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Inspired by the launch of Ethereum DAPPS, FAIR KINGDOM is a game system built to fix
the poor design, general inefficiencies, problems and unfairness of other DAPPs on the
market in Q3 2018. The FAIR KINGDOM team is determined to build DAPPs with and
open and fair community, with no large dividend advantage for early buyers, yet still
engaging enough to continue playing as the game progresses.

Disclaimer Warning: FAIR KINGDOM, although designed to be a fair and fun game, is a system designed
to explore human behavior using game theory, FOMO, and infinite loops of token distributions through pre-
defined rule interactions on the open source smart contract code. By sending, you acknowledge the risks
of the Ethereum network and blockchain in general.
How It Works

The game system runs in two phases: rounds and stages, with each round comprised of
up to 60 stages, and pays dividends while building a jackpot.

Each round is independent of the previous, only sharing the funding of the overall jackpot
(see in rules). Any ETH purchases made in any stages during the current round will not
carry over to the next round.

Each stage is dependent to the current round, with an “ETH Target” and a predefined 2
hour countdown timer. The initial stage starts with an ETH target of 10 and scales
linearly. If the current stage ETH Target is met before the timer expires, the game will
automatically move onto the next stage with the next, higher ETH target.

Eventually when the ETH target for a stage is not met, or completes stage 60, the game
round ends and the jackpot is paid. The next round will then commence, at stage one.

Main Incentives

As each ETH target is met per stage, a large percentage of this ETH will be given out
evenly and in proportion to all previous stage participants, with the remaining ETH funding
the overall jackpot. As the game and stages progress higher, the jackpot will grow
alongside the ETH stage target difficulty.

In the expected failure of achieving a stage’s ETH target, the current stage proportionally
wins the overall jackpot as well as their initial ETH investments in that current stage.

Rules & Settings

Round Duration: Up to 60 stages

Round Jackpot: 70% current stage, 30% next round fund
Stage Duration: 2 Hours stages 1-10, 4 Hours stages 10+
Stage One ETH Target: 10 ETH
Stage ETH Target Growth: Previous stage + 10%
Stage Fund Distribution: 75% dividends, 23% jackpot, 2% dev
Referral Distribution: 10%, taken from dividend %
Stage Buy Limit: Max 25% of Target ETH stages 1-10, 50% stages 10+
Round Buy Limit: No, can participate in every stage up to that stage’s max buy limit
Anti-Spam: Any amount below 0.0001 ETH will be considered as donation to the Devs

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