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Liturgical Leaflet for an Active Participation in the Celebration of the Eucharist

26 August 2018 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B


here comes a time in our life when we have to make im-
portant choices – choices that may have a repercussion on
our state of life, our profession or work at hand, our plans
and goals. The most fundamental choice concerns our relationship
with Jesus Christ. We are constantly challenged to choose between
faithfulness to his teachings and the allurements of the rationalistic,
hedonistic and materialistic world in which we are immersed. This is a
choice that demands both wisdom and generosity. Wisdom leads us
to stand by Jesus. Generosity enables us to pay the price for choos-
ing to follow Jesus.
May today’s liturgical readings and the Eucharist which we cele-
brate and receive lead us to make our own Peter’s humble statement:
“Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

All –Lord, have mercy! hand of the Father, have mercy

P –Lord Jesus, you were de- on us. For you alone are the Holy
serted by many of your dis- One, you alone are the Lord, you
ciples. Christ, have mercy! alone are the Most High, Jesus
Entrance Antiphon All –Christ, have mercy! Christ, with the Holy Spirit, in the
(To be recited only when no Entrance glory of God the Father. Amen!
Hymn is sung.) P –Lord Jesus, you alone have
Turn your ear, O Lord, and the words of eternal life. Collect (Opening Prayer)
answer me; save the servant Lord, have mercy!
P –O God, who cause the
who trusts in you, my God. All – Lord, have mercy!
minds of the faithful to unite in a
Have mercy on me, O Lord, P –May almighty God have single purpose, grant your people
for I cry to you all the day long. mercy on us, forgive us our sins, to love what you command and
and bring us to everlasting life. to desire what you promise, that,
Greeting All – Amen! amid the uncertainties of this
P –Blessed be Jesus who teach- world, our hearts may be fixed
es us to remain faithful to the Gloria on that place where true gladness
truth. May his grace and peace is found.
All – Glory to God in the high- Through our Lord Jesus
be with you all! est, and on earth peace to people
All – And with your spirit! Christ, your Son, who lives and
of good will. We praise you, reigns with you in the unity of
Penitential Act we bless you, we adore you, we the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever
glorify you, we give you thanks and ever.
P –As we prepare to celebrate for your great glory, Lord God,
the sacred mysteries, let us pause All – Amen!
heavenly King, O God, almighty
for a moment and reflect briefly Father.
on the sincerity of our faith and Lord Jesus Christ, Only Be-
the purity of our heart. (Pause) gotten Son, Lord God, Lamb of
P –Lord Jesus, you challenge God, Son of the Father, you take
us to believe in your word away the sins of the world, have 1st Reading Jos 24:1-2.
even when we do not un- mercy on us; you take away the 15-17.18
derstand it fully. Lord, have sins of the world, receive our Joshua gathers the 12 tribes
mercy! prayer; you are seated at the right at Shechem for the renewal of the
Covenant with the Lord which * The Lord has eyes for the “For this reason a man
was first sealed at Sinai. This is a just, and ears for their cry. The shall leave his father and his
unique opportunity, for him and Lord confronts the evildoers, mother and be joined to his
all the people, to proclaim their to destroy remembrance of wife and the two shall become
allegiance to the Lord. them from the earth. R. one flesh.” This is a great mys-
R –A proclamation from the * When the just cry out, the tery, but I speak in reference to
Book of Joshua Lord hears them, and from all Christ and the Church.

