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RNI Regn. No. APENG/2007/26469 Annual Subscription Rs. 50/- Postal Regn. No.


VOL. No. 2 ISSUE No. 68 MONTHLY NEWS LETTER Published on Every 2nd SEP. - 2010
A mouthpiece of the Federation of A.P. Senior Citizens’ Organisations (FAPSCO)
The United Federation of Resident Welfare Associations (U-FERWAS)
The Federation of Organisers of Elders' Homes in Andhra Pradsh (FEDEHAP) and
Standing Committee of Tarnaka Resident Welfare Associations (SCOTRWA)

Towards A Universal Social Security System for All :

An Exploration of Strategies
(Refer T.T.68 : continuation of the article) like the ‘New Pension Fund’. While, on the one hand, pension
4. Area-wise Operations for systemization and could be calculated on the basis of the contributions from
the member, from the employers and from the local and the
state or central governments, it could be cumulated with
a). Education : the reverse mortgage of house or patent rights, etc. so as
In this area, the registered mutualist system would function to ensure a guaranteed minimum pension, indexed to the
as a bank as well as an insurance company with the cost of living. Similarly, other pension systems like the civil
authorization of RBI. It might even re-insure itself. It will service pension, special private and voluntary provident funds
work like a Reverse Mortgage plan for the senior citizens, could be allowed prosper on their own or can have cross
while, in this case, the property being the brain of the child. contributions. The New Pension Scheme and the newly
The contract of loan-giving operates with an insurance, till added LITE should have annual targets of growth with
the member starts earning an income or a job, from where incentives for the managers. This could be devised by the
he would be paying back the loan on instalments. One PFRDA. Private systems similar to EPFO could be formed
might, temporarily, suspend payments, when one is out of by private entities, including mutuals, depending upon the
employment. During that period the defaulter might be paying degree of risk they would like to take in the open market
the premium on insurance. This is an essential activity in investments. EPFO and other allied bodies with a dormant
order to build a knowledge-based society. The government five lakh crore capital should be able to undertake for the
might contribute to the capital of this initiative. The re- benefit of their members the functions of a bank, a real estate,
payment installments would be indexed to the rate of housing, leasing finance corporation, a stock-trading
inflation and an additional cess would be levied to augment company, etc. All the systems could be overseen in the
the common fund. There is no need for any limit to the open market as far as the capital is concerned by SEBI.
period of repayment. In the long term, this can become an As an example of measures to be taken by the government,
autonomous universal system by integrating other parallel we can propose the abolition of much-mismanaged National
systems in the market. This system can have a sub-system Old Age Scheme and equivalent amounts from the national
or link to the health insurance of the member under another budget be transferred to the systems in which a senior citizen
system, during the period of loan. is a member. This should be done with the ultimate objective
b). Pension : of obliging everybody to contribute to some pension fund till
In a society like India where social wealth has to be one reaches sixty five or more years. Optional extension of
increased in order to be shared better, more people should retirement age upto 67 to 68 years is right now possible.
work and for longer years. At present we are covering only Similarly, incentives should be given by the governments
11 percent of our labour force, mostly in the organized (local, state and central) to all bodies that achieve annual
sector. But, it is possible to build a big stock of pension percentages of growth of coverage of people in un-organised
funds, now, when our work force is younger for the future sector. With accrued savings, pension funds could be
twenty years to come when our demand for pensions would diverted towards developmental works which would boost
increase. The present Employees Provident Fund growth.We should expect a ten percent annual growth of its
Organisation should be totally transformed into a defined membership from its current nearly 5 crore membership.
pension-benefit system with parametric changes. There can The fundamental mission of the rich Life Insurance
be definedcontribution system also as an option with other Corporation (LIC) should be transformed into a more efficient
agencies. In any case, there should be no possibility to Life Pension Insurance Corporation (LPIC) specializing into
withdraw bulk amounts, neither before nor after retirement. unorganized sector, with its vast army of officers. The Pension
Therefore, it would become a ‘Employees Pension Fund” Plan, Market Plus 1of its Pension Fund is a good beginning.

