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gave you ever felt like you were destined for something.

untill then be happy, and as you grow and find parts of your life that fit you
perfectly, make sure you never let them

saving yourself means change.

time is sacreed, it cant be changed to suit any one person's desire without harming
lives of countless others, but then you wouldnt remember any of this would you, you
will be
blissfully unaware of loss of heartback and you'll be happpy, and isnt that what
most at the end.

when you grow up you are going to be better, bigger, stronger , better.

even if someone else falls down, or you fall down, that's hhow you succedd , you
hold up.

don't rely on anyone , you hear me, when it comes down to it, we are on our own.

life is full of distractions you have to overcome that.

when you stop looking for something, that's when you let it disappear

i do wanna be different, but i also want to know that when i am old i wont be
starving in the streets.
i admire people who do artistic things , i do but i could never live like that.

i am always afraid of realizing too late that i made wrong choices a long time ago,

the definition of crazy id doing the same thing over and over again and expeecting
a different result.

you cant convince someone that they are wrong, simply by giving them the facts, but
a good story will do it everytime.

now drop your hazards, alcohol, drugs, weapons of anytype, game related items,
clothing, music players, gaming systems
laptops, cellphones.

if it means locked up, i'd rather be me than pretend to be something I'm not just
to fit in.

a mind is it's own place and in itself you can make it a helll or a heaven

you dont agree, just know what you like and then dont mmind breaking the rules to
get it, if the rish is worth the reward
i dont see why not.

we are the only things that can defeat us.

what is your problems arent in your head, what if they arent even problems.

most people's memories are unreliable, the things we see, that people say, and they
change overtime too. your past is an illusion
how do you find facts when memory becomes a dream.

who are we if not the stories we tell ourselves.

you were looking for the women you loved, or did you just lloved the idea of her.

it's not real unless you make it real.

what matters is where you end up.

you feel isolated from the world, but it's not the world isolating you, it's you.

there is only one being in the vast multicciplicity of space that matter, GOD
and do you know why god matters, POWER.
that is the point of what you call life, the only point.

the mmost dangerous thing about schezophrenia is believing that yyou dont have it.
that's the trick the mind killer.
your disease convinces you that you dnt have it.
then you meet someone, and they tell you that you are not sick, you have
superpowers and you want to believe it, because
that means that you are not crazy, that means you can fall in love and live happily
ever after
but you know if you believe it and if you surrender t the hope and you're wrong
then you are never coming bacl.

there's a maze in the desert carved from sand and rock, a vast labrynth of pathways
and corridors a 100 miles long and a 1000
miles wide, full of twists and dead ends, picture it, a puzzle you walk, and at the
end of this maze, is a prize just waiting
to be discovered, all you have to do is find your way through.can you see the maze?
it;s walls , it's floors it twists and
it's turns good, because the maze you have created in your mind is itself a maze,
there's no desert, no rock or sand.
there's only the idea of it, but it's an idea that will come to dominate your every
waking and sleepping moment. you are
inside the maze now and you cannot escape.

reality is that which when you stop believing in it doesn't go away.

all the world's a stage and yu are the star. you decide what is real and what is

reality is a choice

your mind has the power to create it's own physical reality

if the idea can of illness canbecome illness, what else about our reality is
actually a disorder.

it's not about being alone or being on love, its about the things you survive, as
it is written the world breaks
everyon and afterwards some are string at the broken places

they sell us this lie that love is going to save us, all it does is make us stupid
and weak. love isnt going to save us
it's what we have to save, pain makes us strong enough to do it, our scars , our
anger our despiar , it;s armour
god loves the sinners best because our fires burns bright
in order to be great, it isnt enough to be just right, you have to be great.

that's right, they have shown their hand,

if they want them back this badly, they'll have to pay, that's the way of the world
fortune drops something valuable in your lap, you dont just dump it, on the bank of
the cut,

she's in the past, and the pat is not my concern. the future is no longer my
concern either.
- what is your concern, tommy?
the one minute, the soldier's minute. in a battle that's all you get , one minute
of everything at once and anything before is nothing.
everything after is nothing. nothing in comparison to that one minute.

