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JUNE 27, 2018

PO BOX 1401 FREELAND, WA 98249


The meeting was called to order at 6:33 pm by President, Gary Uhlig. Other Board
Members present were Vice President, Lance Porter, Treasurer, Frank Worster, Mike
Downey, John Githens, Wil Surface, Brad Smith, Nancy McCallum, Eric Rembold, and
Glen McConnachie. Martha Fleming, Secretary arrived at 6:55 pm.

Present in the gallery were Lu Surface and Wayne Morrison.

Wayne Morrison addressed the Board

Frank presented the April Financial Statement. The April Financial Statement was
approved with 3 line items to be removed in the future. He also presented the May
Financial Statement. Discussion followed regarding prior years assessments and fees
collected and where they are placed on the Financial Statement. Frank will check with
Pam at Edwards and Associates regarding this. The May Financial Statement Approval is
thus pending until Frank gets clarification from the accountant.

Regarding the line item for the accounting fee, the percentage needs to be adjusted to
70% for water and 30% for the clubhouse.

The April 18, 2018 minutes were reviewed. Mike moved and Brad seconded to have the
minutes approved as read with grammar corrections. The motion passed. There were two
abstentions. The May 20, 2018nminutes were read. Wil moved and Frank seconded to
approve the minutes with corrections. The motion passed. The Board reviewed the 2018
Annual Meeting Minutes.

Lance presented the CPG (Clubhouse/Pool/ Grounds) Report. The CPG Committee
revised the Facilities Use Agreement Form removing the references to a Caretaker.
Projects that were discussed included the wall that is leaning in towards the pool, the ivy
on the trees and the safety valve for the boiler. Lance is getting an estimate for heating
the pool. He purchased 3 new tables for the pool as the old ones presented a health
hazard. Gary motioned that the money for the tables be taken out of the Donation
Account first and any remaining balance come out of the Pool Equipment Account. John
seconded. The motion passed.
Gary reported on the public meeting given by Lisa Kaufman of Northwest Straits
regarding the Shoreline Restoration Project. Grant money has been obtained from five
different agencies and the preliminary bidding will go out next month. The project
should be completed by October 15, 2018 and will take approximately 2 weeks. The
power point presentation is available on weebly. Mike brought up flooding that could
happen to the community property below the clubhouse as it needs more fill due to the
rising water level. Lowering the bulkhead height will result in less protection. Gary will
meet with Lisa Kaufman with additional questions and will report back.

Glen reported the water tank was cleaned and the meter level was repaired. King Water
appointed a new point person, Tony, to be in charge of our system. Glen will talk to
Sandra at King Water about costs to replace the water system and a reserve fund study. A
repair was done at Kelly Reid’s property. Meters will be read on June 30, 2018.

Under New Business Frank announced there are 3 new owners in the community. Lance
brought up the issue of renters being able to use the pool. An indemnification form needs
to be created for owners to sign if they want their renters to use the pool. Eric
volunteered to work on the form. Lance brought up the issue of enforcing covenants for
Division 1. The CPG committee will address the issue. Gary presented a letter from the
Toombs regarding the placement of the trees in the Shoreline Improvement Project and
their effect on views. Mike brought up the lot behind the parking lot with all the
blackberries that Wil Surface has been working on clearing. One idea was using the dirt
from that lot to increase the fill in the area below the clubhouse.

The Board went into Executive Session at 8:46 pm to review past due member accounts.
The session ended at 9:04 pm

The next board meeting will be held Wednesday, July 18, 2018 at 6:30.
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Martha Fleming

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