1 Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010

Its other activities could be made supplementary to make of Arogya Sri in Andhra Pradesh, only as a campaign or
it financially-viable. a movement to wipe off the long back log of health needs
The Direct taxes Code-2 should give tax incentives on accumulated and that too, on an ad hoc basis. In view
savings for retirement. No pre-mature withdrawals should of the fact that for a number of known reasons, health
be permitted from the pension funds. The exempt- insurance is a loss-making proposition, it is a domain
exempt-exempt (EEE) tax benefits which are given to where maximum of governmental incentives and
only government-sponsored National Pension Scheme subsidies are to be allotted. The Universal Health
must be extended to all pension schemes in the private Insurance Scheme should be opened to all, instead of
sector. limiting it to the BPL families. The governments have to
be more generous in this area for some time, till people
By some measures, we must force the banks and get into the mental habit of health insurance culture.
companies to market the NPS+NPS LITE. The service Later and gradually compulsory contributions should be
fee can be increased by 0.25 or 0.50of assets under imposed and increased. For long term investments,
management, along with about 2% deduction for the private international health insurance companies need
first few years as account opening fee paid to insurance to be encouraged to settle in India to bring in their best
agents to encourage marketing. The private companies, practices.
in return, can be asked to ensure some growth in the
accounts. Of course, obligatory insurance linkage can The Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) is
be established. a successful model and more and more labour from the
unorganized sector should have similar structures or get
c). Health: them absorbed in to the existing ESIC. Any association
World class infrastructures, medical tourism, or enterprise or group of people consisting of minimum
pharmaceutical competitivity, low costs, English people must be able to adhere to ESIC without any upper
language skills, and availability of alternative and limit of salary. It would be a wrong priority for ESIC to
supplementary medical systems make India capable of construct their own hospitals and maintaining them,
making a big leap forward towards minimum health instead of having tie ups with the private establishments.
services for all Indians. The British and American health Central Health servicing system for the central
systems would be, certainly, interested in de-localising government civil servants is very weak and ESIC taking
some of its services in order to reduce their costs. The over these services would be more efficient, especially
GOI should spend more on research, clinical studies in far off rural areas.
and development of bio and anthropo technologies and IRDA should have an Observatory for annual survey of
in establishing a relay between research and health coverage and advise on where the expansion of
applications. Here again, it cannot be a purely sectional health coverage is slow. Both the Planning Commission
or national affair; numbers help, as in the case of and the Central Finance Commission can guide the
Yeshasvini scheme in Karnataka. specific public policies and allocations to the executive
In the Indian context, the healthcare can function only agencies in those domains. By 2020, we might be able
in an insurance system. Tax revenues should provide to say that we have a universal social security system,
incentives and subsidies to those systems which provide though with some gaps in health coverage. By that time,
basic services to the low-premium groups among the the un-prepared generations of people born till Fifties
members. Between government medical and health and who have not made any contributions would be
establishments and entirely profit-making organizations, reduced in numbers.
there could be, in the middle term, some trusts or by Dr.Rao.Chelikani
foundations as Special Purpose Vehicles, as in the case

Builders Have No Right To Sell Stilt Parking

(Extracts of the Supreme Court Judgement Dr. P. Vishnu, homoeopathic
published in Times of India-Mumbai edition) physician and social worker, passed away
The Supreme Court has ruled that builders/ after a prolonged illness on September 7,
promoters cannot sell parking areas as independent units 2010. He was 72. He is survived by wife,
or flats as the same is to be extended as “common Smt. Vimala Vishnu, son Vinod and his
areas and facilities” for the owners. A bench of Justices family and daughter Vanitha and her family.
R M Lodha and A K Patnaik in a judgment rejected the As a man of high values and
argument of a real estate development company that principles, Dr. Vishnu was naturally
they are entitled to sell garages/stilt parking areas as attracted to the civil society movement for political change and
separate flats to owners who intend to use it as parking democratic reforms started by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan in the
facilities. name of Lok Satta in 1997. He served as the state secretary of the
reported by TR.Madhavan,Secretary (Rajendranagar), organization and also as the editor of the periodical, Jana Balam.
UFERWAS. - N. V. Raman

Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010 2

(Some Exctracts)
The Government of India has empowered its citizens Clause 5 require amendment by prescribing the senior
with Right to Information Act in the year 2005 to provide most officer next in command to the Head of the
access to information to the people in public offices in Institution and who is not less than to the rank of
order to promote transparency and accountability, which Gazetted Officer to designate as P.I.O.
was hitherto kept away from the general public under
Official Secrets Act 1923. The RTI Act has the overriding Clause 6 of the RTI Act does not specify or limit the
effect on Official Secrets Act. Now, nothing can be quantum of information to be sought by an individual or
concealed except the information pertaining to integrity an Association/Organization, nor its requirement or
and sovereignty of the country or information, the necessity.
disclosure of which would endanger the life or physical Clause 6 gives ample scope for misuse of the act by
safety of any person, and such other few items listed U/ habitual complainants and greedy persons resorting to
S 8 and 9 of the R.T.I. Act for which exemption is given. blackmail to harassment of the public authorities
The R.T.I. Act has become most popular within a short especially the P.I.Os. Example: in an extract of a case
span of time; however, certain lacunas require urgent dealt by A.P. High Court in W.P.No.20182/2008 filed by
redressal:- the Petitioner Mr. Divakar S. Natarajan against the A.P.
Clause 4 of the Act make certain obligations on public Information Commission and A.P. State Government:
authorities to maintain all its records and ensure its While dismissing the said writ petition, the learned Judge
computerization and connect through a network all over concludes and opined:
the country on different systems so that access to such However, “ indiscriminate efforts to secure
records is facilitated. It is well known that in most of the information just for the sake of it, and without there
public offices, computerization of records are not yet being any useful purpose to serve, would only put
done, required men and machinery is not available. enormous pressure on the limited human
Proper maintenance of records is vital for effective resources, that are available. Diversion of such
implementation of the Act, which is also lacking in most resources, for this task would obviously, be, at the
public offices for want of necessary infrastructure and cost of ordinary functioning. Beyond a point, it may
equipment. even become harassment, for the concerned
Clause 5 of the RTI Act obligates the public authority to agencies. Much needs to be done in this direction
designate Public to impart a sense of responsibility on those, who
want to derive benefit under the Act; to be more
Information Officer. Here the Act has not prescribed practical and realistic.”
any criteria or qualification for the P.I.O. to be designated.
As a result, there are so many public offices where the Further, a provision should also be made in the RTI Act
employees working in a clerical cadre have been empowering the Information Commissions to decide first
designated as Public Information Officers with little whether a particular application filed under the RTI Act
information about the Act. This apart, seeking voluminous data has any public interest and
useful purpose to serve or is filed just for the sake of the
Further Clause 19(5) says that “in any appeal Act, and to set aside such applications, if necessary,
proceedings, the onus to prove that the denial of a by awarding suitable penalties to the applicants.
request was justified shall be on the Public Information
Officer, who denied the request.” Here the P.I.Os. By Sri. SHAIK ISMAIL, G-12, Palace ‘A’, Happy
designated from lower cadre who are supposed to Homes, Near Upparpally Cross Roads,
execute the orders passed at higher levels. As such, Hyderabad – 500048.Ph: 9010591800


5th I Rajender Rao Nag’Nagar 27171820
Happy Birthday

October, 2010

6th V Lakshman Rao Vijaypuri 9392529292

8th A Rama Rao Tarnaka --

13th DSN Murthy Nag’nagar 9866428623/27177494

13th Prof Veera Nagaiah Tarnaka 9391097279
16th M Surya Rao Vijayapuri --
19th K Mallaiah Vijayapuri --
19th CS Krishnan Tarnaka 9704693819