you need to get out get out and get something, how'll you make it if you never even

and know that you are going to be tested every step of the way , you will
encounter things that you think you know, but you dont

things will get better , you just gotta stay the course.

you said i have changed, i appreciate what you have said, why does everyone keep
leaving me?
- that's the thing about change right? you hope you are doing the right thing by
beccoming a better person, but youa re also becoming a different
person, some people they just , i guess just react badly.

you are the one enemy , you have to defeat even if you can't

we shoudlnt be bothered about what people think of us, what's more important is
that what do we think about ourselves, how happy we are with
ourselves. apne aam se kitna khush hai, apni zindagi se kitna khush hai

you fight monsters real as well as imagined, without as well as within.,

just live in the moment, because you can only see the steps ahead of you, you dont
know wat's at the end of the road.

they say that you learn more from your failures than your success.

because you have embraced what you love, not what you feared.

we must let go of the life we have planned, to accept the one waiting for us.

the soul always knows what to do to heal iteself, the challenge is to silence the

learning how to live with your insecurities is the only security.

it's now or never, so it's better late than never.

things that have an expiry date, jinki deadline hoti hai, somehow we just cherish
them more, so live in the present and
dont worry bout the future because there might not be a future

you dont need someone to complete you, you just need someone to accept you
completly you.
no one attempts the impossible without believing something greater than themselves,
even if that something is a someone.

mind of matter

it's amazing what people can accomplish when their survival is at stake, squeeze
them hard enough and there is nothing they cant do
no line they wont cross

you are telling me that you are giving up after all this time,
it's not about giving up , it's about knowing when you have lost

my hipe for you is that when you are looking back years from now, you'll be able to
say "that if i could do that all again, I wouldnt change a thing"
the future is in your hands now, and i know you'll find a way to do what's right,
you always have. take care of yourself, you deserve to be happy.

people come to oasis for all the things that they can do, but they stay because of
all the things they can be,

and we have to ask whos story are we writting ultimately, ours na?
see koi nahi deta hai story likhne ko, life gives chances to you to be a side
character in someone else's bloody story, you have to fight to tell your own story,
young, mad, bankrupt, divorced, illegal but your story
they'lll try to stop you, it wont end happily but it was yours, that's enough

man suffer more from imagining to much or too little.

comfort the enemy of progress.

you dont need everyone to love you finn, just few good people.

janta hu sapne dekhna bevakuffi hai, par agr sapno ko pura krne ki koshish ki
jayein toh badi badi chizein mumkin hai

write from your wrongs and dont run away when it gets hard.

young as you are, still lookking at the horizon , never here, now , the need in
front of your nose
the greates teacher is failure itself.
we are what they grow beyond, that is the true burden of all masters.

you are on the verge of a great career , and it feels like you dont even want it,
then what do you want?
get it together.

i dont have any heroes, if i reaach the goals i have set out for myself , then the
person i'll become
will be my hero.

study something, like you could teach it to the other person in the class.

you gotta keep your eyes up, always gotta look ahead, if you look down, that's
where you're
gonna go.

you are tired? wanna know another synonym for tired -> week.

all you have to do is listen.

i was raised to be a champion, my goal was to win at what against whom? those were
just details.

molly's game - 34
- -24

winston churchhill defined success as the ability to move from failure to failure
with no loss of enthusiasm

don't become romantically or sexually involved with any of the players, the game
would've fallen apart.

dont break the law when you are breaking the law.

humiliatin and depression will give way to blinding anger at your powerlessness,
over the unfair whims of men
it was that there weren't any rules, these power moves weren't framed by right and
wrongs just ego and vanity , selfish whims with
no regard of consequences, no fairness , no jutice.
you dont wann loose to that, you dont need a therapist to make me feel okay about
it, you know what makes me feel okay about loosing

gys like you are just afraid that when you actually make the kind of music that
they want,
they are not going to like it, and then you are going to feelbad as a artist.

