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4/8/2018 North West Europe - FAQ

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North West Europe - FAQ

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Last year, our partners in the UK and Switzerland, and partners in Belgium, the Netherlands and
About Nordic the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), voted in favour of combining our
g firms to create a new Deloitte North West Europe firm on 1 June 2017.
Businesses This decision came after many months of intensive work across our firms - referred to as 'Project
g Gold' – in support of our aspiration to be the undisputed leader in professional services and our
choice to increase our global influence and lead in EMEA.
Clients and Industries
g This page contains some key information on the integration and answers some of the most
frequently asked questions. It will be updated as we get closer to 1 June. You can watch the Town

g Talent Hall David Sproul (https://people.deloitteresources.com/profile/dsproul)hosted on 14 October 2016

about the creation of Deloitte North West Europe here
Newsroom (http://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1288435/6E786FFC41CD13DC9BF4BCA64FA379E3).
g Are you ready for NWE? Check out the FAQ for any questions.
About Deloitte NWE Clients and Industries Integration Talent and culture
More information and next steps

Why create a Deloitte North West Europe firm?

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4/8/2018 North West Europe - FAQ

We are creating a North West Europe firm first and foremost to make a greater impact on our
clients by combining capabilities across the region with local market leadership, with a greater
capacity to invest in the development of more innovative, high-quality services.

Creating a larger, stronger firm is a significant step towards achieving our global aspiration to
become the undisputed leader in professional services by 2020, and will help secure our success
beyond. It will give each Member Firm access to new markets to take their capabilities to, as well
as reinforce their local market leadership by drawing on strengths from across the region.

While we have delivered great work to our clients by collaborating increasingly across borders, a
combination means we will be able to move and mobilise resources seamlessly, while adhering to
local legal and regulatory obligations, and provide greater consistency of service. This is
something our clients expect from us, and which will provide new opportunities to our people.

All in all, the combination will help us deliver on our purpose to make an impact that matters for
our clients, people and society.

We remain strongly committed to collaborating with other Member Firms in Europe through
initiatives like the EMEA Collaboration agreement (ECA)
(https://emea.deloitteresources.com/emeainitiati/Pages/about.aspx), and with other leading
firms in other parts of the network such as the US, Canada and fast growing markets including
China and India, through our relationship market programme

Member Firm combinations are a priority of our global strategy. Other combinations have taken,
or are taking place in the network, such as Italy and Greece and Canada and Chile. The NWE
transaction is widely seen as having set the template for other combinations and our firms are
playing a leading role in shaping the evolution of our global network.

What will the new firm look like?

The new firm will be the second largest in the network, bringing together four Geographies
across nine markets: UK & Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland,
Norway and Sweden) and Belgium.

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4/8/2018 North West Europe - FAQ

Put together, these markets represent a £50bn marketplace, with 60 FG500 companies
headquartered in the region, as well as another 1400 companies with revenues in excess of $1bn
and a significant private markets client base.

Deloitte North West Europe will bring together 28,000 professionals (including over 2,000
partners), resulting in an unrivalled breadth and depth of capabilities, experience and
relationships in the region.

The firm will be a new firm and have a single strategy and will be led by a single NWE Executive –
see chart below - and governed by one NWE Board. The first NWE Senior Partner and Chief
Executive will be David Sproul and Nick Owen will be the first Chairman of the NWE Board.

The Geographies (UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Nordics and Belgium) within the new NWE firm
will be led by Geography CEOs and leadership teams to drive local market leadership, in
alignment with the overall strategic priorities of the North West Europe firm. David Sproul will
continue to be UK Chief Executive.

What impact will Brexit have on the integration?

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4/8/2018 North West Europe - FAQ

The impact of Brexit on the integration was considered as part of Project Gold and our review
found that the rationale and business case for combining our firms was reinforced by the
prospect of Brexit. Deloitte NWE will provide us with a strong foothold inside and outside of the
EU and will allow us to better respond to our clients’ global needs and challenges, which won’t
change regardless of the outcome of the Brexit process. By being one combined firm we will be
better placed to help clients navigate the political and economic changes, and realise the
opportunities resulting from them.

What can I tell my clients or any other external party about this?

Our key message to clients and the market is that we are making a significant investment in
creating this new firm to increase the impact we can make on our most significant clients in the
region, and to offer more opportunities to our partners and people.

We believe combining across markets will not only increase the growth potential of our own firm,
but also our ability to positively influence the growth of our clients. The combination will help us
deliver more consistent and innovative quality services to our clients, who are operating in a
more globally connected way than ever before.
It will also allow us to offer career development opportunities for our people, helping us to
attract, develop and retain the very best talent across the region.


You can ask your questions to any partner in the first instance, or email them to the Project Gold
inbox. (mailto:ProjectGold@deloitte.co.uk)

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4/8/2018 North West Europe - FAQ

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