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Target ofthe synchronisation isthe correct transfer of the containers at the ‘transfer starwheels of the individual machines finjector, rnser, ile). )(KRONES Bloc arrangement with three drive motors 2 )( KRONES Synchronous Motor: ‘The fact that the speed of each synchronous machine is in complete angular synchronism with the supply frequency, ‘these machines are suitable for integration in lines where several drive units are to be operated in angular synchronisation without having to connect these units using mechanical components such as shafis ete, One frequency converter can be used to operate as many machines as required. The frequency converter must, of course, be designed ‘to handle the sum of the currents of all of the connected motors. 4 )( KRONES storing tenesvera roy with power frequency scone ion the str ing pres Ther weg pete cana magnet Basic Principle ofa Synchronous Drive The winding ofthe ators aesignedas permanent smageet )( KRONES cw 20 ue )( KRONES: