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Issue No. 48
Washington New York

The Awards Issue

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B. Le Grand
Patrick Ian Moore WRITES NEW MOVIE
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Dr. Sally Burgundy
Patrick Ian Moore

Jack Paradise
Tommy Knowledge
Rachel Zemser
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April Flores 10 Letter From the Editor
DJ Reid 420

Aaron Tocchi Greg Sestero Author of The Disaster Artist

Hughie Stonefish Writes New Movie High on Sativa Cheeba Chew
Richard Bell
Graphic Design 21 California Wildfires Update From Emerald Magazine
Savanaha Lamp 22 Winners Announced! 4th Annual
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Breon Bliss
27 How International Trump Tariffs
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B. Le Grand 28 Canadian Cannabis Investors May Get
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Greetings ~

Welcome to The Edibles Magazine is published. I saw Deadpool 2 and Three

Awards Issue. It was an honor and a Identical Strangers and really enjoyed
pleasure to interview Greg Sestero for this both a whole bunch, for different reasons.
month’s feature. He’s most well known for Seeing documentaries in the actual cinema
playing Mark in “The Room” (considered while high on edibles is my new favorite
the worst movie ever made) and for movie going experience.
writing "The Disaster Artist," which tells
the story of making that infamous film. He We will be travelling to Kauai and
wrote his newest movie, “Best F(r)iends” Oklahoma this month for some canna-
while high on sativa Cheeba Chews and education expos and are pretty curious to
we’ve got the scoop on what that process see what’s going on in these other states.
was like, as well as a movie crossword The Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa
puzzle, cannabis characters in film list, will be home to the state’s 1st cannabis
movie themed recipes, an especially business conference. I hung out in that
insightful Crazy Rich Asians review area as a teenager because it was home to
and more. “Best F(r)iends” is a movie Tulsa’s contemporary art scene. Should be
you need to watch if you’re into The interesting. We also have all of our awrd
Room. The basketball scene seems like an winners announced in this issue.
homage/inside joke for all the fans. Watch
it high on edibles for a deeper experience. Los Angeles is getting closer and closer to
There’s also counterfeit cannabis labels to full legalization as more licenses are being
beware of and Hawaii might soon be the applied for. Once LA is full swing into
nation’s dankest destinations for cannabis actual legalized recreational cannabis with
tourism with some cool new laws the manufacturing, distribution, and retail
island wants to implement for visitors. happening - we may just see a Utopia like
Ever since iO West and Meltdown closed, never before. Here’s hoping it gets done
I haven’t had a readily available theater right and by the right people. Dangerous
to shoot in, so it was great to use The posers always seem to be creeping in and
Pack in Hollywood for our Greg Sestero getting greedy. Beware and take care.
interview and photoshoot. It’s a big part Summer is over but Halloween is right
of the Hollywood Fringe Festival each around the corner. Smoke weed and see
year. Movies and cannabis always go well some movies. If you get the munchies,
together. “Baked Potatoes: A Pot Smoker’s feed yourself and have fun.
Edibles Magazine Issue 32

Guide to Movies and Home Video” was As always, smile at your budtender, tip
one of the funniest books I read in college. your delivery driver, and know your dose.
Kevin Smith has a new online show called “Truth is not obliged to stick to
“Hollyweed” and marijuana gets more possibilities.”
normalized onscreen all the time. Many
performers are in the news right now for a
variety of reasons, some pretty scandalous.
Asia Argento, Ben Affleck, James Gunn, Patrick Ian Moore
and who knows who else by the time this Editor-in-Chief

10 Issue No. 48 I Page 10 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Photographer: B. Le Grand
An Infused
Interview with
Greg Sestero
and his Edibles
Inspired Creative
Process. Actor,
Author, and
Star of “The
Room", writer
of the book
“The Disaster
Artist” and the
screenplay for
the new movie
“Best F(r)iends”
(Volume 1 and 2).

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

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Greg Sestero
Author of The Disaster Artist
Writes New Movie High
on Sativa Cheeba Chew
Patrick Ian Moore
It was an honor and a pleasure to chat with for five years and he did a lot
Greg Sestero in this special issue. I’ve been a of things that had never been
fan of The Room (considered by many to be done before and were looked at
the worst movie ever made) for quite a few as being insane. And then a few
years and loved The Disaster Artist. It’s the years later people started seeing
only audio book I’ve ever bought on iTunes it and really responding to it,
and I stayed up all night listening to it at the and it was all audience response
San Diego Comic Con 2015. Sestero's most with absolutely no studio behind
well known role is as Mark, the best friend to it and it was really just built up
Tommy Wiseau's character Johnny. Greg and by the people. By 2010 it had
Tommy’s friendship was brought to the big become this international cult
screen last year in the award winning movie, phenomenon, and I was just kind
“The Disaster Artist”, and they were portrayed of really trying to do my own
by Dave and James Franco. We sat down with thing and get away from it, and
Greg at The Pack Theater on Santa Monica it wasn’t even really a part of
Blvd to talk about his newest movie, “Best F(r) my life at that time, but it almost
iends: Volumes 1 and 2”, and the influence that really gave me another chance
cannabis infused edibles had on his creative and that’s when I decided to write
writing process. the book, “The Disaster Artist”.
My goal with the book was to tell
Edibles Magazine: a story about something that was
Greg, for any Edibles Magazine readers who so bad, that would then be turned
aren’t totally aware of who you are, how would into a movie that was so good
you describe your career so far? it would win awards. Again,
Tommy originally intended to
Greg Sestero: make a movie that would be
Mine is one of the most unorthodox paths great enough to launch him, but
taken in the history of Hollywood. In 2003 it actually wound up being so
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

I made a movie, “The Room”, that was bad. And then I tried to take that
considered the worst movie ever made with and turn it into something great,
no chance to succeed, made by my very close and here we are in 2017 a movie
friend Tommy Wiseau who was someone who is made about “The Disaster
wasn’t given a part in Hollywood for years Artist” that won a Golden Globe
and so he decided he would make a movie and and was nominated for an Oscar.
finance it all by himself. He put up a billboard So the path and experience I’ve

