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NetScaler Secure

Web Gateway (SWG)

- URL Filtering

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Address SSL visibility/filtering challenges

• SSL traffic increasing

• Control/Visibility challenged
• Apps moving to SaaS
• Traditional security solutions unable to

• SSL processing with performance & scale
• SSL interception
• Identity integration
• Analytics & reporting

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Cost Effective Compliance & Filtering for Encrypted Traffic

Effective and
Visibility &
High Ease of Use

• SSL performance: Proven NetScaler SSL performance/hardware acceleration for user web traffic
• Up to date Intel: URL threat intelligence with up to date information for blocking phishing, malicious or compromised websites
• Ease of Use : NetScaler SWG Wizard for easy configuration
• Visibility & Analytics : Visibility and insights into user behavior, threats through MAS. Easy configuration and granular controls on
Forward Proxy

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Filtering, Visibility & Analytics with NetScaler SWG

Forward Proxy SSL Interception URL Filtering User Auth Extensive Reporting

Proxy modes: Transparent Proxy Explicit Proxy

URL Filtering Modes: Cloud-powered URL Categorization Local blacklisting/whitelisting

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SSL Interception
• SSL Traffic can be intercepted/bypassed/Reset based on below parameters
• URL filter category
• URL Reputation Score
• List of custom URLs
• SSL Bypass – Learning mode :
• URLS will be added to learning mode on encounter of SSL Errors from the web

• Flexibility : Administrators can easily configure the list of urls to get bypassed. For Example to bypass all Banking
Sites URL filter category can be used.
• Administrators can create their own custom list
• Save CPU Resource:
• Administrator can make the choice of non intercepting urls whose reputation score is high. For example
google.com can be bypassed , but twitter can be intercepted for checking the posting of tweet feeds
• SSL processing with performance & scale
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Flow Diagram

Client NetScaler Server

1. SYN 4. SYN


3. Client Hello
6. Client Hello + SNI

7. Server Hello
8. Server Cert/Key

9. Client Auth(Optional)
10 Server Hello Done
11. Server Hello + Forged Cert

12. SSL Handshake Complete

13. Application Data

14. Application Data

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URL Filtering
• URL’s accessed will be categorized and reputation score will be given
• Categorization and Reputation Score is gathered from Cloud and local cache is
• If the requested URL is not in local cache then categorization and reputation
information will be gathered from cloud
• Custom filter, e.g. for filtering social media content:
• Stored in local device as string array
• Retrieved from remote web server, for example web server owned
• No of Categories – 180
• No of URLS – 32 Billion Entries
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URL Filtering – Details

• Supports 180 Categories . NetScaler

Configuration is made simpler by
grouping of different categories into
logical blocks
– For example Social Networking includes
YouTube , twitter, Facebook etc

• Supports categorization of URL’s

which are short-lived( tiny url) and
can block short-lived phishing and
malicious urls

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