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Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Technology in CSE/IT IEC Group of Institutions Greater Noida

SYNOPSIS MAJOR PROJECT REPORT ON COLLEGE MONITORING SYSTEM Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the

Submitted By Aditya Tripathi (1509010015) Suryansh Raghuvanshi (1509013070) Abhay sriwastav(1509010004)

Under the Guidance of Ms. Ila Kaushik











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Nature of project -------------------------------------------- 3

Statement of the problem and hypothesis--------------------------------


Aims and objectives Modules and Description Review of Litreature Scope of the project

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Proposed methodology/Architecture--------------------------------------- 11 Existing methodology/Architecture ---------------------------------------- 15

Technology used Official requirement Hardware Requirement Gantt chart Conclusion Refrences

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The purose of college Monitoring System is to automate the existing maual system by the help of coumpterized equipments and full-fledged computer software, fulfilling their requirements , so that their valuable data/information can be stored for a long period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same . The required software and hardware are easily available and easy to work with.

College monitoring system as described above can lead to error free, secure reliable and fast management system . it can assist the user to concentrate their other activities rather to concentrate on the record keeping . thus it will help organization in better utilization of resources . The organization can maintain computerized records without redundant entries. That means that one need not be distracted by information that is not relevant , while being able to reach the information.



College Monitoring system provides a simple interface for maintenance of different student, department, faculties, library and others information. All the colleges usually have a number of departments and educational modules such as courses, seminar hall, etc. Managing all these departments and other modules manually is a very difficult and hard, ineffective and expensive task. So here we propose an Monitoring system for college. Our college Monitoring system has all the information about the students, teachers, events, library, departments and other respected information. The system allows the admin to add students, faculties and any other events. Our

system allows a faculty to enter or input student’s attendance into the database which can later be

viewed by students and faculties. The students can view his/her attendance through a separate student login. The admin can upload the timetables for various departments for exam preparation. The time table is then available to be viewed by faculties and students on the web portal. These systems have easy user interface and have powerful data management system which makes this system is very useful. Keywords:- Admin, College, Database, Faculty, System, Students.


college monitoring system is the one kind of web application which integrates all the modules and functionalities of college system on a single system that can be handled by the administrative head and access by the students and faculties with valid user id and password. As we know that, a college consists of different departments, such as course departments, fees management, library, event management etc. Nowadays applications and uses of information technologies is increased as compared to before, each of these individual departments has its own computer system to do their own functionalities. By having one main system they can interact with each other from their respected system by having valid user id and password. The main goal of the entire system is to provide a userfriendly interface and powerful data system which make this system more useful. The College Monitoring system computerizes all the details of the college


system which are updated by admin only can access by the students and faculties. college monitoring system reduces the most of the human work that are done earlier to managing the college system. Once the details are entered into the system by the authorized person then there is no need for other users to deal with separate section. Only a person that is having an administrative authorization is enough to maintain all the reports and records of the system. The security can also be provided as per the requirements. The main thing is that our system reduces the human works at a great effort. It can be helpful such that

  • - Records are always updated.

    • - Manpower is decreased or reduced.

  • - Large amount of data regarding college and their modules can be stored.

    • - Accurate and perfect calculations are made.

    • - Maintenance of file is efficient and flexible.


The purpose is to design software for college database which contains up to date or accurate information of the college. That should improve efficiency and flexibility of college record management and to provide a common and or simple platform for everyone to access the

student’s information.

What is a portal? A portal is a gate, a door, or entrance. In the context of the World Wide Web, it is the next logical step in the evolution toward a digital culture. Portals have become one of the most visible information technology (IT) issues in higher education, as well as the commercial sector. The latest Gartner International hype cycle curve places portals at its apex.

Considering the number of students enrolled in an academic year in any institute, the administration, and management work is tedious, especially when it is done manually. The admin staff has to maintain the registers for the students and write all the information down. If


anyone wants their information changed or updated, the same has to be done manually which is a very time-consuming task. If automation has to be done, there are existing systems which are very expensive and require constant maintenance and running costs. Also, if the record keeping is to be done manually, there is always a possibility of human error causing overall delays in the work process. Since there is a possibility of delay in the process, we cannot rely on this system for not causing any complications, when the staff is hastily trying to close the gap of the delay, which can lead to a lack of precision and unnecessary errors.


Easy access to find out the details.

Safe and secure of data or information and files.

Lowering the task weigh

Increasing efficiency

Better control

Real time reports

Better student relations

  • b) PROBLEMS:

The success depends on the skills and experience of the workforce, including education and how to make the system work properly.

Sharing internal information between departments can reduce the efficiency of the software.


The main objective of the project of college Monitoring System is to manage the details of students, classes, faculty, courses. It manages all the information about college, Regestration, Courses. The project is totally buit at administrative end and thus only the administrartor is guaranteed the access . The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the colleges , students, regestrations, classes. It tracks all the details about the classes , faculty, courses.


The aim of this project is to incorporate a College Monitoring System automate all the functionalities of a college. The reason for developing a web or software system is to reduce paper work and save time, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing the work load.