14 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 15

fans from all over the world and
Tommy can play himself and then I’ll do they still come up and they love to
my part. And Tommy said: (Greg Sestero talk about it. James Franco actually
doing a perfectly spot-on Tommy Wiseau auditioned for the same role, at the
impression) “That’s good idea let’s do it,” - same time. We had some overlap.
And the publisher is like: No, So I thought,
okay I’ll play Tommy. It was something EM:
that I knew was very personal and to Wait, that’s amazing. So you beat
me it was more about connecting to an James Franco out for the role of
audience listening to the book, I wanted Young André Toulon in Retro
to tell the story and I’m really happy that Puppet Master?
I did because a lot of people from all over
the world have walked up and said, “You GS:
kept me company on a long road trip for Well, if you want to look at it that
twelve hours…”, and I feel like that is way…
really a great way to connect with a reader.
I really enjoy the voice acting aspect Oh I want to look at it that way!
because you don’t need to worry about What initially lead to this interview
being on camera or what you look like. was a statement you’d made online,
You can really just bring these characters that you were on edibles when you
to life in a different way and I really were first inspired and had the
enjoyed it. idea for this new project “Best F(r)
had in Hollywood for the last twenty How did you feel about Dave Franco’s brother wants to make a movie about this GS:
years is that there’s always a positive portrayal of you in The Disaster Artist? thing?” Yeah and I’m kind of a newcomer
to be found within a negative and to the world of edibles, it was
what I’ve learned is that you don’t GS: EM: only a few years ago that I was
need to let one circumstance define I really liked it and Dave is such a great And you were once in a Puppet Master going through a very stressful
you, there’s always a way to work guy. It’s funny because as I got to know film? time and so I tried a THC infused
around it and if you stay true to who James (Franco), I really connected to James edible and I started laughing at
you are and what your passion is, and in a different way but as I got to know GS: absolutely everything and it was
stay focused on that you can work Dave I felt like Dave and I were very close Yes, “Retro Puppet Master”. The very first a really unbelievable experience. I
your way out of a lot of trouble. and James, well he connected to Tommy thing I did, I booked it on Vine Street, saw things differently and it was
in a different way. So the relationship, and only my fourth audition in LA, 600 actors exactly what I needed. And then I
Another thing that’s really funny is James is obviously - well he’s not Tommy and it was right before Christmas time so tried a sativa edible and that was
- They (the publishers) wanted to do but he can understand him and he can everyone was trying to get in this movie when things really started to get
an audio book but they didn’t want relate to him so I think the dynamic was and I got it because I could do a French weird. I think I took a little too
me to narrate it, they wanted to get a great. And Dave, he just really got it and accent, or so I thought. People were coming much and it was on the night of
professional narrator and I remember said: “Hey I wanted to become an actor up to me later and they were saying, “Nice the Super Bowl. So I’m watching

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

saying, “Okay, there’s nobody that
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

too and I came to LA and do these movies German accent.” But we shot it in Romania the Super Bowl and I started
knows Tommy the way that I do and that I think are gonna go somewhere and and again, it was my first speaking role and eating everything, I was eating
I’m not gonna give that up. It’s like, they’re just really bad..”, so he got it. And I thought “Man, this is going to be huge.” all of these Skittles and for some
if you guys wanna do an audiobook I found him really easy to talk to. I loved And then you watch it and little by little you reason Skittles, when you’ve had
either I’m going to do it or it’s not that he didn’t really know The Room think, “Well, back to the drawing board.” an edible, are the greatest thing
going to happen.” I started to get very when he came onboard. He watched it by But it was a great experience and there are ever. It got really strange, I stood
ambitious though and was thinking: himself in a hotel room and was like, “My some very, very passionate Puppet Master up to watch the game, and so I’m

16 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 17

standing very close to the TV and I’m around. (They even wound up being He’s referencing Greg’s extra clever
watching the game and I guess my featured on the cover with Greg.) What cardboard panhandling sign and the
girlfriend was watching me and said, would you like to tell us about the movie, lines are delivered as only Wiseau can.
“What are you doing?” I watched the Best F(r)iends? He’s well cast in this and Sestero wrote
whole game standing in front of the the role specifically for him to play.
TV. This was the 2015 Super Bowl GS: An overly friendly but totally creepy
with the Seattle Seahawks and The Tommy’s character is named Harvey mortician doing business out of a run
New England Patriots, and I started and he’s a mortician, so we actually down garage is a good part for Tommy.
getting these visions and I knew shot a lot in this real life morgue. And In The Room he plays a successful
what was gonna happen in the game his backstory is kind of clouded, he San Francisco banker despite looking
and it even got to where I knew what was involved somehow with The Black and sounding like a Romanian death
the score was gonna be and I even Dahlia who was murdered close to metal bass player. It’s well shot, looks
knew New England was gonna win here years ago. And he was inspired to and sounds like a real movie and is
28-24. I already knew the outcome become a mortician after that. And in genuinely suspenseful. Like he said,
as I was watching it and it was so one scene he has a dead clown on the slab Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau took
strange. When the game was over I and he’s tending to him and it’s really a lot of road trips together in real life
kept watching and looking on the TV weird scene, Then later there’s a dream and on one of those trips, Wiseau
and still trying to find the game on sequence in which the clown wakes became convinced Greg wanted to kill
and searching for it, it was just such up and starts to attack him (Tommy’s him. Those memories combined with
a bizarre night. So I took a bit of a character), and starts to choke him and Sestero’s Cheeba Chew fueled writing
break, and then I did a sativa edible it’s one of my favorite moments because frenzy led him to create what some
again, and I was watching "Breaking think about this road trip years ago when when I watch it because when you see it people are calling the spiritual sequel
Bad" and it took me two whole he thought I was trying to kill him. And I with a real audience in a movie theater to The Room. It’s a creepy and funny,
hours to eat dinner because I was just jumped into that and started writing you hear a gasp of, “What?” And every highly watchable film and it’s a must-
just really enjoying every bite and I and it just worked. The story, I stopped time it’s worth it to have made this movie see for fans of The Room and/or The
was also watching “The Jinx” on my trying to think of an outline and having just to have been there with an audience Disaster Artist. I watched it high and had
laptop and just going back and forth things make sense and just went for it, and experiencing that scene because it’s so a great time. Greg Sestero is one of the
between the two and I started to get once I got the ball rolling and went for it, it strange. most laid back dudes I’ve ever met and
really creative, What I noticed was, all just flowed and I had fun experiencing he was even cooler than I expected. He’s
Which brings us back to his new movie,
all the judgement I would normally the story as it was coming. I didn’t try and got a bestselling book that was adapted
"BEST F(R)IENDS" - Inspired by True
have when I was working on writing overanalyze it. It put me in the right zone to into an award winning movie and now
Events, a Sestero Pictures Production.
something went out the window. where I was able to get through the story, has a two part film he wrote. Volume
Because a lot of times when you’re see it, feel it and come up with an ending He’s right. Best F(r)iends is very strange. One will be online and on digital at the
writing something you get halfway that I really believed in. When I finished it Greg went on to tell us: “One of the best end of September and part 2 is coming
through and then think, “Well who’s I really believed in it and wanted to make compliments I’ve had about the movie in January 2019. Critics are saying good
gonna wanna see this? Why does it. Something about the looseness. A lot of was, someone told me that after they things about BF1 and audiences are
this story matter and why when this people refer to it as a kind of a David Lynch watched it they felt drunk and stoned loving it. It’s great to see someone take
character gets to this point, why kind of film and the vibe is very surreal. It and they weren’t even on anything.” such a weirdly unconventional and
doesn’t he just go to the police?” The pulled me out of being in my head and just He mentioned that he'd been told that it unexpected, surrealistic journey and
story is over. You think through your allowed me to flow. reminds people of a David Lynch movie come out doing so well. Most people
story so much, you start to judge it, and it’s easy to understand why it would. couldn’t spin the situation into gold
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

and that’s why a lot of things never get

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

It’s dark and surreal, similar in tone quite the way he has. As Mark said in
done. You start to not believe in what Do you remember what the edibles were? The Room, "People Are Very Strange
to a sort of Lynch-esque vibe. As soon
your doing. On that night so many GS: as Tommy speaks, which is just a few These Days." Good for Greg Sestero, a
things came to me, all these ideas Yes. A chocolate, sativa Cheeba chew. minutes into the film, he says: “Welcome guy like him deserves it.
and I thought about all these movies I to my paradise. I’m very sorry to hear
loved, all these pieces, the friendship EM: about your family. I cannot teach you To see when and where you can watch
I had with Tommy and I started to Oh nice, they’re very good. And they’re still ninja karate but I can give you a job.” Best F(r)iends, go to: bf-movie.com.

