado have been NORTH DAKOTA Bismarck: A cele-
FLORIDA Miami: Police deemed a forgot to take him to day care.
condemned. bration was recently held for the
suspicious package in a parking ga-
100th birthday of former first lady WASHINGTON Skagit County: Eric
rage to be safe. MICHIGAN St. John’s: A $510 mil-
Grace Link. Her actual birthday is Lindblom, 60, has died after a 100-
lion milk-processing complex will be
GEORGIA Atlanta: Morehouse Col- Sept. 13. foot fall while climbing Forbidden
built, creating nearly 300 jobs.
lege President David Thomas has Peak in the North Cascades.
OHIO Cincinnati: Sen. Kamala Har-
been living on campus to learn what MINNESOTA Minneapolis: State
ris, a potential Democratic presi- WEST VIRGINIA Charleston: A state
life is like for first-year students. regulators have cleared a large back-
dential candidate in 2020, will key- National Guard official says the di-
log of cases alleging the abuse and
HAWAII Honolulu: The city has cut note the NAACP’s Freedom Fund saster recovery program has complet-
neglect of seniors in facilities.
down a century-old banyan tree after dinner Oct. 6. ed construction on 17 homes.
attempts to keep it healthy failed. MISSISSIPPI Hazlehurst: Two truck
OKLAHOMA Oklahoma City: Mari- WISCONSIN Sturtevant: Ascension
drivers died after a head-on colli-
IDAHO Boise: Tenex Software Solu- juana use for any reason will remain Wisconsin plans to build a $42 mil-
sion on Mississippi 28.
tions Inc. has been picked to manage banned on the campuses of Oklaho- lion medical center.
the state’s election system and voter MISSOURI Kansas City: Mayor Sly ma and Oklahoma State.
WYOMING Casper: A judge has
registration database. James is calling for gun reform after
OREGON Medford: Joe VonDoloski, ruled unconstitutional a state law
six people died and 22 were wound-
ILLINOIS South Barrington: Leader- the former head of a public charter that bans robocalls by political
ed in the first days of the month.
ship at an evangelical megachurch is school, has agreed to a $5,500 fine organizations.
stepping down and has apologized to MONTANA Helena: The Montana after 22 instances of ethics law From staff and wire reports

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world record 81 93 Montgomery Savannah
1-hour El Paso Midland- Shreveport Jackson 89 94 Note: For contiguous

rainfall? 84 Odessa Austin

92 87 48 states through
Missouri Fairbanks Hawaii 86 Mobile
3 p.m. ET yesterday
12 inches. 65 Juneau
Honolulu San Antonio
Baton Rouge 90 91 HOTTEST:
(Holt, Missouri,
Anchorage 64 88 98 Houston 87 New
65 90
June 22, 1947). 88 Tampa Needles, Calif.

Puerto Rico
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Our view: Does the nation really
need a flashy new Space Force?
No question there is something
glamorous about the idea of a U.S.
Space Force. Little wonder that Presi-
dent Donald Trump, and chanting sup-
porters at his rallies, are so enamored
with it.
The new Space Force would, pre-
sumably, have its own spiffy new uni-
forms. Its own logo and fight song.
Maybe its own service academy and
football team!
But is the idea Vice President Mike
Pence outlined Thursday in a Pentagon
speech — creating a sixth service
branch and the first new one since the
Air Force in 1947 — the right way to Vice President Mike Pence, left, and
counter emerging threats in space? Defense Secretary James Mattis on
There’s undoubtedly a need to beef Thursday. EVAN VUCCI/AP
up U.S. defenses there, and Trump’s
push usefully highlights a serious vul-
nerability. Neither Russia nor China
can match American military prowess
on land, sea or air. A cheap workaround
is to to jam or even destroy the constel-
ticularly if it involves cramming 10,000
to 15,000 new headquarters staff into
the Pentagon or some annex to dupli-
cate bureaucracies of the nation’s five
How Trump has
lation of satellites the Pentagon — and
civilian smartphone users — rely on for
communications and navigation.
existing branches (the Air Force, Army,
Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Navy).
A more prudent, if less flashy, step
normalized racism
Incapacitating any of the nearly 90 would be to create a joint U.S. Space Ellis Cose side of our country.” After repeated re-
U.S. military orbiters could easily blind Command that draws from all the quests for information from the Justice
American troops maneuvering in com- branches, primarily the Air Force. A year ago, it seemed unfathomable: Department, Wittes concluded that the
bat on the ground. The Chinese demon- Pence called for just this kind of com- a U.S. president defending “very fine president was lying. Justice never gen-
strated in 2007 they could hit a satellite mand Thursday as an interim step people on both sides” of neo-Nazism. erated such a statistic. Nor, as fact-
(one of their own) with a ground-fired while Congress begins deliberating To be fair, President Donald Trump checkers have confirmed, is there evi-
missile. The Russians claim that they whether to create a new branch. was not calling neo-Nazis great folks dence of Immigration and Customs En-
also are rushing to develop ways for in- This new command would, like the but arguing that many of the Confeder- forcement liberating towns across
terfering with orbiting platforms. Special Operations Command in Tam- ate-statue-loving protesters in Char- America from immigrant gangs.
At least for now, though, cyber- pa, Florida, have a dedicated revenue lottesville, Virginia, were not neo-Nazis When our president warns of hordes
attacks against the United States are stream and be led by a four-star gener- at all. Somehow, these “fine people” got pouring across the border and refers to
more urgent threats than the militari- al. Like regional commands devoted to mixed in with white supremacists brown people seeking asylum as an in-
zation of the final frontier, and an en- geographic sectors around the world, it shouting, “Jews will not replace us,” festation, it’s no surprise that people
tirely new service branch seems un- would be tasked with defending Amer- and never noticed their compatriots are fretting over race relations. An NBC
necessary. In the past several years, the ica in one specific place. were not fine people, too. News|SurveyMonkey poll this May
military’s focus — as Defense Secretary Perhaps it would make more sense More than a year-and-a half into found that 30 percent of Americans see
James Mattis noted last year in oppos- to rename the Air Force the “Air & Space Trump’s presidency, many have ac- race as the biggest source of division in
ing the idea — has been to better inte- Force” than to create a whole new cepted the reality that he’s unlike any the country, and that 45 percent think
grate existing services to reduce over- branch. What really matters in the long U.S. president previously seen, that he race relations are getting worse.
head and duplication. run, though, is developing better capa- wallows in divisive rhetoric and toler- In 2009, I visited Rwanda and talked
Outfitting a new branch would be bility to defend U.S. assets in space, not ates odious behavior because he so of- to men who had participated in the at-
turning that doctrine on its head, par- what you call the defenders. ten indulges in it. tempted genocide 15 years earlier,
The trap — and one that Trump many of whom were in prison. Why, I
could easily lead us into — is to start asked, had they tortured and killed

Opposing view: ‘Space Force is thinking such behavior is not just nor-
mal for Trump but normal.
their Tutsi neighbors? Some refused to
give a direct answer. Others claimed
In addressing Charlottesville last they were wrongly accused. But the
an idea whose time has come’ year, Trump was asked whether race typical response was they thought they
relations had gotten worse. He replied were doing what the state wanted; they
Excerpts from Vice President Mike contested is now crowded and adver- that they were “better or the same,” but thought they were performing a service
Pence’s remarks at the Pentagon on sarial. Today, other nations are seeking added, “They have been frayed for a by ridding the world of people the gov-
Thursday: to disrupt our space-based systems long time.” Despite promising racial ernment called “cockroaches.”
and challenge American supremacy in harmony through job creation, he was We have gotten nowhere near that
As commander in chief, President space as never before. betting the opposite. point in America — yet — though one
Trump’s highest priority is the safety As their actions make clear, our ad- Indeed, his political career was built could argue that putting immigrant
and security of the American people. versaries have transformed space into on betting the opposite. It effectively kids considered part of an infestation
Now the time has come to write the a war fighting domain already. And the began with birtherism, blossomed with in cages is a step in that direction.
next great chapter in the history of our United States will not shrink from this talk of Mexican rapists and Muslim ter- A year after the tragic events in
armed forces, to prepare for the next challenge. Under President Trump’s rorists, and flourished with allusions to Charlottesville, white supremacists
battlefield where America’s best and leadership, we will meet it head on to gang-bangers spilling over the border. seem emboldened. Although part of a
bravest will be called to deter and de- defend our nation and build a peaceful At a recent rally in Tampa, Florida, street has been named for Heather
feat a new generation of threats. The future here on Earth and in space. he fired up the crowd by ridiculing Heyer, and her accused murderer is in
time has come to establish the United America will always seek peace in Democrats’ desire for “open borders, jail charged with murder and federal
States Space Force. space as on the Earth. But history which equals massive crime.” They hate crime violations, we remain a con-
As President Trump has said, “It is proves that peace only comes through “want to let MS-13 rule our country,” he flicted nation. Indeed, that seems to be
not enough to merely have an American strength. And in the realm of outer declared, adding, “Every day the brave part of Trump’s vision for our country,
presence in space; we must have Amer- space, the United States Space Force men and women of ICE are liberating but there is no reason why it should be
ican dominance in space.” will be that strength in the years ahead. communities and towns from savage ours. There is no nobility in falling into
And so we will. Our nation’s armed forces have al- gangs like MS-13 that are occupying our Trump’s trap or in normalizing his eth-
That’s precisely why we’re begin- ways been the vanguard of advancing country like another nation would.” nic animus. Although wallowing in big-
ning the process of establishing a American leadership here on Earth and Benjamin Wittes, editor in chief of otry might help Trump politically, it
Space Force as the sixth branch of our beyond. And the Space Force is the next the Lawfare blog, spent more than a only diminishes us as individuals and
armed forces. Just as in the past, when and the natural evolution of American year chasing down one of Trump’s sta- as a people.
we created the Air Force, establishing military strength. tistics. In a speech before Congress in
the Space Force is an idea whose time The United States Space Force will February 2017, Trump cited a Justice Ellis Cose, a fellow of the National
has come. strengthen our security, it will ensure Department study showing “the vast Center for Free Speech and Civic En-
The space environment has funda- our prosperity, and it will also carry majority of individuals convicted of gagement at the University of Califor-
mentally changed in the last genera- American ideals into the boundless ex- terrorism and terrorism-related of- nia, is a member of USA TODAY’s Board
tion. What was once peaceful and un- panse of space. fenses since 9/11 came here from out- of Contributors.

Lies are the means to destroy democracy Is it proper for the accused to exoner-
ate himself?
to a lot by major institutions, and we’re
damned tired of it.
If you happen to be a Donald Trump News media, try reporting and leave
LETTERS to the dark side of politics and big busi- voter — which would be about half of the anointing of new politicians to the
LETTERS@USATODAY.COM ness, while spilling the beans on bean America’s voting public — you have public. This is just another reason
The freedom of the press separates counters. American society has reached probably been called a million names by newspapers are going away: You feed us
America from most countries, and it is the point where the truth doesn’t matter now, all trying to say you were stupid the same trash as the internet, and lies
paramount to our personal freedoms. that much, if at all, as long as lies sup- about your vote. And the problem be- are cheaper online.
The truth is always difficult for poli- port one’s beliefs. Ideologies based on tween the news media and Trump start- William Grey
ticians to align with, especially when untruths have always been the means to ed because it was apparent the media Virginia Beach
their office (livelihood) is at stake. His- destroy democracies, enslave the pop- had their candidate picked in 2016, and
WANT TO COMMENT? Have Your Say at
tory tells us that all administrations ulous, and make the wealthiest wealthi- we the people screwed up their plan. letters@usatoday.com, @usatodayopinion on
loathe the press, because they cannot er. Lies are like cake icing. One is never The media need to start reporting what Twitter and facbook.com/usatodayopinion. Com-
control all the watchdogs. sure about what kind of cake it is until happens and not what they hope will ments are edited for length and clarity. Content
Sure, reporters get the story wrong if the icing is penetrated. happen. I don’t know anyone who trusts submitted to USA TODAY may appear in print,
digital or other forms. For letters, include name,
they’re too eager to get a scoop, but not John O’Malley the media, or any other large entity — address and phone number. Letters may be mailed
often. A free press brings transparency Hoover, Ala. and for good reason! We have been lied to 7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA, 22108.

“USA TODAY hopes to serve as a forum for better understanding and unity to help make the USA truly one nation.” – Allen H. Neuharth, Founder, Sept. 15, 1982

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& Chief Executive Officer President, USA TODAY NETWORK Editor in Chief Executive Editor/Audience: Patty Michalski Editorial Page Editor: Bill Sternberg
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A year after Charlottesville: Pentagon

begins work
‘Stop hating,’ mother says on military
She carries on activism
of daughter killed at rally
Space Force
Plan would create sixth
Caroline Simon
USA TODAY branch of armed services
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Susan Tom Vanden Brook
Bro is still reeling from the day a man USA TODAY
drove his car into a crowd of counter-
protesters at a white nationalist rally, WASHINGTON – Vice President
killing her daughter, Heather Heyer, at Mike Pence announced Thursday that
age 32. the Pentagon has begun planning a
Bro, 61, was a government secretary Space Force, embarking on an effort to
at a small office in nearby Greene Coun- create the first armed service since
ty when Heyer, a legal assistant, was 1947.
taken from her Aug. 12, 2017. James Alex In June, President Donald Trump
Fields Jr., a young neo-Nazi, was indict- called for the establishment of the
ed in June on several hate crime charges sixth armed service, to join the Air
in the attack. Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and
Before the first anniversary of the Coast Guard. Thursday’s plan, which
tragic “Unite the Right” rally in Char- requires authorization and funding
lottesville, Bro sat down with USA TO- from Congress, would develop forces
DAY to discuss her life without Heyer. to defend satellites from attack and
She spoke from Heyer’s old law office, perform other space-related tasks.
where her charitable foundation is now China and Russia are the nation’s pri-
headquartered. The room, small but mary rivals in space.
cheerful, features paintings of Heyer, The force would be created by 2020,
tweets from Sen. Bernie Sanders in her Pence said. Before that, the Pentagon
honor, inspirational quotes and flowers. Susan Bro converted Heather Heyer’s law office into the headquarters of a plans to assemble the U.S. Space Com-
Everything is bedecked in purple, charitable foundation in her daughter’s honor. PHOTOS BY KEITH C. LANE FOR USA TODAY mand, which would be led by a four-
Heyer’s favorite color. star officer and draw forces from the
Bro remembers vividly the day other armed services. A 15-page pro-
Heather died: the paralyzing phone calls posal outlines the need
from Heyer’s friends, the detective at for the force and steps
the hospital who said her daughter had “You don’t get to silence my to get there but no bot-
been pronounced dead, laying her head tom line, saying only
down and wailing when her worst fears kid and get away with it. I’m that costs associated
had been confirmed. going to speak even louder.” with it will be sent to
“I never even got to see her until the Congress next February.
day before the funeral,” she said. “I wish Susan Bro When the proposal Mike Pence
Mother of Heather Heyer
I could have seen her.” for a separate force was
Before her life was upended by broached last year, De-
Heyer’s death, Bro lived a quiet life statement, had equivocated the white fense Secretary Jim
about a half-hour outside Charlottes- nationalists and the counterprotes- Mattis resisted it. He
ville with her husband, Heyer’s stepfa- ters, claiming there were “very fine wrote to Congress that
ther. She had spent 18 years as a teacher people” on both sides. it would “likely present
before turning to government work. She “I was like, ‘I’m kinda done with a narrower and even pa-
knitted, she crocheted, she canned. A small cluster of flowers marks the this.’ I don’t really need to talk to him, I rochial approach to
Now Bro is an outspoken activist, a spot outside Heather Heyer’s old law don’t really care what he has to say,” space operations.”
mother who has taken up the cause of a office in Charlottesville, Va., where she she said. “He’s a busy man, I’m a busy Mattis signaled this Jim Mattis
daughter unafraid to speak out against took smoking breaks. woman. I don’t think we need to bother week that his thoughts
inequality or peacefully protest when each other.” had changed.
an uninvited crowd of white national- Bro isn’t surprised that some of the “We need to address space as a de-
ists marched through her city. ing for white people to wake up and pay same white nationalists plan an anni- veloping war-fighting domain, and a
“I turned my attention to carrying attention,” she said. People of color, she versary rally Sunday in Washington combatant command is certainly one
forth her message,” she said. “You don’t said, “have been fighting this fight for after their attempt to reconvene in thing that we can establish,” Mattis
get to silence my kid and get away with many years – this is not news to them.” Charlottesville was foiled. Hundreds said. “This is a process we’re in. We are
it. I’m going to speak even louder.” In the whirlwind year since her of far-right demonstrators were ex- in complete alignment with the presi-
Bro runs the Heather Heyer Founda- daughter’s death, Bro has spoken to pol- pected to march on Pennsylvania Ave- dent’s concern about protecting our
tion, which awards scholarships to iticians, reporters and well-wishers. nue, then gather in Lafayette Square to assets in space that contribute to our
students who are passionate about She has made a “conscious effort” to advocate for “white civil rights.” security, to our economy. And we’re
social justice. Bro isn’t sure the stark magnify her daughter’s voice. But Bro has her own plans for that day. going to have to address it as other
political partisanship that divides the there’s one person with whom she has She’ll visit her daughter’s grave and countries show a capability to attack
country will subside during her lifetime no interest in dialogue. lay flowers. She’ll attend an NAACP those assets.”
– and that’s why she’s “training Heath- During Heyer’s funeral, Bro turned meeting. She’ll speak about what she The Pentagon’s plan, released
er’s replacement.” off her phone so she’d be able to focus. thinks America must do to heal. Thursday, identifies China and Russia
Bro realized she and her daughter can When she checked it that night, she had Bro is sure of her daughter’s mes- as “strategic competitors” that are “ex-
play an important role in a conversation three “increasingly frantic” messages – sage for the world today, were she plicitly pursuing space war-fighting
she sees as long overdue. all from the White House. alive: “Get your act together. Stop capabilities to neutralize U.S. space
“Unfortunately, we’re still at such a She turned on the news. She saw that hating. Treat people the way you want capabilities in a time of conflict.” Rus-
racial divide that it took a white girl dy- President Donald Trump, in a public to be treated.” sia and China are pursuing anti-satel-
lite weapons, including lasers, to “re-
duce U.S. military effectiveness.”
Pence said the White House has

Women Unite the Right is still rare, even if they

agree with the movement’s beliefs, said
though some have sexist or misogynis-
tic views, because they can all be unit-
worked with Congress to develop the
plan. Next year’s budget will seek
Heidi Beirich, director of the Intelli- ed behind causes such as freedom of funding and authorization for the
Continued from Page 1A gence Project at the Southern Poverty speech. venture.
Law Center. “It isn’t necessary for us to agree on “We’re building bipartisan support
event’s lead organizers, this year’s rally “In some parts of the movement right every single thing because we have for our plan,” Pence said.
is a way to change the rhetoric of the far- now, in the alt-right, the misogyny is so this moderate understanding that The top House Republican and
right. “We’ve wanted everything to be rampant that it’s even worse than just we’re able to have a civil conversation Democrat on an Armed Services Com-
different in terms of our tactics and our thinking that women should stay at and work together and cooperate mittee panel on strategic forces
approach to this situation than it was home and raise a family,” Beirich said. without having to agree on all of these applauded the plan. Rep. Mike Rogers,
last year,” Horton said. “There’s talk of things like legitimate ideological differences,” Horton said. R-Ala., and Jim Cooper, D-Tenn., said
Horton and “three or four” female rape and really egregious misogynistic Horton said the shift in this year’s in a joint statement that they had
friends made up the majority of the comments about women. So it’s inter- tone will attract different activists on warned for years about the need to
women present at last year’s rally where esting to see women playing a role in the right, including more women. She beef up military capabilities in space.
Heather Heyer, 32, was killed when a car this Unite the Right reboot.” said that under new rules organizers “This report is a step in a multi-year
crashed into a crowd. Horton said she Beirich said women might be getting instituted, attendees are not allowed process that we think will result in a
wants to make Sunday safer. involved in the rally because many of to bring any weapons this year, and safer, stronger America,” the state-
“No violence should ever be neces- the groups who participated last year they can carry only American and ment reads.
sary at any of these events, regardless of aren’t returning. Multiple groups faced Confederate flags. The Air Force, the newest of the
your political affiliation and beliefs,” she lawsuits and other repercussions be- “I think we are appealing to a larger armed services dating to 1947, has the
said. “No violence should ever be insti- cause of their involvement, in addition number of people due to the fact that largest stake in space. It already
gated, and certainly no one should ever to being removed from social media and we’re saying, ‘Hey, we’re only going to contains a Space Command, which it
have to lose their lives over a political fundraising platforms. That absence this event to have a civil demonstra- established in 1982.
disagreement.” could leave room for women to take on tion, and that is the only intention we The new force probably would be
Multiple women have been instru- leadership roles, Beirich said. have,’ ” Horton said. “We are not in any carved out of the Air Force, creating
mental in planning this year’s rally, Hor- “People have definitely left the field, way, shape or form encouraging any two smaller, weaker services, accord-
ton said. The 21-year-old said the 12- and there are a lot of folks in the alt-right kind of violence or radicalized rhetoric ing to military analysts.
person team is almost split between who are not happy with Kessler and, at this event.” “This is a half-baked idea,” said Lo-
men and women. looking back on it, don’t think the rally Kessler agreed. ren Thompson, a defense industry
Jason Kessler, who obtained the per- was worth it for the price they paid,” “Hopefully, bringing in more wom- consultant and military analyst at the
mit for last year’s and this year’s rally, Beirich said. “That opens up some space en for European-American advocacy Lexington Institute. “It will disrupt
said having women on the “front lines” for other people to be involved, and per- will bring some of the testosterone- existing military relationships and add
of the movement is “invaluable.” haps that’s part of what’s happening fueled fight culture surrounding these nothing of value.
“I’m happy to include exceptional with these women.” rallies down a notch,” Kessler said. “Nobody in the Pentagon believes
women in volunteer and leadership The rally in 2017 addressed a broad Beirich called the shift nothing creating a Space Force makes sense. If
positions. I’ve been fortunate to have a range of racial issues, such as illegal im- more than a “less obnoxious rebrand- that same view prevails in Congress,
variety of female volunteers this year,” migration and the backlash against ing” of white supremacy and a tactic to then it isn’t going to happen.”
Kessler said. “I’m proud of the women Confederate statues and memorials. engage more protesters this year. A better idea would be elevating an
who’ve volunteered their time and This year’s rally will focus on “white civil “I’m sure Kessler is thinking, ‘What organization within the Air Force to
effort to helping make this year’s event rights,” according to Kessler’s permit. can we do to attract people to the deal with space, Thompson said.
possible.” Horton, who identifies as a conserva- movement that doesn’t seem like scary “Creating a separate service will
Women getting involved in the lead- tive and a nationalist, said she is willing robes and crosses and torches like last just add to dysfunction at the Defense
ership of far-right movements such as to work with extreme groups, even time around?’ ” Beirich said. Department,” he said.

