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Re: Residential premises

described as follows: All rooms, 120
Oceana Dr. West, Apt. 5D,Brooklyn, NY


Natalia Kardyukova, Licensee

120 Oceana Dr. West, Apt. 5D
Brooklyn, NY 11235

You are hereby notified that as the owner of the premises, I terminate your license of all rooms,
120 Oceana Dr. West, Apt. 5D, Brooklyn, NY 11235. Unless you leave the premises by July 20,
2018,1 will start a licensee holdover case to evict you and will ask the court for the value of your
use and occupancy of the premises.

You entered into occupancy ofthe premises as the licensee of the former licensee Anna Kot, who
have since left the premises.
You have failed to reply to my letter dated April 25, 2018. As such, you overstayed your
welcome. In addition, you have become a nuisance and liability, and therefore, are no longer
welcome or privileged to possession of premises. You have continuously occupied the premises
using it as a place of residence, rooming house and warehouse of antics without my consent.
Anna Kot's license ended on or about May 21, 2013 and she left the premises.

Dated: July 10, 2018

Michael Krichevsky, Owner
4221 Atlantic Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11224