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Emerald Magazine
Cannabis farmers are among those threatened by
SPARKS START AN INFERNO the fire. Last year, Rolling Stone reported 30 to 40
Three weeks have passed since the Carr Fire started. percent of cannabis farmers have been affected. The
The blaze is currently considered the biggest in the worst seems yet to come for the industry that has
history of the United States scorching Shasta and only began to pick up the pace for legal recreational
Trinity Counties in California. Authorities have cannabis. It looks as if nature itself is a bigger threat
determined that sparks from a flat tire ignited than anti-cannabis politicians and other groups with
dry vegetation that turned into a seemingly their thumbs down for the cannabis market.
uncontrollable inferno. Entire forest areas and towns
have been reduced to ash along the two counties. With its nearly 40 million population, more
Current updates estimate the situation will be than a million patients rely on cannabis for their
contained by September, but the damage so far has medical needs. The state has about one third of the
been unimaginably devastating. The city of Redding North American market. Since the legalization of
was first to conduct evacuations when the fire recreational use, Business Insider predicts sales of up
jumped Sacramento River and burned most of the to 5.1 billion dollars by 2019.
area followed by Summit City, Keswick, Lewiston, Mendocino Clone Company has been growing for 24
and French Gulch. years and has a new nursery operating in Mendocino
From July 25 until the next day, the fire destroyed County for just two years. The Ranch fire started July
more than 20,000 acres of land. A fire whirl in Redding 27 just across the valley from their location to the
was one of the freakish features of the conflagration. southwest. It burned to the south and spent the last
Fire crews have built containment lines with great 2 weeks burning its way around the farm to the East.
difficulty. An unnamed contract firefighter was the It started about 3 miles away, approached about 1/2
first fatality. Three firefighters from Marin County mile away and has spent the last 10 days about 1.5
also sustained severe burns. Firefighter Jeremy Stoke miles away burning behind the ridge above a house.
however was not so lucky and was the second one Personnel did not elect to leave as the winds were
to lose his life fighting the blaze. On July 28, Melody favorable and they figured they had about 8 hours
Bledsoe was not able to evacuate their Redding of observing the behavior of the fire before it became
home and died with her two grandchildren Emily a threat to them. Everything had been loaded and
and James Roberts Jr. The next day the fire claimed ready to be moved if the situation worsened. Luckily,
another victim, a PG&E employee. Cal Fire heavy fire did not reach them, and they did not lose product
equipment operator Andrew Brake was killed in or mother plants but have lost nearly 2 weeks of
a traffic accident August 9th along Highway 99 production because employees could not cross the
in Tehama County. Draper City Battalion Chief police barricade to come to work as they are in an
Matthew Burchett of Draper City Fire Department evacuation zone. Many labor hours were wasted
is the latest fatality when he succumbed to injuries while preparing to evacuate. Lost revenue and labor
while working on the Mendocino Fire near Pillsbury, costs are estimated at $20,000 to $30,000.
California. Heartrock Farm, east of Potter Valley was fortunate
Latest update from Cal Fire has reported 207,162 as well not to be reached by the fire. When the blaze
acres scorched with 65 percent of the fire contained. jumped the 60 break above the farm, personnel
As for property damage, 1,077 residences have decided to leave and return in the morning. Cal
been destroyed, 22 commercial structures, 500 Fire trucks and volunteers were present to keep the
outbuildings, with 113 still threatened.These numbers flames from reaching the farm. The situation was put
are not final though. More than four-thousand fire under control and it was saved.
personnel are now involved along with hundreds of The two farms are part of Mendocino Generations
fire engines. headed by President and Director Chiah Rodiques.
This alliance of 60 farms has been contributing to the Images

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

growth of the cannabis industry for years. Following Provided
BUT SUFFER PRODUCTION DELAYS this experience, they are now more vigilant, working by Emerald
Magazine &
together to prevent fires from happening. HeartRock
The Golden State is also the agricultural mammoth of
the U.S., followed by Iowa and Nebraska. With more The situation has caused labor and production delays
than 200 different crops grown, it has the highest for farmers in affected areas. With legal regulatory
economic production among the states. Aside from problems plaguing cannabis, it remains to be seen if
grains, cattle, fruits, and vegetables, California is also the farmers can catch up to the growing demand which
biggest contributor to the cannabis industry in the U.S. they are running behind schedule for the next year.

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 21


It's been a rough year, with the California legalization transition and very few cities offering licensing,
not everyone is making it through. We celebrate the winners of our 4th Annual Edibles List Awards. Interested in next year's awards or want to share your story email us at info@edibleslist.com

Best Colorado Edible

Best California Edible Best Michigan Edible Best Sativa Vape Best Sleep Aid Best Cake Pop Best Low Dose Edible
Best Olive Oil Best Arizona Edible
Best Gummy Best Honey Jack Herer Brands VitaDreamz Infusions Prime Edibles
Juju Royale Best Glycerine Infused Edible
Supreme Organics Mystery Baking Co. Best Syrup
Baked Bros.

Best Oregon Edible Best Capsule Best Whole Plant CBD Vape Best Dark Chocolate Best Brownie Best C02 Edible
Best Hard Candy Best Whole Plant CBD Best Indica Vape Best Packaging Highest Potency Vape Best Hemp CBD Gummy
Best Indica Best Taffy
Cumulus Candy Co. GetZen Apollon OuterGalactic Best Hybrid Vape Champainge CBD
Mystery Baking Co. Happy Chews

Best Hemp CBD Chocolate

Champainge CBD
Best Sugar-Free Edible Best Truffle Best Healthy Edible Best Chocolate Bar
Best Toffee/Brittle
OuterGalactic Supreme Organics HWY 101 CaliGold
Best Hybrid

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Best Cookie
Best Vegan Edible Best Drink Best Tincture
Best Hemp CBD Topical Best Hemp CBD Tincture Best Transdermal Patch Best Lozenge
Best Hemp CBD Edible Yilo Edibles Apollon
Ka Hiku Naturals HigherLevel PureRatios PureRatios
Dr. Norm's

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Congratulations to these companies for their continued excellence in creating quality products, and their
ability to survive and thrive. Please follow and look into all of these fine Edibles List Award winners.

Best Salve
Best Gourmet Edible Best LipBalm
Best Gluten-Free Edible CannaTopics
Black Leaf Edibles

Best Sativa Edible

Cheeba Chews
Best Nuts
Best Milk Chocolate Best Pre-Roll
Yilo Edibles Elite Extracts

Best Beef Jerky

Most Innovative Best Lollipop
Best Savory Edible
Central Cali Caregivers Yilo Edibles
Smokin Mike

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Best Portable Vaporizer Best Hemp CBD Pet Line Best Granola
Dipper by Dipstick Infused Edibles Yilo Edibles

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How International Trump Tariffs

Will Impact The Cannabis Industry
Paul Pot
Wherever you look these days, thanks to state by state passage of medical and
adult use, the cannabis industry in the US and Canada is beginning to bloom. But
there is a big potential bump in the road ahead and its Trump's punitive tariff war
with China. There will be at least three areas of the industry that will be impacted.

Fulfilling a campaign promise to "level the playing field," Trump has attacked the
trade deficit between the two countries with sizeable tariffs. He levied $34 billion
worth in July and China was quick to retaliate with an equal dose of tariffs on US
goods. It can only escalate from here. The first round has brought as much as 25%
tariffs on some goods. Businesses impacted then have to decide if they can pass
the added cost onto consumers or eat that cost and lower their profits. It's easy to
guess how that's going to go.