through calm comes thought, and you need though to detect stuff sometimes.
hate never solved nothing, but calm does and thought does

you just try really and never loose hope.

every human being is a puzzle of need, you must become the missing piece andthey
will tell you anything

hate feeds on fear and if you run, hate wins.

what we believe shapes who we are, belief can bring salvation or destruction
butwhen you believe a lie too long, the truth doesnt set you free, it tears you

convince the crowd you are more likely to convince the man.

how to we practice deceit? we rip the truth apart and reweave it into the lie.
nothing is more convincing

you are going to be a very very powerful magician and a great king.
- well doesnt feel that way , i dont meka e all the real moves, i am more of a
middle manager
- it might feel like sometimes you are a supporting layer in someone else's story ,
but your tale is your own .
you may not get the apreaciation you deserve frankly or peace, but it is yours and
i am going to tell you upfront
that it wont be boring.

you think the chosen wants to be chosen?

this is what we do to ourselves on a daily basis, we weigh ourselves down untill we
cant even move and make no mistake
moving is living.imagine waking up tomorrow with nothing, it's kind of exhilirating
isnt it?

it's only a problem if you have a solution.

make no mistake that your relationships are the heaviest components in your life,
you'll feel the straps
cutting in on your shoulders, all those negotiations , arguments and secrets and
compromises. you dont have t carry all
that weight, i want you to set your bag down
the slower we move the faster we die.

is your bag empty because you hate people,, or beacause of the baggage that comes
along with the backpack.

sometimes you have to just empty your backpack, before you know what to put back in

having the ability to help someone but do nothing, that is the far worst death than
anything there's in store for you,
but rising above this fear and saving those lives, that's a greater life, so rise

i really believe you can do that, you just have to believe it yourself.

no one is fearless, real heroes they find a way to rise above that fear, and make
the difference anyway.

there are always watching, you must always be aware of their presence because they
are aware of you,
hey study your every move, looking for what you reveal to them, in this way you are
your own worst enemy.
beccause doubt leads to death.

find fruit in failure

our bodies always give away our inner truth, release whatever is binding you, pain,
lack fear, and replace it with energy, abundance , trust

each person needs a purpose, something to believe in, a plcae to belong, a


they are stealing the ability of yuo to trust, that is how they crush you.

dont ever let emotions cloud your actions.

take control of your passions, you'll be never be a great leader untill you do.

the more you stay in the human world, the more you realise that there is always
duality in life.

have a vision of total victory and nothing else, be that the reason you get that
far, defeat has no place in your mind.

why are you so confident, it isnt confidence, doubt leads to death.

you cannot be in two places at once, you must instead be a double edged sword.
the enemy will try and divide you, you are a living weapon, drive every other
thought from your mind, except this.

grief is weakness, banish it

reject or accept the dark force, it is your choice, both are acceptable, but your
choice reveals who you are.

at the entry to every different door, there is oppurtunity to choose a different

path, if you wish to continue as you are do not enter.
if you choose to face the dragon inside, know that you risk everything., should you
live, your former self will be destroyed

if something is worth fighting for, you stand and you fight.

body mind and emptions , those are all the thing that you need to control.

you are looking for who you want to be, judging from your destiny.
sometimes the only thing that can come out of this for you is sorrow, heartbreak
and pain, sometimes the strongest thing you can do is leave.

the frog trapped in the well, does not understand the sea.

your purpose in life is to find your purpose, just rememeber to have fun along the

if you wish to see the truth then hold no opinions - Zen

why you want that job? or why do you want something else.

it's not one ability to prevent things from happening but unfortunately sometimes
it's just the matter of change.

one never really knows one own's true intentions.

K'un0Lun from all oppression, honor the sacrifice of shou-lao the undying

you cant take back what happened, but you can let it make you stronger.

you think you are the oonly one with demons inside you?, we al have them, it's what
you do with them that matters.

sometimes contentment undermines your ambition.

the fundamenals of care giving, is to give care, but not care too much.
i cannot take care of another, unless i first take care of myself.
my needs are eequal to the needs f the person to whom i am giving care.
care giving is difficult, all i can do is try my best and maintain apositive
aloha - ask,listen.observe,help,ask again.

dont ever blame anyone for your decisions, it always your fault.

this girl with all her idealism, her sense of purpose, her hope,
plans to change the world, belonging to connect
equally captivating and equally compelling
there were all the women that i'll never love, nor the lives that I have never
always there are only 2 things that matters, there's the thing you did that you
regret, the thing that cannot be undone and then there's the thing
that you did not do, that you should have done, but you regret to, but it's to
olate now.
it's wasy to say that these things do not matter, because they are over, but they
do, they are infact what matters, the things inbetween do not
matter atall

it's time to start living the life you imagined.

it funny, i didnt use it when i had it and then i missed it when i sold it.

sometimes , there's nothing special that happens, you just dont wanna belong there

always stop and think, who you are in this moment in time, and who you want to be,
you get only one life, you decide
on how you wanna spend it.
we always only have one life, that's all we get, that's how it works, the question
is how are you going to live it.
what/which guy you wanna decide to be.

never wait to fullfill your dreams, if you wait on one spot too long, you get
stuck! trust me.

you can never force an agenda ,you have to inspire one.

there is nothing such has perfect decisions, you just do the best you can and if
that's not enough
you lean on the poeple around you

you have the makings f a hero, but i'lll be lying if i say there will not be any
hard days.

abilities dont break, most people first access their abilities through strong
emotions, fear anger pain
but those all are unreliable, the challenge is to tap into something positive.
if your ability is always fueled by fear, you have to find something you care about
enough to get past it.

in marines when you wanna give up , they train you how to focus on whaat you care
about the most. to hold
onto it, as if your life depended on it, because at some point it will.

focusing on something that is meaningful to yyou, will always help.

sometimes you have just gotta take the risk and hope for the best.
there are always things fighting for, risks worth taking.

we always think we can fix everything but some things we cant fix, we have to learn
forgive ourselves.

dont let your emotions cloud your jjudgement, never ever let it get personal.

what we do know, is that we are here now, so just do the best you can , or lye as
a sidewalker.
there is no need to panic, because panic never got anyone anywhere. stay focussed,
stay calm.

sometimes a good story will remind you of who you want to be,maybe that's why there
are so
many, stories about good and evil, stories of the triumph of the human spirit,
about living and dying, and how you gotta do one inpiste of the other. this story
is just about you, and you only. it's not anyone's story anymore, it's yours.

everything is pretty simple, just try a different way to watch.

happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life.

But hope alone does not win battles. Only an honest evaluation of one�s
weaknesses, followed by their mitigation, can win the day

Fate controls only the weak. The strong mould the providence they want.

Often, our immediate

reaction to a sudden crisis helps us save ourselves. Our response to gradual crises

that creep up upon us, on the other hand, may be so adaptive as to ultimately lead
to selfdestruction.

if you decide to challenge your destiny, your opponent would not

be some judgemental Lord Almighty who is seeking to punish you; your opponent would
only be the limitations of your own mind. This will empower you to fight your fate.

Words can only be as good or as bad as the thoughts they convey

there is your truth and there is my truth. As for the universal truth? It does not

weak people never admit that they are responsible for their own state. They
always blame either circumstances or others

Remember nobody is good or bad. They are either strong or weak. Strong people stick
to their morals, no matter what the trials and tribulations. Weak people, many a
do not even realise how low they have sunk.