3 Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010

Senior Citizens Associations’ Activities
Free Eye Camp was conducte on 18th Sept
2010 at Dayanand Nagar welfare Day Centre by
M.S.Reddy, Lions Eye Hospital Meerpet, Moula Ali
represented by Eye Hospital Vision Technician Km.
Vijaya Lakshmi and camp Coordinator Narender in
coordination with GHMC Aasara, Helpage India and
GHMC Malkajgiri Aasara Committee. Speaking on the
occasion Project Director GHMC Aasara, Smt. Mamtha
Bai stressed on the need to protect the senior citizens
from the ailments of Eye, Alzheimers, Dimentia and
other chronic diseases like Heart, T.B etc; and the eye
care is the first step to be taken care of. The camp was primary health centre at Arsapally village and fruit bearing
hosted by the Dayanand Nagar Welfare Centre trees(mango, sapota, guvva etc..) at oldage home near
represented by Sri.Purna Chander Rao and Sri. hanuman temple, sarangapur village. A delicious lunch
Mallikarjuna Rao. Sri. S. Sitarmaswamy Organizing is also arranged to all senior citizens of the Home and
Secretary Sri. B. Linga Reddy, Vice- President, Sri. G. to all children of the uchitha patashala, sarangapur on
Krishna Murthy, General Secretary and Executive that day.
Members Smt. S.V.Gajanani and Sri. A. Rama Murthy
Reported by the President.
and active Senior Citizens.
4. Forum For Senior Citizens, Tarnaka
Reported - S.Sitarama Swamy - 9866473455
In their monthly meeting held on 17th September, the
2. S.R. Nagar Circle Aasara Senior Citizens’
Senior Citizens of the Forum took an oath to save the
Council, Hyderabad
Mother Earth from its enemy, the non- degradable plastic
The following office bearers are elected: by minimizing the use of plastic in their daily life. The
Sri.Sarrasri N.Ramulu- President, Sri.D. Parthasarathi Senior Citizens decided to carry with them cloth/jute/
– Vice-President, Sri.M.Satyanarayana-General paper bags whenever they go for shopping.
Secretary, Sri.K.Nageswara Rao – Joint Secretary, 5. SENIOR CITIZENS FORUM
Sri.G.Veera Lingeswara Reddy – Organising (Formerly Senior Citizens Forum of Vidyanagar)
Secretary,Sri .M.Rama Murthy-Treasurer
The Forum deeply regrets the demise of Sri
3. Nizamabad Senior Citizens Forum K.L.Wagh, President of the Senior Citizen Forum
The National flag is unfurled on the top of the building of Vidyanagar on 2nd September, 2010 . at the age of
Senior Citizens Forum Nizamabad on 15th August, 2010 76 years. Sri Wagh retired from Railways and
at 8.45 am by Sri. G.Chandrabhushan Reddy, President survived by wife and two children.
of the Forum. Felicitation to the following citizens was Sri Wagh was a trade union leader for 3 decades, worked
done on that day. as Divisional Secretary in SCR. While in service, he
Sri.Prem Chandji, (91 years) Freedom Fighter, fought for the rights of the employees, got dismissed
Sri.G.Vithal Reddy,(88 years) Freedom Fighter and and arrested during the strike in 1974 to be reinstated
Senior Advocate, and Dr.Madhusudhan,(74) years later. He is the one of the key persons to work for the
M.D.Senior Physician. Lalithanagar Welfare Association, successfully leading
a legal battle for vacating the park occupied by others in
Cash Prize of Rs.500 was given to the student who the area. Sri Wagh is a very popular person in the area
secured highest marks in 10th class in the High school always keen to serve the downtrodden.
of Chandra Sekhanagar Colony, Nizamabad during the
year 2009. Gold Medal was awarded to the student who Sri Wagh was Ward Committee Member for Adikmet
stood dist 1st during the year.Fruits also distributed to Ward, President of Lalithanagar Welfare Association and
all the students of the school on the same day. President of Senior Citizens Forum, Vidyanagar at the
Observation of National Protest Day on 16th August,2010 time of demise. He was very active member of the Day
care Centre in Lalithanagar. .
A rally with 300 senior citizen persons was
taken out on a main road of the city wearing a black Sri Nayani Narasimha Reddy, former Minister, Sri
badges on the left hand shoulder and they submitted a N.L.N.Murthy, Sri T.V.Reddy , other Committee
memorandum to the Dist.Collector. There after a press members of Lalithanagar Welfare Association, other
meet was conducted. A meeting was also held after residents of Lalithanagar, Prof. V.Malleswara Rao and
press conference in the Forum office. other Members of Senior citizens Forum, Vidyanagar,
Sri P.Kishan Rao , President Vidyanagar Citizens
Celebration of (Vanamahotsava) Committee and large number of Rly Trade Union Leaders
Programme on 17.08.2010 and other people paid their homage. The Adikmet Ward
Shadow-giving trees have been planted in the premises Committee met on 29-9-10 and paid homage to the
of community hall new NGOs Colony, Nizamabad, departed member
Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010 4
5 Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010
Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010 6
Extract of the letter to Mr.S.P.Singh, IAS, Chief Principal Secretary, R&B Dept.
Regarding concessions in RTC buses to Senior Citizens
There has been a persistent demand on the part of the would not travel often.
senior citizens in the state for fare concessions in the b) Any reduction of fare of more than 25% would bring
bus travel which has not been granted so far. Now we new customers to the Transport authority. Now, during
bring fresh proposals keeping in mind the constraints certain hours in a working day, during holidays and on
expressed by the transport authorities. certain routes, the Transport authority has been reporting
a) In reality, it involves very small number of seats: We less than full occupancy.
seek fare concessions for people above 65 years of age c) This encouragement to utilize the public transport
as priority group, whose number is less than 40% of the would lessen our pollution and other social costs,
senior citizens, who could be estimated to be around particularly, in growing urban areas.
60 - to 70 lakhs. Among them, those who can afford,
who are capable of traveling and who are willing to do so We, therefore, appeal to you to re-consider our proposal
would be lesser in number. For short visits, many of Yours sincerely,
them use other means like cycles and cars. And they -Hyderabad, 14th Sept.2010 Dr. Rao V.B.J. Chelikani

