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Safety iteams code

Sr.no Item Description

1 OPE000036G Hand Gloves 14'' Cotton Knitted XXT
2 OSE000043H Safety Helmet - Harness
3 OPE000027B Boiler Suit
4 OMC002857T Danger Tape 3''
5 OPE000013E Ear plug 3M-1270 (IS:6229) approved
6 OPE000030S Face Shield - Helmet attachable
7 OPE000024S Safety Shoes (Electrical)
8 OPE000023S Safety shoe
9 OPE000039N Nose Mask
10 OPE000108M Half Face Mask with Cartridge
11 OCH000023M H2S04 98percent
12 OSE000033F Fire Buckets
13 OPE000018H Helmet, Safety, IS:2925(ISI And DGMS)
14 OPE000113S PVC Suit with Hood
15 OMC001056F CRC Reinforced Rubber Lined ( RRL ) Fire Hose 63mm
16 OSP1302042 Hose Pipe for Fire Hydrant
17 OPE000019M Heavy Duty Dust Mask
18 OMC002258R Red Barrier tapes
19 OPE000107H Helmet Inner liner with Chin Stafe
20 OPE000116P Reusable Ear Plug Karam/EP03/04
21 OPE000131M Gas Cartridge Chemical Face Mask, Make: 3M
22 OMC004368S Eye wash fountain and shower hand operated
23 OPE000029J Radium Jacket ( With 50mm Radium Width)
24 OPE000017G Gum Boot PVC Double Density
25 OPE000035G Safety Goggle
26 OPE000106P PPE KIT bag
27 OPE000120G Acid proof skin tight hand gloves for labrotory use
28 OSE000189W Hydrant Valve Sheet Washer
29 OPE000011C Cotton Hand Gloves
30 OPE000033G Kevlar With Leather High Temperature Gloves
31 OSE000049L Group Lock Box
32 OPE000006A Asbestos Hand Gloves
33 OSE000047L Ball Valve Lockout
34 OSE000112L Metallic Multipurpose Cable lockout
35 OSE000121L Ball Valve Lockout ES-BV 01 EX
36 OSE000160L Mushroom Push Button lockout
37 OSE000190L Matallic Multi Purpose Cable Lockout ES-MMCL
38 OSE000191L Gate Valve Lockout ES-02-GVL
39 OSE000192L Gate Valve Lockout ES-04-GVL
40 OSE000193L Gate Valve Lockout ES-06-GVL
41 OSE000194L Gate Valve Lockout ES-08-GVL
42 OSE000195L Gate Valve Lockout ES-10-GVL
43 OSE000196F Foam Solution AFFF 6%
44 OPE000122S Electrical Arc Flash Suit
46 OSE000025E Ear Muf
47 OPE000109G Electrical Hand Gloves 450V
48 OPE000121G Electrical Resistance Gloves for 33KV
49 OSE000018B Fire Blanket 180x180
50 OMC001409G Multi Gas Detector
51 OPE000031G Welding Goggle
52 OPE000127M Heavy duty dust mask with cartridge
53 OPE000128H Welding Helmet (S type)
54 OPE000129E Ear Plug 3M-1270 Corded Reusable Thread type
55 OPE000114G Fire Proximity Aluminized Hand Gloves
56 OPE000004A Acid proof plastic glove
57 OPE000126G Heat resistance hand gloves
58 OPE000026A Leather Apron
60 OPE000021R Rubber Hand Gloves
61 OPE000115G Kevlar Hand Gloves 16 Inch
62 OSE000137L Loto Lock Long Shackle for Electrical Isolation
63 OSE000185P Loto Electrician Pouch
64 OSE000183H Five finger headband for SCBA set
65 OSE000129P Mega Phone
Rechargeable Battery set with Charger for Multi gas
66 OSE000181B detector, Make: Drager, Model: Xam 2000
67 OSE000038F Fire Blanket 120x120
68 OSE000074C Cartridge for Breathing Apparatus
69 OPE000002G Hand Gloves Electrical Shock Proof 11KV
70 OPE000012E Ear plug 3M-1110 ( Foam) IS:6229 approved
71 OSE000001B First Aid Box Metal
72 OSE000068S Chemical Face Shield
73 OSE000069S Chemical Suit
74 OPE000005A Apron for Chemical handling
75 OIC000046N Noise Detector
76 OPE000025S Safety Goggles (Acid proof)
77 OSE000007R LOTO Pad lock with Rope-2 Mtr
78 OPE000014F Face Mask for Chemical handling
79 OSE000036F Fall Arrestor
80 OSE000163L Loto Lock (Metallic D Shackles)
81 OSE000113L Valve Lockout
82 OSE000118L Butterfly Valve Lockout
83 OSE000149B Emergency Push Button Lockout device 30mm
84 OSE000046K Loto Kit
85 OSE000039F Face Shield Visor
87 OSE000013T Caution Tape ( Barrier Tape )
88 OSE000062R Life line rope- Polypropylene
89 OSE000063R Fall arrester rope-Polypropylene
90 OSE000061R Dust / Mist Respirator ( M ash ) 3M 9004 in ( white )
91 OPE000016G Leather Hand Gloves
92 OPE000022S Safety goggles ( Grinding )
93 OPE000038G Non Asbestos Hand Gloves
94 OMC004560C Wind Sock Cloth
95 OMC001207G Gas Catridge & Mask V-500 & V-7500
96 OMC002530S Wind Sock
97 OSE000081S Eye Wash Fountain and Shower
98 OUN000001P Waist Pouch
99 OLW000107S Spectacles Zoom White
100 OSE000064S Electrical Safety Shoes - Fiber Toe
101 OSE000050L Lockout Tags
102 OSE000114P Lockout Padlock
103 OSE000159S Over Spectacle Goggle
104 OSE000161L Safety Lockout / Tagout Station
105 OPE000001G Hand Gloves Electrical Shock Proof 22KV
106 OEC001245H High Voltage Protective hand Gloves, WT Compounds
107 OSE000066S Safety Lockout Hasp
108 OMC001562L Pad Lock With Long Chackle
109 OUN000002R Rain Coat
110 OSE000045J Jacket Padlock with Regular Shackle
111 OSE000124S Shackle HASP 33
112 OSE000006P De-Electrical Padlock with Nylon Shackle
113 OSE000125S Shackle HASP 65
114 OSE000126S SS Outer HASP SSH 25
115 OPE000003A Acid proof apron
116 OSE000014Y Yellow Barrier tapes
117 OPE000020N Nose Filter
118 OSE000207S Instantaneous Washer Rubber Seal for Hydrant Valve
119 OSE000208L Lifebouy (Ring type)
120 OPE000134G Nitrile Palm Coated Knit Lined Safety Cuf Hand Gloves
121 OMC003150L Loto Lock