Evil is never in a rush,� reasoned Brahaspati. �It creeps up slowly. It doesn�t

hide, but
confronts you in broad daylight. It gives decades of warnings, even centuries at
Time is never the problem when you battle Evil. The problem is the will to fight

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didnt

luck will save a man only if his courage hold. fear profits man nothing.

deception is the point, any fool could calculate strength, but you should calculate
wha you cant see, or fear what he doesnt know

wars are fought with will

peace is overrated, it's the fighter that survives.

if you can still breath you can still fight, you are only beaten when you decide.

defeat is a choice and so is victory, you only beat them when you decide

nver underestimate your opponent, watch learn adapt , every strike should be your

destroy the mask of death and you will see there is nothing behind that you fear.

dont let anger take control of you, anger doesnt fuel the fight, it so incerates it

every opponent has iits weakness, see it , exploit it and strike

only time can teach us what is truth and what is legend

a good men draws a circle around himself and cares for those within, his women, his
other men draw a larger circle and vbring within their brothers and sisters
but some men have a great destiny, they must draw around themselves a circle that
includes many many more.
you can be one of those men, you mmust decide for yourslef if you are aswell.

be vigilant no matter what

it is truth but truth is nnot always appearance

villlany wears many masks, non soo dangerous as the mask of virtue

peace is for weak, emmpires are forged by war

but all i wanna do is learn

- we never stop learning finn, never, it's only the place where we are learning
that changes.

when i think of all the people that i have lost, i remember the choices that i was
forced to make in light of those tragedies, some chhoices were easy, but the imp
choices, the choices that were worth making they were hard, and hard choices
bravery and fortunately we live in the home of the brave, and we dont run from hard
choices, we rise up and we face tomorrow together.
now we just have to be brave enough to do it.

if you ever need to hide something, hide it in the plain sight

the most valuable object in the world is not in the library, it's in the mind

the things that make life worth living, can't be thought from mind
but has to be felt from heart

i'll take a nightmare that's real over a dream that's a lie

those who cannot do teach

the real superpower is having hope, hope thhat everything is going to work out
you can not keep doing this to yourself, constantly going over the what ifs you
go nuts. be strong like i know you are

god is attracted to a man who loves with a purpose

often the path of least resistance leads to a man's destruction

the key to survive anywhere is to keep fighting at all costs against all odds.

to defeat an enemy whho will stop at nothing you must stop at nothing

goal isnt everyting, how you reach the goal is important too.

you dont ease pain you overcome it

joh sapne darae nahi jagae nahi, woh sapne bahut chottey hotey hai

pyar usse se karo jisse control kar sako, jab pyar aapkon control krne lage toh
barbad krdo

you will learn when to stand and fight, and you will learn when to run and when to
you will face doubt, fear will bind you, but you will learn to go beyond what you
you can do.
everyday you will train among the elements, wood will test your strength, rock test
your will
and heat and cold will test your endurance, you will learn the secrets and become

you will fail only if you choose to.

fear and anger poisons your mind

get knocked down get back up

var makes us do things , that we spend oour entire lifes to forget, regretting

you only get scars once you are healed.

your flame only deepens what's already there

you must learn how to fight without a sword and a spear, if you have no spear or
sword in
your hand you stiill hve your fist, strike hard strike fast and move away
if you have a powerful opponent best to keep distance, if he does grab you take him
to the

could not or will not?

fighting with a sword is a combination of strength with strategy, search for

weaknesses in
your opponents technique and when you find an opening strike with speed and strike
precission, a poorly timed strike can lead to your death
anyone can carry it, but how far till it becomes heavy

you want to be perfect but you'll never will be, every warrior inevitably faces
he will fight he will loose, it's what inside a warrior's heart that makes him
fierce and
while god desires us to be perfect, he ddoesnt expects that all he asks is that we
keep on trying to
always keep going, be string, be forged by iron we are meant for so much more than
existence what he has promised is its glory beyond imagination,
even if we are not perfect, even i we are undeserving infornt of his grace

gods wants you to answer those questions that burn inside of you, am i prepared for
the next
battle, do i have what it will take
when the answer to those questions is yes and you have faith in your heart then its
to boldly face the enemy, life is be filled with dangers and at times it will seem
like you
are alone in a field of lions, all hungry to spot your weekness, prowing and
to attack, at that moment when all was against you and you begin to doubt yourself
and you fear that you are not ready or that you are not prepared listen for that
voice inside
of you, inside your heart, the vice that says you are ready you are prepared you
have given
everything for that is the voice of god, abandon your fears and doubts for when god
is with
you no one can stand against you

