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Kakarala Classic Homes Flat Owners

D.No: 17-17-20, Simhagirinagar
Pendurti, Visakhapatnam 531173

1) The District Collector, Sri Pravin Kumar IAS
2) The GVMC Commission, Sri M Hari Narayana IAS
3) The GVMC ZC Zone-6, Sri Ch Satyanarayana

Reference: 1) Proposed (Stilt +G+4upper Floors), SNo119/9/10 13-Feb-2013, zone-6.

Simhagirinager, Pendurthi. Visakhapatnam.

2) GVMC Town Plan BA 10202-2013-ACP-6. Dated 22-Feb-2013, Applicant Name.

K. Joseph site owner. Developer Name: T.Srinivas Rao, M/S "Sri Balaji

Subject: 1) Regarding VLT fm 2013-2017 not paid dues pending. The builder managed to
released the mortgage of 2 flats fm the GVMC, later obtained NOC, sold the flats
& flag off fm the construction site, pending 10% work left. Over on safety side of
the building.

2) Now GVMC ordered to pay the pending dues, before to impose roperty tax to the
flat owners, because the builder was refused to pay VLT nor the site owner. The
flat owners not willing to pay against the rules.

Respected Sir's

1) This is to bring to your information that the above Ref: & Sub: is clearly mentioned the fact.

2) If the GVMC town planning dept should had taken prompt action to see that the
builder has NO DUES, before releasing mortgage of 2 flats in time, today this might
not happened on VLT issues, now the flat owners couldn't appear for to impose
property tax as per rules.
3) Therefore we all flat owners request the GVMC officials concern to participate &
take prompt action towards regarding VLT & to impose Property Tax to solve our
long pending issue.

4) 4) We all expecting to solve this problem by GVMC which the office has power to collect amt fm
the Builder or Site Owner.

5) Also the Builder left over work on safety measures is missing, requested several times, but NO
RESPONSE so far, here the work is not mentioned, if the officer visit, we shall pin point pending
work. If the GVMC office question the matter to Builder, he simply escapes by telling few balance
amt pending & work kept pending. This is false because he already handed over the flats to all.

6) Sir, all we require to the office to solve VLT. & to impose Property Tax, under ur guide lines.

7) Hoping to hear suitable & positive response from yours extreme orders.

Thanking you, all.

Your's Faithfully.

Kakarala Classic Homes Flat

Owners. Pendurthi,
Date : 01- Sep-2018