The biggest impact of these tariffs will be passed along in the cost of vaporizers,
vape pens, the batteries they use, the pre-filled cartridges they require, plus filters
and other elements. Profit margins are low on these products, usually between
10 and 15%. Any alternative sources besides China are few and far between. The
tariff costs will have to be passed on to the consumers.

That is expected to have an effect on the "entire cannabis consumption market

- including medical and recreational marijuana," according to product industry
spokesman Arnaud Dumas de Rauly co-CEO of The Blink Group. He recently
testified at public government hearings about the proposed tariffs. "It's not just
consumers who will feel the impact" he advised. "Higher prices mean decreasing
sales and shrinking tax revenues and 25% of sales come from cannabis vaping

Ancillary products will also be affected. In Washington state shop owners will
be paying more for the glass jars they use to package their buds for consumers.
Marijuana Business Daily has suggested another place of impact that will be felt
will be the cost of packaging materials imported from China.

Growers aren't exempt either. Their costs will rise if if lighting equipment from
China is also hit with the punishing tariffs.The cost of equipment used in extraction
in the making of cannabis concentrates will go up with the added cost to Chinese
steel and aluminum.

The third area that could feel a big bad impact would be the stock market. There
are at least three marijuana related stocks that could be impacted. One is Scott's
Miracle Gro. Their subsidiary, Hawthorne Gardening brings in about 11% of the
gross revenue. A big slice of that comes from lighting supplies and products for
hydroponic growing. They recently bought a supplier that buys and re-brands
Chinese-made products. If they are hit by the tariffs, then Scott's Miracle-Gro must
decide if they or their customers will feel the pinch.

LED light producers could be in line for a hit. Although most pot farmers still
prefer high pressure sodium lights, public companies like CREE are leading this
nascent branch of pot production and would feel the heat if tariffs strike.

Santa Ana, California based Kush Bottles could also be in a tight spot. They are a
popular supplier and source for much of the packaging and branding materials for
the cannabis industry. Much of their resources are from China. Any price increase
for them would likely be passed right through to consumers.

All in all the impact of the new and proposed tariffs could have a measurable
negative impact on the marijuana industry and consumers. Can the Trump plan
affect industry and consumer wallets? Yes it can. Some consumers can tighten
their belts but for medical marijuana patients, there could be tough choices ahead.
Meanwhile Trump is tweeting, "Tariffs are the greatest!'

Issue 48 I Page 27 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com


Canadian Cannabis Investors May Get

Lifetime Bans From Entering the U.S.
B. Le Grand
Investors, executives and professionals Canada, the border between the two places is still
connected to cannabis industry are avoiding federal jurisdiction patrolled by federal border
travel to U.S. for fear of a lifetime ban. guards.
Cannabis will be federally legal in Canada Saunders says his clients are being told by U.S.
in less than two months, October 17. But border guards that even a loose association —
Canadians working in the cannabis industry like being an angel investor — could land them a
are starting to run into big problems at the U.S. lifetime ban from the United States.
"They're being told that they're barred, either
Over 30,000 people cross the U.S.-Canadian based upon reason to believe that they're
border in Blaine, Washington, every day. involved with the drug-trafficking industry —
For the most part, it's a trouble-free painless which is marijuana — or based upon living off
experience, but recently for some Canadian the avails of drug money, because they're getting
business people, things seemed to have paid by their Canadian companies."
The U.S. Department of Customs and Border
Sam Znaimer is a Vancouver, a Canadian- Protection notes that "marijuana remains
based venture capitalist who put more federally prohibited in the United States," that it's
than $100,000 into legal American cannabis "officers are thoroughly trained on admissibility
companies. Just a few months ago in May, he factors" and that their determinations "are made
attempted to drive across the border, and was on a case-by-case basis ...based on the facts and
flagged for a secondary inspection prompting circumstances known to the officer at the time."
a four hour interrogation.
Saunders said it was previously unheard of to
"To my shock and horror, I was told that I see a business traveller denied entry. Now, he
was deemed to be inadmissible to the United says, many Canadian business executives have
States because I was assisting and abetting in decided to not travel to the U.S. for business
the illicit trafficking of drugs," Znaimer said. purposes and to stay in Canada.
"They never asked whether I had consumed
marijuana, the only thing that they're interested Barinder Rasode, the CEO of the National
in is that I've been an investor in U.S.-based Institute for Cannabis Health and Education, says
cannabis companies." fears of a lifetime ban from the U.S. are leading
some business people to take extreme measures.
"I was shocked. I couldn't believe that anyone
as peripherally involved with these companies "[They are] wiping their phone clean or only
as an investor could possibly be deemed to be communicating in certain apps so they can delete
assisting and abetting. It is a huge regulatory the app, or even shipping their phone ahead to
overreach," Znaimer said. their destination … these are realities we're not
used to as Canadians."
Len Saunders is an immigration lawyer based
in Blaine, Washington. He says some of his Terry Lake, B.C.'s former minister of health,
clients are being denied entry to the U.S. — is now Vice President at a Canadian cannabis
some even receiving lifetime bans — for their company. He says he plans to lobby the federal
business associations with cannabis. government about the issue.
"I think we'll really have to press for some
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

"I'm getting calls almost daily from individuals

in the marijuana industry in Canada who are discussions with the federal government to
concerned about either themselves or their try to intervene on behalf of anyone not just
employees entering the United States for directly involved in the cannabis industry, but
business," Saunders said. let's say you make lighting systems that happen
to be used in greenhouses. The ability to do our
Despite the fact marijuana is legal in business is going to be severely impaired if we
Washington state, and will soon be legal in cannot cross that border," Lake said.

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This month we’re celebrating filmmaking, Hollywood, and the art of cinema! The Room’s Greg
Sestero was inspired by edibles to create a new movie, so here’s some recipes to make edibles
inspired by movies: full circle. These are some exciting and exotic dishes exploring a variety of
Pineapple Express Grilled Chicken genres, both in film and cuisine. A couple of these pieces are a bit more complicated than usual,
so don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. These are some delicious ways to express your inner
RECIPES & BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE Ingredients cont'd: cinefile, feed your appetite, and infuse your experience with cannabis. Treat yourself to dinner
1 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts and a movie, with this film infused feast. Post pics and tag us when you do. Enjoy!
5 tsp. Cannabis infused olive oil, plus more for garnish
PLAY, AMAZON APPS & APPLE APPS Non infused veggie oil for grill Scarface’s Sugar Cookies
1 pineapple, sliced into rings & halved
Thinly sliced green onions, for garnish with Guava & Lime Ingredients:
Instructions: 2 1/2 cups unbleached
In a large bowl, whisk together pineapple juice, 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
of canna-olive oil, ketchup, soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, 1 teaspoon kosher salt
and ginger until combined. Add chicken to a large resealable 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
plastic bag and pour in marinade. Let marinate in the fridge 1 1/2 cup cannabis infused butter
Ingredients: 1 cup sugar
at least 2 hours and up to overnight. When ready to grill,
1 cup of unsweetened pineapple juice 1 large egg
heat grill to high. Oil grates and grill chicken, basting with
3/4 cup of ketchup marinade, until charred and cooked through, 8 minutes 1 1/2 teaspoons light rum
1/2 cup low-sodium soy sauce per side. Toss pineapple with oil and grill until charred, 2 2 teaspoons finely grated lime zest
1/2 cup brown sugar minutes per side. Garnish chicken and pineapple with green 5 tablespoons guava preserves or jam
2 cloves garlic, minced onions and drizzle final spoonful of infused oil over before Instructions:
1 tbsp. freshly minced ginger serving. Combine the flour, salt and baking powder in a medium mixing bowl and set aside. In an electric
mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat the cannabis butter at medium speed for about 1 minute.
Gradually add the sugar and continue to beat until it is pale and fluffy, an additional 3 to 4 minutes.
Add the egg and continue to beat 1 more minute. Stir in the rum and lime zest. Add the flour mixture
to the creamed butter all at once then stir with a wooden spoon or spatula for a couple of turns. Return
the bowl to the stand and mix on the lowest speed until the flour is just incorporated, do not over-mix.