Sturgis gets competitive motors running
Harley, Indian fans go helmet-to-helmet. 2B

Rite Aid merger with Albertsons called off

Ailing drugstore chain’s future remains cloudy. 4B

‘Fortnite’ brings battle royale to Android
Samsung devices are getting in on the action. 6B



RED FLAGSBuying a new car?
BUFFALO WILD WINGS MAY Know when to walk away from a deal
Buffalo Wild Wings is looking to
become your one-stop shop for beer,
wings, sports and sports betting. The
chicken wings and sports bar chain is
exploring new opportunities opened
by the newly expanded sports betting
laws after a May ruling by the Su-
preme Court lifted a federal restriction
on legal betting, according to ESPN.

Even in the internet age, snaring a good deal on a new car is still fraught with danger. JUSTIN SULLIVAN/GETTY IMAGES
Adam Shell USA TODAY the savings from manufacturer incen-
Seattle-based coffee retailer Star- tives the dealer was passing along.

bucks has introduced Pumpkin Spice entered the auto dealer’s showroom thinking the no-haggle There was just one problem: The new
Cookie Straws. They’re one of two new price was higher than the initial online
products inspired by the flavor Star- approach was the new way of doing business. The hard-sell quote. But instead of making a beeline
bucks made popular with its Pumpkin designed to separate me from more of my money, I thought, was for the door (which might have immedi-
Spice Latte. Joining the edible straws ately given me fresh leverage in the ne-
on grocers’ shelves are Pumpkin Spice a thing of the past. That naive notion was quickly dispelled. gotiations), I opted to fight it out, steel-
Flavored Ground Coffee K-Cup Pods. ing myself for what turned out to be a
There’s no better feeling, of course, than getting a good deal on any
time-consuming, mind-numbing and
big purchase, especially a new car or SUV. And I had lined up a great emotionally draining encounter.
❚ Fine print works against you: Of-
J.C. PENNEY TO EXPAND deal to buy a new Volkswagen Tiguan Limited. Or so I thought. ten, buried in tiny type in the dealer’s
BABY SHOPS IN 500 STORES promotional materials are a list of in-
A day earlier, I’d followed the car- “Umm, that’s not the price I was centives – or “potential” discounts –
J.C. Penney is expanding the baby buying experts’ advice of doing all the quoted,” I protested. that are used to calculate the car’s lower
products it sells at stores beyond negotiations ahead of time online, far That hiccup was the first sign I would sales price. Common discounts include
clothing as the department store joins from the the showroom, where they have to fight hard to get a deal on my those for first responders, members of
the many other chains trying to claim have a home-field advantage. terms. Even in the internet age – where the military or recent college grads.
some of the Babies R Us sales up for After pushing for an even better pricing information is more transparent The fine print proved problematic –
grabs. The Texas-based chain is open- price on the steeply discounted SUV, I and deal terms are fleshed out via email but not a deal breaker – in my case. I last
ing baby shops in 500 stores, starting got a number I liked. In an email, the or text message, rather than face to face stepped foot in a college lecture hall in
Aug. 30. J.C. Penney will sell in-store dealer quoted me a price nearly 30 per- – conquering experienced sales pros in the 1980s. And I earn a living as a jour-
items such as cribs, high chairs, stroll- cent below the sticker for the four- person and driving away with the vehi- nalist. I’ve never been a fireman, cop,
ers and car seats that it had formerly wheel drive set of wheels I’d been cov- cle at a previously agreed-upon price is EMT or Navy Seal. In short, my resume
sold on its website only. eting for months. It was an offer – never 100 percent guaranteed. meant I wasn’t discount material. But I
sweetened by sizable incentives. I Here are five red flags that should protested, arguing that the price I was
couldn’t pass it up. prompt you to either stand your ground quoted online was an out-the-door
“Done deal,” I thought to myself. – or walk out of the dealership door: price. I won that battle.
Dow Jones Industrial Avg. That’s where my cautionary tale be- ❚ The online deal you secured is ig- The bottom line: If the purchase price
gins. When I got to the dealership the nored: My fight-or-flight response doesn’t make financial sense once all
next morning, they set me up with a kicked in when I was faced with the these price-cutting programs are ruled
25,700 9:30 a.m. -74.52 salesman. He accompanied me on a prospect that the online deal I thought out, consider foregoing the deal.
25,584 short test drive. But when we sat down was sealed was maybe not all buttoned- One mistake I did make was not lin-
25,600 to finalize the transaction, he didn’t up after all. I felt like I was in an episode ing up my own financing before I got to
start by confirming the deal terms of “The Twilight Zone” when the sales- the dealer. That proved costly when I
25,500 agreed to online the night before. In- man began to restart price talks from learned that the 0 percent financing
stead, he launched into a fresh round scratch on the showroom floor, even deal offered by VW on its website was a
25,400 4:00 p.m.
of negotiations. A push to get me to though I had a quote in writing. He start-
pay more was underway. ed with the sticker price and backed out See RED FLAGS, Page 2B


Social media walks a fine line when

Nasdaq composite 7891.78 x 3.46
S&P 500 2853.58 y 4.12
T-note, 10-year yield 2.92% y 0.05

it comes to the First Amendment

Oil, light sweet crude $66.81 y 0.13
Gold, oz. Comex $1211.90 y 0.70
Euro (dollars per euro) $1.1542 y 0.0077
Yen per dollar 111.04 x 0.08
❚ USA MARKETS, 4B Mike Snider

The Constitution guarantees Ameri-
cans the right to free speech – but what
about when you are on Facebook? fied for removing Jones and Infowars for
After Facebook and other social violating these companies’ policies on
media services removed “The Alex hate speech and have taken Twitter to
Jones Show” and other content created task for not following suit.
by Jones-founded Infowars, the topic of Much of the discourse revolves
free speech online has intensified. around whether Facebook, Twitter and
Almost in tandem over several hours other tech companies that hold huge –
Sunday and Monday, Apple, YouTube, but not total – sway over how informa-
Facebook and Spotify removed shows, tion is shared should handle the princi-
podcasts, channels and pages for the ple of free speech.

far-right sites. Since then, LinkedIn, In the online world, businesses often
Mailchimp, Pinterest and Stitcher have back the notion but aren’t legally bound
removed or terminated Jones’ and Info- to it. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
Total e-commerce sales as a wars’ accounts, too. may be social forums, but each is run by
percentage of total retail sales in Jones says the move smacks of cen- a company that set its own rules. These
the U.S., as of the first quarter.
sorship. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, has don’t need to follow strictures on free
griped about Facebook becoming the speech that the government does.
SOURCE U.S. Census Bureau Alex Jones speaks at the Republican “arbiter of political speech.”
JAE YANG, PAUL TRAP/USA TODAY National Convention in 2016. EPA-EFE Others say the online sites were justi- See SOCIAL MEDIA, Page 2B

Harley-Davidson, Indian rivalry still roars

At Sturgis, fans line up dogged by engine problems and a cut-
back in the number of dealerships. In
on both sides of the street 2012, one dealer in Michigan com-
plained that it still had a new 2003 Indi-
Rick Barrett an Scout for sale – priced at $16,000.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Polaris acquired the brand in 2011.
❚ Tugging at heartstrings: There
isn’t one piece left of the old company
STURGIS, S.D. – They’ve banged from when it closed in the 1950s. But the
handlebars for more than a century, and brand that has survived in some itera-
nowhere is the battle between Harley- tion since 1901 still tugs at the heart-
Davidson and Indian Motorcycles more strings of classic motorcycle enthusi-
apparent than at the Sturgis Motorcycle asts with its powerful V-twin engines.
Rally. “There is absolutely a cadre of people
The rally – which continues through who want an American V-twin motorcy-
Sunday and is expected to pull in about cle but don’t want a Harley. It’s too com-
500,000 people – is the epicenter of mon for them. It’s the Chevy of Amer-
spirited competition between Harley ican bikes,” said Robert Pandya, a veter-
and Indian, the last remaining major an of the industry who has worked for
U.S. motorcycle companies. Polaris.
On Tuesday, the battle between Har- “When you have a sea of business-
ley and Indian was won by Indian at a men, it’s hard to pick out the one guy
Sturgis flat-track race where the com- Roger Fridal of Tremonton, Utah, owns a pair of Harleys. But he says he was who has the $3,000 suit. But when you
pany’s bikes dominated – taking the top impressed by the Indians. MARK HOFFMAN/USA TODAY NETWORK throw a leg over an Indian, instantly you
12 finishing positions. are sort of standing out,” Pandya said.
On the street, Harley and Indian are Persuading Harley-Davidson owners
going wheel to wheel with demo rides at dler wrote in his book “The Harley-Da- happy with the results of the last couple to give Indian another try takes some
the rally, where licensed motorcyclists vidson and Indian Wars.” of years,” said Reid Wilson, Indian’s doing, but it worked for Jim Mead of
can experience the differences between Numerous attempts to revive Indian senior director of marketing and prod- Milwaukee, who previously rode Har-
the brands. failed, but the brand has come back with uct development. leys exclusively for 48 years.
The competition is good for motorcy- a roar under Polaris Industries, a $5.4 The Indian bike ties run deep in some Mead said he has been to Sturgis
cling, said Roger Fridal, a Harley owner billion Medina, Minnesota-based man- families. twice on his 2015 Indian Vintage, which
from northern Utah who took two test ufacturer of snowmobiles and all-ter- Taylor Barnum, from Vermillion, he bought after trading in his 2005 Har-
rides on Indians. rain vehicles. South Dakota, named his 2014 Indian ley Road King.
“I think rivalries are healthy. You Polaris said its Indian motorcycle Vintage after his grandmother, Vanona. “I wasn’t dissatisfied with my Road
don’t want one company to have the sales grew by “mid-single digits,” in the “When she was a young gal, she King, but I stuck a lot of money into the
whole market for something because, company’s recent fiscal quarter but owned a 1946 Indian. She always loved motor to get the performance I wanted,”
once they get control of it, they can do didn’t provide specifics. Indians and pushed that style of bike on he said.
whatever they want,” Fridal said. Harley’s U.S. motorcycle sales were me,” Barnum said. ❚ Switching to Indian: Harley-Da-
Indian was founded in 1901, two years down more than 6 percent, while its in- “I think the rivalry is awesome. It vidson is the official motorcycle of the
before Harley-Davidson. The brands ternational sales were up 0.7 percent. pushes each company to come out with Sturgis Rally. But Indians are starting to
fought to capture the hearts of Ameri- Worldwide, including the U.S., sales fell something bigger and better,” he added. show up more now as the revived brand
can motorcyclists until 1954, when Indi- 3.6 percent. Polaris has redesigned Indian bikes has gained traction under Polaris.
an folded. ❚ Harley’s in charge: Harley’s grip on from scratch. The goal has been to cap- Dickie Bectchkal, 70, spent decades
❚ Fond memories: “For most people, the overall U.S. heavyweight motorcycle ture the spirit of the Chief and other In- riding Harleys. The Milwaukee biker
the old Indians are remembered as market remains firm, with a market dians from a half-century ago but with a switched to Indian in 2014 because he
those classy bikes with the skirted fend- share of nearly 50 percent. Yet Indian’s modern engine and other components. felt that Harley had lost its mojo.
ers, the Indian-head parking lights and growth is notable, coming at a time The brand languished under previ- For a while, he managed an Indian
the funny spelled name ‘motocycle’ on when fewer Americans are buying big ous owners and, even in its prime 90 dealership.
the emblems. bikes. years ago, Indian’s owners were ac- “At 69, I got my first tattoo and it says
For Harley-Davidson, Indian was the “Harley is obviously a very large cused of draining the company’s profits ‘Indian.’ I never had Harley-Davidson
company that just could not compete company, but our plan is to be a major to support money-losing businesses. tattooed on my arm, as much as I loved
with Harley and win,” author Allan Gir- motorcycle manufacturer. We are really In recent years, the company was their bikes,” Betchkal said.

Social media cluding women, minorities and the

LGBT community – has forced some to Red flags
“There is this idea in this act. Facebook and Twitter have public-
Continued from Page 1B ly expressed efforts to lessen the abu- Continued from Page 1B
country, since its founding, sive environment on their networks.
“As private companies, Apple, Face- people should be free to say Congress has already held hearings no-go because I opted instead for the
book and Spotify can decide what con- in the wake of the Cambridge Analyt- big rebate off the sticker price. As a re-
tent appears on their platforms, so I what they want to say.” ica crisis, in which as many as 87 mil- sult, I ended up getting financing
wouldn’t call (the tech sites’ actions) a Alex Abdo
lion Facebook users’ data was shared, through a bank arranged by the dealer.
violation of speech,” said Lata Nott, ex- A senior staff attorney with the Knight First without their knowledge, with a data I got a decent 4.49 percent rate on a 72-
ecutive director of the First Amendment Amendment Institute mining firm used by the Trump cam- month loan. Not bad. But I likely could
Center at the Freedom Forum Institute paign in the 2016 election. And law- have locked in a slightly lower rate on
in Washington, D.C. That’s different makers have voiced concerns about my own had I planned ahead.
from the public sphere. Even hateful “That is what this is about ... the ques- fake Russian accounts and terrorist ❚ Beware the pen-and-paper deal
speech is protected by the First Amend- tion of whether social media companies content on Facebook, Twitter, You- terms: My anxiety level spiked when
ment, which precludes the government that exercise enormous influence over Tube and Instagram. the finance guy sat me down to go over
from abridging citizens’ freedom of public discourse ought to directly si- Earlier this year, Facebook made the numbers using a sheet of paper
speech and expression. lence participants.” public its guidelines for what users can and a pen. The jumble included col-
Case in point: The First Amendment ❚ What about Apple and Spotify? post on the 2.2 billion-strong service. umns of different monthly payments
allowed for far-right protestors last year Like Facebook and YouTube, which is More than a year ago, Twitter pledged based on loans lasting either 48, 60 or
to publicly gather in Charlottesville, Vir- owned by Google, each are companies. to address complaints about racist, 72 months. The salesman also used
ginia, in a protest that turned deadly. And, in the case of iTunes, Apple is “sort sexist and anti-Semitic harassment. the pen and paper to show me how
Similarly, white nationalists have the of deciding what merchandise is avail- As part of a balance to keep the ma- “good” my deal was and how the dealer
right to protest at a “Unite the Right” able” in its digital music store, the First jority of their audiences feeling safe to was “losing money” on the price I
demonstration planned Saturday in Amendment Center’s Nott said. Apple use their networks, “the social media agreed to the night before online. Fi-
Washington. still offers the Alex Jones Radio and In- platforms ... are going much farther nally, he asked, “Can you meet me half-
❚ What did Facebook and the oth- fowars apps in its app store, however. than the government ever could as far way?” My response: “No.”
ers say Jones and Infowars did? Face- The Infowars Official App ranked No. 3 as restricting speech,” Llanso said. ❚ They outnumber you: In my four-
book said it removed four of Jones’ page among all News apps Wednesday. ❚ What are possible repercus- hour odyssey, the first handshake was
for repeatedly posting content that in- As for Spotify, the music streaming sions? Expect Congress to continue to with the internet sales specialist. I met
cluded “hate speech that attacks or de- service is deciding what they will offer weigh in. Facebook has scheduled a the salesman next. And after the sales-
humanizes others” and violating its pol- subscribers and free listeners. “It’s a dif- planned internal audit conducted by man burst my bubble with new, less fa-
icy against bullying, the network said in ferent analogy than like a public an outside law firm in response to criti- vorable deal parameters, he brings
a post on its website. square,” where the government protec- cism from lawmakers about the net- over the finance guy. The so-called
That echoed Apple’s statement that tions of free speech would come into work’s perceived anti-conservative bi- sales closer-in-chief is well-trained in
it “does not tolerate hate speech.” And play, she said. as. And there will be calls for more getting auto buyers to pay more for a
YouTube pointed to Jones’ and Info- ❚ What about Twitter? CEO Jack transparency about how social net- vehicle than they had intended. Final-
wars’ repeated violations of its hate Dorsey in tweets late Tuesday said the works make decisions on what speech ly, the finance guy who handles the
speech and harassment policies for ac- social network had not removed Jones is not allowed, too. “If the companies loan part of the deal comes by and
count terminations. Last week, Spotify and Infowars’ Twitter accounts his “In- want this power then they have an ob- muddies things up even more. Unless
said it had removed some episodes of fowars” show because “he hasn’t violat- ligation to explain publicly when they you’ve already gotten a rate and loan
“The Alex Jones Show” because it vio- ed our rules. We’ll enforce if he does.” use it, why, and with what protections approval, be ready to be told the best
lated its policy against “hate content.” Where Facebook says it does not al- there are against misuse,” Abdo said. rate they can get you just happens to
Jones has gained attention for con- low hate speech, Twitter does up to a Groups including the American Civ- be higher than what you can find on
spiracy theories, including his claim point, Nott said. “If you attack some- il Liberties Union, the Center for De- your smartphone as being the average
that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary body and promote violence against peo- mocracy & Technology and other tech nationwide rate. Dealers often line you
school shooting was staged. He also ple who fall into hate speech categories experts and advocates have begun up with a higher rate and get a com-
called the 9/11 terror attacks a govern- they will ban you, but they don’t explic- crafting principles to prevent the mission on the sale from the bank pro-
ment “inside job” and promoted the Piz- itly ban hate speech,” she said. squelching of speech as social net- viding the funds for the loan.
zagate conspiracy theory. ❚ Were they justified in their re- works enforce content guidelines. ❚ The waiting game: The sales
❚ Were Jones’ and Infowars’ free moval of content? Legally, yes. But for Silencing voices in the digital realm process takes forever, in my case about
speech rights violated? No. Facebook users and lawmakers, that’s often not is a slippery slope, Llanso says. The four hours. It wore me down. The sales
and other social media platforms are the only standard. promise of the internet is that its de- team went back and forth on seeming-
private companies and have terms of Facebook and social media platforms centralized nature allowed for the ly every facet of the deal. I thought
service users or consumers agree to in have tried to take a “try not to take any- sharing of unlimited viewpoints. about bolting, but I thought to myself,
order to participate. But beyond the thing down if you can possibly avoid it If the tech companies’ action “I can’t go home without a new car af-
First Amendment, there is a “broader approach,” said Emma Llanso, director against Jones and Infowars was coor- ter spending my whole day here.”
social free speech principle” people may of the Free Expression Project at the dinated, that coordination could, in So how did my day finally turn out?
be applying in the Jones and Infowars Center for Democracy & Technology. theory, continue even into “the techni- I ended up buying the vehicle I came to
case, said Alex Abdo, senior staff attor- But the crisis over false news and the cal operation of the internet,” she said. buy. But I have a confession: I gave in
ney with the Knight First Amendment manipulation of fake accounts and Rus- “That could make it harder to get an al- just a wee bit on the negotiation and
Institute, a nonpartisan, not-for-profit sian bots on Facebook, YouTube and ternate perspective out there. The agreed to up my price by $300 above
organization at Columbia University. Twitter has drawn congressional and more coordination there is, the more my initial quote. I’m not really sure
“There is this idea in this country, regulatory attention in recent months. we have reverted to a system of cen- why. I am still beating myself up over
since its founding, people should be free Concerns about intimidation on so- tralized censorship that I think, right- giving in just a little, even though it
to say what they want to say,” he said. cial networks against some groups – in- ly, we should all be concerned about.” was still a great deal.

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Rite Aid’s future unclear Tribune nixes $3.9B

tie-up with Sinclair
after merger collapses Mike Snider

Tribune Media has called off the planned $3.9 bil-

Drugstore chain, Albertsons say lion sale of 42 TV stations to the Sinclair Broadcast
Group, saying the nation’s largest broadcast chain
they ‘mutually agreed’ to kill deal breached its contract by misleading regulators dur-
ing the transaction’s approval process.
Nathan Bomey Chicago-based Tribune said Thursday it filed a
USA TODAY lawsuit against Sinclair, seeking to recoup losses that
occurred during the failed merger discussions “in-
Rite Aid is abandoning its merger with supermarket cluding but not limited to approximately $1 billion of
giant Albertsons after facing opposition from certain lost premium to Tribune’s stockholders and addi-
investors and advisers, further clouding the ailing tional damages in an amount to be proven at trial,”
drugstore giant’s future. the complaint says.
As its two biggest rivals, CVS and Walgreens, keep The deal, announced in May 2017, would have giv-
getting bigger and more diversified, Rite Aid was hop- en Hunt Valley, Maryland-based Sinclair, already the
ing to do the same by arranging a tie-up with Albert- nation’s largest U.S. broadcaster, a total of 215 TV sta-
sons. Privately held Albertsons was hoping to use the Rite Aid has been scrambling to find its footing. EPA tions and a reach of 71 percent of U.S. homes.
deal to go public. Rite Aid and Albertsons said late But last month, the Federal Communications
Wednesday they “mutually agreed” to kill the deal. Commission voted unanimously to send the deal to
The deal’s demise reiterates questions about the fu- than 10 percent in midday trading Thursday to $1.56. an administrative law judge for review after FCC
ture of Rite Aid as a standalone entity. The company “While we believed in the merits of the combina- Chairman Ajit Pai said he had “serious concerns” that
has been scrambling to find its footing in recent years tion with Albertsons, we have heard the views ex- Sinclair could unlawfully continue to control some
as pharmacies face cost pressures in the health care pressed by our stockholders and are committed to stations it divested to achieve the deal’s approval.
industry, including declining reimbursement funds. moving forward and executing our strategic plan as a Sinclair’s planned transfer of three TV licenses
“The termination of the merger with Albertsons standalone company,” Rite Aid CEO John Standley raised “significant questions as to whether those pro-
leaves Rite-Aid at a big disadvantage as it neither has said in a statement. posed divestitures were in fact ‘sham’ transactions,”
the scale nor the balance sheet to compete with much As for whether Rite Aid and Albertsons made the agency said in its order to send the merger to the
larger and well-capitalized rivals like CVS and Wal- sense as partners from a strategic perspective, Neil judge. A transaction’s review by an administrative
greens,” Moodys Vice President Mickey Chadha wrote. Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, law judge often signals the demise of a deal.
“Although the termination is also a big blow to Albert- found the proposal uninspiring. “In light of the FCC’s unanimous decision, refer-
sons’ long-desired goal to go public, it is in a better “The idea of creating a food, health and wellness ring the issue of Sinclair’s conduct for a hearing be-
competitive position in the supermarket space than giant was always fanciful,” Saunders wrote. “Neither fore an administrative law judge, our merger cannot
Rite-Aid is in the retail pharmacy sector.” Albertsons nor Rite Aid are stellar retailers. The for- be completed within an acceptable timeframe, if
The combined company was supposed to have mer has a tired and shabby store portfolio that is in ever,” Tribune Media’s CEO Peter Kern said in a state-
about 4,900 locations with 4,350 pharmacies and 320 desperate need of investment, while the latter also ment Thursday. “This uncertainty and delay would
clinics serving more than 40 million customers a has a retail proposition that is far from cutting edge.” be detrimental to our company and our shareholders.
week. Most Albertsons pharmacies were to be re- Rite Aid’s competitors have made moves to bolster Accordingly, we have exercised our right to terminate
named Rite Aid. But the deal collapsed after key in- their businesses. CVS is close to finishing its massive the Merger Agreement, and, by way of our lawsuit,
vestors and two investor advisory groups, Glass Lewis deal to acquire health insurer Aetna. Walgreens re- intend to hold Sinclair accountable.”
and Institutional Shareholder Services, voiced oppo- cently bought more than 1,900 Rite Aid stores for $4.2 Tribune charges Sinclair with misleading the FCC
sition. Among the issues was price, with opponents billion, giving it 9,964 U.S. locations. Rite Aid has or acting “with a lack of candor,” during the process.
believing Rite Aid shareholders should be receiving about 2,533 stores left. CVS has about 8,130 standa- The merger had attracted attention because of
more. The deal was said to be worth $24 billion. lone stores and 1,702 pharmacies inside Target loca- how it would expand Sinclair’s historic reach into
While multiple large investors apparently opposed tions. All three major drugstore chains are facing se- U.S. homes, the conservative bent of the media com-
the deal, investors as a whole are concerned about the rious threats, including Amazon’s looming decision pany’s owners and their habit of requiring local TV
merger’s implosion. Rite Aid shares plunged more to enter the online pharmacy business. stations to run corporate messages.



