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Table 17.

Development Program Planning Matrix

Program Outcomes and Resources Needed

Objective Output
Strategies and Activities Impact Personnel Materials Timeframe Budget

Establish a stand- ➢To make the Stand- In strict ➢ Stakeholders ➢ Approved 2017 – 2019 P 50,000.00

alone College of Nursing department as alone College compliance to ➢ Members of proposal.

as per mandate in CHED stand-alone of Nursing. the mandates the university ➢ Minutes of

Memorandum Order college as per of CMO 14 academic the meetings

Number 14, series of mandates in the series of 2009. council and

2009. CMO 14 series of ➢ Supportive proceedings.

2009. administration

Strategy: ➢ NSU Board of

Separation of the Regents

department into a

College of Nursing.
Promotion of ➢ To implement the To In strict ➢ Members of ➢ Approved 2017- P

equitable workforce of designed creation increase the compliance to the university proposal. 2019 50,000.00

the department. of regular regular the mandates academic ➢ Minutes of

plantilla positions positions of of CMO 14 council the meetings

Strategy: for the clinical the College of series of 2009. ➢ Supportive and

Enforcement of instructors of the Nursing. administration proceedings.

regular plantilla position College of ➢ NSU Board of

for clinical instructors in Nursing. Regents

the Nursing and Health

Sciences Department as

per mandates in CHED

Memorandum Order

Number 14, series of

Strengthening the ➢ To enhance the To Contrib ➢ Clinical ➢ Approved 2017- P

expertise of the clinical clinical equipped utory to Instructors proposals. 2020 100,000.00

instructors as the prime experiences of the clinical sustainable ➢ Supportive ➢ Minutes of

movers of the college. clinical instructors instructors development administration the meetings

in the College of with the and progress of ➢ Resource and

Strategy: Nursing. sufficient the College of Speakers proceedings.

Developing a ➢ To design a knowledge, Nursing.

comprehensive faculty comprehensive skills and

development plan that clinical attitudes in

equipped clinical preceptorship their

instructors in programs for the respective

professional clinical instructors. areas of

advancement based on ➢ To equitably allow expertise.

their expertise. clinical instructors

attend symposium

or forum which are

needed in