logo ka vartaman ka thikana nahi hota aur bhavishya bnane chaltein hain

people lash out at others, since actually they are afraid to see what they see,
they see

sometimes you are your owwn worst enemy

zindagi do choice deta hai,

joh milta hai woh hath fella ke lelo,
joh mangta hai woh hath uthake chinlo

koi tumhe tabtak nahi harra sakta jabtak tum khudse nah har jao.

asli wrestler woh hota hai joh zindagi se ladey aur usse harae

tumhe tabtak koi nahi hara sakta jabtak tum apne aapse nah har jao

asli hero woh hota hai jjoh harta hai kyunki wohi janta hai jitney ki asli value

life mein kabhi har nahi manni chahiyeh, never too give up

yeh ladai nahi iisi ka pyar jitne ke liye na hi kisi ko harane ke liye
ladai khudse hai apni aukad bataney ke liye

you dont loose when you loose,you loose whenn you run away from the fear of loosing
nothing truly good was ever easy

you can do anything that you wanted

whatever happens tomorrow we have had today

destiny kuch nahi hota,tum yaha par ho kyunki woh tumhari choice hain!

its in the blackest of nnights that we can truly see light.and know for sure that
we are not alone.

you could stay here and be nothing but you get to choose.

see it and chase it its the secret to how to be you.

what am i supposed to do? whatever is hardest

we scare the shit out of the world, if the world was after you take it as a

the thing about magic iss accruing power, power over yourself, power of the future
the elements
the very world tht exists around you
but power as you all know does not come cheaply, skipping around focusssing on all
wrong things and lack of guidance, these are all extremely dngerous
if you loose control it will turn against you, it will kill you it will consume you
change you into something else.

do you love it? is it in your soul? is it like the secret heart of hat you always

you are distracted, you think you have a lot going on?? no you dont its just the

people keep things around that not matter, in case they fail at their actual thing
need a fallback
you have to mean it for magic to work, something clicks when you are all in and
when you're
all-in, and the real big stuff you cant do iit untill you are doing it without a

never criticize always encourage.

always be passionate.findd something you care about and care deeply.

treat others as you would like to be treated.

we live in a dangerous world, we have few good options but the worst option is to
do nothing.

a gun doesnt give you power, it's your badge that truely changes you gives you

live up to what you become, dont live through it.

a man with exceptional wisdom, judgement, fortitude is needed always

never doubt a man fighting for the one thing as powerful as any god, love

when it comes to the fate of the world in ones hand even the gods can be surprised
the strength they possess.

a little fear is always a healthy thing, it tellls you which risks are worth taking

we are supposed to think that we are something we are not untill we become that
thats the path we are always on

jab farak nahi padta zindagi mein farak tabhi aata hain

sikka dono ka hota hain heads ka bhi tails ka bhi, par qt sirf uska aata hain jjoh
palat kar upar aata hain

it's too often these lessons are forgotten, psecially in times of crisis, they get
in for personal crusades, sacrificed in the favour of what ccomes easiest
abandoned in face of feaar or greed but then each of you know in your hearts of
what is
right, one is fair and one is just, no matter how surrounded you are by lies
dont let them in because some day you'll asked to follow an order you dont agree
cut a corner for the greater good and in that moment you will have to decide whom
do you
want to be

our very strength invites challenge, challenge incites conflict and cconflict
breads ,
oversight which cannot be dismissed out of hand

figure out what gets you out of that bedd in the morning

i know you're doing what you beleive in, and that's what any one of us can do,
that's all any of us should do

compromise where you can,, but where you cant dont.