Shape the dough into 2 equal discs, and cover each in plastic wrap. Refrigerate until very firm, at least
2 hours or overnight. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment
paper or non-stick liner. Place one portion of dough between 2 pieces of parchment or wax paper
(keep remaining dough chilled) and roll out to about 1/2-inch thick. Repeat with remaining dough.
Return the rolled discs to the refrigerator between layers of parchment and chill until firm again, 15
to 20 minutes. Using a round cookie cutter (about 1 1/2-inch wide) or other desired shape, cut out the
cookies and place on the lined baking sheet. Re-roll scraps once to cut more shapes.
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Using a small teaspoon or narrow end of a pestle, make a small indentation in the center of each
cookie. Chill shaped cookies until firm, 5 minutes, while you prepare the guava filling. In a small
saucepan, melt guava preserves over low heat, 5 minutes, stirring constantly until smooth. Strain
preserves into a bowl. Place about 1/4 teaspoon of melted guava in the center of each cookie, do not
overfill. Bake the cookies until the edges are lightly golden, though the tops will still be pale, 15 to 18
minutes. Using a spatula, carefully remove the cookies and lay out on a cooling rack.

30 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 31

ULTRASONICS Half Baked Twice Crazy Rich Asian

for Cannabis
Baked Potatoes Canna Chili Crabs
Fully Loaded

1 tablespoon cornstarch
7 tablespoons peanut oil
4 tablespoons cannabis infused butter
Ingredients: 2 to 3 shallots, minced (about 1/2 cup)
Create translucent NANOEMULSIONS 8 baking potatoes, washed 1 1/2-inch knob ginger, grated (about 2
with Sonication to infuse cannabinoids 3 tablespoons infused olive or canola oil tablespoons)
2 cups of cannabis infused butter 6 medium garlic cloves, minced (about 2
into beverages and edibles. 1 cup bacon bits tablespoons)
1 cup sour cream 4 Thai chiles, minced
sonicator.com 1 cup Cheddar and Jack cheese, 2 whole Mud or Dungeness crabs (about 1 pound
plus more for topping each), prepared (Crabs need to be rinsed well,
1 cup whole milk cleaned, and cut into pieces)
2 teaspoons seasoned salt 2 cups homemade or store-bought low sodium
Qsonica_Edibles_Ad_4.32W x 5.63H_v1.indd 1 1/19/18 1:16 PM 3 green onions, sliced
chicken broth
Freshly ground black pepper 1/4 cup tomato paste
1/2 cup hot-sweet chili sauce
Instructions: 1 large egg, beaten
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Place the 1/2 cup thinly sliced green onions
potatoes on a baking sheet. Rub them with the 1 cup Chinese parsley leaves
infused oil and bake for 1 hour, making sure
they're sufficiently cooked through. Make sure Instructions:
the cannabis butter is room temp. Place in a large In small bowl, stir cornstarch with 2 tablespoons
Using a sharp knife cut into diamond or square
mixing bowl and add the bacon bits and sour water; set aside. In large wok with lid (or Dutch
cream. Remove the potatoes from the oven. Lower oven), heat oil over medium heat until simmering. shapes all the way to the bottom of the pan. You
the heat to 350 degrees F. With a sharp knife, cut Stir in shallots, ginger, garlic, and chilies. Cook may cut into 4 long rows the make diagonal
each potato in half lengthwise. Scrape out the until fragrant, stirring, about 1 minute. Add the cuts. Bake for about 50 minutes until baklava
insides into the mixing bowl, being careful not to crab pieces and broth. Increase heat to medium
high and bring to a boil. Cover loosely and gently is golden and crisp. Make sauce while baklava
tear the shell. Leave a small rim of potato intact
for support. Lay the hollowed out potato shells on boil (decrease the heat if necessary), until crab is baking. Boil sugar and water until sugar is
a baking sheet. Smash the potatoes into the butter, has turned red and is nearly cooked through, melted. Add vanilla and honey. Simmer for
bacon and sour cream. Add the cheese, milk, about 6 minutes. Take off the cover and stir in about 20 minutes.

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

seasoned salt, green onions and black pepper to tomato paste, cannabis infused butter and chili
taste and mix together well. Fill the potato shells sauce. Simmer 1 minute and season to taste with Remove baklava from oven and immediately
with the filling. I like to fill the shells so they look salt, sugar, or chili sauce. Stir in cornstarch and
bring to boil to thicken. Remove from heat and spoon sauce over it. Let cool. Serve in cupcake
abundant and heaping. Top each potato with a
little more grated cheese and canna-butter and put stir in the egg. Stir in green onions and remaining papers. This freezes well. Leave it uncovered as
them back in the oven until the potato is warmed canna-butter. Ladle into serving dish, sprinkle it gets soggy if it is wrapped up.
through, 15 to 20 minutes. with Chinese parsley, and serve.

Issue 48 I Page 32 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 33



Tommy Knowledge

7. Danny McBride:
Red - “Pineapple
Express” (2008)
3. Jim Breuer:
“I'm trying to decide how Brian -“Half Baked” (1998)
stoned I am and just how “No man. No Billy Bong
on the verge of death am Thornton without Kenny.
I right now. Like, am I That wouldn't be right. Get
seeing shit because I'm Wesley Pipes. Yeah!”
stoned or because I have
no blood left in my body?”
2. Jeff Bridges:
The Dude - “The Big
6. Charlyne Yi: Lebowski” (1998)
Jodi - "Knocked Up" (2007) “This is a very complicated
“You must be angry at the case, Maude. You know, a
baby whenever it steals lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta
your food, huh. Ohh that's what-have-yous. And, uh,
mine, not yours. But, you a lotta strands to keep in my
know, because you're head, man. Lotta strands in
family you gotta share.” old Duder's head.”

5. Anna Faris:
Jane F. - "Smiley Face"
“They say that true pot-
heads stops getting the
munchies after a certain
point. I mean the true
pothead wouldn't even say
the word munchies. I don’t
know what the true pothead
would say."munchos" or 1. Tommy Chong
"hungries" or something...” Anthony 'Man' Stoner - "Up in Smoke" (1978)
“Mostly Maui Waui man, but it's got some
Labrador in it... I had it on the table and the
4. Marlon little motherfucker ate it, man. Then I had
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Wayans: to follow him around with a little baggie

for three days, man, before I got it back.
Shorty - “Scary Movie” Really blew the dog's mind, ya know?”
“I got papers, blunts, If you have a topic you'd like to suggest making
bongs, blokes, anything a list on , emai l u s a t : info@edibleslist.com
to make a high ni**a pie!” More lists available at: www.ediblesmagazine.com

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Edibles Magazine Issue 47

Edibles Magazine Issue 47

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 36
36 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 37

Edibles Magazine Issue 47

Edibles Magazine Issue 47

EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 41 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com
EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com 43
F E AT U R E D The Original Jack Herer™ Flower