-74.52 -4.12 +3.46 +4.01
CLOSE: 25,509.23 CLOSE: 2,853.58 CLOSE: 7,891.78 CLOSE: 1,690.89
%CHANGE: -.3% %CHANGE: -.1% %CHANGE: unch. %CHANGE: +.2%
YTD % CHG: +3.2% YTD % CHG: +6.7% YTD % CHG: +14.3% YTD % CHG: +10.1%


Sector Close Chg. 4wk 1 YTD 1
WHAT TO WATCH GAINERS Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg
% Chg Consumer discret. 113.67 +0.42 +1.2% +15.2%
Technology 73.62 +0.03 +1.4% +15.1%

Selling Tesla CenturyLink (CTL) 20.97 +2.43

Shares jump amid earnings beat on cost savings.
+13.1 +25.7
Health care

stock may not Flowserve (FLS) 48.87 +2.94

Breaks out to new high on second-quarter results.
+6.4 +16.0
Consumer staples 53.44 -0.16 +2.0% -6.1%

be a bad thing Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) 59.37 +3.41

Meets second-quarter earnings and keeps buy rating.
+6.1 -.6
Advancing 1,384 1,475
Adam Shell Viacom (VIAB) 30.34 +1.72 +6.0 -1.5 Declining 1,374 1,335
USA TODAY Third-quarter earnings beat highest estimate. Unchanged 142 230
Total 2,900 3,040
Issues at
Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) 50.95 +2.02 +4.1 -4.3 New 52 Week High 107 107
Getting out of Tesla at $420 per share Earnings beat highest estimate on robust bookings. New 52 Week Low 28 61
might not be a bad thing for retail inves- Share Volume
Total 3,011,022,107 1,988,349,086
tors who own the popular stock that has Express Scripts (ESRX) 81.82 +2.94 +3.7 +9.6 Advancing 1,273,177,881 955,852,408
a cult-like following. Support for Cigna deal reiterated, reverses early loss. Declining 1,681,539,829 998,193,603
Unchanged 56,304,397 34,303,075
Indeed, Elon Musk’s plan to take Tes- Michael Kors Holdings (KORS) 72.34 +2.33 +3.3 +14.9
la private could force retail investors to Another strong day on record margins in rst quarter. TOP 10 EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS
decide if they want to stay invested in ETF, ranked by volume Ticker Close Chg. % Chg %YTD
SPDR S&P500 ETF Tr SPY 285.07 -0.39 -0.1% +6.8%
the electric-car maker if – and it’s a big if Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) 114.18 +3.09 +2.8 -4.3 iShs Emerg Mkts EEM 44.13 -0.13 -0.3% -6.3%
– the CEO’s offer, which was made pub- Strong peer bookings push shares higher. SPDR Financial XLF 28.30 -0.17 -0.6% +1.4%
VanE Vect Gld Miners GDX 20.71 -0.05 -0.2% -10.9%
lic in an unorthodox string of Twitter Monster Beverage (MNST) 60.98 +1.58 +2.7 -3.6 iShares Brazil EWZ 35.40 -0.50 -1.4% -12.5%
tweets earlier this week, ever happens. Tops second quarter and poised for sales growth.
iShs China Large Cap
Alps Alerian MLP
Musk, the visionary and often con- Barc iPath Vix ST VXX 28.55 +0.41 +1.5% +2.3%
troversial CEO, said he would consider CF Industries (CF) 49.75 +1.18 +2.4 +16.9 US Oil Fund LP USO 13.88 -0.02 -0.1% +15.6%
ProShs Ultra VIX ST UVXY 8.26 +0.17 +2.1% -19.1%
converting Tesla into a private company Makes up loss on insider sales, nears month’s high.
at a price of $420 a share and that it is YTD INTEREST RATES MORTGAGE RATES
LOSERS Company (ticker symbol) Price $ Chg % Chg % Chg
his hope that “all shareholders remain.” Type Close 6 mo ago Type Close 6 mo ago
Prime lending 5.00% 4.50% 30 yr. xed 4.44% 4.33%
And while there are scant details as to Federal funds 1.91% 1.42% 15 yr. xed 3.83% 3.66%
Perrigo (PRGO) 70.03 -8.27 -10.6 -19.7
how this corporate transition might be Generic drug maker cuts forecast on weak prescriptions. 3 mo. T-bill 2.04% 1.55% 1 yr. ARM 4.08% 3.52%
5 yr. T-note 2.81% 2.54% 5/1 ARM 4.12% 4.12%
structured and how Main Street inves- 10 yr. T-note 2.92% 2.86% SOURCE: BANKRATE.COM
tors might be involved, Musk himself Seagate Technology (STX) 51.02 -4.02 -7.3 +21.9
tweeted that “shareholders could either Stock rating downgraded to sell at Goldman Sachs. COMMODITIES
sell at 420 or hold shares & go private.” Commodities Close Prev. Chg. % Chg. % YTD
Coty (COTY) 12.41 -.97 -7.2 -37.6 Cattle (lb.) 1.08 1.10 -0.02 -1.4% -12.0%
Given a choice, investors should Falls in weak sector on weak peer quarterly reports. Corn (bushel) 3.69 3.71 -0.02 -0.5% +5.3%
“take the 420 and go,” advises Rob Ar- Gold (troy oz.) 1,211.90 1,212.60 -0.70 -0.1% -7.2%
Hogs, lean (lb.) .55 .55 unch. +0.3% -23.4%
nott, founder and chairman of Research Mylan (MYL) 36.61 -2.62 -6.7 -13.5 Natural Gas (Btu.) 2.96 2.95 +0.01 +0.2% +0.1%
Affiliates, a firm that manages money Stock rating downgraded on structural worries. Oil, heating (gal.) 2.11 2.12 -0.01 -0.2% +1.8%
Oil, lt. swt. crude (bar.) 66.81 66.94 -0.13 -0.2% +10.6%
for big institutional investors. Arnott’s Silver (troy oz.) 15.42 15.38 +0.04 +0.3% -9.6%
call is based on valuation. He says Tesla, Apache (APA) 43.29 -2.84 -6.2 +2.5 Soybeans (bushel) 8.88 8.94 -0.06 -0.7% -6.7%
$3.5 billion spinoff seen as disappointing, at month’s low. Wheat (bushel) 5.65 5.70 -0.05 -1.0% +32.2%
which has yet to turn a quarterly profit
since going public in June 2010, is an Booking Holdings (BKNG) 1942.39-102.61 -5.0 +11.8 FOREIGN CURRENCIES
overpriced stock, one that he dubs a Shares tumble after posting weak third-quarter forecast. Currency per dollar Close Prev. 6 mo. ago Yr. ago
“micro bubble.” British pound
Canadian dollar
“You have to use exceptionally ag- Occidental Petroleum (OXY) 77.79 -3.41 -4.2 +5.6
Chinese yuan 6.8220 6.8360 6.2947 6.6793
Capex boost expected to hurt in near term, falls premarket. Euro .8664 .8606 .8176 .8509
gressive growth assumptions to justify Japanese yen 111.04 110.96 108.53 109.85
Tesla’s current stock price,” he says, Deere (DE) 139.83 -4.98 -3.4 -10.7 Mexican peso 18.6376 18.4434 18.7758 17.9711

adding that investors should be ecstatic Industry seen as less optimistic, reaches month’s low.
that they have a possible “exit strategy” FOREIGN MARKETS
at $420 a share, which is about 20 per- Lam Research (LRCX) 184.49 -5.53 -2.9 +.2 Country Close Prev. Change %Chg. YTD %
Sector downgrades at Morgan Stanley, shares fall. Frankfurt 12,676.11 12,633.54 +42.57 +0.3% -1.9%
cent higher than Thursday’s close of Hong Kong 28,607.30 28,359.14 +248.16 +0.9% -4.4%
Japan (Nikkei) 22,598.39 22,644.31 -45.92 -0.2% -0.7%
$352.26 following a 5 percent drop. Tes- Hess (HES) 64.00 -1.93 -2.9 +34.8 London 7,741.77 7,776.65 -34.88 -0.5% +0.7%
la went public at $17 a share more than Evens August as sector lags on lower oil prices. Mexico City 49,244.40 49,894.56 -650.16 -1.3% -0.2%

eight years ago. SOURCE Bloomberg and The Associated Press

SOURCE Morningstar, Dow Jones Indexes, The Associated Press


■ 48‑HOUR DISTRIBUTION: These seldom seen uncut sheets of new $2 bills are being moved from the private vaults of the Lincoln Treasury for immediate distribution to U.S. residents.
Residents who beat the 48‑hour order deadline to get protective Bankers Portfolios for just $38 per portfolio are getting the valuable uncut sheets of never circulated $2 bills for just face value.
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code on the distribution list below and beat the 48-hour order deadline to get Bankers Portfolio full of real money
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The Note9 camera can warn if a subject blinked or if a picture was blurry, the lens was smudged or backlighting messed up image quality. EDWARD C. BAIG/USA TODAY

Samsung Galaxy Note9 solid, pleasing

Camera that alerts hold. But it’s not a must-upgrade if you
have last year’s model, and on the sur-
was blurry, the lens was smudged or
backlighting messed up image quality.
❚ What else? In general terms, this
you when you blink face, not a game-changer. I wouldn’t ex-
pect many iPhone converts, either,
Preorders for the Note9
latest Note represents what appears to
begin just after midnight
among features since Apple users tend to be loyal to iOS
and the Apple ecosystem, just as the
be a mostly iterative update, highlight-
ed by the bigger (4000mAh) battery, ex-
Friday, with the phones
Samsung crowd prefers Android. tra generous storage options and a more
Personal Tech Preorders for the Note9 begin just af- reaching online and physical robust octa-Core (Qualcomm Snap-
Edward C. Baig ter midnight Friday, with the phones dragon 845) processor that promises
USA TODAY reaching online and physical retailers
retailers starting Aug. 24. snappy performance. These are all wel-
starting Aug. 24. But be prepared to part But be prepared to part with come upgrades, but whether it justifies
with an iPhone X-like ransom: $999.99 the price tag is up to the individual user.
BROOKLYN – Samsung’s Galaxy for a Note9 with 128GB of storage and an iPhone X-like ransom. The phone otherwise delivers pretty
Note customers are the company’s most 6GB of RAM, or $1,249.99 for 512GB and much all the other features you’ve come
loyal and forgiving bunch given the ca- 8GB. to expect on a premium Samsung hand-
lamity Samsung endured a couple of ❚ Is the pen mightier than the The S Pen is now color coordinated set: USB-C fast charging, wireless
years ago with the thrice-recalled Note 7 screen? The Notes, of course, were the with the colors of the new handsets charging, water resistance, iris and fin-
phones, whose batteries caught fire. devices that way back in 2011 ushered in themselves: ocean blue and lavender. gerprint scanner, KNOX security and fa-
Last year’s Note8 model helped Sam- the era of now common large-screen ❚ New camera tricks: I’m mostly cial recognition.
sung move past that crisis. phones. And these days, with even looking forward to taking pictures. As Through technology included on the
That frees Samsung this time around Samsung’s S-series flagships such as with its immediate predecessor, the Note9 called Samsung DeX, coupled
to concentrate on the features it is the S9 and S9+ providing ample display Note9 has dual 12-megapixel cameras, with an optional $49.99 HDMI adapter
counting on to woo buyers to the expen- real estate, screen size is less of a differ- each with optical image stabilization and monitor, you can use the handset as
sive new Galaxy Note9 phablet phone entiator than it once was. and with wide-angle and telephoto part of a virtual PC-like desktop experi-
that the South Korean tech giant un- Indeed, the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED shooting options. It boasts the same ence, with the monitor in some cases
veiled at a media gathering at the Bar- Infinity Display -- Samsung’s vibrant dual aperture feature that debuted on serving as a second screen. The phone
clay Center arena here Thursday. looking screen technology -- is a mere the S9 and S9+, which approximates also has stereo AKG speakers.
A longer-lasting battery, for starters. bump up from the 6.3-inch screen on how the human eye works. For example, Meanwhile, Samsung’s Bixby digital
A Bluetooth-capable S Pen stylus that the Note8 and the 6.2-inch screen on the the Note9 camera opens wider, as our assistant is on the new phone, too, but I
doubles as a remote control for your Galaxy S9+. The latest display is flanked iris does, in dimly lit surroundings. need to be convinced that is has become
presentations and selfies. And a camera by narrow bezels on the side and slightly What’s new, though, is a “scene opti- more useful than it has been on earlier
that alerts you when the person you’re wider ones on the top and bottom. mizer” feature that uses artificial intelli- Samsung phones, and the rival assis-
photographing blinks, supplying imme- Worth pointing out: There’s no “notch” gence to automatically identify the en- tants it must play catch up against, no-
diate feedback to reshoot right there. covering the camera on the front of the vironment or thing you’re shooting. A tably Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Assis-
If none of the aforementioned fea- screen, as there is on the iPhone X. flower, a person, birds, text, food and tant and Apple’s Siri.
tures motivates you, Samsung hopes The attraction, then, for many buyers the beach are among the 20 scenes the Bixby will have a role, of course, in
dishing out 15,000 V-bucks and a spe- comes with the S Pen that has gained camera purports to detect. And when it the Galaxy Home smart speaker that
cial “skin” for the wildly popular “Fort- additional functionality through the does, it is supposed to apply the proper Samsung also announced at the Bar-
nite” game might do the trick, under a years, from writing, drawing and taking color saturation, white balance, bright- clay’s Center (with no pricing or avail-
promotion running through Aug. 23. If notes to more recently giving you the ness and contrast settings, all in a frac- ability date yet). And Bixby will also be
you’re not a gamer, you can request a ability to create animated GIFs and tion of a second, without you having to on the new Galaxy Watch smartwatch
pair of AKG noise-canceling head- translate text. do anything special. This feature is on models was also announced in Brook-
phones instead. Or get both for $99. Adding Bluetooth Low Energy for the auto mode by default. A skilled photog- lyn; these arrive August 24 and start at
Samsung also announced that the first time lets you use the S Pen with the rapher still has the option to access around $330.
Galaxy S7, and all of its premium phones press of a button to wirelessly control a manual camera controls. Samsung claims the Note9 supports
and tablets that have come out after it, PowerPoint, play music and operate the Another new photographic trick the fastest network speeds available in
will get exclusive first dibs to the An- camera, among other customizable and called flaw detection will alert you when the market (up to 1.2 gigabits per sec-
droid version of “Fortnite.” potentially useful tasks. Since the pen a subject blinked just after you took the ond) but is not yet “5G” ready for when
My immediate impression: The now has Bluetooth, it must be charged picture. It worked in a quick test when I the next generation of wireless starts to
Note9 looks to be a solid phone that will inside the phone. But it can reach a full intentionally shut my eyes. Flaw detec- get deployed in limited markets in the
please fans. It is attractive to look at and charge in 40 seconds, Samsung says. tion also promises to flag you if a picture U.S. this year.

‘Fortnite’ for Android officially arrives for Galaxy phones

Eli Blumenthal Unlike other Android games, Sam- self is free and the purchases don’t pro-
USA TODAY sung users need to go to the company’s vide any competitive advantage.
“Samsung Game Launcher” app and not Samsung says it has the Android ex-
The long wait for “Fortnite” on An- Google’s Play Store to download “Fort- clusive on Fortnite for a “few days.”
droid is over. nite.” Players who buy the new Galaxy Note
After months of anticipation, Epic While not the traditional method for 9 or Tab S4 get another perk: access to a
Games has finally released an Android distributing games, given the popular- unique “Fortnite” Galaxy skin. Samsung
version of its popular free shooting ity of in-game purchases on “Fortnite,” is also offering a preorder bundle for the
game, partnering with Samsung to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney told The Note9 that includes 15,000 of the game’s
make the app available on its devices Verge that the company is taking this virtual “V-Bucks” currency – or $150
before other Android handsets. It’s been approach in part as a way to bypass worth if valued as traditional U.S. dol-
on rival Apple iPhones since last year. Google’s 30 percent cut of in-app pur- lars – which can be used to make addi-
Users of Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S8 chases made on apps users download tional purchases.
and S9 phones (as well as “edge” and from the Play Store. As with most other versions of “Fort-
“plus” varieties”) can now download the In-game purchases of skins, dance nite,” Android players will be able to play
“Fortnite” beta. Users of Samsung’s Tab moves, axes and other items have with gamers on Xbox, Nintendo Switch,
S3 and recently announced Tab S4 tab- The Samsung-exclusive “Fortnite” helped “Fortnite” earn more than $1 bil- PC or even those playing on Apple’s
lets are also able to get in on the fun. skin. SAMSUNG lion in revenue even though the game it- iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

English Premier League kicks off
World Cup reignites Brits’ passion for soccer 2C

Chase Elliott looks for momentum

NASCAR driver broke through with Cup win 3C

Bridgewater’s comeback continues

Quarterback expected to see action Friday 7C



Through all the ups and
downs — I’m glad there were
many more ups! — I’ll never forget
what we have shared and accom-
plished together. While I am look-
ing forward to the next chapter in
my career, I’ll always remember
the city and the people of San An-

All-Star forward Kawhi Leonard broke

his silence for the first time since his
trade from the Spurs to the Raptors,
issuing a public letter thanking his
ex-teammates, the city of San Antonio
and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.
Tiger Woods shook off a bad start to finish the first round Thursday at even par. JOHN DAVID MERCER/USA TODAY SPORTS

NOTABLE NUMBER Tiger at 70 after rough start in PGA Championship

16,000 people, as of
Thursday evening,
who have signed an online petition
eve DiMeglio USA TODAY

that is calling for LeBron James, fresh T. LOUIS – Yearning Missouri sports fans finally got to see Tiger Woods. • And did
off the opening of his new public the masses ever get their money’s worth as a tale of two Tigers played out Thurs-
school in Akron, Ohio, to replace Betsy
DeVos as Secretary of Education. The day on the grand stage that is Bellerive Country Club in the first round of the 100th
Care2 petition asks President Donald
PGA Championship. • Under bright skies, he was mediocre at times, spectacular at
Trump — who said in a tweet last week
that a CNN interview made James other times. He had little control of his golf ball, then was in total charge of it. He was down,
“look smart” — to dump DeVos for
James. Trump has shown no signs of then up. Scowling then smiling. It was Jekyll and Hyde in nature. • When he departed the
late he’s seeking to replace DeVos, but green theater after a five-hour performance, he was back where he started, at even-par but
the petition, even if tongue-and-
cheek and won’t lead anywhere, was again thinking he could win his 15th major title and fifth Wanamaker Trophy.
among the most popular on Care2.
“Just happy to be within five right now,” Woods said after signing for a “I could have easily
17 Age of suspect arrested by the
Lincoln Police Department after
he was found with a pair of shoes that
70. At the time he trailed early pace-setter Rickie Fowler by five shots.
Gary Woodland shot a 64 in the afternoon wave to lead by six shots.
gone the other way,
He had every right to be happy, for his start needed a rewrite. Shortly being 3 over through
were stolen from Nebraska football
after the curtain opened at 8:23 a.m. local time, fans started to wonder two. A lot of things
coach Scott Frost’s home.
what all the fuss was about, why their thirst to see the best player of his could happen. Not a lot
generation up close for the first time had been so pitched. of them were positive,
Many must have wondered if Tiger was using a stand-in, as he
sprayed the ball all over the big ballpark. He found the rough with his but I hung in there and
first tee shot on the 10th hole and made bogey, then stuck a sand wedge turned it around.”
Oh, we’re getting to the Fi- Tiger Woods
See TIGER, Page 4C
nals. No question about it.”

