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OBJECTIVES: To be an active employee who contributes to the Mission, Vision,

and Values of the company, and to interact, on a professional level with other
employees. To give excellent performance, loyalty and to translate my
experience, knowledge, skills and abilities into value for the organization.

PERSONAL ATTITUDE: Able to work under pressure, hardworking, fast learner,

innovative, resourceful, honest and can work independently with less
Chenvie S. Abria

Al Rigga, Deira, Dubai U.A.E.
Toboran, Mabini, Cebu City
APRIL 2014 Up to DECEMBER 2017
Mobile #:
Duties and Responsibilities
+63 927 732 4494

A. Accounts Duties
 In charged of accounts for Dolphin Air, including its subsidiaries.
 Working with spreadsheets, tally, sales and purchase ledgers and
Personal Information:
 Calculating and checking to make sure payments, amounts and
records are correct.
Age: 26
 Managing petty cash and cheque transactions.
 In charged if collecting outstanding receivables from various
Date of Birth : 26 May 1991
clients including tenants of our own building
 Reconciling bank accounts – Credits and Direct Debits.
Civil Status: Single
 Managing and maintaining budgets, as well as invoicing;
 Timely encoding of transactions using our accounts system, Tally.
Height : 5’1’’

B. Administrative Duties
Nationality: Filipino
 Assisting on processing employment visa for staff
 Recruiting, training and supervising junior staff and delegating
Educational Attainment:
work as required;
Bachelor of Science in NURSING/
 Arranging travel and accommodation for staff or customers and
Registered Nurse (PNA)
other external contacts;
University of the Visayas
 Using content management systems to maintain and update
Cebu City, Philippines
websites and internal databases;
Graduate: March of 2011
 Devising and maintaining office systems;
 Booking rooms and conference facilities;
 Liaising with staff in other departments and with external contacts;
 Ordering and maintaining stationery and equipment;
 Sorting and distributing incoming post and organizing and
sending outgoing post;
 Perform other tasks as requested i.e cargo booking
 Perform works as a real estate agent
Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Duties and Responsibilities
 Welcome and greet every customer in a warm and friendly manner & demonstrate excellent customer service
at all times.
 Identify customer needs through asking questions; confidently recommend and demonstrate appropriate
products; recommend link products at every sale opportunity; close the sale
 Receive cash or payment in any authorized modes from customers, issue receipts/ bills against their purchase
and provide professional cash point service.
 Handle customer complaints professionally and efficiently, in line with the company after sales policy,
escalating to management if necessary.
 Demonstrate and maintain product knowledge at all times.
 Check stock levels daily and inform of depleting stocks to the store manager in order to replenish and maintain
optimum stock levels.
 Comply with all company policies and procedures including refund and exchange policy, security, health and
safety policies etc.
 Stock movement, and do necessary orders.
 Sending daily and monthly reports to store-in-charge and Division manager.
Cebu City, Philippines
STAFF NURSE - 2011-2013
Duties and Responsibilities
 Provided nursing care and treatment to patients of the medical center within the scope of practice as defined by
state law
 Evaluated patient needs, maintained patient care flow and prioritize health treatments
 Communicated intensively with patients and their families
 Determined the follow up procedure as necessary – tracked medial cases through entire care process to completion
 Documented nursing elements, maintains medical records
 patients stats and a clean/safe environment
 Phlebotomy procedures done
RC Mandaue, Cebu City, Philippines
TEACHER (English as a Second Language) - July 15, 2012 – January 15, 2013
Duties and Responsibilities
 teach students basic or advanced English language skills
 responsible for instructing non-native English speaking students
 Do online teaching and onsite teaching when requested
 assist students in learning the English language such as speaking, reading and writing
 Teaches Lessons which focus on vocabulary development, fluency, articulation and comprehension
 Assesses the accomplishments of students on a regular basis, provides progress reports as required.
 Providing guidance towards the prescribed learning process and communicating objectives clearly to the students
 Assess the ability and accomplishment of students on regular intervals
 Creating a conducive environment in the classroom where students find it easy to connect to the language both
socially and emotionally. Also the environment of the class should match the maturity, ability and interests of the
students present in it.
 Conducting pronunciation techniques through videos, quizzes and computer lessons