The project provides information about the college for both students and lecturers. Information about the college, course time tables, course information, exam time tables, department news, course notes information from lecturers to students and more. The system provides the flexibility of generating the required documents on screen as well as on printer when required.



The main purpose of this module is provide all the functionality related to students. It tracks all the information and details of the student. We have developed all type of CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations of the students. This is a role based module where admin can perform each and every operation on data but the student will be able to view only his/her data, so access level restrictions has also been implemented on the project.


Admin can add new students records

Admin can see the list of student details

Only admin can update or edit the records of student

Admin will able to delete the records of the students.

Student will able to see his/her details

Student will be able to update his/her details

Fees Module:

This Module has been developed for managing all the information of the fees, here admin and faculty can upload the fees. Access level restrictions has also been implemented on this module


so only admin and teacher will be able to upload/edit/delete the fees and student will only be able to view the fees of his subject and download it.

Features of Fees Module:

Admin can upload new assignments

Student can view and download the fees

Admin can edit/update the existing assignment

Admin can delete the existing fees

Admin can see the list of all fees

Attandance Module:

The main purpose for Developing this Module is manage to attendance of the students datewise. So all attendance will be marked by admin or faculty and student will be able to see only his/her attendance. Admin can see the list of attendance and filter it according to the students .

Features of Attandance Module:

Admin can Mark the student attendance

Admin can edit/delete the student attendance

Admin can see the list of all student attendance

Student can see his/her attendance

Functionality performed by student users:

These are the functionality performed by the student users.

Regestration For Student

Login For Student

Forgot password for student

Change password for student

Edit profile for student

View his/her fee payment History

View his attendance History


Functionality performed by admin users:

These are the functionality performed by the admin users.

Login For Admin

Forgot password for Admin

Edit profile for Admin

Manage student

  • Adding New Student

  • Edit the existing Students

  • View profile of the students

  • Listing of all student

Manage Fees

  • Add fees of the student

  • View Details of the fees

  • Listing of all feees

  • Filter Fees according to student

Manage Attendence

  • Add attendance of student

  • Edit Attendence of student

  • Listing of the Attendence

  • Filter Attendence According to student

Reports of the project

  • Report of all student

  • Report of all Fees

  • Report of all attendance

Static Pages and other Sections:

These static Pages will be available in project

Home page with good UI

Home Page will contain an animated slider for images banner


About us page will be available which will be describe about the project

Contact us page will be available in the project


In our country, engineering field has become of the utmost importance in the last decade. Various branches of Engineering have gained popularity resulting in a very high number of student admissions every year. Due to the growing demand in the number of seats various colleges have been built which facilitate these needs. Every year millions of students take admission for Engineering all over India. The Directorate of Technical Education for every state takes care of the admission process for engineering. But the management of admission at the college level is important all the same. Although the DTE provides a Centralized Admission

Process, which is online, for students to be actually admitted to the college, there has to be a long procedure to be followed physically at the college. Due to the very high number of students enrolling every academic year, the work at college level increases exponentially. All this work has to be done manually. Most of the colleges do all this work manually while some colleges use the system which is very expensive and not customizable. In the case of a manual system, it takes a lot of time and manpower while the existing systems impact the finances of the college as they are SaaS-based and mostly charge per student. There is also a need for registration and form filling which is also done manually to be automated. There is a need for a system which can be installed locally in the institute and which would automate the tedious process of manual admission. So, we will be exploring various possibilities where one does not have to use the

manual system or any expensive system of efficiently manage the students’ data and information.

College Monitoring System is a large Database. Until recently the place of the College Monitoring System (CMS). Now-a-days, education is playing very significant role in the society. Day-by-day, the percentage of illiterates are decreasing and the percentage of literates is increasing. Education will change the society in all the aspects and everyone wants to study higher professional degrees.Admissions are increasing day by day so there by. Ratio of establishment new colleges and schools are also increasing. But the actual challenge is starting from now. Most of the schools and colleges are maintain student information in records.


When the number of records increased, it is difficult to maintain the information of each student in the old manual system.

Maintaining the records manually leads to error prone and required more man power and it consumes more time for processing the records. In the existing system of the project we had just results that is usage through manually,here student can check through the computers from a personal computer located at a particular point of place.

This work critically explores the possible ways of making clear of the mystery behind database and related technologies, web hosting services, protocols and of course design and encourages young programmers to join the race without feeling interims to their counterparts in the development parts of the world. Without shifting this focus to website design, In general, this project aims to enhance efficiency and at the same time maintain information accurateness The study will go a long way to cutting down on time wastage, inefficient use of statistical data, manual errors and duplication of efforts by both staff and academic personnel. It will also enhance efficient query and inquiring, ensure security of records and assist the college in coping with the daily work based. The internet with all its functionality has indeed changed the way people live and interact politically, socially, economically and otherwise the internet as with database combines audio, video and texture contents while eliminating time and space of traditional media.

The study provides solutions to practical problems using knowledge gained from the particular class of software engineering, system analysis, system management databases and web design in my undergraduate studies in information technology. The implementation of the management system will help to manage institutional resources in an efficient, effective and accountable manner. This project will also demonstrate that the implementation of the management system will improve the quality of services, creating an automated application to plan and manage the delivery of courses. The management system will provide more ease for managing data rather than manually maintaining documents. Valuable time will be saved and lives will be made easier.