Joshua gathered togeth- their distress he rescues them. The Word of the Lord!
er all the tribes of Israel at The Lord is close to the bro- All – Thanks be to God!
Shechem, summoning their kenhearted; and those who are
crushed in spirit he saves. R. Gospel Acclamation
elders, their leaders, their
judges, and their officers. * Many are the troubles of All – Alleluia! Alleluia!
When they stood in ranks the just one, but out of them Your words, Lord, are
before God, Joshua addressed all the Lord delivers him. He spirit and life. You have
all the people: “If it does not watches over all his bones; not the words of everlasting
please you to serve the Lord, one of them shall be broken. R. life.
decide today whom you will Alleluia! Alleluia!
serve: the gods your fathers 2nd Reading Eph 5:21-32
served beyond the River or the St. Paul presents the rela- Gospel Jn 6:60-69
gods of the Amorites in whose tionship between husband and Jesus has just concluded his
country you are now dwelling. wife with reference to the self- discourse on “the Bread of Life.”
As for me and my household, sacrificing love of Christ. It is Faith in him and the reception
we will serve the Lord.” this selfless love which trans- of his Body and Blood remain
But the people answered, forms the family institution into the indispensable conditions to
“Far be it from us to forsake the “Church of the home” and enjoy eternal life, but many in
the Lord for the service of oth- every family into a “Eucharistic his audience are not able to meet
er gods. For it was the Lord, family.” these demands.
our God, who brought us and R –A proclamation from the P –The Lord be with you!
our fathers up out of the land Letter of Paul to the Ephe- All –And with your spirit!
of Egypt, out of a state of slav- sians P – A proclamation from the
ery. He performed those great holy Gospel according to
miracles before our very eyes Brothers and sisters:
Be subordinate to one John
and protected us along all our All – Glory to you, O Lord!
entire journey and among the another out of reverence
peoples through whom we for Christ. Wives should be Many of Jesus’ disciples
passed. Therefore we also will subordinate to their husbands who were listening said, “This
serve the Lord, for he is our as to the Lord. For the hus- saying is hard; who can accept
God.” band is head of his wife just as it?”
Christ is head of the Church, Since Jesus knew that his
The Word of the Lord! he himself the savior of the disciples were murmuring
All – Thanks be to God! body. As the Church is sub- about this, he said to them,
ordinate to Christ, so wives “Does this shock you? What if
Responsorial Psalm Ps 34 should be subordinate to their you were to see the Son of Man
R –Taste and see the goodness husbands in everything. ascending to where he was be-
of the Lord! Husbands, love your fore? It is the spirit that gives
wives, even as Christ loved the life, while the flesh is of no
R. M. Velez
Church and handed himself avail. The words I have spoken
 Eb Cm Ab over for her to sanctify her, to you are spirit and life. But
  
    
 cleansing her by the bath of there are some of you who do
water with the word, that he not believe.” Jesus knew from
might present to himself the the beginning the ones who
Taste and see the good-ness Church in splendor, without would not believe and the one

 Bb
spot or wrinkle or any such who would betray him. And he
  
thing, that she might be holy said, “For this reason I have
   and without blemish. So also
husbands should love their
told you that no one can come
to me unless it is granted him
of the Lord! wives as their own bodies. He by my Father.”
who loves his wife loves him- As a result of this, many of
* I will bless the Lord at all self. For no one hates his own his disciples returned to their
times; his praise shall be ever flesh but rather nourishes and former way of life and no lon-
in my mouth. Let my soul glory cherishes it, even as Christ ger accompanied him.
in the Lord; the lowly will hear does the Church, because we Jesus then said to the
me and be glad. R. are members of his body. Twelve, “Do you also want to

26 August 2018
leave?” Simon Peter answered All –Faithful God, keep us through the one sacrifice offered
him, “Master, to whom shall faithful to you! once for all, bestow graciously
we go? You have the words of on us, we pray, the gifts of unity
C –That the Church, under the
eternal life. We have come to and peace in your Church.
believe and are convinced that leadership of the successor of Pe- Through Christ our Lord.
you are the Holy One of God.” ter, may always remain faithful All – Amen!
to her Covenant with the Lord,
The Gospel of the Lord! let us pray! R.
All – Praise to you, Lord Jesus Preface VI
Christ! C –That the Christians who are P –The Lord be with you!
tempted to follow the bad ex- All –And with your spirit!
Homily ample of dishonest and immoral P –Lift up your hearts!
people may be mindful of their All – We lift them up to the Lord!
Profession of Faith baptismal commitments, let us P –Let us give thanks to the
(Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed) Lord our God!
pray! R.
All –I believe in one God, the Fa- All –It is right and just!
ther almighty, maker of heaven C –That husbands and wives, P –It is truly right and just,
and earth, of all things visible through a life of faithful love our duty and our salvation, al-
and invisible. and generosity, may witness to ways and everywhere to give
I believe in one Lord Jesus the love that binds Christ and the you thanks, Lord, holy Father,
Christ, the Only Begotten Son Church, let us pray! R. almighty and eternal God.
of God, born of the Father be- For in you we live and move
fore all ages. God from God, C –That those who do not be- and have our being, and while in
Light from Light, true God from lieve in the sacramental pres- this body we not only experience
true God, begotten, not made, ence of Christ in the Eucharist the daily effects of your care, but
consubstantial with the Father; may put aside their rationalistic even now possess the pledge of
through him all things were views and accept with humility life eternal.
made. For us men and for our this teaching of Christ, let us For, having received the
salvation he came down from pray! R. first fruits of the Spirit, through
heaven, (bow)* and by the Holy C –That all of us may remain whom you raised up Jesus from
Spirit was incarnate of the Vir- faithful to Jesus, even when the dead, we hope for an ev-
gin Mary, and became man.* many reject his teaching and erlasting share in the Paschal
For our sake he was crucified leave the Church, let us pray! R. Mystery.
under Pontius Pilate, he suf- And so, with all the Angels,
fered death and was buried, and C – Let us pray in silence for our we praise you, as in joyful cel-
rose again on the third day in personal intentions. (Pause) ebration, we acclaim:
accordance with the Scriptures. Let us pray! R. All – Holy, holy, holy . . .
He ascended into heaven and is
seated at the right hand of the P –Lord of all truth and all con- Memorial Acclamation
Father. He will come again in solation, even if everybody else P –The mystery of faith!
glory to judge the living and the should abandon you on account All –When we eat this Bread
dead and his kingdom will have of your demands, we shall never and drink this Cup, we pro-
no end. stop adoring, loving and serving claim your Death, O Lord,
I believe in the Holy Spirit, you, for you alone have the words until you come again!
the Lord, the giver of life, who of eternal life, and live and care
proceeds from the Father and for ever and ever.
the Son, who with the Father All – Amen!
and the Son is adored and glori-
fied, who has spoken through
the prophets. All – Our Father . . .
I believe in one, holy, cath- P –Deliver us, Lord . . .
olic and apostolic Church. I All –For the kingdom, the
confess one Baptism for the Preparation of the Gifts power, and the glory are
forgiveness of sins and I look yours, now and for ever!
forward to the resurrection of P –Pray, brethren . . .
the dead and the life of the world All – May the Lord accept the Sign of Peace
to come. Amen! sacrifice at your hands, for the
praise and glory of his name, Breaking of the Bread
Prayer of the Faithful for our good and the good of all
his holy Church. All – Lamb of God, you take
P –The mystery of the Eucharist away the sins of the world: have
challenges our inclination to ac- mercy on us. (2x)
cept only what we understand. Prayer over the Offerings Lamb of God, you take
Aware of our weakness, we im- P –O Lord, who gained for away the sins of the world:
plore: yourself a people by adoption grant us peace.

