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Concept: Talking about Purpose
J + V + Infinitive of Purpose + C
I’m studying to get a degree.
I do exercise to lose weight.
He brought her flowers to make her smile.
Structure: Too + Adjective + Infinitive
Concept: Excess
J + BE (conjugated) + TOO + Adjective + Infinitive + C
This coffee is too hot to drink.
I will be too tired to study tonight.
I was too angry to say anything.
Structure: Gerunds as subjects
Concept: Name of an Activity
GERUND phrase + V + C
Going to the movies sounds fun.
Shopping is my favorite activity.
Playing hockey could be dangerous.
Structure: Idiomatic Future Time Expressions for the Future
Concept: Future Plans (Informal) List 1 (+List 2 + List 3)
Formulas: Tomorrow
Affirmative / Negative Today
J + BE in Pres + GOING TO + VSF + C + T. E. The day after tomorrow
I’m going to see a movie the day after tomorrow. Next + week/month/ year
She isn’t going to travel to the beach next Easter. In # weeks/months/years
Structure: Present Continuous for Future Time Expressions for the Future
Concept: Future Plans we can CONTROL List 2 (+ List 1 + List 3)
Formulas: Later today
Affirmative / Negative Tomorrow night
J + BE in Pres + V+ing + C + T. E. Tonight
I’m seeing some friends tonight. This week/month/ year
He’s eating seafood for lunch later today. This/Next weekend
Structure: Simple Future Time Expressions for the Future
Concept: Future Actions we’re sure/determined about (more formal) List 3 (+List 1 + List 2)
Formulas: Next vacation
Affirmative / Negative On the holidays
J + WILL/WON’T + VSF + C + T. E. At Easter
They will travel to Paris next week. (they already have the tickets) At Christmas
I’ll learn to drive a car on the holidays. (I already paid for the course) This Monday/Friday/ etc.
Structure: Future Continuous Time Expressions for the Future
Concept: Actions in progress at a specific time in the future List 4 (+ Lists 1, 2, 3)
Formulas: At 2pm
Affirmative / Negative At 4am
J + WILL/WON’T + BE + V+ing + C + specific T. E. At 8:30pm
They’ll be taking a quiz tomorrow at 1pm. At noon
I won’t be using a computer at 10pm tonight. At midnight