This is a generic type of software, suitable for all colleges.College Management System will work on a college area network. Under this system it will include all the departments under the particular college. It can have billing system for finance department, class attendance, online notes and notice board so that students can get all the information by using their valid registration id and password. Administrator will able to get all the information regarding any

college members on any particular day and time. The Admin panel will also able to edit the login display panel of teachers, staff members, students etc. Admin can add person, delete and give special permission. Lecturers can get information of any students under their particular class. Lecturers can also make query by using grade, percentage, can see list of students who comes under the category of attendance shortage and many more under this one roof. For student

section, they can get any particular Lecturer’s notes for any particular day and other information

regarding the college. Such as an upcoming college lecture in a particular month, group work schedules, assignments, test and exam notifications and many more. Student section will also include learning section, so that students can prepare for their exams.


The aim of proposed system is to develop a system of improved facilities . The proposed system can overcome all the limitations of the existing system. The system provides proper security and reduces the manual work.

Security of data


Ensure data accuracy’s

Proper control of the higher officials.

Minimize manual data entry

Minimum time needed for the various processing.

Greater efficiency

Better service

User Friendliness and intterctive.

Mnimum time required

Fig-1 college Monitoring system 15

Fig-1 college Monitoring system


Fig.2 Login process 16

Fig.2 Login process



In the existing system the exams are done only manually but in the proposed system we have to computerize the exams using this application.

Lack of security data.

More man power.

Time consuming.

Consumes large volume of pare work.

Needs manual calculations

No direct role for the higher officials.


College Monitoring system aims to improve the efficiency of college information management, and the main function is managing and maintaining information. The administrator and students are two major functional requirements in the system. The Administrator will be given more powers (enable/disable/update) than other users. It will be ensured that the information entered is of the correct format.

Non-Functional Requirements

Performance Requirements: The proposed system that we are going to develop will be used as the chief performance system for helping the organization in managing the whole database of the student studying in the organization and having message notifications. Therefore, it is expected that the database would perform functionally all the requirements that are specified. Safety Requirements: The database may get crashed at any certain time due to virus or operating system failure. Therefore, it is required to take the database backup.




Java is a high-level programming language originally developed by Sun Microsystems and released in 1995. Java runs on a variety of platforms, such as Windows, Mac OS, and the various

versions of UNIX. This tutorial gives a complete understanding of Java. This reference will take you through simple and practical approaches while learning Java Programming language Java programming language was originally developed by Sun Microsystems which was initiated by James Gosling and released in 1995 as core component of Sun Microsystems' Java platform (Java 1.0 [J2SE]).

The latest release of the Java Standard Edition is Java SE 8. With the advancement of Java and its widespread popularity, multiple configurations were built to suit various types of platforms. For example: J2EE for Enterprise Applications, J2ME for Mobile Applications


HTML is a hypertext mark-up language which is in reality a backbone of any website. Every

website can’t be structured without the knowledge of html. If we make our web page only with

the help of html, than we can’t add many of the effective features in a web page, for making a web page more effective we use various platforms such as CSS.


CSS Stands for “Cascading Style Sheet.” Cascading style sheets are used to format the layout of

Web pages. They can be used to define text styles, table sizes, and other aspects of Web pages

that previously could only be defined in a page’s HTML. The basic purpose of CSS is to separate

the content of a web document (written in any markup language) from its presentation (that is written using Cascading Style Sheets).


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL lets us access and manipulate databases. SQL is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. SQL can execute queries against a database, retrieve data from a database, insert records in a database, update records in a database,


delete records from a database, create new databases, create new tables in a database, create stored procedures in a database, create views in a database, set permissions on tables.


Name of contents


Operating system

Windows 10,windows7,linux, windows xp


Java 2 run time enviorment


My SQL server


Any of Mozilla , opera , chrome etc.

Web server

Tomcat 8

Software development kit

Java JDK 1.7 or above

Scripting language enable

JSP(java server page)

Databse JDBC Driver

My SQL connector



Name of components



Pentium III 630Mhz, intel i3, i5,i7.



Hard disk



15” color monitor


122 keys





Start Date

End Date

Software Requirement specification




System Testing
















Report Writing






Our project is only a humble venture to satisfy the needs to manage their project work. Several user friendly coding have also adopted. The package shall prove to be a powerful package in satisfying all the requirements of the college. The objective of software planning is to provide a frame work that enables the manager to make reasonable estimates made within a limited at the beginning of the software project and should be updated regularly as the project progresses.

Tittle of the project as college Monitoring system is the system that deals with the issues related to a particular institution. It is the very useful to the student as well as the faculties to easy access to finding the details. This project is successfully implemented with all the features and modules of the college management system as per requirements. The college monitoring system provides appropriate information to users based on their profiles and role in the system. This project is designed keeping in view the day to day problems faced by a college system.



Google for problem solving

Head First java 2 nd edition http://www.jdbc-tutorial.com/

http://www.wampserver.com/en/ http://www.JSP.net /