Arogyasri for Old Age Homes :

There is good news for those who are running elders The card will be attested and signed by the AD.
3. If he does not have them readily, please contact
Consequent to the discussions we had at the
us, we will send you a limited number.
State Council meeting, presided by the Chief Secretary,
it is officially announced by the Chief minister that those 4. Then, contact any official dealing with ARogya
who reside in the old age homes would be covered by Mitra, Any office of the Star Alliance Trust or any
the Arogya Sri programme for some of their health needs. Arogya Mitra counter, any MRO (Tehsildar) or any
important corporate hospital, etc. and seek
We propose the following :
1. Please identify among your inmates, those who
have a proof of having sixty years of age and take 5. He might probably ask for an attestation on your
them to the Assistant Director for the Welfare of part as manager of the Old Age home, that your
the Disabled and the Senior Citizens and request inmate is within below poverty line or is of modest
him to issue the Identity cards. income.
2. These cards carrying the emblem of the 6. Above all, I request you to see that there is no
Government of Andhra Pradesh are printed by abuse of this opportunity.
FAPSCO and are already delivered to all the A.D.s. For any further clarifications, please contact us.
There is a form to fill in and a photo to be attached. FAPSCO.

‡••#Ì„á ‡Ï~¡ ‹¬=¶[ "Œ¼Y¼•° 䛽• Q®}#

=°# ƒ•ì~¡`^Ç ‰Í O× "³#°H›|_È\ìxH÷, q^Íj†Çò• ^¥_È°•#° Z^ΰ~Ëø…èH› ‡é=_¨xH÷, ª•O„¦°² H› ^ΰ~ŒKŒ~Œ•ä›½, =ü_•È#=°àHê•ä›½
x•†Ç°OQê ƒ•ìqOKÇ|_È\ìxH÷, ^Í‰× ‹¬=°ãQ`® Ç qzó•#ßOHê=_¨xH÷ =ü•Hê~¡}O, Q®`OÇ …Õ =°#O ‡•\÷Oz# 䛽•, =~¡â q=H›`Æ .Í JOƒè_øÈ ~Ÿ,
QêOn••° 䛕_¨ nxß YO_••Oz, D =¼=‹¬#Ö ° x~¡¶àeOKÇ\ìxH÷ H›$+² Kͪ•~¡°. D =°^•Î¼ JO`Ç~Œûf†Ç° ª•Ö~ò`Ë, Jxß ^͉§•° ~ü 䛽•
=¼=‹¬#Ö °, *ìu qKÇH}Æ› (ö~+²†°Ç …˜ _•ã‹ø² q°<Í+<¬ )£ `Ë ‹¬=¶#OQê ƒ•ìqOz, nxß x~¡¶àeOKÇ=•‹²OkQê ƒ•ì~¡`Ç „ã ƒ¬ •’°`Œxß HË~Œ~ò. Wk
=¶#= ‚¬ì䛽ø•ä›½ ƒ•’OQ®O.
J~ò<Œ, „ã ‹¬ °¬ `ë OÇ Hùxß ‡Úe\÷H…› ˜ ‡•s“•°, `Ç=° ~Œ[H©†°Ç •aíHË‹¬O, F\˜ ƒì¼O䛽•° U~Œæ@° KÍ‹°¬ HË=_¨xH÷ `Ç=° LxH÷HË‹¬O,
䛽…ì• „ã ª¬ •ë=#, ƒ•ì=# „Àã ~ö „²‹°¬ <ë Œß~¡°. D <Œ_È° =°# ^͉O× …Õ „¬ô\÷#“ „ã u¬ =¼H÷Hë ,÷ „ã u¬ =~Œ¾xH÷ "Œi ª•O„¦°² HêsÖHêa•=$kœH,÷ qHꪕxH÷
H›$+² K͆°Ç _¨xH÷ =°# ^ÎQ~¾® ¡ J<ÍH› ª•OöHuH› ‰§ãªéëHë› =¶~Œ¾•°<Œß~ò. 䛽…ì• „ã ‹¬ H¬ ë÷ J=‹¬~O¡ …è^°Î .
JO^ΰKÍ`,Ç ä›½…ì• Q®}# ª•^•Î¼OHê^ΰ, K³†°Ç ¼=^Îxí Jk•Hê~¡O…Õ L#ß N =°<£"¶³ ‚¬ì<£ ‹²OQ· Qêiø, N „ã }¬ "£ =òYsû QêiH÷, N
g~¡„æ¬ "³ò~òb Qêiø, „Ì Qá ê, Jxß ‡•s“• Jk•<Í`•Ç 䛽 ‹¬O^͉§•° „¬O„²OKŒe. =°# ~Œã+O“¬ …Õ ‚¬ì"£°‹¬ƒ˜ ‚²ìO^檕Ö<£ XH› KÇ~Œó"kÍ H›
U~Œæ@°KÍ‹,² "Œi UH›wã = f~Œà<Œxß ä›•_¨ Hö Oã^„ãÎ ƒ¬ •’°`ŒÞxH÷ „¬O„²OKŒe.