The Celtics’ Jaylen Brown on the “Pull

Up” podcast with C.J. McCollum, the
Portland guard, when asked about his
expectations for the 2018-19 season
with LeBron James no longer in the
NBA Eastern Conference.
Lonzo Ball and the Lakers at
The Q on Nov. 21
should sort
Former Cav James also expected
to play
out position
Headline trolling LeBron James on a
story in “The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer”
about the 2018-19 NBA schedule.
Lindsay H. Jones and Lorenzo Reyes
From staff and wire reports
Keep an eye on more than the quar-
terbacks this preseason.
USA SNAPSHOTS© While there are a handful of inter-
Barry Bonds passed Hank Aaron on the homer list in 2007. PHIL CARTER/USA TODAY esting competitions for starting passer
jobs throughout the NFL in August,
By 2020, several of the league’s most interest-

colleges and
Giants celebrate Bonds ing battles can be found elsewhere.
These 10 non-quarterback position
races could go a long way toward shap-
universities will ing the season, and they likely won’t be
field football Bob Nightengale braced him, even when America decided after this weekend’s set of
teams in either Columnist shunned him. preseason games.
the NCAA, NAIA USA TODAY You can love him or hate him, but in
or as this city, Bonds is as iconic as cable Broncos’ running back
indepen- cars.
dents, He is their Golden Gate Bridge to Denver’s lead ballcarrier job re-
an all-time SAN FRANCISCO – This is Barry greatness, linking Willie Mays and mains wide open after nearly two
high. Bonds’ night at the Oscars. He is step- their glorious past to their three World weeks of training camp, and five play-
ping back into the spotlight Saturday Series banners this decade. ers have received work with the first-
NOTE NCAA includes FBS, FCS, Divisions II and III
night at AT&T Park, where he will re- “Barry has always been family to team offense: veterans Devontae
SOURCE National Football Foundation ceive adulation and glorification from
ELLEN J. HORROW, JANET LOEHRKE/USA TODAY a passionate fan base that always em- See BONDS, Page 8C See BATTLES, Page 6C


England ‘buzzing for football again’

Spirited World Cup run provides positive lift at start of English Premier League
Martin Rogers in that it is remarkable predict- different, but they do impact
Columnist able — and unpredictable. The each other.”
USA TODAY same teams continue to dom- The involvement of United
inate year upon year, with the players like Lingard, Marcus
Manchester duo of City and Rashford, Ashley Young and
United joining Liverpool, Chel- squad member Phil Jones cre-
Football didn’t “come home” sea, Tottenham and Arsenal in ated a headache for United
for England this summer, how- routinely occupying the top po- coach Jose Mourinho, who has
ever much its soccer-loving cit- sitions in recent seasons. spent much of the past month
izens wanted it to, and how With that same core jostling complaining at the lack of play-
many times they sang the for the title on a consistent ba- ers he has had in the preseason.
“Three Lions” tune during the sis it might be reasonably ex- Mourinho’s relationship
World Cup. pected that champions repeat- with the club’s board seems to
But as the English Premier ing would be a common occur- have hit a new low, leading
League gets ready to start up rence, but not so. many to wonder if they can
again with the new season Not since 2009, when Cris- match last season’s impressive
kicking off on Friday, there is tiano Ronaldo helped United second-place finish.
plenty of evidence to suggest complete a three-peat, has the Liverpool, having spent
that the country has fallen back title been successfully de- heavily on new talent, is itching
in love with its national sport. fended. Striker Sergio Aguero and Manchester City begin English to ride Mohamed Salah’s form
England’s spirited World Rarely has there been as Premier League play on Sunday. IAN KINGTON AFP/GETTY IMAGES to a title challenge, while
Cup run ended with a semifinal strong a favorite to do so as City Tottenham keeps knocking at
defeat and lifted the nation, this time, coming off an ex- the door but has gone 10 years
creating a stream of positivity traordinary campaign that saw without any kind of silverware.
that will surely roll into the it rack up 100 points and cruise Chelsea is somewhat of an
fresh domestic campaign. to the trophy by 19 points. “You can feel the energy around it and that goes for everyone, unknown quantity — at least
“The country is buzzing for Most affected by the exer- from the long-standing fans to the general public to the play- new coach Maurizio Sarri is in
football again,” former Arsenal tions of the summer could be ers involved.” EPL circles — while Arsenal be-
and England defender and now Tottenham, which placed third Lee Dixon gins life afresh after 22 years
NBC Sports analyst Lee Dixon last season and formed much NBC Sports analyst, on England’s feeling toward its national sport under Arsene Wenger came to
said. “You can feel the energy of the core of England’s World an end with the Frenchman
around it, and that goes for ev- Cup team, spearheaded by cap- Jesse Lingard at Manchester team that missed out on World leaving the club.
eryone, from the long-standing tain Harry Kane — who won the United, will be absolutely buzz- Cup qualifying for the 1994 A shock champion like
fans to the general public to the Golden Boot as the tourney’s ing. They will be full of confi- tournament in the United Leicester City in 2016 is un-
players involved.” top scorer in Russia. dence because of their summer States. thinkable, yet the world’s most
NBC is entering its sixth year “It works both ways,” Dixon experience, and that can have a “It was almost like you were watched soccer league will
of Premier League coverage, added. “On one side, those knock-on effect.” embarrassed to show your surely have countless twists
and Dixon will be joined in the players have barely had any While club allegiances are face,” Dixon said. “There wasn’t and turns between now and
U.K. all weekend by its full U.S.- break and are coming off a tir- thicker than blood, Dixon be- much optimism around the next spring.
based television team to open ing and emotional World Cup. lieves that crowds around the game at all, there was this sort “It is easy to say the league is
the season, with studio shows The Premier League is hard country will respond to the ex- of doom and gloom and you predictable, but then you have
on site from Manchester United enough anyway, so there is citement of the World Cup run could feel it everywhere you new winners every year,” Dixon
on Friday, Wolves on Saturday bound to be some kind of a dip. with fresh enthusiasm. He re- went. Thankfully, that’s not the said.
and Arsenal on Sunday. But on the other side a lot of members it the other way. Dix- case now. The club game and “Best thing to do is expect
The EPL is a strange league those players, and people like on was part of the England the international game are very the unexpected.”

Premier League predictions

The English Premier League Jesse Yomtov
kicks off on Friday. England’s
top league is a 38-game roller Champion: Manchester City
coaster that goes all the way Top four: Manchester City, NOTICES
into May. Manchester City ran Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham
Relegation: Cardiff, Southamp- LEGAL NOTICE
away with the title last sea-
son, winning 32 games with ton, Brighton Invitation to Bid for Broad Line Food Service

four draws and just two losses Golden Boot: Pierre-Emerick

Learning Care Group, Inc. (LCG), headquartered in Novi, Mich., focuses on the care and education of
and finishing with 100 points, Aubameyang (Arsenal) children between the ages of six weeks and 12 years in more than 900 schools. LCG operates under
a league record. seven distinct brands: Children’s Courtyard, Childtime Learning Centers, La Petite Academy,
While Manchester City is Jim Reineking Montessori Unlimited, Tutor Time Child Care / Learning Centers, Creative Kids, and Everbrook
Academy. LCG is soliciting for sealed bids for broad line food service to all applicable locations.
the popular favorite to win Champion: Manchester City This solicitation is in accordance with the statutes and regulations of the Child and Adult Care
again, no team has managed Top Four: Manchester City, Food Program (CACFP) .
to repeat since Manchester Liverpool, Tottenham, Man- Qualied bidders, at minimum, must have the capability for the following:
- Ability to service account nationally with integrated systems for online ordering, order placement.
United won three in a row chester United - Consolidated invoices submitted electronically
from 2007 to 2009. Relegation: Cardiff City, Hud- - Firm xed pricing for a 12 month contractual year
USA TODAY gives its pre- dersfield Town, Southampton Bid packages and specications can be obtained via email to lajro@learningcaregroup.com subject titled:
dictions for how the new sea- Golden Boot: Harry Kane (Tot- Broadline Food Service Proposal or by written request to attention:
Learning Care Group, Inc.
son will shake out: tenham) Attention: Broadline Food Service Proposal c/o Linda Ajro
21333 Haggerty Road – Ste. 100
Martin Rogers Adam Woodard Novi, MI 48375
Champion: Manchester City Champion: Manchester City Deadline for bid submission is 8/31/18. Bids will be opened at 21333 Haggerty Road, Ste. 100, Novi, MI
Top four: Manchester City, Top Four: City, Liverpool, Man- 48375 on 9/4/18 at 10:00 am.
Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea chester United, Tottenham This institution is an equal opportunity provider.
Relegation: Huddersfield, Car- Relegation: Huddersfield, Car-
diff, Newcastle diff, Brighton
Golden Boot (most goals): Mo Golden Boot: Harry Kane (Tot- P U B L I C Place your Public Notice in our Classified section today!
Salah (Liverpool) tenham) NOTICE Call: 1-800-397-0070
To view more Classified listings,
visit: www.classifieds.usatoday.com

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Elliott looks to build off first win

Driver seeks repeat after
Monster Energy NASCAR
Cup Series breakthrough
Mike Hembree

Now it’s clear that Chase Elliott can

win a race.
Can he win a championship?
During all the hand-wringing over El-
liott’s struggles to win for the first time
on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup
Series and his string of eight runner-up
finishes without a victory, his 2017 run
in the playoffs sometimes was forgot-
ten. He almost made the Final Four last
season, barely missing a chance to race
for the title at Homestead-Miami
Speedway despite his winless status.
After wiping that zero from racing’s
most important column with a thrilling
win over Martin Truex Jr. last Sunday at
Watkins Glen International, Elliott’s fo-
cus now is improving his week-to-week
performance as the playoffs approach.
The playoff opener is scheduled for
Sept. 16 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Next up is Sunday’s Consumers En-
ergy 400 (2:30 p.m. ET, NBCSN) at
Michigan International Speedway,
where Elliott has five top-10 finishes in
five races. Three of his runner-up finish-
es were logged at MIS.
The “almost” tag stuck to Elliott like
industrial glue.
“I definitely think there were some
opportunities to win that I didn’t capi-
talize on,” he said. “But looking at the
way we ran last fall, I was pretty confi-
dent in the fact that if we had things go-
ing the right direction that we could run
with those guys. In my opinion, we
showed that pretty well.
“I don’t think anybody really expect-
ed us to go and battle as far as we did
into the Chase and to be pretty dang
close to making it to the Final Four if we Chase Elliott celebrates after his win Sunday at Watkins Glen International in New York. JEFF ZELEVANSKY/GETTY IMAGES
had been able to finish one off there (at
Phoenix in the season’s next-to-last
race, where he finished third). All of that not at all saying that we’re out of the Busch plus Kyle Larson and Denny Of course, if another winless driver
doesn’t really matter, but it definitely woods, but I think that the past few Hamlin. breaks through with a victory in the fi-
motivates you to want to do better and weeks we’ve been getting a little bit of Despite being winless, Keselowski, nal four regular-season races, that
come back stronger when you do have momentum.” Busch, Larson, Hamlin and Johnson are would change the number of playoff
those rough days.” He could make a bit of history with a in good shape to make the playoffs. With spots available through points.
Elliott’s journey this season has been victory Sunday. Not since 1964, when four races remaining, Alex Bowman, El- Of the winless group, Larson perhaps
colored by the continuing struggle of Billy Wade did it, has a driver scored his liott’s and Johnson’s teammate, sits in has the best shot at victory Sunday.
Chevrolet teams to adapt to the Camaro. first two Cup wins back-to-back. the final spot above the playoff cutoff, 62 Three of his five career victories came at
His win was only the second by Chevy Although Elliott finally scored Sun- points ahead of Ricky Stenhouse Jr., the Michgian, and 141 of his career total of
this year. day, the list of noteworthy drivers who first driver who would miss the playoffs 150 laps led at the track were logged in
“I think we’ve been getting better for remain winless this year is still long. It as the points currently stand. the past four races.
whatever reason,” Elliott said. “I think includes series champions Jimmie Johnson is one spot — and 40 points
we still have room for improvement. I’m Johnson, Brad Keselowski and Kurt — in front of Bowman.

Moss describes hate mail

over Hall induction tie
Tom Schad you’ve got sites where people are slam-
USA TODAY ming me, saying, ‘Hey, (racial epithet),
stay in your place.’
Pro Football Hall of Fame wide re- “All of this hate mail I’m getting for
ceiver Randy Moss told The Undefeated wearing a tie and talking about the
he has received praise from fellow ath- truth. But I can handle it because I’ve
letes about the tie he wore at his induc- been dealing with racism my whole life.”
tion ceremony last weekend — but also Moss told The Undefeated he decid-
hundreds of messages with undertones ed in February he would wear the tie,
of hate. which he said was intended to show
In an interview with the website pub- support for the families of those who
lished Thursday, Moss said more than were killed and “not to divide.”
20 NBA and NFL athletes have reached The first-ballot inductee played for
out privately to thank or applaud him the Vikings, Raiders, Patriots and 49ers
after he wore a tie that listed the names over his 14-year career.
of a dozen black men and women who “We’ve got to admit to the problem.
have been killed by police. Everybody,” Moss told the website.
But Moss also said he has gotten “What if black police officers around the
“probably 150 to 200 messages” that country were going up in these white
amounted to hate mail. neighborhoods with rich white kids and
“The black community praised me started killing them? What would peo-
and thanked me for shedding light on ple say about that?
African-Americans dying,” Moss told “A lot of people just don’t want to The tie Randy Moss wore at his Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony drew praise
The Undefeated. “Then on the flip side, really talk about what’s going on.” and criticism. KIRBY LEE/USA TODAY


Use promo code CHAMP18
Crush your competition at thehuddle.com


Inspired by Lyle, Fowler shoots 65

American pays tribute to Australian pro golfer who lost his battle with cancer
Zak Keefer world, is 35 major championships into
USA TODAY his career and still chasing his first tri-
umph. He’s come agonizingly close,
ST. LOUIS – After a few hours of over and over and over, yet seemed gen-
darn-near perfect golf, a kiss from his uinely unfazed by whatever outside
fiancée and a “Great round, buddy!” pressure encircles him during weeks
from his pal Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fow- like this.
ler spoke about the friend he lost and Take Thursday: He drilled all but
the inspiration he now carries with him. three fairways, hit 16 of 18 greens and
His name was Jarrod Lyle, the 36- needed only 29 putts. It was an absolute
year-old Australian pro golfer who lost clinic.
his battle with leukemia Wednesday af- He’s got the game to get it done. Fow-
ter fighting the disease off and on since ler knows this.
he was 17. Fowler had chatted with him “I don’t have to play special to win,”
as recently as last Friday. he said. “Like I said, wear out fairways,
“Jarrod wouldn’t want us feeling sor- wear out greens, and keep it as stress
ry for him, or feeling bad or anything,” free as possible and keep picking apart
Fowler said. “He’d probably come out this golf course.”
here and kick us in the butt and tell us to Fowler was then asked if he knew
man up and go have some fun.” how long it took the likes of Phil Mick-
So Fowler did. Had fun to the tune of elson to get the monkey off his back.
an opening-round 65 at the 100th PGA Mickelson, owner of five major wins to-
Championship Thursday at Bellerive day and already a Hall of Famer, owned
Country Club outside St. Louis, and the the Best Player to Never Win a Major ti-
lowest score he’s ever carded in 31 career tle for a lengthy stretch in the late 1990s
rounds in this tournament. Gary Wood- and early 2000s. His long-awaited tri-
land shot a 64 to take the lead as part of Rickie Fowler wore a Leuk the Duck pin on his hat Thursday in honor of Jarrod umph finally arrived at the 2004 Mas-
the afternoon wave of players. Lyle, the golfer who lost his fight with leukemia. JOHN DAVID MERCER/USA TODAY SPORTS ters, the 47th major championship he’d
With his friend in his thoughts, Fow- entered.
ler — widely considered to currently Mickelson was 33 by then and had
hold the mantle of Best Player To Never everyone out here.” round was scrapped. He’d wear yellow slogged through nine top-five finishes
Win a Major — has, through one round Jason Day, a native Australian who — Jarrod’s favorite, and the color of the before finally winning.
at least, put himself squarely in conten- early in his pro career lived across the Challenge organization that helps chil- Fowler, 29, is playing in Major No. 36
tion to finally break through. street from Lyle and his family, fought dren battling cancer, which Lyle sup- and has eight top-fives, including a solo
Instead of allowing his emotions to back tears after his 67. ported for years. Last week, Fowler wore second at this year’s Masters.
sidetrack him, Fowler said the memo- “It’s hard, because you sit there and a pin supporting Lyle on the side of his “I always have hope,” Fowler said. “I
ries of Jarrod, and the spirit in which he you know him and he’s a buddy of yours, Puma hat. Thursday it was front and know Phil didn’t win until his 30s. I
attacked the disease, lifted him through and he’s not there anymore,” Day said. center. don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s
the round. “It helps you,” Fowler said. “He’s never going to come back. That’s “A little bittersweet,” Fowler said. not something I worry about. Keep put-
“Being able to focus on the shot or the hardest thing to sort of come by.” “You’re trying to go out there and keep ting ourselves in position, get in conten-
what’s at hand there, and then in be- Fowler, like Day and most of the tour living life like he did, but it’s unfortunate tion, we have had plenty of runner-ups.
tween, being able to think about Jarrod pros, found out the news Wednesday that he’s not here with us.” Jack (Nicklaus) had a lot of runner-ups,
and his family and everything they’re night. In an instant, the navy shirt he As for the elephant in the room, Fow- (so) we’ll just keep beating down that
dealing with and the impact he’s had on was scheduled to wear in Thursday’s ler, the ninth-ranked player in the door.”

Tiger kind of turn the tide going into the back

nine with that birdie,” Woods said.
The tide continued to roll on the front
Continued from Page 1C nine as he added two birdies and missed
several good chances for more red num-
into the ground from 118 yards on his bers. After being so erratic off the tee, he
second shot on the 11th hole and saw it found the fairway seven of his last eight
wind up 20 yards short of his target and attempts, found the green eight of his
in the water. last 10 approaches. After a 37 on his
Double bogey. Two holes in and opening nine, he came home with a 33.
Woods was 3 over. “It kept me in the golf tournament,”
But after Tiger changed his stripes Woods said of his last 10 holes. “I could
with a switch of shirts just past the 12th have easily gone the other way, being
tee, necessitated not to alter the mojo 3 over through two. A lot of things could
but because, as he said, “I sweat a lot,” happen. Not a lot of them were positive,
Woods made birdie from 2 feet. But then but I hung in there and turned it around.
he had an adventure in the woods on the I was able to grind out a score today.”
15th but managed to save par, then bo- Woods has grinded often in his re-
geyed the 16th with a miserable tee shot. turn to professional golf following spi-
He came up short with a sand wedge nal fusion surgery. In many ways, it’s
again on the 17th and was forced to the best thing he’s done during his
scramble for par. He should have been comeback that has included six top-12
5 over, not 3 over. Tiger Woods looks out from a bunker on the 17th hole during his first round of finishes in 13 starts.
Thankfully for Tiger, that ended the the PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club. JEFF CURRY/USA TODAY SPORTS But Woods is hoping for a smoother
first act, where he hit the fairway in reg- act in the second round, when he again
ulation just two of six times, hit just joins Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy
three of eight greens. Those were like his But starting on the 18th, Tiger be- stuck a 7-iron to 4 feet and made birdie, beginning at 2:48 p.m. ET Friday. The
early-season numbers when he wasn’t came the A-list star the fans wanted to then bounded to the first tee with his crowds will be massive again.
quite back to full speed. see. After a fairway-splitting drive, he first sign of energy all day. “It was nice to What Tiger will they see?

Captain Furyk outshines 2 Ryder Cup hopefuls at PGA

Brentley Romine “He happens to be a captain this and spoke with his potential captain at
GolfWeek year,” Schauffele said, “but just like any length during a gala for the CVS Health
USA TODAY Network other golfer out here he’s trying to win Charity Classic in June.)
this tournament.” The Ryder Cup talk was non-existent
ST. LOUIS – Thursday was supposed Furyk’s most impressive birdie came Thursday for the prospective rookies,
to be a time for Ryder Cup hopefuls Xan- at the par-4 fourth. At 503 yards, the who understandably were trying to
der Schauffele and Tony Finau to build fourth demanded a driver off the tee and keep focus on the current tournament.
upon their cases to make U.S. captain then a 3-wood into the green from Fu- One would think playing with Furyk
Jim Furyk’s team. ryk. From 235 yards out, Furyk’s ap- would make that task tougher, but
However, it was the 48-year-old Fu- proach ended up 35 feet away. He made Schauffele didn’t feel like he and Finau
ryk putting together the round of the the putt as his playing competitors were playing under a microscope.
grouping on a sweltering Midwest sum- dropped shots, Schauffele making bo- “He’s a really easygoing guy,” Schauf-
mer day at Bellerive. Furyk shot 1-under gey and Finau making double after fele said of Furyk. “He’s not putting any
69, one better than Schauffele and five needing five shots to get his ball on the pressure on us.”
fewer than Finau, in the opening round green. Major heat put plenty of pressure on
of the 100th PGA Championship. Finau made four birdies, all on the Schauffele early. It was a rough start for
“I still have the fire to want to play front — or second — nine. But he missed the San Diego State product as he bo-
and compete, and I’m practicing at half of his 14 fairways and made two geyed three of his first six holes. Howev-
home,” said Furyk, making his 13th start double bogeys. For a player who has fin- er, he made birdie putts of 10 feet, 5 feet,
of the season this week. He tied for 45th ished in the top 10 in each of the year’s 24 feet and 3 feet on the front side to
two weeks ago in Canada and will play first three majors, it was a disappointing battle back to even par.
the Wyndham Championship next day for the 28-year-old, who sits 13th in Furyk liked what he saw, especially
week. Ryder Cup captain Jim Furyk shot 69 in Ryder Cup points. out of Schauffele.
“Priorities have changed; my family’s the PGA Championship on Thursday. Schauffele, 24, also has had a strong “He seemed pretty unflappable,
always first, but the Ryder Cup is defi- JOHN DAVID MERCER/USA TODAY SPORTS year in the majors, tying for sixth at the seemed like a guy that doesn’t let much
nitely my top priority under that and U.S. Open and nearly winning the Brit- bother him, lets it roll off his back and
then golf is down the list, probably No. 3 ish Open before sharing second. He is goes to the next hole,” Furyk said. “I was
right now.” was able to save par after laying up and 11th in the Ryder Cup standings and was impressed with the way he conducts
Furyk missed just three fairways and making a 20-foot putt. He birdied four playing with Furyk for the first time in a himself and the way he handles him-
when he did hit an errant shot off the holes, including three of his first five, competitive round. (Schauffele did play self.”
tee, he avoided trouble. At the par-4 climbing to the top of the leaderboard a few practice holes with Furyk during On Thursday, though, it was Furyk
fifth hole, he got a nice kick off a tree and early at 2 under. the OHL Classic at Mayakoba in 2016 who was arguably most impressive.