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time (B)

P –This is Jesus, our faithful
The Time to Stand Up for Jesus
Savior, the Lamb of God who This time, it is not just the anonymous “Jews” who murmur against Je-
takes away the sins of the world. sus. It is the disciples themselves. (See v. 60f.) They find his talk “hard,”
Blessed are those called to his unacceptable, something that cannot be taken seriously. (See v. 60b.)
Supper. Jesus does absolutely nothing to reduce the negative impact of
All –Lord, I am not worthy his statements. What he said is just the truth: the plain truth that his
that you should enter under body is real food and his blood is real drink; and that if one wants to
my roof, but only say the word have life and be in communion with his Lord, one has to eat his flesh
and my soul shall be healed. and drink his blood. (See last Sunday’s Gospel, vv. 54-56.)
Clearly, Jesus is not after an easy popularity retained at all costs. He
Communion Antiphon stands by what he has repeatedly stated with a crescendo that has
(To be recited only when no
come to disenchant even many of those who were so full of admiration
Communion Hymn is sung.)
for him. This means open crisis. The worst so far. It is mass desertion!
Whoever eats my flesh and (v. 66). The cheering crowd turns into a long stream of defectors grumbling
drinks my blood has eternal away!
life, says the Lord, and I will Only the Twelve still linger around. This is a decisive moment in their
raise him up on the last day. lives. To them Jesus addresses the most challenging question: “Do you
want to leave me too?”(v. 67). That challenge awakens the hero that is
Prayer after Communion dormant in Peter and his companions: They choose to stay without re-
grets, even if all the rest leave. They opt to stay with Jesus not because
P –Complete within us, O they have understood all that he has been saying, but because they have
Lord, we pray, the healing work come to believe in him. (See v. 69.) They trust Jesus’ word infinitely
of your mercy and graciously more than their limited intelligence.
perfect and sustain us, so that in For all of us, there comes a time (and more than once) in which
all things we may please you. we, too, are challenged to stand up and be counted. This is not an easy
Through Christ our Lord. thing to do if the majority prefer to lie flat or sneak away, and we ourselves
All – Amen! do not see things as clearly as we would wish . . .
This happens when a mystery of the faith is under attack from ratio-
nalistic quarters; or a moral principle has to be upheld in a permissive
society; or an innocent has to be defended against the accusing mob, or
the oppression of the powerful and the ruthless . . .
This is the time to “stand up for Jesus.” It is the time for humble faith
P –The Lord be with you. which triumphs over rationalism and an easy conformism. It is the time to
All – And with your spirit! live with integrity in a corrupt society. The time to stand for what is
P – May the blessing of almighty true and right – alone, if necessary – rather than join the crowded lines
God: the Father, and the Son, of the opportunists . . . It is the time to stick it out with Jesus, together
and the Holy Spirit descend with Peter and his companions, even when many quit because they find
upon you and remain with his teaching hard and his demands too high. This is the time for heroes
you for ever. – the heroes of the faith.
All – Amen!
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