The Original

Original K’s CBD Infused Toothpicks

Jack Paradise
Jack Herer™
brand by Herer
Group is known
throughout the
Can You
Original K’s CBD
Infused Toothpicks
are a new product I
was very excited to
and every packet comes with 6 toothpicks total,
giving you 48 mg of CBD in the most basic and
discreet delivery system around.
world of cannabis
for promoting clear
headed creativity
in sativa style,
Spot The
try. I’ve been chewing These sticks chew well and last a nice while. The yet retaining the flavorful resins of an indica.
on toothpicks ever peppermint flavor is released pretty intensely Jack Herer, sometimes called the "Emperor
since I quit smoking if you bite hard enough but won’t overwhelm of Hemp", was an American cannabis rights
cigarettes years ago. you if you’d rather not go there. It’s a nice activist, legendary grower and the author of
It’s a great way to relaxing way to have some CBD and leaves ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’. JH Combines
supplant a dangerous your breath tasting great. White Birch is one a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights number
habit with a harmless of the more eco-friendly and easily sustainable 5 and Shiva Skunk. The Dutch company Sensi
one that actually woods to grow so you don’t need to feel guilty Seeds created Jack Herer in the Netherlands
aids a bit in dental about that. A relaxingly simple way to keep in the mid-nineties hoping to capture both the
health and satisfies your teeth clean after a meal or to freshen your cerebral elevation associated with a sativas and
that routine pot-meal oral fixation you’ve breath following a heavy smoke sesh, they’re the heavy duty resin production of an indica.
grown so accustomed to over the years. These lightweight and super compactable and easy to Now JH is back in its purest form, brought to us
particular chewing sticks are even more transport. These minty little wooden treats are all by Jack’s son Dan Herer and Herer Group.
impressive that the tea tree variety I’ve been innovative and also as traditional as it gets. If
using because they’re infused with CBD. you’re trying to quit smoking these might be Dan was kind enough to invite the Edibles
High quality white birch toothpicks infused just what you need to seal the deal. Also great Magazine staff to a Herer Group party in Santa
with cannabidiol from hemp and sweetened for driving and for at the movies when you eat Cruz during the National Cannabis Industry
with natural stevia. They’re sugarfree, THC all that popcorn. Association conference and there was a lot of
free, individually wrapped and flavored with fresh flower there at a beautifully set up roll-
natural peppermint. Each pick has 8 mg of CBD Order some today at originalks.com. your-own joint station with papers, pipes,
grinders, and about one full pound of nicely
Cumulus Candies - Sour Pineapple Sugar Shatter trimmed, beautiful buds of Jack Herer™ flower.
We rolled joint after joint of the fluffy stuff. It
Jakki Hernandez was malleable inside the papers with nothing
With a tagline like, “Suck candies on the other hand would be better for taking
Me” I knew I was going during the day when being active and social is the sharp or prickly poking anywhere at any point.
to be a fan of Cumulus plan. At a comfortable microdose at just 5 mg ea, the Some of that’s from care of the crop but starting
Candies, and then I tried candies left me feeling very focused with a mellow out with product this gorgeous and soft goes a
the reinvented cannabis mind high, and a calming sensation in my nerves that long way. The smell was absolutely wonderful
treat and realized, resulted a very relaxed body. Recently, I have become and the cheesiest we’ve come across. It was
everyone should, “suck a huge fan of micro-dosing, although my tolerance like a sharp cheddar/nacho scent that was
on these”. Edibles have is very high when it comes to the amount of THC potently fragrant in the best of cheesy ways.
truly come a long way that takes away my pain I have learned that 5 mg Aromatic enough that you’ll want to store it
from the shatter infused is great for my anxiety. The sour pineapple candies as properly as possible or people will really
jolly ranchers of yesterday. were perfect for popping in my mouth on those days think you’re a cheese smuggler and the raw-
Cumulus Candies somehow manage to squeeze where I just needed to take the edge off while still milk and unpasteurized kind is illegal so be
consistent good vibes and great flavor in each of completing my daily tasks. The sweet and sour taste careful. This was a sativa-high that was a fresh,
their shatter infused hard candies. The square shape from the pineapple was refreshing and delicious with funkily energized and hazily frenetic as any Cannacals TM By:
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

and small size of these micro dosed edibles was very absolutely no cannabis flavor to be found. The bag of I’ve experienced. We were “Jacked”, get it? We
appealing to me since they are small but last a good Cumulus Candies was a great addition to my purse smoked and smoked and couldn’t stop talking
while in your mouth. The flavor is what makes you and I would recommend these for any outing where
want to keep coming back, a powdery sour coating cannabis discretion is in the forecast. There are plenty about weed, terpenes, music, cannabinoids,
covers a nice lightly sweet candy, giving you that in the bag to share and since the dose is so low it will growing culture, beaches, bigfoot and aliens.. It
sweet and sour punch that wakes up your taste buds. be a comfortable entry point into edibles and how a was live-wire style chat fest but we barely ever
Let’s talk about the effect, at times edibles can be too low dose THC feels. Remember friends when it comes got off the couch. Love, love, loved this bud
heavy and more for a good night in bed, Cumulus to edibles, the golden rule is; start low and go slow. and can’t recommend it enough.

44 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com The Awards Issue Issue 48 I Page 45 45