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Battles though Gallup has impressed in

training camp. The biggest op-
track to winning the starting
job. He’s massive (listed 6-8,
Panthers’ No. 2 cornerback McDougald appears to be in
line to take Chancellor’s spot,
portunities might be given to 380 pounds) and still only 25, When Carolina traded Daryl though coordinator Ken Norton
Continued from Page 1C Terrance Williams, who has so the Pats would be thrilled if Worley to the Eagles for receiv- Jr. could get creative and toggle
been Dallas’ No. 2 target and is he winds up a long-term solu- er Torrey Smith, it left a start- him between the two positions.
Booker and De’Angelo Hender- coming off of foot surgery that tion. That arrangement puts ing job open opposite James But Tedric Thompson, a 2017
son and rookies Royce Free- forced him to miss the entire less immediate pressure on Bradberry, the team’s No. 1 cor- fourth-round pick, has stood
man, David Williams and Philip offseason program, and Allen Wynn, who could start his pro- ner. A season-ending broken out in camp at free safety. He’s
Lindsay. Freeman, a third- Hurns, formerly of the Jaguars. fessional career as a backup leg to Ross Cockrell created competing against Delano Hill,
rounder from Oregon, has been Hurns is the only one with a swing tackle and grow into a more uncertainty in the sec- a 2017 third-rounder. But look
gaining momentum, but a 1,000-yard receiving season, starting role. ondary. Now the role comes for Maurice Alexander, am ex-
starter might not be named un- though he has been limited by a down to third-year vet Kevon starter with the Rams, to get se-
til September. Lindsay, a Den- groin injury. Steelers’ inside linebacker Seymour and second-round rious consideration to step into
ver native, is an intriguing op- rookie Donte Jackson. Jackson one of the starting roles.
tion as a third-down back if he Packers’ No. 3 wide The Steelers have a major has flashed in camp and, with a
ends up on the roster for his receiver hole to fill in their heart of their strong preseason, might as- Chargers’ kicker
kick-returning skills. defense as they look to replace cend to the role by Week 1,
Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Ryan Shazier, who suffered a though the Panthers listed Sey- If the Chargers had a consis-
Dolphins’ running back on Tuesday ripped into Green spinal cord injury last season. mour as the starter on their first tent kicker in 2017, the team’s
Bay’s younger receivers, saying Replicating both his playmak- unofficial depth chart Sunday. first year in Los Angeles could
Dolphins coach Adam Gase “the effort level was very low” ing ability and leadership will have ended in the postseason
said this week that he listed 35- in a practice session, though he be difficult, and Pittsburgh is Seahawks’ safety instead of out of it. That makes
year-old veteran Frank Gore praised Geronimo Allison, letting Tyler Matakevich, a sev- the open competition between
and incumbent starter Kenyan DeAngelo Yancey and Jake Ku- enth-rounder in 2016, and free Earl Thomas, who is holding Caleb Sturgis, the ex-Eagle,
Drake as co-starters on the first merow. “Everybody else,” agent addition Jon Bostic, who out, has made his position and Roberto Aguayo, a 2016
depth chart just to “be an (ex- Rodgers said, “was kind of piss played for four teams from 2013 clear: “Offer me an extension,” second-round pick by the Buc-
pletive),” but the move also poor.” The Packers are set with to 2017, battle it out in camp. he wrote in a blog post pub- caneers who was cut last sum-
shows the starting job remains Davante Adams and slot re- While Matakevich, a backup lished to The Players’ Tribune, mer, compelling. Sturgis, who
at least somewhat open. It ceiver Randall Cobb as their top and special teams player in his “or trade me to a team that converted 85% of his kicks in
would be unwise to dismiss targets, but Green Bay needs a first two seasons, appeared to wants me to be part of their fu- 2016, missed nearly all of last
Gore simply because of his age. third. Allison appears to be sep- get the first shot with Vince ture.” That means Seattle year in Philadelphia after suf-
His extreme work ethic, veter- arating himself from the Williams and the rest of the needs to plan on moving for- fering a torn left hip flexor and
an savvy and extra motivation bunch. Kumerow, formerly on starters, Bostic will have a ward without him. The tricky has been limited in the offsea-
to play well in his hometown the Bengals practice squad but chance to get his career back on part is the team needs to re- son. Aguayo has received extra
might give Gore the push he who hasn’t appeared in a game, track. place strong safety Kam Chan- reps, but can the former high
needs to take over some of has consistently made plays in cellor, who indicated he is retir- draft pick shake whatever yips
Drake’s workload, though the training camp. The three rookie Rams’ outside linebacker ing due to a neck injury. Bradley plagued him in Tampa Bay?
third-year back is the more dy- draft picks — J’Mon Moore,
namic option. Marquez Valdes-Scantling and The defense is stacked on ADVERTISEMENT
Equanimeous St. Brown — the front and in the secondary,
Cowboys’ No. 1 have all been inconsistent. but outside linebacker remains
wide receiver a weakness after the Rams
Patriots’ left tackle traded Robert Quinn to the Dol-
With the team’s release of phins and let Connor Barwin
Dez Bryant in March, the Cow- When Nate Solder left in free walk in free agency. Last year’s
boys still don’t have a lead tar-
get for Dak Prescott. In a very
un-Cowboy-like maneuver,
agency (signing a big-money
deal with the Giants), it opened
up a major vacancy on Tom
fourth-round pick Samson
Ebukam appears set to start on
one side of the defense, but the
Bray, Wears Kroul
Dallas appears likely to wait on
establishing a clear No. 1 receiv-
Brady’s blindside, though it
was a hole the Patriots moved
weakside is wide open. Matt
Longacre picked up 51⁄2 sacks
win 2018 NAA
er, at least initially. Cole Beas-
ley is secured in the slot,
to fill this offseason by trading
for veteran Trent Brown from
last season as a backup and
might be the team’s best bet, International Auctioneer
though Dallas could opt to the 49ers and using a first- though he is battling a biceps
move him all over the field. De-
onte Thompson, who played
round pick on Georgia’s Isaiah
Wynn. Though Brown is
injury. That might be enough to
open the door for rookies John
JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– weekends. Emily is an auctioneer
last year with the Bears and switching sides of the line, he Franklin-Myers, Trevon Young
Emerging from an overall field of on A&E’s reality show “Storage
Bills, and rookie Michael Gallup has impressed in training camp and Justin Lawler.
77 competitors, Barrett Bray, of Wars”.
are likely depth options, and appears to have the inside
Edmond, Oklahoma, and Emily Morgan Hopson, CAI, of
Wears Kroul, of Solon, Iowa, were Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, took
crowned as winners of the Men’s runner-up, a fantastic follow-up
and Women’s National Auctioneers to a second runner-up showing in
Association 31st International the 2017 NAA IAC. Laura Mantle,
Auctioneer Championship, which CAI, CAS, was second runner-up
took place July 20, 2018, at the Hyatt to complete the top three and put
Regency Jacksonville Riverfront. the wraps on a fiercely competitive
Bray, AMM, BAS, and Wears women’s field including seven
Kroul, CAI, ATS, BAS, received finalists.
a $5,000 cash award, trophy and Earlier in the evening, Cotton
championship ring for their winning Booker, of Eltopia, Washington,
efforts through the preliminary bid- was crowned winner of the 2018
calling round, an interview round International Junior Auctioneer
consisting of three questions, and Championship, which features
a final round of bid-calling that competitors ages 12-18 and helps
included the top 15 men and seven cultivate and promote the next
women. In the two divisions, 62 generation of auction professional
men and 15 women competed for talent. Cotton’s immediate family
the right to be known as one of the is affiliated with Booker Auction
best auction professionals in the Company in Eltopia, Washington.
USA Licensed world. His father, C.D. “Butch” Booker, is
Physicians and For Bray, the championship the owner of KINCAID Real Estate,
Pharmacies comes in his very first NAA IAC in Colfax. Also, Butch Booker
Call 7 days competition. The lack of event won the International Auctioneer
a week experience didn’t slow him down, Championship Men’s Division title
HABLAMOS ESPAÑOLCALL TOLL FREE however, as he handled each in 2008. They are the first father/

Visit Viamedic.com/SW for special offers 800-467-0608 on-stage moment with composure son duo to collectively hold IAC and
from start to finish. A first-generation IJAC titles.
NAA auction professional, Bray Also during the IAC competition,
launched his own company, which was streamed live throughout
GOLF PRODUCTS Bray Auctions, in Oklahoma the day on Facebook Live (with

City, Oklahoma. He is also the a reach of just under 25,000 who
current Oklahoma state bid-calling saw it or stopped by the feed)

Behind Bray, Eli Troyer, of Beach
and YouTube, the Chuck Cumberlin
Sportsmanship, awarded to the

HARD-TO-HIT City, Ohio, finished as runner-up, IAC competitor who shows the best

Hole-in-One! and Jay Cash, of Murfreesboro, sportsmanship, was given to Jerick

IRONS Tennessee, rounded out the top

three as second runner-up among
Miller, of Cambridge, Ohio. The Bob
Steffes Rising Star Award was given
to Katie Imholte Gabriel, BAS, of St.
a stout group of 15 men’s finalists.
Innovative Advertise with A former champion in Iowa
Louis Park, Minnesota.

Hybrids for USA TODAY’s (2009), Colorado (2012), and Both the IAC and IJAC were
conducted as part of the NAA’s 69th
GOLF TODAY, a Wyoming (2014), Wears is a
Every Shot! one-stop source second-generation NAA auction Annual International Auctioneers
Conference and Show, which took
for everything golf. professional. She works full time
in the family business, Wears place in Jacksonville, July 17-21.
Call today! Auctioneering, with her dad, Brent, Find the NAA Auction Professional
1-800-397-0070 and handles all online auctions
as well as onsite auctions on
in your area at: auctioneers.org/find-

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QB Bridgewater’s amazing comeback continues

Andy Vasquez he would get back on a football field, and Friday could be just the latest step in
North Jersey Record-USA TODAY Network he’s been fighting for it ever since. The Bridgewater’s road back to being a start-
first steps came in 2017 when he played ing quarterback. But there’s also a good
FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — When Jets briefly at the end of one regular-season chance that if that happens, it won’t be
quarterback Teddy Bridgewater runs game. with the Jets.
onto the field for Friday’s preseason But Friday will be his first extended If Darnold proves that he’s ready to
opener against the Falcons, it will mark action since suffering the injury. And be the starter right now, Bridgewater
a significant step in his long and re- the 25-year-old says he’s ready. would become a logical trade candidate.
markable comeback. “I definitely feel like I am good,” McCown isn’t getting traded on a one-
Bridgewater plans to treat it as such. Bridgewater said. “I have been working year, $12 million deal at age 39. Mean-
“I am very excited,” Bridgewater said. with the training staff here and we have while, Bridgewater who is on a one-year,
“I get excited every day I get to get my been hitting it hard, and I am excited. … I Teddy Bridgewater joined the Jets in $6 million contract, could be appealing
ankles taped, lace my cleats up and run am looking forward to these upcoming March. VINCENT CARCHIETTA/USA TODAY for a quarterback-needy team, especial-
out of the locker room and practice be- preseason games and just getting out ly if he proves he can play this presea-
cause it was taken away from me for two there and having fun playing football son.
years. To be able to just wake up and again.” “He’s a pro’s pro,” McCown said. “Just It’s a strange situation for Bridgewa-
know you have the opportunity to con- Bridgewater, who signed with the his poise in the huddle, how he carries ter to be in. But getting traded isn’t
tinue to do something that you love do- Jets in March, has impressed in offsea- himself, and every time he steps on the something he thinks about.
ing, it’s a great feeling.” son workouts and the first week of field he’s ready to go. He’s prepared and “No, not at all,” he said. “I live in the
Two years ago this month, Bridgewa- training camp. He’s locked in a three- he puts the time in to make sure when moment. You control what you can con-
ter’s career, and life, changed in an in- way quarterback competition with Josh he gets to the line of scrimmage he has trol. For me it is coming to work every
stant. One moment, he was the Vikings’ McCown and Sam Darnold. And Bridge- answers to solve problems different de- day and putting forth my best effort,
23-year-old starting quarterback. Then water’s surgically repaired knee, over fenses can throw at him. leading my group up and down the field,
he took a wrong step in a non-contact which he wears a brace and a sleeve, has “I’ve been really impressed, and then throwing completions and getting us in
practice drill, injuring his left knee so not been a hindrance. he’s just an accurate passer. Great and out of the right plays. ... Everything
badly that doctors were briefly worried He has impressed his coach and touch, and again, a ton of poise, even off, else will take care of itself, right now I
his leg might have to be amputated. teammates with his work ethic, attitude and a great leader for our team. He’s have to live in the moment and trust the
But Bridgewater never doubted that and play. been really, really cool to work with.” process.”


All times ET Chicago 41 73 .360 23 Cincinnati 50 65 .435 16½ Minnesota 16 13 .552 6 Montreal Favorite O T O/U Underdog
Kansas City 35 79 .307 29 West Division Phoenix 16 14 .533 6½ Surface: Hard; Purse: $2.82 million NY JETS 1 3 35 Atlanta
West Division W L Pct GB Dallas 14 15 .483 8 Singles — Second round: Johanna Konta, Brit- OAKLAND 3 3 36 Detroit
FOOTBALL W L Pct GB Arizona 64 52 .552 —
Las Vegas 12 17 .414 10 ain, def. Victoria Azarenka, Belarus, 6-3, 6-1;
Houston 73 42 .635 — Los Angeles 63 52 .548 ½ x-clinched playoff berth Simona Halep (1), Romania, def. Anastasia
Wednesday’s Games Pavlyuchenkova, Russia, 7-6 (9), 4-6, 7-5; Favorite O T O/U Underdog
Oakland 68 47 .591 5 Colorado 60 54 .526 3
NFL Preseason Los Angeles 82, New York 81 Venus Williams (13), United States, def. Sora- DENVER 1 PK 34 Minnesota
Seattle 65 50 .565 8 San Francisco 57 58 .496 6½
Connecticut 101, Dallas 92 na Cirstea, Romania, 7-6 (4), 6-4. ARIZONA 21⁄2 21⁄2 36 LA Chargers
Thursday’s Games Los Angeles 58 58 .500 15½ San Diego 46 71 .393 18½
Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Texas 51 65 .440 22½ Thursday’s Games Singles — Third round: Sloane Stephens (3),
Wednesday’s Games United States, def. Carla Suarez Navarro,
New Orleans at Jacksonville Wednesday’s Games N.Y. Mets 8, Cincinnati 0 Washington 100, Seattle 77
Cleveland at N.Y. Giants Texas 11, Seattle 7 Pittsburgh 4, Colorado 3 Los Angeles at Atlanta Spain, 6-2, 7-5; Ashleigh Barty (15), Australia, DEALS
Chicago at Cincinnati Minnesota at Las Vegas def. Alize Cornet, France, 7-6 (3), 6-4; Anasta-
L.A. Angels 6, Detroit 0 Arizona 6, Philadelphia 0 sija Sevastova, Latvia, def. Julia Goerges (10),
Carolina at Buffalo Boston 10, Toronto 5 Atlanta 8, Washington 3 Friday’s Games
Tampa Bay at Miami Baltimore 5, Tampa Bay 4 St. Louis 7, Miami 1 Connecticut at Chicago, 9 p.m.
Germany, 6-3, 7-6 (2); Kiki Bertens, Nether- BASEBALL
L.A. Rams at Baltimore lands, def. Petra Kvitova (8), Czech Republic, American League
Cleveland 5, Minnesota 2 Milwaukee 8, San Diego 4 Indiana at Phoenix, 10 p.m. 6-3, 6-2.
Washington at New England N.Y. Yankees 7, Chicago White Sox 3 Kansas City 9, Chicago Cubs 0 CLEVELAND INDIANS — Placed OF Leonys
Tennessee at Green Bay Saturday’s Games ATP World Tour Martin on the 10-day DL. Recalled OF Greg Al-
Kansas City 9, Chicago Cubs 0 Oakland 3, L.A. Dodgers 2 Dallas at Atlanta, 2 p.m.
Houston at Kansas City Oakland 3, L.A. Dodgers 2 Thursday’s Games Rogers Cup len from Columbus (IL).
Indianapolis at Seattle Indiana at Las Vegas, 10:30 p.m. NEW YORK YANKEES — Reinstated LHP J.A.
Dallas at San Francisco
Thursday’s Games Washington 6, Atlanta 3 Thursday Happ from the 10-day DL. Optioned RHP
Cleveland 5, Minnesota 4 San Diego 8, Milwaukee 4 Toronto
Friday’s Games Chance Adams to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (IL).
Atlanta at N.Y. Jets, 7:30 p.m.
Texas at N.Y. Yankees L.A. Dodgers at Colorado MLS Surface: Hard; Purse: $5.32 million TEXAS RANGERS — Sent OF Nomar Mazara on
Boston at Toronto Pittsburgh at San Francisco Singles — Third round: Grigor Dimitrov (5),
Detroit at Oakland, 10:30 p.m. Baltimore at Tampa Bay rehab assignment to Round Rock (PCL). As-
Friday’s Games Bulgaria, def. Frances Tiafoe, United States, signed LHP Brandon Mann outright to Round
Saturday’s Games Seattle at Houston Washington (Hellickson 5-2) at Chicago Cubs EASTERN CONFERENCE 7-6 (1), 3-6, 7-6 (4); Kevin Anderson (4), South Rock.
Minnesota at Denver, 9 p.m. Friday’s Games (Hendricks 8-9), 2:20 p.m. W L T Pts GF GA Africa, def. Ilya Ivashka, Belarus, 7-5, 6-3; Ste-
L.A. Chargers at Arizona, 10 p.m. Boston (Eovaldi 5-4) at Baltimore (Bundy 7- Arizona (Buchholz 5-1) at Cincinnati (DeScla-
Atlanta 14 4 6 48 50 28
fanos Tsitsipas, Greece, def. Novak Djokovic National League
New York 14 6 2 44 44 23 LOS ANGELES DODGERS — Reinstated RHP
Canadian Football League 10), 7:05 p.m. fani 5-3), 7:10 p.m. NY City FC 13 5 5 44 45 29 (9), Serbia, 6-3, 6-7 (5), 6-3; Alexander Zverev
Ross Stripling from the 10-day DL. Optioned
EAST DIVISION Texas (Minor 8-6) at N.Y. Yankees (Tanaka N.Y. Mets (Wheeler 6-6) at Miami (Urena 3-11), Columbus 10 7 6 36 30 29 (2), Germany, def. Daniil Medvedev, Russia,
9-2), 7:05 p.m. 7:10 p.m. 6-3, 6-2; Marin Cilic (6), Croatia, def. Diego RHP-LHP Pat Venditte to Oklahoma City
W L T Pts PF PA Montreal 9 13 2 29 30 40 (PCL).
Ottawa 4 3 0 8 176 168 Tampa Bay (Snell 12-5) at Toronto (Estrada Milwaukee (Peralta 5-2) at Atlanta (Gausman New Eng. 7 7 8 29 36 35 Schwartzman (11), Argentina, 6-3, 6-2; Robin
Hamilton 3 4 0 6 181 147 5-8), 7:07 p.m. 5-9), 7:35 p.m. Philadelphia 8 11 3 27 29 37 Haase, Netherlands, def. Denis Shapovalov, BASKETBALL
Toronto 2 5 0 4 137 220 Minnesota (Santana 0-0) at Detroit (Zimmer- St. Louis (Gomber 1-0) at Kansas City (Smith Orlando City 7 14 2 23 35 54 Canada, 7-5, 6-2.
Montreal 1 6 0 2 103 242 mann 4-4), 7:10 p.m. 1-3), 8:15 p.m. National Basketball Association
Toronto FC 6 11 5 23 37 41 ATLANTA HAWKS — Promoted Rod Higgins to
WEST DIVISION Cleveland (Bieber 6-2) at Chicago White Sox L.A. Dodgers (Maeda 7-7) at Colorado (Gray Chicago 6 13 5 23 35 48
W L T Pts PF PA (Rodon 3-3), 8:10 p.m. 9-7), 8:40 p.m. D.C. United 4 9 6 18 30 36 ODDS vice president of basketball operations, Dan-
iel Starkman to manager of basketball opera-
Calgary 7 0 0 14 206 87 Seattle (Leake 8-7) at Houston (Cole 10-4), Philadelphia (Eflin 8-3) at San Diego (Nix
8:10 p.m. 0-0), 10:10 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE tions and Therian Williams to assistant video
Edmonton 5 2 0 10 198 167 W L T Pts GF GA coordinator. Named Chelsea Lane executive
Winnipeg 4 3 0 8 239 147 St. Louis (Gomber 1-0) at Kansas City (Smith Pittsburgh (Williams 9-8) at San Francisco FC Dallas 12 4 6 42 36 28 Pregame.com Line director of athletic performance and sports
Ssktchwn 3 4 0 6 151 175 1-3), 8:15 p.m. (Holland 5-8), 10:15 p.m. Portland 10 3 7 37 33 25 Major League Baseball
Oakland (Anderson 2-3) at L.A. Angels (Pena medicine, Michael Irr strength & conditioning
B.C. 2 4 0 4 126 165 Saturday’s Games Sporting KC 10 6 6 36 40 30 Friday coach, John Dusel assistant athletic trainer/
1-3), 10:07 p.m. Washington at Chicago Cubs, 4:05 p.m. Los Angeles 10 6 6 36 45 37
Thursday’s Game Saturday’s Games LA Galaxy 10 8 5 35 44 38 National League strength & conditioning, Ty Terrell assistant
Edmonton at BC Arizona at Cincinnati, 6:40 p.m. strength & conditioning coach, Dwight Lutz
Boston at Baltimore, 1:05 p.m., Game 1 Milwaukee at Atlanta, 7:10 p.m. Salt Lake 10 9 4 34 33 40 Favorite Line Underdog Line
Friday’s Game CHICAGO -147 Washington +137 director of basketball strategy & analytics, Di-
Texas at N.Y. Yankees, 1:05 p.m. N.Y. Mets at Miami, 7:10 p.m. Vancouver 8 9 6 30 36 46 pesh Mistry video coordinator, Larry Riley
Hamilton at Winnipeg, 8:30 p.m. Seattle 8 9 5 29 24 25 New York -115 MIAMI +105
Tampa Bay at Toronto, 4:07 p.m. St. Louis at Kansas City, 7:15 p.m. Arizona -119 CINCINNATI +109 senior advisor, Nick Ressler coordinator of
Saturday’s Game Minnesota at Detroit, 6:10 p.m. L.A. Dodgers at Colorado, 8:10 p.m. Minnesota 9 13 1 28 36 46
ATLANTA -105 Milwaukee -105 basketball operations and Victor Williams se-
Montreal at Ottawa, 8 p.m. Boston at Baltimore, 7:05 p.m., Game 2 Philadelphia at San Diego, 8:40 p.m. Houston 7 9 6 27 39 33 curity consultant.
Colorado 5 12 5 20 27 37 Los Angeles -107 COLORADO -103
Cleveland at Chicago White Sox, 7:10 p.m. Pittsburgh at San Francisco, 9:05 p.m.
Seattle at Houston, 7:10 p.m. San Jose 3 12 7 16 32 41 Philadelphia -128 SAN DIEGO +118 FOOTBALL
MLB SAN FRAN -125 Pittsburgh +115 National Football League
St. Louis at Kansas City, 7:15 p.m. Saturday’s Games
Oakland at L.A. Angels, 9:07 p.m. WNBA Houston at Columbus, 7:30 p.m. American League DETROIT LIONS — Waived WR Deontez Alex-
National League Favorite Line Underdog Line ander from reserve/injured.
Philadelphia at New England, 7:30 p.m.
American League East Division New York at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. NEW YORK -200 Texas +180 MINNESOTA VIKINGS — Placed G Nick Easton
East Division EASTERN CONFERENCE Boston -178 BALTIMORE +166 on injured reserve.
W L Pct GB San Jose at Colorado, 9 p.m.
W L Pct GB Philadelphia 64 50 .561 — W L Pct GB Montreal at Real Salt Lake, 10 p.m.
Tampa Bay -125 TORONTO +115 HOCKEY
Boston 81 34 .704 — x-Atlanta 19 10 .655 — Minnesota -116 DETROIT +106 National Hockey League
Atlanta 62 50 .554 1 Minnesota United at LA Galaxy, 10:30 p.m. Cleveland -137 CHICAGO +127
New York 71 42 .628 9 Washington 59 56 .513 5½ x-Washington 19 11 .633 ½ Sporting KC at Los Angeles FC, 10:30 p.m. ARIZONA COYOTES — Signed C Christian Dvo-
Tampa Bay 57 57 .500 23½ Connecticut 17 12 .586 2 HOUSTON -216 Seattle +196 rak to a six-year contract extension.
New York 47 65 .420 16 Vancouver at Portland, 11 p.m. LOS ANGELES OFF Oakland OFF
Toronto 51 62 .451 29 Chicago 10 19 .345 9
Baltimore 35 79 .307 45½
Miami 47 69 .405 18
New York 7 22 .241 12 COLLEGE
Central Division Indiana 5 24 .172 14 Interleague NCAA — Named Amy Reis director of women’s
Central Division W L Pct GB TENNIS Favorite Line Underdog Line basketball.
W L Pct GB Chicago 66 48 .579 —
WESTERN CONFERENCE St. Louis -151 KANSAS CITY +141 BROWN — Named Kate Refsnyder softball
Cleveland 64 50 .561 — W L Pct GB coach.
Milwaukee 66 52 .559 2 x-Seattle 23 8 .742 — NFL
Minnesota 53 61 .465 11 St. Louis 60 55 .522 6½ WTA Coupe Rogers COLUMBIA (MO.) — Promoted Tomas Brock to
Detroit 47 68 .409 17½ Pittsburgh 59 56 .513 7½
x-Los Angeles 18 11 .621 4
Thursday Friday associate head men’s basketball coach.

