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Sales Return Configuration and Process

Incase of Return Sales Order:
T.Code for copy control: VTAF
Source Document: F2
Target Document: RE
Item category REN

Considering the above settings are done:

Create return sales order RE (with Reference to Billing Document) and the data will be copied as it is in Return Sales Order
- RE. For Eg: here you require to change to quantity from 10 to 2, as you want to take back into Inventory of only 2.

Incase of Return Delivery:

T.Code for copy control: VTLA
Source Document: RE
Target Document: LR
Item category REN

Considering the above settings are done:

Create Return Delivery through T.Code VL01N and do PGR (Post Goods Receipt). This will add the stock to blocked stock.
This will take care of Inventory.

In the case of India for capturing credit for Excise, use T.Code: J1IH --> other Adjustment and based on the credit to be
taken, make the necessary entry.

Incase of Credit Memo:

T.Code for copy control: VTFA
Source Document: RE
Target Document: Credit Memo
Item category G2N (Check in System)

First in VA02, remove the Billing Block in Return Sales Order - RE and save the document. Now in T.Code: VF01, enter
Return Sales Order Number and select the appropriate Billing Type (Credit Memo) and Enter and Save. This will create
Credit Memo.

For Interview:

Dear gurus,
Created sales order no 1.(Qty=100)-->Delivery(Qty=100)->PGI---->Invoice(Qty=100)
Returns Ret sales order1.1 * with reference to sales order no 1*.(Qty=100)---
>Delivery(Qty=100) >PGR->invoice(Qty=100).
Returns Ret sales order1.2 * with reference to sales order no 1*.(Qty=100)---
>Delivery(Qty=100) >PGR->invoice(Qty=100).

Returns Ret sales order1.n with reference to sales order no 1.(Qty=100)---

>Delivery(Qty=100) >PGR->invoice(Qty=100).
as per above mentioned ....system is able to create the multiple returns order with reference to the
orginal order without reference to the order quantity..it is strange to observe inventory is showing
more than delivered .... i had invoiced 100 qt of material X but my system is allowing more than the
PGI qty...
How to restrict the multiple creation of returns order when quantity has been fully referenced.....If
solution is available in standard SAP please reply...I resolved the issue by writing new Copy control
routine in the item level due to the severity of the issue.

1. This is expected behaviour and is the SAP functionality. Even though the sales order
is for 100 units, returns beyond 100 units is possible. When you create return order
with reference to the invoice, the quantity field is not greyed out, which should ideally
be the case. However it is also possible that during returns, the order is only used as
a reference, but a material belonging to multiple sales orders is returned all at once.
This is a process as designed by SAP. We also faced this scenario, but left it as
such, as such transactions are rarely executed in the system.

2. If you see this transaction as critical, you can either control it through copy control, or
write a logic in one of the user exits that the return order quantity shoudl not be more
than the order quantity in total. Only that should solve ur problem.
be used. You would have to request your ABAP colleague to check RV45A-
KWMENG in the sales order, if it is UNCHANGED ONLY then create sales order. If
this value is changed Do NOT save the sales order.
Use this user exit to make certain changes or checks immediately before saving a
document. It is the last possibility for changing or checking a document before

The user exit is carried out at the beginning of the FORM routine BELEG_SICHERN.

In VOV8, for your sales document type, field ""Reference mandatory"" = B with ref to
Here EITHER you can have ref. to quantity contract or ref. to quotation. This is a
By this above setting user cannot create sales order without reference.

In VTAA create copy control for QT --> OR and QC --> OR

By doing some enhancement in the sales order user exit at item level - program MV45FZB
the order quantity cannot be changed.

1. How to restrict the multiple creation of returns order when

2. quantity has been fully referenced

Go to OVAH select the message class V4-229 and change it to "E" in the last column. Now try to
create a return order over and above the invoiced quantity.

First of all, I do not think any company follows this kind of business scenario!!!!. From Technical
Perspective, yes, you can ensure that while creating the return order with reference to the original
sales order, System should cummulate the reference quantity based on the return sales order.
This you can control via copy control setting from Sales Document to Sales Document (VTAA). Mark
copy control at item level for field Pos./neg. quantity as +. This will ensure that system does not
allow to copy over and above the original sales document quantity.