Sublime Mars J-1 Sativa Vape Cartridge

Tommy Knowledge
“Sublime” is The stratosphere is the layer of the earth's
Gizeh King Size Slim Papers + Tips
Jack Paradise
The Gizeh King
defined as: “of atmosphere above the troposphere, extending Size Slim rolling
such excellence, 32 miles above the earth's surface (the lower papers are most
grandeur, or boundary of the mesosphere). So, it’s a higher definitely my
beauty as to inspire level, or - the next level. And these vapes can favorite new wraps.
great admiration and will take you there. Pesticide-free, sunkissed We scored a bunch
or awe”, and any
solid that turns
into a vapor without going through the liquid
phase can be said to sublime or "sublimate."
cannabis from farms in California’s Emerald
Triangle is used to make oils with state-of-the-
art extraction machines which keep the whole
process temperature controlled to stay true to the
of these in Mexico
while we were
at the cannabis
conference down
There’s some fun with words that all totally fits strain’s natural profile. A cold ethanol extraction there. They make
with this particular product. Sublime has been
making very cool cartridges for some time now,
method is used that concentrates desired plant
oils and leaves all else. Then they reintroduce full-
a variety of cool
rolling paper
Cannacals TM are:
and they have a brand new line that’s their best spectrum terpenes for intensely enhanced flavor -perfect for Baked Goods, Chocolates, Candies
products and filters -Gluten free
yet - STRATA. STRATA is available in 4 different and refine the oil. No added industrial terpenes and everything is
flavor strains and each is inspired by a separate or harmful solvents are used. J1 is a cross between -Made with FD&C Approved food color
planet/Roman God that best reflects the plant two legendary sativas, Skunk #1 and Jack Herer, top notch. The best -Have an extended shelf life
profile. They go like this: Mars - Sativa, Mercury and is known for its creative, clear-headed buzz. of the best is their King Size Slim Papers with -Affordable
- Sativa Hybrid , Venus - Indica, and Neptune - 30 full spectrum, complex terpenes are reintro’d Pre-Perforated Filter Tips. Gizeh’s been the
Indica Hybrid. I’m reviewing Mars here. Mars with oil that is 75% THC. Golden concentrate in a top manufacturer of European rolling papers
was the god of war, an agricultural guardian, and gold and glass cart with a matching central pole for close to 100 years now and it’s immediately
second in importance only to Jupiter. He’s known make this among the classiest of the cartridges easy to understand why when you roll one
as “Ares” in Greek mythology and in both DC and the frosted glass tip is next level indeed. This up, especially once you light it. Smooth and
and Marvel Comics, where you’ll usually find is a potent and deliciously uplifting experience slow burning extra fine papers that rolls as
him fighting Wonder Woman or Thor. Seems that feels good going all day. Creative, energized easy as a tiny tortilla, there’s barely any taste
like he gets a bad rap considering he’s the deity and high - a great way to feel while you get things or smell at all outside of whatever it really is
most closely associated with crops, agricultural done. Learn more about everything they do at you’re smoking. That’s exactly as it should be
and harvests - sounds like a cannabis god to me. sublimecanna.com. and there’s been far too many times in my life
when the smell of burning paper overpowered
Humble Extracts Disposable Vape Pen - Sour Diesel Sativa 500mg the sweet aroma of the ganja I’d been hoping to
Richard Bell enjoy. We can all thank Gizeh for saving us from
Today I had the me. It has a very pleasant and mild flavor. I’m suffering those tragic circumstances any longer.
great pleasure comfortable using it while I’m out because I
of trying out the feel confidently discrete. I find it to be effective The size of the King Slim papers is perfect
disposable Vape in dealing with my particular situation. Once and if all goes right you should end up with a
pen by Humble I start to fill my spasms building up, I take nice tight jay that’s just the size of a cigarette.
Extracts. The Pen 3 to 5 hits of this pen, and everything is The pre-perforated cardboard filters are just
contains a sour suppressed. the right size for a full crutch. You get 34
diesel extract. For leaves and 34 flex tips, so each packet allows
a disposable, this A while ago, I had issues using vaporizers. As you to roll 34 smokes if you don’t mess any
pen is very well constructed. It has a solid a quadriplegic, my lungs are compromised. up. The folding packet has a handy magnetic
base, and a classy glass tip. Even though it What I’ve learned is, you don’t have to hold seal that makes safe storage and transport Also Available:
is disposable, it comes with a charging cable. it in for a while like when you’re smoking easier and keeps your papers protected. We -Commercial Sizes for manufacturers
This is the first disposable Vape pen I’ve weed. With the Vape’s, now I realize I can just rolled some nice joints using freshly ground -High Heat Transfer Sheets
seen with a charge port. This is great for me, take the vapor in and blow it out pretty much Cherry Thai cannabis and Gizeh King Slims -Customization & Branding
because I don’t use a Vape pen often. I’m right away and it’s still effective. Personally before seeing the late night screening of -State Specific Compliance Solutions
Crazy Rich Asians and it was an outstanding -Home Kits for Home Chefs

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

very partial to my flowers. But due to pretty speaking, this has helped me avoid further
extreme spasticity, this is something that I issues with my lungs. combination. Get some Gizeh papers ASAP
have to have as part of my arsenal when I’m and roll your own. They burn beautifully
out and about. This is a great product. I would consider and fit perfectly in any standard size doob
it a luxury disposable pen. The packaging tube if you plan on taking your handiwork
There is no button to push. You just take a is really nice also. It has all of the warnings to go. To order KIng Slims, hemp wraps,
little drag, and vapor magically appears. This and instructions you might need. I highly filter tips, or any other fine Gizeh smoking
is wonderful if you have dexterity issues like recommend it. products, visit them at gizeh-online.com.

46 EdiblesList.com I EdiblesMagazine.com The Awards Issue Issue 48 I Page 47 47


California Cannabis POT STOCKS & STOCKED POTS:

B. Le Grand
Daisy Dahlia High Hampton, a Canadian Co. (HC:CN) Daniel and Jonathan, to further expand CaliGold's
The word counterfeit can be: an adjective - made in market position, grow its revenue and diversify
exact imitation of something valuable or important its product line. CaliGold with its award-winning
with the intention to deceive or defraud, a noun - a products and established distribution network
fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery, or a bolsters our growing position in California and fits
verb - imitate fraudulently, but all 3 have a very similar perfectly with our consolidation strategy for this
idea. Forgeries and counterfeits usually are thought of as High Hampton is a penny stock on the Canadian burgeoning market," said David E. Argudo, CEO/
being of money, or art, or documents. Now it seems that Exchange, currently trading at $0.55 Canadian Director of High Hampton.
cannabis licenses might be getting fraudulently used Dollars, at the time of writing this article.
by the wrong people. Maybe it’s an honest mistake? "We are very excited to build our future in the
High Hampton’s CoachellaGro project consists cannabis industry together with the High Hampton
Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Decide
for yourself. of a 10.8 acre property situated in the proposed group of companies. We look forward to working
cannabis industrial park located in Coachella, with our sister companies; CoachellaGro and 8
Sonoma Pacific Distribution sent around 600 units of a California. Management intends to build out the Points, as well as, the High Hampton executive team
product called HoneyButter Rosin to at least seventeen property to a full-service 257,000 sq. ft. cannabis as they continue to build a solid portfolio of vertically
different dispensaries that displayed labels with Ground production facility that serves third-party state- integrated Cannabis companies,” said Daniel Hood,
Level’s name and license number. Ronnie Cabral is the licensed medical marijuana operators. Co-Founder of CaliGold.
Hughie Stonefish
founder of Ground Level, which does business as Atlas
Extracts, and he had never heard of HoneyButter Rosin, High Hampton’s CoachellaGro project consists It is yet another case of Canadian company swooping
He’d also never had any finalized professional dealings of a 10.8 acre property situated in the proposed in to invest into a California cannabis company. In
with Sonoma Pacific Distribution. Sonoma Pacific cannabis industrial park located in Coachella, comparison to the huge gains Tilray and Canopy
Distribution had talked to him about a distribution California. Management intends to build out the Growth are seeing on the stock market, High
arrangement, since both companies are based in Santa property to a full-service 257,000 sq. ft. cannabis Hamptons as a penny stock is struggling to gain it’s
Rosa, but it had only been talk. The distributor was production facility that serves third-party state- recognition on the Canadian exchange as they get
using Cabral’s state business information on labels for licensed medical marijuana operators. overshadowed by Canadian cannabis giants.
products made by different company. The mislabeling
meant Atlas Extracts might have been held liable by In a July 31st press release High Hampton Hearty Hemp Soup Recipe to Warm Your Soul:
state regulators if the product had been found to be announced, that the Company has acquired
illegal or contaminated. The mislabeled HoneyButter 100% of all outstanding shares of HS Airway Ingredients:
Rosin products were recalled from the stores, and the Holding ("CaliGold"), a California corporation 4 cups water
incident was reported to both the California Department owning the CaliGold Edibles brand. 1 cube vegetable bouillon, or more to taste
of Public Health and the Bureau of Cannabis Control. 3/4 cup red lentils
Stacy Hostetter, an attorney for Sonoma Pacific CaliGold is a well-established and recognized 2 bay leaves
Distribution, said “There were discussions about co- edibles brand, with 7 multi-strain flavoured 1/2 pound carrots, chopped
packaging for some products, and there was evidently award-winning chocolate bars in dispensaries 1/4 pound fresh mushrooms, finely chopped
a misunderstanding about the ability to co-package, and across California with other products ready to salt and ground black pepper to taste
the product went out.” Hostetter also mentioned that launch. Together the Co-Founders harbor 18 1 tablespoon CBD or THC olive oil
the HoneyButter recall was initiated August 15th and is years of combined experience to the Company's 1 onion, chopped
“mostly complete.” management team. 2 cloves garlic, minced, or more to taste
All of California’s cannabis companies’ names and In consideration for all the issued shares of 1/4 pound hemp seeds
license numbers are posted online by the Bureau of CaliGold, the shareholders of CaliGold received 1 bunch cilantro, chopped
Cannabis Control and departments of Public Health 13,090,905 shares in the capital of High Hampton Instructions:
and Food and Agriculture. Cabral told Mj Biz Daily, and such shares are subject to escrow and Bring water to a boil in a large pot and add vegetable
“I don’t know how that can be safeguarded, or how released on certain dates or conditions. bouillon to taste. Add lentils and bay leaves and
we as operators can protect ourselves and our license
number from something like that when we have to put Pursuant to the Transaction, High Hampton simmer for 15 minutes. Add carrots, mushrooms, salt,