SPORTS ON TV p.m.); NASCAR Xfinity Series, Mid-Ohio Challenge (NBC semifinal (ESPN2, 1 p.m.); ATP World Tour & U.S. Open Series,
Times Eastern. Programs live unless noted. Sports, 3 p.m.) Rogers Cup, first semifinal (ESPN2, 3 p.m.); WTA Tour & U.S.
Check local listings. Open Series, Rogers Cup, second semifinal (ESPN2, 6 p.m.);
BASEBALL: Little League, Midwest Regional, final (ESPN, 11
ATP World Tour & U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, second
a.m.); Little League, New England Regional, final (ESPN, 1
AUTO RACING: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Con- semifinal (ESPN2, 8 p.m.)
p.m.); Little League, Northwest Regional, final (ESPN, 3 p.m.);
sumers Energy 400, practice (NBC Sports Network, noon); Little League, Great Lakes Regional, final (ESPN, 5 p.m.); WNBA: Dallas at Atlanta (NBA TV, 2 p.m.)
NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Corrigan Oil 200, Little League, Mid-Atlantic Regional, final (ESPN, 7 p.m.);
practice (Fox Sports 1, 1 p.m.); NASCAR Camping World SUNDAY
Little League, West Regional, final (ESPN, 9 p.m.)
Truck Series, Corrigan Oil 200, final practice (Fox Sports 1, 3 AUTO RACING: Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Con-
p.m.); Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, Consumers Ener- BASKETBALL: Jr. NBA World Championship: U.S. Boys Tour-
sumers Energy 400 (NBC Sports, 2:30 p.m.)
gy 400, qualifying (NBC Sports Network, 5 p.m.) nament, first semifinal (Fox, 1 p.m.); Jr. NBA World Champi-
onship: U.S. Boys Tournament, second semifinal (Fox, 2:15 BASEBALL: High school, Perfect Game All-American Classic
BASEBALL: Little League, Midwest Regional, second semi- p.m.); Jr. NBA World Championship: International Girls Tour- (MLB Network, 8 p.m.)
final (ESPN, 11 a.m.); Little League, New England Regional, nament, championship (Fox, 3:30 p.m.); Jr. NBA World Cham-
second semifinal (ESPN, 1 p.m.); Little League, Northwest pionship: U.S. Girls Tournament, championship (Fox, 4:45 BASKETBALL: Jr. NBA World Championship: Girls World
Regional, second semifinal (ESPN, 3 p.m.); Little League, p.m.); Big Blue Bahamas Tour, Kentucky vs. Mega Bemax Championship (Fox, 3:30 p.m.); Big Blue Bahamas Tour, Team
Great Lakes Regional, second semifinal (ESPN, 5 p.m.); Little (SEC Network, 7 p.m.); Jr. NBA World Championship: Interna- Toronto vs. Kentucky (SEC Network, 4 p.m.); Jr. NBA World
League, Mid-Atlantic Regional, second semifinal (ESPN, 7 tional Boys Tournament, championship, at Kissimmee, Fla. Championship: Boys World Championship (Fox, 4:45 p.m.)
p.m.); Little League, West Regional, second semifinal (ESPN, (Fox, 7:30 p.m.); Jr. NBA World Championship: U.S. Boys CYCLING: Tour of Utah, Stage 6, final stage (Fox Sports 2,
9 p.m.) Tournament, championship (Fox, 8:45 p.m.) 4:30 p.m.)
BASKETBALL: Jr. NBA World Championship: Quarterfinals CYCLING: Tour of Utah, Stage 5, from Canyons Village to GOLF: PGA of America, PGA Championship, final round (TNT,
(Fox Sports 1, 2 p.m.); Jr. NBA World Championship: Quarter- Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Utah (Fox Sports 2, 4 p.m.) 11 a.m.); PGA of America, PGA Championship, final round
finals (Fox Sports 1, 7 p.m.); Big3, Week 8 games (Fox Sports
GOLF: USGA, U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, semi- (CBS, 2 p.m.); USGA, U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship,
1, 8 p.m.)
final matches (Fox Sports 2, 10 a.m.); PGA of America, PGA championship match (Fox Sports 1, 2 p.m.)
CYCLING: Tour of Utah, Stage 4 (Fox Sports 2, 3:30 p.m.) Championship, third round (TNT, 11 a.m.); PGA of America, MLB: Seattle at Houston (TBS, 2 p.m.); Washington at Chi-
GOLF: PGA of America, PGA Championship, second round PGA Championship, third round (CBS, 2 p.m.) cago Cubs (ESPN, 8 p.m.)
(TNT, 2 p.m.); USGA, U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship, HORSE RACING: Breeders’ Cup Challenge Series, Arlington SOCCER: Women, FIFA Under-20 World Cup, Group stage:
quarterfinal matches (Fox Sports 1, 4 p.m.) Million and Beverly D. Stakes (NBC Sports Network, 6 p.m.) Group B, England vs. Mexico (Fox Sports 1, 7:20 a.m.); Wom-
HORSE RACING: Saratoga Live, Tale of the Cat Stakes (Fox MLB: Texas at N.Y. Yankees (MLB Network, 1 p.m.); Washing- en, FIFA Under-20 World Cup, Group stage: Group B, Brazil
Sports 2, 5:30 p.m.) ton at Chicago Cubs (Fox Sports 1, 4 p.m.); Milwaukee at vs. North Korea (Fox Sports 2, 7:20 a.m.); Premier League,
Atlanta (Fox Sports 1, 7 p.m.); regional coverage, Oakland at Liverpool vs. West Ham United (NBC Sports Network, 8:30
MLB: Washington at Chicago Cubs (MLB Network, 2 p.m.); a.m.); Women, FIFA Under-20 World Cup, Group stage:
regional coverage, Milwaukee at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m., OR Seat- L.A. Angels OR Philadelphia at San Diego, games joined in
progress (MLB Network, 10 p.m.) Group A, Netherlands vs. France (Fox Sports 2, 10:20 a.m.);
tle at Houston, 8 p.m. (MLB Network) Premier League, Arsenal vs. Manchester City (NBC Sports
KICKBOXING: Glory 56, at Denver (ESPN2, midnight) MOTOR SPORTS: AMA, Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series, Un- Network, 11 a.m.); German-DFL Supercup, Eintracht Frankfurt
adilla National,450 Moto 2 Class (NBC, 3 p.m.); AMA, Lucas vs. Bayern Munich, at Frankfurt, Germany (Fox Sports 2, 1:20
NFL: Preseason, Atlanta at N.Y. Jets (NFL Network, 7:30 Oil Pro Motocross Series, Unadilla National (250 Moto 2 p.m.); MLS, N.Y. City FC at Toronto FC (ESPN, 4 p.m.) MLS,
p.m.); preseason, Detroit at Oakland (NFL Network, 10:30 Class), same-day tape (NBC Sports Network, 7:30 p.m.) Orlando City at D.C. United (Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m.); MLS, FC
p.m.) Dallas at Seattle (Fox Sports 1, 10 p.m.); Liga MX, Primera
NFL: Preseason, Minnesota at Denver (NFL Network, 9 p.m.)
SOCCER: English Premier League, Manchester United vs. Division, Tijuana vs. Cruz Azul, same-day tape (Fox Sports 1,
Leicester City (NBC Sports Network, 3 p.m.) SOCCER: Premier League, Newcastle United vs. Tottenham 12:30 a.m. Monday); Women, FIFA Under-20 World Cup,
(NBC Sports Network, 7:30 a.m.); Premier League, Hudders- Group stage: Group A, Ghana vs. New Zealand, same-day
TENNIS: ATP World Tour & U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, field Town vs. Chelsea (NBC Sports Network, 10 a.m.); Pre- tape (Fox Sports 1, 2:30 a.m. Monday)
quarterfinals (ESPN2, 12:30 p.m.); ATP World Tour & U.S. mier League, Wolverhampton vs. Everton (NBC, 12:30 p.m.);
Open Series, Rogers Cup, quarterfinals (ESPN2, 6:30 p.m.) SWIMMING: Pan Pacific Championships, same-day taped
NWSL, Seattle at Utah (Lifetime, 3:30 p.m.); International
(NBC, 4 p.m.)
WNBA: Indiana at Phoenix (NBA TV, 10 p.m.) Champions Cup, Atletico Madrid vs. Internazionale
(ESPNews, 3 p.m.) TENNIS: WTA Tour & U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, final
SATURDAY (ESPN2, 1:30 p.m.); ATP World Tour & U.S. Open Series, Rog-
SWIMMING: Pan Pacific Championships, same-day tape
AUTO RACING: NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Corri- ers Cup, final (ESPN2, 4 p.m.)
(NBC, 4 p.m.)
gan Oil 200, qualifying (Fox Sports 1, 9:30 a.m.); NASCAR WNBA: Dallas at Washington (NBA TV, 3 p.m.); Los Angeles
Camping World Truck Series, Corrigan Oil 200 (Fox Sports 1, 1 TENNIS: WTA Tour & U.S. Open Series, Rogers Cup, first
at Phoenix (ESPN2, 7 p.m.)


Bonds fight has ended. But his battle with the

baseball writers lives on, with four years
of eligibility remaining on the ballot. He
Continued from Page 1C finished with 56.4 percent of the vote
last year, far short of the 75% required.
our fans,” Giants President Larry Baer Bonds, 54, now a special assistant
told USA TODAY. “His dad was a great with the Giants, has no interest in ad-
Giant. His godfather (Mays) was per- dressing those issues. There are no
haps the greatest of them all. Barry was news conferences scheduled Saturday.
part of royalty. No meet-and-greet with reporters. Sim-
“Sure, there were a lot of tough times ply, a private reception Saturday after-
with him, challenging and contentious noon, an 8 p.m. ET ceremony, and then
times. But if something happens with the ballgame against the Pirates, the
somebody in your family, you don’t dis- team that drafted, signed and devel-
own him. ... You love him unconditional- oped the greatest player of his era.
ly, and what Saturday will do is remind “I wouldn’t miss this for the world,”
people of his accomplishments. says Leyland, Bonds’ manager in Pitts-
“Barry, in the tradition of his father burgh. “It’s a great tribute to one of the
and godfather, made San Francisco a greatest players to ever play the game. ...
baseball town again. He not only pre- He’s certainly the greatest left fielder I
served baseball in San Francisco but ever saw.”
resurrected baseball in San Francisco.” Perhaps no one since Babe Ruth
The fans’ unadulterated love for changed the complexion of the game,
Bonds was exposed again the day they with opposing managers and pitchers
announced Aug. 11 would be Bonds’ jer- focusing their approach and strategy
sey retirement night. Tickets were sold depending on when Bonds was due up.
out in 20 minutes. It’s the hottest ticket “There wasn’t any player like him,”
of any game this regular season, Stub Bochy said. “You had to manage around
Hub officials said, with ticket prices him. You would be constantly looking at
soaring close to $800. your lineup card to see when he was
This frenzied sellout crowd is primed coming up.”
to recognize and celebrate one of the It was 25 years ago when Baer made
greatest players in baseball history. Barry Bonds finished his MLB career with 762 home runs. The Giants will retire his first phone call to Bonds after he be-
Among those expected to attend are for- his jersey number, 25, on Saturday. KYLE TERADA/USA TODAY SPORTS came a free agent, telling Bonds they’d
mer teammates Bobby Bonilla and Rich like to bring him home, and to this day,
Aurilia; former managers Jim Leyland, Baer can recite his response like his own
Dusty Baker and Bruce Bochy; and all members of the Baseball Writers’ Asso- should the greatest player in the steroid child’s first words.
five living Giants Hall of Famers — ciation of America for the simple reason era be kept out? “He got emotional, extremely emo-
Mays, Willie McCovey, Orlando Cepeda, they believe he used performance-en- Maybe if Bonds had that cuddly and tional,” Baer said. “Barry said, ‘You don’t
Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry. hancing drugs. All while setting the all- friendly personality, it might be differ- know what it would mean to wear my
The Hall of Fame has yet to welcome time single-season record of 73 home ent. Maybe if he had never broken the father’s same uniform, my godfather’s
Bonds, but the Giants refuse to wait any runs in 2001 and surpassing Hank Aar- beloved Aaron’s record, voters would be uniform, and play for the San Francisco
longer. He will become their 11th player on in 2007 to become baseball’s home forgiving. Maybe if he lied, saying he Giants.’
to have his jersey, No. 25, retired. run king with 762. tried PEDs simply to overcome nagging “Having Barry led all of the momen-
And the only one not enshrined in The writers couldn’t punish him as a injuries, folks would look the other way. tum into our new ballpark, the 530 con-
Cooperstown. player, and baseball was powerless to do Instead, Bonds insisted he never secutive sellouts, the three World Se-
“There’s no code that you must be in anything without a failed drug test or knowingly used PEDs in the BALCO ries, really everything we accomplished.
the Hall of Fame to have your jersey re- proof of using PEDs, but he’s being pe- case, the U.S. government took him to “We certainly don’t have this success
tired, this was a no-brainer for us,” Baer nalized now. court on five counts of perjury and ob- without him.”
said. “I’m not going to lecture anybody It’s rather absurd. Recent inductees struction of justice, and Bonds won, The folks in San Francisco might not
whether he should be or shouldn’t be in Mike Piazza, Pudge Rodriguez and Jeff cleared of all charges. share the same court of public opinion
the Hall of Fame, but when you really Bagwell are openly welcomed. If we’re “You won, but did you really win?” on Bonds as everyone outside the 415
step back, and look at it unemotionally, going to permit players surrounded by Baker says. “I mean, when you fight the area code, but it’s a love affair that never
how can he not be with his home run PED suspicions, with several former system, you don’t get rewarded general- waned. This will be the night when the
record, his seven MVPs and everything teammates, coaches and front office ex- ly.” outpouring of gratitude and affection
he’s done in the game? ecutives openly mocking the absurd no- It doesn’t matter now. Bonds stopped might resonate forever, knowing that
“Hopefully, one day that changes.” tion many of these recent inductees playing baseball 11 years ago when no blemishes and all, Bonds always will be-
Bonds has yet to be elected by the were totally clean, how in the world team would touch him. The government long to them.



From road courses to drag strips, it’s been a dominant few weeks for Team NAPA Racing.
Congratulations to Chase Elliott, Ron Capps and Alexander Rossi on sweeping the circuit
with back-to-back-to-back wins. Now that’s NAPA KNOW HOW.

©2018 Hendrick Motorsports, LLC. Chase Elliott’s signature, name, likeness and other
related trademarks are exclusive trademarks of Chase Elliott Motorsports, LLC. ©2018
Andretti Autosport Holding Co, Inc. Alexander Rossi’s signature, name, likeness and other
related trademarks are exclusive trademarks of Team Rossi Motorsports, LLC.

D’Souza has high hopes for ‘Death’
Conservative filmmaker splits audiences. 2D

Keeping it real in Santa Cruz

Silicon Valley’s neighbor is laid-back fun. Travel, 3D

Listen up, music lovers

Check out Mike Milosh’s playlist and “Levitate.” 6D


true colors
shine on
Film starkly reveals her
tough Grammy moments
Maeve McDermott

Kesha spends much of her new Ap-

ple Music documentary “Rainbow”
(out Friday) in a dream world, moving
through trippy vignettes that alter-
nately show her trapped in a glass box
on a scenic beach, pulling a keyboard
from a glowing swamp and straddling
her own comatose likeness as a shirt-
less man in a bunny mask injects her
body double with pink sludge.

“Random Acts of Flyness” includes everything from animation to music to documentary-style talk-show segments
like this one with Doreen Garner and Terence Nance discussing black sexuality. ART BY HBO

HBO’s Fridays feature

freaky fun, ‘Flyness’
The week’s most off night is the perfect spot for the network’s most offbeat fare
Kesha Apple Music documentary Patrick Ryan USA TODAY
“Rainbow” covers a lot in just 30

minutes. GETTY IMAGES FOR IHEARTMEDIA hances are, you’ve probably been missing out on some of HBO’s smartest, strangest shows. ❚
The prestige cable network has typically reserved its most accessible, awards-friendly
As visually striking as the more psy- comedies for Sunday nights: “Veep,” “Silicon Valley” and the newly returned “Insecure” among
chedelic scenes of “Rainbow” may be,
it’s the other footage included in the them. But recently, the channel has cultivated a small slate of offbeat fare on Friday nights,
half-hour documentary, including be-
ranging from idiosyncratic late-night shows to niche comedies aimed at twentysomethings.
hind-the-scenes moments from Kesh-
a’s 2015 tour and her “Rainbow” studio
sessions, that contain the real revela- “Friday is an interesting night,” says today, “Random” creator Terence Nanc-
tions. And 20 minutes in, “Rainbow” HBO’s executive VP of programming e’s scope is much wider, using anima-
reaches its emotional climax as it fol- Nina Rosenstein. Anchored by “Real tion, music and documentary ap-
lows the days before Kesha’s 2018 Time With Bill Maher,” “it’s a good proaches to explore themes of black-
Grammys performance, a devastating night to try these new formats and in- ness, sexuality, police violence and
sequence that elevates the documen- troduce new talent who may be a little death. It’s an urgent, fantastical fever
tary to must-see viewing for her fans. out of the mainstream. Sunday nights dream unlike anything else on TV right
“Rainbow” shares its name with are kind of our big, splashy shows and now, with Jon Hamm – dryly satirizing
Kesha’s 2017 album – her return to these are our shows that are a little so-called “white thoughts” in the first
music, which she began writing while more genre-breaking.” episode – as you’ve never seen him be-
in treatment for a severe eating disor- USA TODAY looks at three of HBO’s fore. (Fridays, midnight EDT/PDT)
der and continued recording during new and recent Friday-night offerings
her lengthy legal battle with her former that should be on your radar. ‘Animals’
producer, Dr. Luke, whom she accused
of sexual and emotional abuse. The ‘Random Acts of Flyness’ If Mickey Mouse had a drinking prob-
uncomfortable backstory is that dur- lem and Garfield was into bondage,
ing the trial, Kesha’s contract restrict- Like “Wyatt Cenac’s Problem you’d probably get something akin to
ed her from releasing her new music Areas,” another freshman series that “Animals,” which just kicked off its third
unless she worked with her alleged aired Fridays earlier this year, “Ran- season. The crudely animated comedy
abuser, which resulted in years of si- dom” tackles social and cultural issues was conceived by newcomers Phil Ma-
lence from the singer. in an unconventional late-night set- tarese and Mike Luciano, and produced
ting. But while Cenac’s show is primar- by the prolific sibling duo of Mark and
See KESHA, Page 5D ily a deep dive into the problems The dark lives of city “Animals” are
plaguing law enforcement in America voiced by big-name guests. See HBO, Page 4D



Two of NBC’s most beloved com- I’m happy with my
edy classics are connecting in a body and who I am
big way: Schwimmer is and other kids who are
About set to guest-star on built like me and thinner

805,000 the new season of “Will

& Grace.” Schwimmer,
who played Ross on
than me should be able to
feel the same way. Not
only that, but they should
Americans suffer a heart attack
“Friends,” will have a be able to feel like THEY
every year.
recurring role as the could be a superhero.”
new love interest of – “Flash” star Grant Gustin
NOTE For 605,000 of them, it’s their first heart
Grace Adler (Debra Messing), NBC on Instagram Wednesday, IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY
attack. confirmed to USA TODAY. (Does responding to body-shamers WHO’S CELEBRATING TODAY
SOURCE American Heart Association and the Rachel know about this?) who say he’s too slim
National Forum for Heart Disease & Stroke
Prevention Kylie Jenner is 21. Antonio Banderas