g°~¡° 䛕_¨, g° Ja•ã‡•†Ç¶xß, ‹¬•‚¬ð#° =°# Hö Oã^„ãÎ ƒ¬ •’°`ŒÞxH÷, ~Œ[H©†°Ç ‡•s“•ä›½ `³e†Ç°K͆°Ç =•‹²OkQê HË~¡°KÇ°<ŒßO.
Ð K³eHêx ~Œ=ô.
7 Tarnaka Times, Sep. - 2010
¢ x
Øÿ OQ· Ì‹q°<Œ~Ÿ
‹Ì „Ì O“ |~Ÿ 18, 19, 20 `Ín•…Õ J=°$`Ç‹~¬ Ÿ Y…ì• Hê…è*˜ „¦~¬ Ÿ
Z_È°¼öH+¬<£ P=~¡}…Õ UNESCO >¢ xØÿ OQ· ‹Ì q°<Œ~Ÿ [iyOk. Y…ì•
Hê…è*˜ P=~¡}…Õx JukŠ Q®$‚¬ìO…Õ Ju^•Î°•ä›½ |‹¬ U~Œæ@° Kͪ•~¡°.
qq^•Î ~Œã‘•• #°O_• ‹¬°=¶~¡° 70 =°Ok Ju^•Î°•° qK͉ó §~¡°.
UNESCO [i„²#, [~¡„ƒ ¬ ՆͰ Hê~¡¼Hã =› ¶• Q®°iOz Ju^•Î°•°
q=iOKŒ~¡°. `Ç~ŒÞ`Ç Cultural heritage, Freedom of Press,
Plastic "Œ_ÈHO › , xÀ+^•ÎO, Politics and Political Parties, gen-
eral Equality "³ ò II# J<Í H › JO‰§• Q® ° iOz q=~¡ } , KÇ ~ Œó
Hê~¡¼Hã =› ¶•° J`ǼO`Ç J‹¬HHë÷ ~› O¡ Qê ª•Qê~ò. Hê~¡¼Hã =› °O…Õ ƒ•ìQ®OQê Hùxß K͆°Ç _ÈO`Ë ‡•@°Qê Golden
Public Schools Visit
Temple, Jalian Walah Bagh, Wagha Boarder, Pingalwara Home for the Home less "³òII# „ ã ^¬ ‰Í §•° Visit K͆°Ç _ÈO
=òyO„¬ô ‹¬ƒ•’…Õ 2011= ‹¬OII…Õ [iöQ UNESCO Meeting Hyderabad …Õ [i„²OKÇ_¨xH÷ x~¡~â òOKŒ~¡°.
¡ ô¬ # `Œ~ŒßH› #°O_• N=°u N. M. ~Œ*è‰Þ× i ‹¬=¶"͉§xH÷ ‚¬ð[~¡†¶Ç ¼~¡°.
World Elders Day Celebrations : Centenarian Award :
The Department of the Welfare of Disabled & Senior Sri V.Tirupathi Rao
Citizens, A.P. Honouring the following eminent senior Dr. Vegiraju Venkata Rama Raju
citizens. Courage & Bravery Award :
Institution Award for knowledge : Sri Mamdur Timothy, (Anantapur)
Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders of India (ARDSI), Lifetime Achievement Award
(Hyderabad) 1.Smt. Kamakshi Hatti 2.Sri S.Sitharama Swamy,
Charla Vidula Kumari of Ganapathi Sastri Foundation, (Hyderabad)
Nidadavolu, (West Godavari District) Creative Art Award :
Dr. D.Naveen, (Warangal), Sri Janakirama Sastry,
Institution Award for Service : (East Godavari)
Old Age Home at Thummala Cheruvu, Piduguralla Sportsperson Award :
Mandal, Guntur District run by Smt. Mariamma Lalana Sri Pichayya, Sri Devendranath, Table Tennis
Old Age Homerun by Smt. Susheela Raj Reddy Trust Economic Leadership Award
at Ankapur Village, Nizamabad District and managed Dr. G.S. Raju, Vijayawada (Krishna)
by Gadda Raj Reddy
HelpAge India : Celebrates International Day of Older Gandhi Nagar Senior Citizens Association along with
Persons on 1st October 2010 at Necklace Road, Lions Clubs will be celebrating the World Elders Day
Hyderabad with the Hon’ble Governor as the chief guest. on 2nd October 2010, at A.V.College grounds,
Domalguda, Hyderabad.
The organizers of the above institutions request all the Senior Citizens to participate in the above functions in
large number to make the function a grand success.

