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Basic Safety Measures:-

1. Yes, Gas Leakages are arrested immediately upon occurrence from source.
2. Yes, all OHSAS system Document is available.
3. Yes, Ensure ash leakages are arrested immediately upon occurrence from
4. Yes, Safety passport is implemented for all the working staff from contractors
from the client site.
5. Yes, all temporary connections are routed through industrial plug tops.
6. Yes, Identify and tag all the maximum equipments for identification on site.
7. Yes, the availability of BoE, IBR certified operators are available as per the
norms on site.
8. Yes, hose pipes used are leak proof and without any damages.
9. Yes, all openings are closed and edges are hard barricaded to avoid fall of man.
10. Yes, Ensure diesel driven fire water pump trial testing is done as per frequency.
11. Yes, all unsafe conditions in customer scope are attended and eliminated by
12. Yes, work permits issued at site for confined space, electrical work, hot work,
mechanical isolation, height workmate...along with JHA done.
13. Yes, 30 m. amp. ELCB are available to rectifier welding machine and periodically
14. Yes, all couplings, drives, conveyors and fans fitted with machine guard.