D’Souza: Bring on those bad reviews

Conservative filmmaker ing with the “smears” of the Democratic
Party in their respective eras. Historical
sees only affirmation re-creations draw parallels between
Adolf Hitler’s ideology and the Demo-
Bryan Alexander cratic Party at the time.
USA TODAY These political and historical claims
have earned the most pointed criticism.
Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “In ‘Death of a Nation,’ Dinesh D’Souza
“Death of a Nation” has hit a new low is no longer preaching to the choir;
mark for the controversial filmmaker: he’s preaching to the mentally un-
It received 0 percent positive reviews sound,” writes Variety critic Owen
from critics on aggregate site Rotten Gleiberman.
Tomatoes. The filmmaker acknowledges being
Each reviewer (11 in all) thrashed “annoyed” by critics who have knocked
“Death of a Nation” (in theaters now), the dramatic re-creations (called
but conservative author-turned-film- “laughably inept” by Bill Goodykoontz
maker D’Souza, 57, says he’s OK with of The Arizona Republic).
that. The site also shows that fans are “The quality is high, but the critics
solidly behind the politically charged pretend like it’s not,” D’Souza says.
movie, giving it a 90 percent positive “That to me is just intellectually
audience score. dishonest.”
“With the critics, we’ve hit the bot- The documentary made more than
tom of the barrel for sure,” D’Souza tells $2.3 million in its opening weekend.
USA TODAY. “I have joked before that Though it’s a far cry from the $6.5 mil-
it’s a mark of my success to make my lion earned by “Obama’s America” in its
movie ratings go even lower. That Historical re-creations, including portrayals of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, seek first weekend of wide release, D’Souza
means I have caused more of an intel- to drive home political points in “Death of a Nation.” PHOTOS BY D’SOUZA MEDIA wasn’t displeased. “Death of a Nation”
lectual headache for the leftist critics. will be in 1,005 theaters this weekend.
“If you are on the left watching this “Look, we made 2.3 million bucks in
movie, you will get a certain amount of three days,” D’Souza says. He’s certain
ideological indigestion.” he’ll recoup his $6 million in production
The numbers show an ever-widening costs (and more) for his ideologically
“chasm” between professional critics motivated investors.
and his audience, D’Souza notes. He He’s also confident the film will be an
saw less of a gap with his 2016 docu- easy mark for the Razzie Awards, given
mentary “Hillary’s America: The Secret to the year’s worst films. “Hillary’s
History of the Democratic Party” (4 per- America” earned four, including worst
cent of critics liked it, 80 percent of the picture.
audience) or his 2012 documentary “I have a nice media room with my
“2016: Obama’s America” (27 percent of movie posters and I have my Razzies
critics, 73 percent of the audience). proudly displayed,” D’Souza says. “I
He says it’s similar to the divisive wouldn’t be surprised if I get more.”
views Americans have about President
Donald Trump. While political watchers
pull their hair out over the president’s
actions, his base of support stands firm- Corrections & Clarifications
ly by him.
“This absurdly big chasm shows one Parallels between Abraham Lincoln Some viewers will suffer “ideological Because of a production error,
group of people is absolutely outraged and President Trump are drawn. indigestion,” Dinesh D’Souza says. Tuesday’s Puzzles section was
and wants to drive a stake into (the repeated in some editions
movie’s) heart. They are trying to drive Wednesday.
away mainstream viewers who might spreading the word.” in 2014, continues his staunch support
USA TODAY is committed to accuracy.
see the movie and be persuaded by it,” D’Souza, who was pardoned by of the president in the film. To reach us at any time, call 800-872-7073 or e-mail
D’Souza says. “Meanwhile, the other Trump in May after pleading guilty to “Death of a Nation” compares Trump accuracy@usatoday.com. Please indicate whether you’re
responding to content online or in the newspaper.
group of people is fanatic, wildly violating federal campaign finance laws to Abraham Lincoln, especially in deal-

Report puzzle problems to us at

PUZZLES feedback@usatoday.com or 1-800-872-7073


EDITED Fred Piscop By David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek 8/10 P A S D A T E O C O M M
BY Patrick Jordan Find and Circle: R P D R G E R N C N A A
First ____ ☑☐☐☐☐☐ K L V Y S T I I O R E N
INSTRUMENTAL Three flowing bodies of water ☐☐☐
© Andrews McMeel

Three three-syllable countries ☐☐☐ E A D A C S X T E D R A

ACROSS Two parts of an atom ☐☐
1 Executes flawlessly Home to the Maldives: ____ Ocean ☐ E C B E U E O V A C T P
5 Play chords,
10 Lion’s share CANADA C E C F P R G Y R D Y G
14 Fox series that
numerous albums By David L. Hoyt and Russell L. Hoyt 8/10
By John Wilmes 8/10
15 Penobscot’s state
16 “Black Beauty”
novelist Sewell Washing machine verb
17 Hearing aid of yore 2.
19 Fantasy league Bear in Italy
20 Richard’s running Washing machine verb 4.
mate 5.
21 1777 battle site Possesses
23 Joined with stitches
© Andrews McMeel

26 Net surfer’s stop By oneself 7. GAMES

27 Device with a
cassette drive, Clues: Thursday’s Answer
Front of a ship
perhaps 1. Alternate ASKING PRICE
32 Gnawing pests Thursday’s Answer 2. Relinquishes PRICE BREAK
“No man __ __ island” 3. Little by little BREAK COVER
35 Genre with confes- A F R O 4. A break from your job COVER UP
sional lyrics Bows one’s head 5. Slight possibility UP NORTH
36 Many a LASIK © Andrews McMeel 8/10 C L A W 6. Monopoly feature NORTH ATLANTIC
candidate DOWN 28 Martini’s partner in 53 “Peachy keen!” T I R E 7. Rummy and bridge ATLANTIC SALMON
37 Incinerator 1 Approaches one’s wines 54 Common QUICKCROSS
remnant golden years 29 Big name in sauerbraten meat S P E D ON YOUR PHONE PLAY ONLINE
8/9 puzzles.usatoday.com PUZZLES.USATODAY.COM © Andrews McMeel
38 Kimono-clad 2 Handily shows pineapples 55 Greased auto part
entertainers approval? 30 “Ben-Hur” or 56 Bout-starting sound
41 Load of bunk 3 Coincidental, in an “Gladiator” SUDOKU
57 Musial in
42 Pizzeria order unsettling way 31 Smell something Cooperstown
44 Pine-___ (cleaner 4 Fixed fee fierce Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x3 Complete the grid so that every row, column and 3x2
59 School cancellation box contains the numbers 1 through 9 (no repeats). box contains the numbers 1 through 6 (no repeats).
brand) 5 Bush 43 library 32 Word before cause
45 Knock to the sch. market or media
canvas 6 Highlander’s
62 Enjoyed takeout
33 Speck on an ocean 63 “Ben-Hur” novelist 5 7 6 3 2
46 One with a topper map
subsidiary role 7 Criticizes savagely 34 In the latest
Wallace 95 8 3 4
50 Amazon basin land 8 “Something’s style Thursday’s Answer
51 Pacific battle site of wrong” feeling 38 Every child 3 2 6 4 2
June-July 1944 9 Like liters and inherits them
54 Tends to a tot meters 39 Bricklayers’ 4 6 5 8 2 4 6
58 Fillies, as adults 10 Result of practice, troughs
60 Front-office figure, hopefully 40 Alan of “The 6 7 1 8 4 6
for short 11 Not clueless about Longest Ride” 2 6 5
61 You can’t live 12 Negotiations 43 Monkey-see, 8 4 3 5
without it hang-up monkey-do DIFFICULTY RATING )))))
64 Fitzgerald, the 13 “Toodles!” type 4 8 Thursday’s Answers
“Queen of Jazz” 18 Tomato in Italian 45 Leaves the 2 7 5 6 3 8 9 1 4 2 4 5 3 6 1
65 Buoy the spirits of cookery station 9 2 7 6 9 6 4 1 2 7 3 5 8 3 6 1 2 5 4
66 Kansan dog of 22 Quantum theory 47 Golf range club 3 8 1 9 5 4 6 7 2
moviedom particles 48 Doomed to fail 8 1 4 3 9 7 8 2 1 6 5 5 3 6 4 1 2
7 5 2 4 1 6 8 9 3
67 Craps table surface 24 Masked dueler’s 49 Car for a 8/9 8/10 DIFFICULTY RATING ))))) 8 1 6 5 9 3 2 4 7
1 2 4 6 3 5
68 Don’t allow to lapse blade 60-Across, often CROSSWORDS SUDOKU FUSION 4 1 3 5 2 6
5 4 3 2 6 9 7 8 1
69 Stash in the hold 25 Moore of “Empire” 52 Shop jargon ON YOUR PHONE ON YOUR PHONE 6 2 7 8 4 1 5 3 9 6 5 2 1 4 3
Answers: Call 1-900-988-8300, 99 cents a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-320-4280. puzzles.usatoday.com puzzles.usatoday.com © Andrews McMeel 1 9 8 3 7 5 4 2 6 8/9

1 2 3
Today’s theme © WIGGLES 3D GAMES
Cooking C F A
Across Down 4 Author Alice Walker Rearrange the words to complete the quote.
4 5
1. 737737 1. 72787437 Use the 5 shares this insight. ANY HAVE MOST PEOPLE POWER THINKING UP
5. 7687 2. 7685879 phone O C H R E B
6 keypad to
7. 28768 3. 782 O S E
7 8. 7273 4. 462 decode the
6 7 8
THE ________ COMMON WAY ___________ GIVE
clues. S A P P H I R E
10. 24399 6. 527
8 9
For example:
________ THEIR ___________ IS BY ______________
11. 584 9. 344 2 could be A,
10 B or C ... and
5678 could
C E R I S E THEY DON’T ________ ________.

11 be LOST D E S

Thursday’s Answer: “The problem with beauty is that it’s like being
© USA TODAY and Rich Coulter Yesterday’s solution born rich and getting poorer.” - Joan Collins


On a clear day, you can see all of the

Visitors can get

in classic
a new view of DC
ARLINGTON, Va. – The nation’s
capital is known for its lack of sky-
Santa Cruz
That’s by design. So the best views
of Washington, D.C., are often seen
from an airplane landing at Ronald
Reagan National Airport.
No longer. A new building offers
prime views of the U.S. Capitol, Wash-
ington Monument, the National Mall,
National Cathedral and Georgetown
University. It’s across the Potomac
River from D.C. in Arlington, Virginia.
The observation deck at CEB Tower
in Arlington opened June 21. The all-
glass tower has panoramic views of
the capital, Virginia and Maryland. It
was designed by Legends, the firm be- The Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse Museum houses the Santa Cruz surfing museum. And you can see some pretty
hind One World Observatory at the amazing surfers in action from Lighthouse Point, too. PHOTOS BY JEFFERSON GRAHAM/USA TODAY
World Trade Center in New York City
and OUE Skyspace in Los Angeles.
The CEB Tower is the tallest build-
ing inside the Beltway. The observa-
Laid-back California beach town is a whole different vibe from its neighbors
tion deck is perched on its 31st floor.
The deck features 12,000 square Jefferson Graham
feet of unobstructed observation USA TODAY
space as well as an open-air terrace. Its
technology leads guests through a SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – Sol Lipman is
self-guided tour of the nation’s history. a Silicon Valley veteran who has
Interactive digital touch-screen dis- worked for such companies as AOL
plays share the timeline of some of the and Yahoo and commuted to tech hubs
most important moments of the na- in Palo Alto and Sunnyvale, California,
tion, including the Civil War, the Civil for years.
Rights movement and the assassina- But when it came time to launch a
tion of President John F. Kennedy. new startup (YaDoggie, a subscription
The “Windows into History” exhibit dog food company), he was adamant
includes information on some of the that it be based in his hometown, just a
city’s most important landmarks, in- few miles from the heart of the tech
cluding the Washington Monument. scene, but eons apart in lifestyle.
The space also includes a café with With its rugged coast, nearby
pizzas, sandwiches and both alcoholic mountains and arguably one of the
and nonalcoholic beverages. best spots for surfing in California,
Tickets for adults are $22 at Santa Cruz (population 65,000) is a
TheViewofDC.com. – Nancy Trejos “unique gem” and “incomparable to
any other place in the Bay Area,”
Lipman says.
Unlike their monied neighbors in
the Valley, Santa Cruz citizens seem to
value lifestyle over status. “There’s
something about wandering through
the redwoods and feeling the ocean
breeze that keeps us grounded, re-
minding us to enjoy life. It helps us to
pursue our passions – whether a start-
up, a mural or a mountain-bike ride.”
Santa Cruz is also a magnet for tour- From the air, visitors on the Sky Glider have a commanding view of Monterey
ists in the summer months, when the Bay, right next to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
A planned “pre-function space” at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is open
the hotel. THE TWA HOTEL seven days a week, one of the few
coastal communities with a full, If you go … After exploring the beach and histor-
functioning amusement park directly ic downtown, which dominates the
Santa Cruz is off the beaten path,
TWA Hotel offers by the sea. Visitors can ride the 1924
wooden Giant Dipper roller coaster and not on the main Highway 101 that
town, other things to do in Santa Cruz
runs from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
event spaces with its commanding views of Monte-
rey Bay. For those arriving by air, fly to the
❚ Hiking and cycling. SantaCruz.org
lists a large collection of waterfront
Looking for a retro, aviation- The area attracts beachgoers from Mineta San Jose International Airport, walks and areas for mountain-bike
themed spot for your next big event? Silicon Valley and San Francisco (a 90- rent a car and drive up Route 17 to rides through the redwoods. For hikes,
New York’s TWA Hotel is accepting minute drive up the coast) who have get to Santa Cruz. If you’re driving areas recommended include DeLaveaga
bookings for its 50,000 square feet of their own beaches, but the old quote from the south, take 101 to Route 1 Park and Quail Hollow Ranch, which
event space and outdoor terraces “The coldest winter I ever spent was a in Castroville, about 30 minutes away both have free admission. A fun visit to
ahead of its spring 2019 opening. summer in San Francisco” explains from Santa Cruz. the redwoods should also include Uni-
Options will include the “Star- why so many make the drive. Santa Information: visitsantacruz.org versity of California Santa Cruz, where
stream” and “Flight Center” ballrooms Cruz does have foggy mornings, but the arboretum offers self-guided tours
as well as a promised “one-of-a-kind once that fog burns off, the weather of the UCSC Farm & Alan Chadwick Gar-
event space” to be unveiled this fall. gets traditional summer-warm. Santa Cruz the No. 2 best surf town in den every day from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Officials say the event spaces can Beyond the Boardwalk, tourists can the United States (sandwiched in-be- ❚ The Mystery Spot, a fun attraction
accommodate anything from confer- enjoy the funky arts-filled downtown tween two small communities on Oahu in the California redwoods that calls it-
ences to wedding and bar mitzvahs. Main Street collection of mom-and- and Maui, Hawaii) for “abundant surf,” self a “gravitational anomaly” that
Anchored around the landmark pop shops, galleries and foodie fare. the short 45-minute hop to Silicon wows visitors with “puzzling variations
TWA Flight Center that opened in 1962, Town boosters push the surf as well, Valley or slightly longer to San Francis- of gravity, perspective and height.”
the 512-room facility will be the only even if you’re not a surfer. co, “and access to massive expanses of ❚ Best surf spots: Santa Cruz is the
hotel on the grounds of New York’s Indeed, Surfer.com recently called natural beauty.” birthplace of mainland surfing in the
John F. Kennedy International Airport. United States and is known for its surf-
The airport property features two ing because of the multiple point breaks
new six-story towers that flank the old that offer consistently good waves –
TWA terminal’s “head house,” an ar- small, medium and huge.
chitectural masterpiece designed by There are 29 miles of coastline in
Eero Saarinen. The terminal is being Santa Cruz County, with Steamer Lane
converted into a 200,000-square-foot and Pleasure Point key surf spots
lobby the hotel claims will be the frequented by seasoned wave riders.
world’s largest. Head to scenic West Cliff Drive by the
The TWA Hotel will include six res- Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse to
taurants and eight bars. One cocktail watch some amazing surfing, even if
bar will be housed in a refurbished you don’t feel like jumping in the water
Lockheed “Constellation” aircraft that (you shouldn’t, unless you know what
was a staple of the TWA fleet in the late you’re doing), recommends Christina
1950s and early 1960s. A rooftop pool Glynn of the Santa Cruz County Film
will afford views of the airfield. Commission.
The TWA Hotel says it expects If you can’t find it, just ask a local
rooms will be available for booking in where the surf statue is. Steamer Lane
December. – Ben Mutzabaugh The family-operated Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has been around since 1907. is just up the road.


‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is ‘alive again’ at NBC

Gary Levin Crews said groped him. ing down the road with Rosa’s paired with tonally similar NBC
USA TODAY “For me and for a lot of peo- ... interactions with her parents sitcoms, such as “Superstore”
ple out there, I call it the sum- and her coming out” as bi- or “AP Bio.”
BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – mer of freedom,” he said. “It’s sexual, he said of Stephanie “The mandate from NBC is,
How did the cast react when all about freedom and telling Beatriz’s hard-edged police ‘We know this show, we love
NBC rescued cult comedy your story. But I had friends officer. “We’re really interested this show, please keep making
“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” after Fox and family on the show, (so) I in trying to do a #MeToo the same show,’ ” Goor said.
canceled it after five seasons? felt secure enough that I could storyline; it’s something we’re “It’s the same show; it’s going
“It felt like you’re alive tell my truth and still go to actively talking about in the to be even better.”
again,” Terry Crews told the work, along with all of the writers room.” Except maybe, Chelsea Pe-
Television Critics Association women who came forward.” Terry Crews declares “summer But the show’s not changing retti joked, there’ll be “pea-
press tour Wednesday. What’s next for “Brooklyn”? of freedom.” AFP/GETTY IMAGES much and will probably be cocks in the theme song.”
“I felt pretty confident we’d Fox’s finale saw the wedding of
land somewhere, maybe blind- Samberg’s detective Jake Per-
ly so,” star Andy Samberg said. alta and Melissa Fumero’s Amy ADVERTISEMENT

New Numbing Drug Relieves

NBC, which produced the Santiago, so they’re headed to-
series for Fox, plans a short- ward competitive domestic
ened, 13-episode run due early bliss.
next year and maybe more be- “They’ll maintain that same
yond that.
The news about the low-rat-
ed show was one of the biggest
TV events in May.
dynamic, but it will be fun to
explore it through the lens of
marriage,” Samberg said, jok-
ing, “Mostly small, detail-
Crippling Arthritis Pain
“I don’t know if it was a slow
news day or what, but the story
of the show getting canceled
oriented story lines about their
“Gosh, that day they com-
Without Pills or Needles
and then rescued struck a bine their bank account, it’s New cream relieves arthritis in minutes after applying;
nerve,” Samberg said. “It’s a going to be a big day,” Fumero
show we’ve loved making and added. uses the strongest approved dose of an anesthetic drug
are so proud of,” so he was glad Co-creator and executive
it put the show back in the producer Dan Goor said the
which numbs the nerves that cause crippling joint pain
“zeitgeist” (though he hates us- often-slapstick comedy will for a new blockbuster arthritis
ing that word). again tackle more substantive drug. But unlike so many of the
It was a liberating time for issues. (Last season dealt with others, it comes in the form of
Crews, who testified on Capitol a dramatic active-shooter cream, not a pill.
Hill in June about his sexual as- story). Initial users, including several
sault by a powerful agent who “We intend to continue go- clinical trial participants, say the
relief is extraordinary and when
you look at the science you’ll see
TELEVISION The new pain relief cream
numbs the nerves right below the
Sex talk speaks volumes When applied to an arthritic
joint, or a painful area on the

in Poehler’s ‘I Feel Bad’ body, it delivers rapid relief that

lasts for hours and hours.
Bill Keveney Blocks Pain
USA TODAY from the Brain
The powerful painkilling effect


BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – In is created by the cream’s active
the pilot of the new NBC com- ingredient, a powerful anesthetic
edy “I Feel Bad,” 40ish mom drug. Apeaz delivers its active ingredient, a powerful
and gaming-company boss Anesthetics are highly regarded
Emet (Sarayu Blue) worries
by physicians in the medical painkiller, through the skin, providing users
community. They block nerve
that she’s becoming her mother signals from the brain so that with rapid relief without oral drug side effects
and asks younger male under- Amy Poehler INVISION/AP patients don’t feel pain and are
lings if she’s still sexually at- incredibly effective. “I’ve tried more pills than I can Even more remarkable, Apeaz
tractive, or “doable.” count. I’ve also had a handful was also shown to prevent the
Is that scene appropriate at a you some of the things men “Those suffering with of cortisone shots. Nothing is as further destruction of cartilage, a
time of increasingly scruti- have said to me, it’s shocking. arthritis or joint pain can effective as this product. With major cause of arthritis.
nized workplace behavior? Ex- In a way, you get sucked up into Apeaz, I get relief right away. I “One of the most impressive
expect relief within minutes of rub a little on my hands. It keeps
ecutive producers Amy Poehler that culture, because they ob- things about the study was the
their first application,” explains the pain away. It also prevents the various ways Apeaz was able to
and Aseem Batra explained ject to you unless you can be Dr. Henry Esber, creator of the pain from getting really bad. It’s influence levels of pain. Many
why they think it works. one of the guys,” she said. hot selling drug Apeaz. completely changed my life,” raves painkillers, and even creams,
“In the context of the show, Batra also talked about the one user. simply mask your pain. Apeaz
(Emet) cares very little about harsh reality of the workplace. “There will be a pleasant is different. Since it is absorbed
their opinion,” Poehler told the “I don’t like always having to warming sensation that is through the skin it deliver rapid
Apeaz™ is an FDA
Television Critics Association talk about that stuff, and I think followed by a cool, soothing one. relief and is able to deliver its
press tour Wednesday. “They things are changing, which is This is how you know that the
drug with approved ingredients directly to infected
are these millennials who are great. But I’ve had to cut up drug has reached the affected joint claims for the arthritic tissue” explains Esber.
experts in their own minds, with the guys like that, and it and tissue.” pain relief of the A New Weapon
and she’s attempting to com- doesn’t feel good. But I promise Works In Minutes following conditions: for Arthritis
municate with them in a way you, I wouldn’t be sitting here if For arthritis suffers, Apeaz and Joint Pain
that’s really self-serving for I said, ‘Stop it. This is wrong. I offers impressive advantages over
• Temporary pain With daily use, Apeaz helps
her. That scene is completely in don’t like this.’ They would kick traditional medications. The most • Simple back pain users live a more vital, pain free
character.” me out,” she said. “If it was un- remarkable is how quickly it relieves relief without any of the negative
The scene also illustrates a comfortable for people, I like difficult pain. • Strains side effects or interactions
generational divide. that, because I like people to The cream contains the associated with oral drugs.
• Sprains
“It shows the platonic rela- talk about that.” maximum approved OTC dose Through the use of a powerful
tionship between a woman in Blue said Emet, who is mar- of an amazing anesthetic, which • Athletic injuries anesthetic drug, Apeaz is able
her 40s and men in their 20s. ried to David (Paul Adelstein), rapidly penetrates the skin to to numb pain at the source,
It’s a really undiscovered area has a real reason for talking to numb the area that’s in pain. This • Muscle stiffness specifically around joints plagued
relief lasts for several hours. and pain by arthritis.
to have those two worlds col- her younger colleagues that
Published pre-clinical animal Readers can now enjoy an
lide without the woman being way. (The scene recalls a fam- • Wrist, elbow,
studies have shown that the other entirely new level of comfort that’s
maternal or the men being ous sketch from “Inside Amy
ingredients in Apeaz can also shoulder, hip, knee, both safe and affordable. It is also
predatory. That’s really excit- Schumer” that focused on an prevent further bone and cartilage extremely effective, especially if
ing,” Poehler said. imagined expiration date of ankle, foot, muscle
destruction. nothing else has worked.
Batra, a veteran comedy female sexual appeal and fea- or joint pain
writer, said the scene reflects tured Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Pa- No Risk of Ulcers How to Claim a
or Stomach Pain Risk Free Supply
her own experiences in TV tricia Arquette and Tina Fey.) A New Breakthrough
There are also no negative of Apeaz
writers rooms, where the con- “She’s coming from a place for Arthritis
side effects as seen with oral This is the official public release
versation often is much more of ‘Oh my God, I’m turning into When applied to the skin
medications. Apeaz delivers its of Apeaz™. As such, the company
crude. my mother. It’s over for me,’ ” ingredients through the skin. Apeaz is absorbed in just minutes. is offering a special discounted
“I’ve been the only woman in she said. “I think that’s a very Oral medications are absorbed It then penetrates through muscle supply to any joint-pain arthritis
writers rooms all the time, and real moment in a woman’s life in the digestive tract. Over time, and tissues, getting to the source sufferer who calls within the next
that’s how people talk. If I tell to say: Is it over?” the chemicals in pills can tear the of you pain, numbing the nerve 48 hours.
delicate lining of the stomach, endings. A special hotline number and
causing ulcers and bleeding. “This is why Apeaz is so discounted pricing has been
A Low Cost Alternative effective for people with arthritis created for all Virginia residents.

