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E. Mueller
Curriculum Vitae

Full Name: Megan Elizabeth Mueller

Phone: (920) 540-1311

E-mail: memueller@ucdavis.edu

Home Address: 3007 Woodland Hills Drive, Apt 2

Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Date of Birth: 12/06/1987


Bachelor of Science, Youth Studies, May 2010

Minor, Social Justice, May 2010
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Master’s Graduate Student, Community Development Graduate Group, June 2017

University of California Davis, Davis, CA


Intentional, community-centered youth development, participatory democracy, health, affordable

sustainable housing and workforce development.

My thesis, titled Radical Healing: Restoring hope in urban youth through afterschool programming,
explores the ways public participation and youth development lead to healing the psychological and
spiritual trauma associated with urban poverty.


University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Ross VeLure Roholt, Ph.D

2011 Teaching Assistant for Youth Studies 1001: Seeing Youth, Thinking Youth: Media,
Popular Media, and Scholarship
2012 Teaching Assistant for Youth Studies 3235: Community Building, Civic Engagement,
and Civic Youthwork
Megan E. Mueller

University of California, Davis

Tallie Ben Daniel, Ph.D

2015 Teaching Assistant for American Studies 1E: Nature and Culture

University of California, Davis

Miguel Ruiz, Ph.D

2016 Teaching Assistant for Sociology 002: Self and Society

University of California, Davis

Kirsten Harjes, Ph.D
2016 Teaching Assistant for Film Studies 045: Vampires and Company

University of California, Davis

Anna Ward, Ph.D
2017 Teaching Assistant for Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies 050: Introduction to
Critical Gender Studies

University of California, Davis

Megan Bayles, Ph.D
2017 Teaching Assistant for American Studies 1E: Nature and Culture


VeLure Roholt, R. & Mueller, M. (2013). Youth advisory structures: Listening to young people to create
quality youth services. New Direction for Youth Development, 139, 79-100.


Fall 2015
· Community Development Theory, Martin Kenney
· Social Policy, Drew Halfmann

Winter 2016
· Methods in Design and Landscape Research: Community Participation, Sheryl-Ann Simpson
· Project Management, G. David Miller

Spring 2016
· Professional Development, Deb Marois
· Community Governance, Catherine Brinkley
Megan E. Mueller
Fall 2016
· Field Research, Laura Grindstaff
· Introduction to Feminist Theory, Wendy Ho

Winter 2017
· Thesis Seminar, Stephen Wheeler

Spring 2017
· Housing and Social Policy, Rob Wiener
· Design Philosophy, Claire Napawan


Sheryl-Ann Simpson, Faculty Advisor – University of California, Davis

ssimpson@ucdavis.edu (530) 752-8860

jesikah maria ross, Senior Community Engagement Strategist – Capital Public Radio
jmross@ucdavis.edu (530) 320-1819

Ross VeLure Roholt, Youth Studies Professor & Civic Youthwork Colleague – University of Minnesota
rossvr@umn.edu (612) 625-1220