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Following are the instructions to be followed when you update your CV:

 Please check the LinkedIn URL mentioned in the CV (it is supposed to open your profile only)
 Maintain uniformity throughout the document with respect to font size, font style and line
 Font: Calibri, Size: 11, Line Spacing: 1.25; Paragraph Spacing: 0 pts before and after
 The tense used in the CV must be uniform (preferably past tense)
 Do not repeat the same adjectives and verbs under same tab (for example: additional
qualifications, practical training at IGTC)
 Avoid using common verbs like carried, done, looked
 A bullet point must never start with ‘Was’ or ‘Also’
 There should be no full stop after any bullet point
 Space should exist only after a comma and not before it
 Bullet points must not be sentences
 Maintain alignment of tabs and bullets throughout the document
 UK English is supposed to be used (Programme : UK Program: US)
 Delete extra spaces between words
 Uniform date style for months must be used (if you are writing Jan – Feb 2015 then make sure
you write Jun – Jul 2015 and not June – July 2015 or Jun – July 2015)
 Avoid using any interests which can generate parallel income while working with the company
(for example: teaching, interest in stock mark, etc.)
 The size of IGTC logo and the photograph should be appropriately proportionate
 Work experience (if any)must be always mentioned in past tense
 German language and DHBW must be included under the tab ‘Additional Qualifications’
 Bullets are preferred over Numbering
 Reading books or newspaper if mentioned as interest kindly specify the types or categories of
books or newspapers
 Avoid common grammatical mistakes (for example: if you have just one bullet point under the
heading Project Objective make sure you name the heading as project objective and not project
 Practical training details must be in ascending order (Phase I followed by Phase II)
 Standardize the sub headings under the practical training (i.e if you have ‘practical objectives’
as a sub heading in practical training phase I then mention the same in practical training phase
 Do not ignore the error indication given by MS word except for English UK indications
 Get the CV proof read by reliable sources
 Name the document as : First name<space>Last name (for example: Priya Sharma)
 Highlight your achievements
 DON’T make vague statements. Give facts context by backing them up with real examples. For
instance, don’t just say, “I have excellent communication skills”. Instead, say: “My excellent
communication skills have been fine-tuned by… and proved invaluable when_____