HBO the Vimeo web series of the

same name by husband-and-
That Works
There are also tremendous
pain. It reduces pain while
adding an additional potential
layer of joint support,” explains
Discounts will be available
starting today at 6:00AM and will
automatically be applied to all
wife duo Ben Sinclair and Katja savings when switching over Esber. callers.
Continued from Page 1D Blichfeld, its HBO incarnation to a topical like Apeaz. When
follows “The Guy,” a nameless compared to other arthritis A Better Way Your Toll-Free hotline number
to Treat Pain is 1-800-931-6864 and will only be
Jay Duplass, who have helped weed deliveryman (Sinclair) in medications, Apeaz is a fraction
of the cost. At less than $2 a day, open for the next 48 hours. Only
woo an extraordinary guest New York as he bikes his prod- A pre-clinical trial on Apeaz
a limited discounted supply of
roster to voice characters. This uct to a colorful cast of canna- the cream quickly is becoming a was carried out by Dr. Esber and
household name. Apeaz™ is currently available in
season Tracy Morgan, Johnny bis-smoking characters. Han- his research staff shortly after its
your region.
Knoxville, Edie Falco and Lucy nibal Buress, Lena Dunham Rapid Relief Without Pills initial production.
Consumers who miss out on
Liu pop in to play cats, dogs, and Dan Stevens are among the or Needle Injections The results were published in
our current product inventory will
pigeons, rats and other city- biggest names who have ap- in the Journal of Immunology.
Many Apeaz users report have to wait until more becomes
dwelling critters in a series of peared on the show, which significant improvements in daily The study found that Apeaz available and that could take
aches and pain. Many more report induced an instant numbing effect,
loosely related, deceptively aired Fridays last winter and weeks. Experience the guaranteed
increased flexibility, less stiffness, which blocked pain for several Apeaz™ relief already enjoyed
dark vignettes. (Fridays, 11:30 offers wry, unexpectedly hours.
EDT/PDT) poignant glimpses into peo- and decreased muscle soreness. by thousands of consumers. The
They are moving with less pain for It was also shown to decrease company advises not to wait. Call
ple’s lives. It’s been renewed swelling and inflammation.
the first time in years. 1-800-931-6864 today
‘High Maintenance’ for a third season, which is ex-
pected to premiere early next
highest grade. Adapted from HBO Now)

Kesha do a good job, and I want to (expletive)

kill it.”
Two days before the performance,
Continued from Page 1D she’s in an even more fragile state, re-
hearsing in a larger performance space
Eventually freed from those restric- with a string section and backing vocal-
tions, Kesha re-emerged last year with ists. The tears begin flowing before she
“Rainbow,” led by her aching comeback sings a note as she steps away from the
single “Praying,” and earned her first microphone to sob and Cooper steps in
pair of Grammy nominations for the with some encouraging words.
new album – bringing her journey full “You do not have to sing this heavy
circle with her performance of “Praying” (song) to prove anything,” he says as the
at the awards. singers surround Kesha in a huddle.
During an otherwise forgettable “You need to tell the doggone story and
ceremony, Kesha’s Grammys moment stop trying to prove (something). You
was easily the night’s most powerful, a were courageous enough to write a song
roughly sung revelation that left the art- about your experiences, to share them
ist in tears by the end. with the rest of the world. So deal with
Those weren’t the only tears shed the pain, but share your love on stage.”
during Kesha’s Grammys journey, the For her Grammys performance, Kesha was joined by a number of performers, Days later, viewers would see Kesha’s
documentary reveals. It features foot- including Bebe Rexha and Cyndi Lauper, to her left, and Camila Cabello. FILMMAGIC struggle between love and pain playing
age of the difficult rehearsals in the days out on the Grammys stage. And watch-
leading up to her performance. ing her difficult journey in the days be-
“When the Grammys called and said stage, both emotionally and technically.” struggles to sing one line in “Praying,” “I fore – wearing T-shirts and no makeup,
that not only was my album nominated Pacing through a hotel room during a found a strength I’ve never known.” with no interest of getting glammed up
but they wanted me to perform, it was a rehearsal three days before the awards, “I sing it really good sometimes, and for the rolling cameras – makes her
dream come true,” she says in a voice- Kesha gets visibly frustrated, venting to sometimes I don’t, and sometimes my groundbreaking performance all the
over. “But it also triggered my intense vocal coach Nick Cooper about the pres- voice cracks,” she frets. “And this line more real and serves as a reminder how
anxiety. This song (‘Praying’) was in- sures of singing in front of stars such as about ‘strength’ – I’ll be up there, with all lucky listeners are to have a pop star
credibly hard to sing on such a grand Beyonce in the Grammys crowd. As she the people, and Beyonce, and I want to such as Kesha with us.

8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30
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WE Mama June: From Not to Hot June’s weight. Mama June: From Not to Hot Medical emergency. (N) David Tutera’s CELEBrations Sweet 16. (N) Mama June: From Not to Hot Medical emergency.
Weather World’s Wildest Weather Extreme weather. World’s Wildest Weather Catastrophic floods. World’s Wildest Weather Drive into wildfire. Secrets of the Earth Countering danger.
WGN America Cops Drug deal bust. Cops Hidden crack pipe. Cops Three times limit. Cops Naked driver. Cops Grand theft auto. Cops Domestic violence. Carter TV star returns home and discovers murder.
Cinemax Unforgettable After becoming engaged to David, Julia’s dream of a happy life turns into a nightmare when Outcast Kyle and Anderson learn more about Kyle’s Outcast More information Unforgettable Jealousy
his ex-wife’s jealousy takes a pathological turn. Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl (2017) (8:15) father; an old enemy taunts Anderson. (N) about Kyle’s father. takes pathological turn.
Encore Zombieland Unlikely partners must survive zombie attacks Inferno Renowned symbologist Robert Langdon and a doctor must work together in order to stop a madman Mission: Impossible An agent embarks on a scheme to
to find the last place of refuge. (2009) (7:30) from releasing a deadly virus. Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones (2016) clear his name after being branded a traitor. (1996)
FXM Pixels When aliens mistake broadcasts of classic arcade games as a declaration of war and attack using Pixels Aliens mistake broadcasts of classic arcade games as a declaration of FXM Presents (N)
tactics from the games, a 1980s video game champ is called upon. Adam Sandler, Kevin James (2015) war. Adam Sandler, Kevin James (2015) (9:55)
Hallmark Movies Morning Show Mysteries: Mortal Mishaps Morning Show Mysteries: Murder on the Menu When a body is found in the trunk of a car, host Billie Blessings Murder, She Wrote Jessica’s friend, a former jewel
Morning show host suspected of murder. (2018) (7:00) becomes involved in a murder mystery, along with her on-camera celebrity guest chef. (2018) thief, gets involved in a high society murder.
HBO Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri A heartbroken mother bitterly strikes out at the ineffectiveness Real Time with Bill Maher (N) VICE Animals. A post-owner
of a small town’s police department in finding her daughter’s rapist-murderer. Frances McDormand (2017) world creates a struggle. (N)
Lifetime Movie Homecoming Revenge A woman attends her high school reunion and encounters her former class rival. Unwanted Guest Young woman invites a friend with nowhere to go home with her for winter break, but the
April Bowlby, Hanna Hall (2018) houseguest turns a dream situation into a nightmare. Beth Littleford, Kate Mansi (2016)
Showtime Baby Driver Charismatic, expert young getaway driver Patrick Melrose Patrick confronts the past on the day Henry Rollins: Keep Talking, Pal. (N) Who Is America? Kill Bill: Vol. 1 A woman
becomes enmeshed in doomed heist. (2017) (7:05) of his mother’s memorial service. goes on a revenge spree.
Starz Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Shadowy being Power Ghost confesses his sins to Angela; Angela gets The Transporter A courier of illegal goods becomes entangled in a deadly Power Ghost confesses his
warns the team of trouble. Ioan Gruffudd (2007) (7:26) Tasha ready for the feds. smuggling plot. Jason Statham, Qi Shu (2002) (10:01) sins to Angela.
TMC The Preacher’s Wife A reverend with problems at home and at work prays for guidance and gets it in the The Stepford Wives A couple moves to Stepford Connecticut, a little town that is Cairo Time Patricia Clarkson
form of a guardian angel who immediately begins to win over his wife. Denzel Washington (1996) not what it seems. Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick (2004) (10:05) (2009) (11:40)
ESPN Little League Baseball (Live) 2018 Little League Baseball Tournament West Regional Semifinal 2 from San Bernardino, Calif. (Live) SportsCenter
ESPN2 ATP Tennis 2018 Rogers Cup: Quarterfinals from Aviva Centre in Toronto (Live) SportsCenter Top Ten Rolling with The Alabama Crimson Tide
FS1 BIG3 Basketball Atlanta (Live) MLB Whip Around
Golf Live from the PGA Championship Live from the PGA Championship
MLB MLB Baseball Regional (Live) MLB Tonight
NBA 2018 NBA Playoff Playback Looking Back at Reggie Miller WNBA Basketball Indiana Fever at Phoenix Mercury from Talking Stick Resort Arena (Live)
NBCSports Mecum Auto Auctions Bidders try to win auctions of classic and sports cars in Pennsylvania.
NFLN NFL Preseason Football Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets from MetLife Stadium (Live) NFL Preseason Football Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders (Live)

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Twenty One Pilots’ “Pale Shelter”

Tears for Fears
I think that nostalgia in music is important, and this track
for me really takes me back to my childhood.

‘Levitate’ “Human Nature”

Michael Jackson
The production is so gentle, allowing the song to be soft and
moving in a really sweet way.
Twenty One Pilots an-
“Erotic City” As you can imagine, I was surprised that my parents were OK
nounced their new album, Prince with me listening to this song because of how provocative
“Trench” (out Oct. 5), the the lyrics were at the time.
follow-up to mammoth “Sexual Healing” I love how he embraces an almost feminine side of himself
breakthrough “Blurry- Marvin Gaye with his vocals for this song.
face,” with three new
“Fearless” It’s a song that adheres to a very typical song structure,
songs and an accompany- Pink Floyd yet it still flirts with the aesthetic in such a seamless way. Rhye are back in the U.S. for dates in
ing music video trilogy. October. GENEVIEVE MEDOW JENKINS
“Use Me” Sonically, this sits in such a warm, beautiful place.
The band shared the Josh Dun, left, and Bill Withers
visual for its final new Tyler Joseph INVISION/AP Rhye’s sophomore album, “Blood,”
song, “Levitate,” on “Sweet Thing” The sentiment of this one really resonates with me. There is has emerged as one of 2018’s best-
Van Morrison rawness to it, a carnal desire, but it’s still pure of heart.
Wednesday. The track itself continues the band’s reviewed albums so far, celebrating
commitment to reinventing rap-rock as frontman “The Chauffeur” This song was ahead of its time; it’s a little dark and twisted with a new cover of Procol Harum’s
Duran Duran and suggestive in a sexual way.
Tyler Joseph spits lyrics over psychedelic synths and classic “A Whiter Shade of Pale.” The
drummer Josh Dun’s fevered pacing. “I Can’t Go for It’s just such good vibes. band continues its world tour, which
“Trench” is Twenty One Pilots’ attempt to repli- That (No Can Do)” concludes Nov. 14 in Beijing. In between
Hall & Oates
cate the Grammy-nominated success they saw with the busy schedule, frontman Mike
“Blurryface,” which spawned hits such as “Stressed “Anger” This is an emotionally raw record. I love how honest and Milosh shared a playlist of favorites
Marvin Gaye expressive it is.
Out” and “Ride.” with USA TODAY.
– Maeve McDermott


T This week
Debut L Last week

1 1 MAROON 5 f/CARDI B Girls Like You 19,198 1 2 KEITH URBAN f/JULIA MICHAELS Coming Home 26,058
2 7 POST MALONE Better Now 14,657 2 4 BRETT YOUNG Mercy 25,140
3 2 MARSHMELLO & ANNE-MARIE Friends 14,445 3 3 KENNY CHESNEY Get Along 23,139
4 3 TAYLOR SWIFT Delicate 13,641 4 6 JASONALDEAN f/MIRANDALAMBERT Drowns The Whiskey 21,095
5 8 CARDI B f/BAD BUNNY/J BALVIN I Like It 13,144 5 5 MORGAN EVANS Kiss Somebody 20,645
6 4 ARIANA GRANDE No Tears Left To Cry 12,402 6 8 THOMAS RHETT Life Changes 20,335
7 10 KHALID X NORMANI Love Lies 11,928 7 7 CHRIS LANE f/TORI KELLY Take Back Home Girl 19,120
8 5 POST MALONE f/TY DOLLA $IGN Psycho 11,533 8 11 LUKE BRYAN Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset 18,708
9 11 SELENA GOMEZ Back To You 10,870 9 9 CARRIE UNDERWOOD Cry Pretty 17,738
10 9 CALVIN HARRIS & DUA LIPA One Kiss 10,837 10 10 FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE Simple 17,665
11 12 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER Youngblood 8,722 11 13 OLD DOMINION Hotel Key 17,126
12 --- DRAKE In My Feelings 8,051 12 12 DYLAN SCOTT Hooked 17,036
13 14 ALESSIA CARA Growing Pains 6,720 13 1 JAKE OWEN I Was Jack (You Were Diane) 15,961
14 13 SHAWN MENDES In My Blood 5,565 14 14 LADY ANTEBELLUM Heart Break 14,694
15 --- KYGO f/MIGUEL Remind Me To Forget 5,200 15 --- COLE SWINDELL Break Up In The End 11,803

1 3 DRAKE In My Feelings 6,110 1 2 DRAKE In My Feelings 7,127
2 2 ELLA MAI Boo’d Up 5,436 2 1 CARDI B f/BAD BUNNY/J BALVIN I Like It 6,943
3 1 CARDI B f/BAD BUNNY/J BALVIN I Like It 5,399 3 4 POST MALONE Better Now 5,887
4 5 LIL BABY f/DRAKE Yes Indeed 5,021 4 3 ELLA MAI Boo’d Up 5,860
5 6 THE CARTERS Apes**t 4,474 5 7 TYGA f/OFFSET Taste 5,036
6 4 DRAKE Nice For What 4,397 6 5 DRAKE Nice For What 4,627
7 8 TYGA f/OFFSET Taste 3,896 7 6 KHALID X NORMANI Love Lies 4,206
8 7 TK KRAVITZ f/JACQUEES Ocean 3,647 8 9 JUICE WRLD Lucid Dreams 3,385
9 9 QUEEN NAIJA Medicine 3,210 9 8 THE CARTERS Apes**t 3,266
10 11 G-EAZY f/YO GOTTI/YBN NAHMIR 1942 3,022 10 11 YG f/2CHAINZ/BIGSEAN/NICKIMINAJ Big Bank 3,189
11 12 CARDI B Be Careful 2,652 11 10 LIL BABY f/DRAKE Yes Indeed 3,025
12 14 YELLA BEEZY That’s On Me 2,555 12 14 KYLE f/KEHLANI Playinwitme 2,374
13 --- JAY ROCK Win 2,297 13 12 CARDI B Be Careful 2,261
14 --- DEREZ DE’SHON Fed Up 2,290 14 15 NICKI MINAJ f/ARIANA GRANDE Bed 2,213
15 --- JUICE WRLD Lucid Dreams 2,243 15 --- G-EAZY f/YOGOTTI/YBNNAHMIR 1942 2,192


1 3 MAROON 5 f/CARDI B Girls Like You 6,607 1 1 ZEDD/MARENMORRIS/GREY The Middle 2,790
2 2 TAYLOR SWIFT Delicate 6,192 2 2 ED SHEERAN Perfect 2,742
3 1 SHAWN MENDES In My Blood 5,975 3 3 MAX f/GNASH Lights Out 2,445
5 5 ZEDD/MARENMORRIS/GREY The Middle 4,907 5 5 PORTUGAL. THE MAN Feel It Still 2,115
6 6 ARIANA GRANDE No Tears Left To Cry 4,723 6 6 TAYLOR SWIFT Delicate 1,722
7 9 LAUV I Like Me Better 4,119 7 7 CAMILA CABELLO f/YOUNG THUG Havana 1,362
8 7 IMAGINE DRAGONS Whatever It Takes 3,971 8 10 BACKSTREET BOYS Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 721
9 8 CAMILA CABELLO Never Be The Same 3,901 9 8 MAROON 5 Wait 629
10 11 JASON MRAZ Have It All 3,583 10 9 JOHN SPLITHOFF Sing To You 622


1 1 ELLA MAI Boo’d Up 2,618 1 1 MERCYME f/JOHN REUBEN Grace Got You 2,275
2 2 TAMIA Leave It Smokin’ 1,977 2 2 CORY ASBURY Reckless Love 2,049
3 3 PEABO BRYSON Love Like Yours And Mine 1,884 3 3 ELEVATION WORSHIP Do It Again 1,838
4 4 TONI BRAXTON Long As I Live 1,635 4 4 MATT MAHER What A Friend 1,822
5 5 H.E.R. Focus 1,510 5 9 FOR KING & COUNTRY Joy 1,701
6 6 DANIEL CAESAR & H.E.R. Best Part 1,492 6 5 MATTHEW WEST All In 1,686
7 8 TANK When We 1,245 7 8 RYAN STEVENSON No Matter What 1,644
8 9 GALLANT Doesn’t Matter 1,229 8 7 ZACH WILLIAMS Fear Is A Liar 1,593
9 7 KEITH SWEAT How Many Ways 1,192 9 6 CHRIS TOMLIN Resurrection Power 1,484
10 10 KENNY LATTIMORE Stay On Your Mind 1,106 10 --- LAUREN DAIGLE You Say 1,404


1 2 WEEZER Africa 3,520 1 1 GHOST Rats 1,877
2 3 TWENTY ONE PILOTS Jumpsuit 3,335 2 3 FROM ASHES TO NEW Crazy 1,536
3 1 BASTILLE Quarter Past Midnight 3,084 3 2 GODSMACK Bulletproof 1,483
4 4 PANIC! AT THE DISCO Say Amen (Saturday Night) 2,708 4 7 FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Sham Pain 1,456
5 5 LOVELYTHEBAND Broken 2,554 5 6 HALESTORM Uncomfortable 1,436
6 7 AJR Burn The House Down 2,462 6 4 FOO FIGHTERS The Line 1,308
7 10 IMAGINE DRAGONS Natural 2,353 7 8 BREAKING BENJAMIN Torn In Two 1,246
8 8 WALK THE MOON Kamikaze 2,183 8 9 THREE DAYS GRACE Infra-Red 1,194
9 6 TWO FEET I Feel Like I’m Drowning 1,984 9 10 POP EVIL A Crime To Remember 1,110
10 --- DENNIS LLOYD Nevermind 1,908 10 5 SHINEDOWN DEVIL 1,051


1 1 DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE Gold Rush 660 1 4 BECKY G & NATTI NATASHA Sin Pijama 2,199
3 4 FLORENCE + THE MACHINE Hunger 549 3 5 LA ADICTIVA BANDA SAN JOSE... En Peligro De Extincion 1,750
4 5 DAVE MATTHEWS BAND Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) 533 4 3 NICKY JAM & J BALVIN X 1,714
5 3 THE RECORD COMPANY Life To Fix 518 5 2 DADDY YANKEE Dura 1,645
6 8 LEON BRIDGES Beyond 488 6 10 GERARDO ORTIZ Egoista 1,582
7 10 TOMPETTY/HEARTBREAKERS Keep A Little Soul 475 7 8 OZUNA Unica 1,573
8 7 ALICE MERTON Lash Out 464 8 --- KAROL G Mi Cama 1,563
9 6 LOVELYTHEBAND Broken 460 9 6 MALUMA El Prestamo 1,551
10 9 FOSTER THE PEOPLE Sit Next To Me 448 10 7 ULICESCHAIDEZYSUSPLEBES Que Bonito Es Querer 1,541