Tarnaka Times Special Issue :

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Tarnaka Times Proposes to bring out its October issue

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Standing Committee of Tarnaka Resident Welfare Administration(TF)
Association Sri.G.Jagadeswara Rao, Dr.I.Arun Kumar,
1. Discussion on setting up of Community Radio Dr.Rao.Chelikani
station in Tarnaka was held with the German Equipment and Operations
Delegation. It was decided to set up Committees Sri.V. Rama Rao, Dr.I.Arun Kumar, Sri.Syed Khaled Shah
for taking initial action. It was proposed by the T.F Marketing
members to study and make an analysis after
Sri.B.T.Srinivasan, Sri.Ch. S.V.R..Dhaveji,
visiting any existing community Radio scheme
Sri.K.L.N.Uday Kumar, Sri. Syed Khaled Shah
existing one. The report prepared by
Sri.G.Jagadeswara Rao C.A of Gokul Nagar was T.F.Programme
briefed to the residents by B.Om Prakash. Sri.B.Om Prakash, Sri.P.S.N.Kumar Yadav,
2. Sri.P.S.N. Kumar Yadav and Smt. G.Sujatha Ward Smt.G.Sujatha, Dr. Rao Chelikani
Committee members, present explained the issues T.F.Coordination
taken up. Sri. P.S.N.Kumar Yadav who pursued Sri.V.Rama Rao, Sri.B.T.Srinivasan, Dr.Arun Kumar Inala
with the Municipality on clearing of Grrapudekka T.T.Communication:
from the Patel Cheruvu and Yerrakunta; hoped that Ms.Naemi
a permanent solution would soon be sought for. The next meeting of T.T. shall be held on 7.10.10 at
He also informed the sage of Road laying in 7.p.m. Community Radio Committee 9.10.10. at 5.pm.
St.no.13, which is badly damaged.
3. It was suggested by Sri. T.S. Krishna Prasad that
a grievance book be kept in SCOTRWA office so
that Ward Committee members could take up
immediate action.
Community Radio Meeting:
In the meeting held after long discussion on the
community Radio issue at Tarnaka, Roles and position
of different RWA members were fixed to initiate the
Three different Task Force Committees were set up
with following.
As reported by B.OmPrakash


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