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SKETCHBOOK (Grades 11 & 12)

As mature artists, your sketchbook is less a collection of assignments, and more an

artistic journal. Your sketchbook documents your process of exploring ideas and
materials, and provides proof of your creative development. This tool helps you to
develop your identity as an artist. The only rule is that content must be appropriate for

There are several methods for exploring the design process:

 Observation: draw what you see (ex. – objects, people, places)

 Interpretation: interpret an idea (ex. – what does joy look like to you?)
 Experimentation: explore different media and combinations of media
 Reflection: what is important to you? Where have you been? Where are you
going? Are there themes in your artistic interests?

Main Question: What does my sketchbook tell you about yourself –

as an artist and a human being?

CRITERIA Level 1 (4 – 6) Level 2 (6) Level 3 (7) Level 4 (8 – 10)

Content Explores one idea. Explores a couple Explores a couple Explores a range of
Only method of of ideas. of ideas. ideas.
presenting that Limited Explores a couple Explores different
idea. exploration of of ways to ways to present an
Incomplete work. ways to present present an idea. idea.
an idea.

Creativity Limited Satisfactory Considerable Exceptional level of

experimentation experimentation experimentation experimentation
with different with different with different with different
media. media. media. media.

Detail Minimal attention Moderate Considerable Exceptional

to detail and use attention to detail attention to detail attention to detail
of the elements & and use of the and use of the and use of the
principles of elements & elements & elements &
design. principles of principles of principles of design.
design. design.

TOTAL: 10 marks