even if the whole world is trying to tell you that something wrong, is something
even if the entire world is telling you to move, it is your duty to plant yourself
llike a tree, look them in the eye and say no you move

a man can do anything if he has experience and patience

stop moping about what you are not, and start being who you are.

he failed because he was asked to face potential future that wasnt pretty head on,
if you wanna make it out there, accept the fact that we all have strengths and
you have to come to terms with who you are, not who you wanna be
because you are not being trained for being heroes, you're trained foor something
so are you ready?

magic is a manipulation of primordial energies,

there's no time like the present.

you dont owe this world a single thing, you never did

prefer to shape reality with your will its a far better practise than simply
simply what's been offered.

we should do thebest we can and never give up.

give yourself the ansswer because soometimes we just need a reason when a
situation is completely unreasonably

Be persistent, but no when its time to leave.

Life is like a football game. You have a goal in your mind and all you need to do
is reach
that goal.But it isn�t that easy. There will be people and circumstances
acting as obstacles.And it is up to you to ensure that no one stops you

These are the seven sinners I would hire-

Gluttony- An insatiable hunger for change and action
Sloth - Courage to get off the treadmill and observe
Pride- In what we do and to adapt to the fast changing world
Lust- Passion of an extreme level that defines an intensity
Envy- Competitive grit
Wrath- Intolerance for status quo
Greed- Inexorable desire to succeed
Do you know your sin? If you do, you are lucky. Hold it, treasure it, build it and
nurture it.�

ask yourselves what risks will you take when everything is on the line
can you allow yourself to tell the truth even when you know the consequences.
because i promise you there will be questions without easy answers and moments you
never see cming

dont assume the worst now that you knw find out more.

there is nothing such as truce,

there's what you think, there's what the other persson thinks and then
there is what the world remembers.

things have the power to inspire you only if you have the courage to act on your

kuch bhi karne se pehle yeh zarur sochna ki marne ke wqt, jab tombstone hoga
aur tum likhogey - akhiri bar likh raha huin, kahani yaad rakhna
kya tumhari kahani yaad rakhne layak hogi?
the road from earth to stars is not easy

seems like every decision i have made earlier has backfired on me, then in that
you just have to trust that in the long run you made the right one

sometimes the only way to move forward is too revisit the things in your past
that were holding you back, you have to deal with them head on, no matter how scary
they maybe
because on you do you will see that you can go further than you ever imagined.

how you think and act can change everything,

choose to view something as helpful it will be so.

you dont have to believe it for it to make an impact

everything will be fine,one day at a time

you always have choices, you are just afraid to look at them
we can always walk away and sometimes you should

you cnat allow the people you ove to determine how you love

there is no perfect there will always be struggle, you just have to pick who you
want to struggle with.

how would you forgive yourself, if you didnt fight for it, its time to stop

manzil to mil hi jayegi , bhatak kar hi sahi, gumrah toh woh hai joh ghr se niklein
hi nahi

conjuring magic requires focus, and focus requires clarity of mmind, currently
something you clearly dont have.

for you its time to decide whether the future is worth fighting for.

pushing your body to the breaking point, that is a true beauty.

galti pe tokna bahut hasan hai, par galti krne ki himmat rakhna bahut mushkil.
yeh himmat honi chahiyeh

if you wanna stay alive learn

you wanna know the secret of living a long and happy life, follow your heart you do
that all the rest just figures itself out.

as long as you can still grab a breath you fight, you breathe , keep breathing

at any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to

you cant start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading hte last one.

the wind can do nothing to a tree with strong roots

when there is a strong wind, you stand in front of a tree ad look at its root you
swear it will fall,
but when you look at its trunk , you will see the stability,

sometimes when you want a diamond, one must resort to digging in a diamond mine.

we have the power to change our fate, for better or for worse.

we all are blessed and cursed with the drive to move forward, live the next day to
get better.

to make an omlette you have to break some eggs

when life ends up breathtakingly fucked, you can generally trace it back to one
big, bad decision

at the head of all the understanding is realizing what is and what cannot be and
the consoling of what is not in our power to change.