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

it on every product that we sell.” “It’s like tattooing your has made available US$2.6 million to CaliGold and pepper; continue to simmer. Heat infused olive
Social Security number on your forehead and telling to further its product development, marketing, oil in a skillet over medium-high heat; saute onion
everyone to keep it a secret.” How can we all protect sales and working capital. until soft, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and saute until
ourselves or better regulate against this kind of thing. fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. Stir onion mixture into the
The future will tell. "We are very proud to be able to bring the highly- soup. Cook and stir hemp seeds in a separate skillet
recognized CaliGold brand to High Hampton. over medium-high heat until toasted and fragrant, 2
To learn about genuine Atlas Extracts, check out their Now we will combine our expertise with the to 3 minutes. Stir toasted hemp seeds into soup. Add
site here: atlasextracts.net. knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit of both, cilantro and cook 5 minutes more.

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta Doesn’t

Endorse Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s
Hemp CBD Product Line
B. Le Grand
with @drsanjaygupta for “Dr. Gupta’s” CBD
tinctures, capsules and salves.”
In a tweet on August 13, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay
Gupta responded to the initial news stories that
broke about the “Dr. Gupta’s” new product
line, Dr. Gupta tweeted, “Guys, you know
this isn’t true. I haven’t partnered with anyone
Tree of Knowledge, a publicly traded and have never endorsed any products.
company on the Canadian Securities Perhaps you are doing good work, but you are
Exchange, announced on August 9th, that absolutely misrepresenting my involvement.
they would be launching a line of hemp- First I ever heard of this was from this tweet.
derived CBD products for Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Please correct.”
which they would call “Dr. Gupta’s” under In comments to Hemp Industry Daily, Tree
the Gupta Products umbrella. The line will of Knowledge chair Michael Caridi “scoffed”
include hemp infused products like CBD at the idea the Dr. Gupta’s product line was
capsules, CBD tinctures and CBD salve. intentionally ambiguous about which Dr.
Gupta was endorsing the product.
The problem is, it is not the Dr. Sanjay
Gupta you’re thinking of, the famous CNN “The way (consumers) are going to tell them
Chief Medical Correspondent and medical apart is, they’re going to go to doctors in the
marijuana advocate, who produced “Weed,” pain association and hear about it there,”
the mainstream documentary series. Caridi told the outlet. In the initial press release
on the Dr. Gupta’s product line, the Tree of
Instead, the Dr. Sanjay Gupta who licensed Knowledge did not draw a clear distinction
his name is the president of the American between the two doctors or outright state that
Pain Association and the director of a show their Dr. Gupta was not the famous CNN
called “Health Time TV.” reporter.
“We are extremely excited that Dr. Gupta It it yet to be seen if the CNN Dr. Sanjay
has selected TOK to work with to create a Gupta will pursue further action or if the “Dr.
new product line under his name. We see Gupta’s” products will make it clear on their
this as an extraordinary partnership where labeling which Dr. Gupta is endorsing the
we can combine our expertise in creating products.
premium quality products with Dr. Gupta’s
worldwide name recognition,” said Tree of While the initial trademark issue is developing
Knowledge CEO Jean-Paul Gaillard in the under Canadian law, if the products get
Edibles Magazine Issue 48

August announcement. released to the United States later this year as

planned, the issue would then be fair game in
The story gets weirder, as the CNN Dr. Sanjay the US legal system. In many cases, just because
Gupta replied to Tree of Knowledge’s tweets someone has the name, doesn’t necessarily
announcing the the line. mean they own the trademark and right to use
it. It seems odd that they would declare this not
The Canadian company tweeted, “Tree an intentional confusion, but then intentional
Of Knowledge International is partnering tweet at the wrong Dr. Gupta.

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Wrigley Joins the Cannabis Industry

B. Le Grand
William “Beau” Wrigley Jr., succeeded his experience and expertise in
father and served as Chairman, President and brand building, to Surterra
CEO of the Wrigley Company, founded in 1891 Wellness,” Surterra CEO Jake
and known for its gum products. In 2008, the Bergmann stated. “Having a
Wrigley Company was sold to the privately seasoned industry veteran like
held Mars, Incorporated. Beau intimately involved in
building Surterra’s business
During Beau’s leadership, the Wrigley is exciting for the future of
Company expanded its product portfolio Surterra, our patients and
through numerous acquisitions including the entire medical cannabis
Altoids and LifeSavers, reaching consumers in industry.” Surterra will conduct
180 countries. clinical trials of anxiety, pain
Currently, Beau is President of Wychwood Asset and post-traumatic stress
Management LLC, an investment company that disorder (PTSD) drugs that
invests in a range of venture capital and private contain cannabinoids.”
equity interests. Additionally, Beau serves
on several boards of high-growth companies Surterra Wellness closed a
across the technology, media, and health and $65 million Series C equity
wellness spaces. fundraising round in July, led
by Wrigley's direct investment
Beau announced in an August 6th press release, arm. The round brings
he will serve as chairman of the board for Surterra's total capital raised
Surterra Wellness. to over $100 million since 2015.
In addition to their anticipated
"I am thrilled to join the Surterra team and partnerships and product
help drive their mission to build a best-in-class development, Surterra will
cannabis healthcare business. After extensive conduct clinical research
diligence, we determined that Surterra has the trials related to cannabinoid
highest quality standards, best products, and treatment of anxiety, pain,
most professional management team in the and PTSD, as well as other
industry. We believe in the ability of cannabis significant health issues facing
to improve quality of life for patients across the the country, with cannabinoids.
country, and we are excited to build a global
industry leader for the long term," Wrigley said. The company also plans to
expand into new state markets
“When I understood the massive benefits, it across the country as it builds
really changed my mind about the industry,” the industry's broadest
Wrigley told Bloomberg. “You don’t see too portfolio of brands trusted by
many opportunities to have that kind of an patients.
impact in an industry that is being created from
scratch.” Beau appears to have done his
research commenting on the
Founded in 2014, Surterra Wellness is one of the difficulties and horrors of the
fastest growing and leading medical cannabis cannabis industry.
companies in the US. With licenses in Florida

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

and Texas, Surterra is currently expanding into “Everyone seems to be in there
new state markets across the country as it builds because they think they’re
the industry's broadest portfolio of brands going to make tons of money,”
trusted by patients. Wrigley added. “Some will and
some will be sorely surprised
“Surterra is proud to welcome Beau, a business when they understand how
leader who brings decades of world class complex it is.”

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Crazy Rich Asians Movie Review

B. Le Grand
Normally we have DJ Reid 420 write our “Blerd” (Black representation in entertainment. There was of course
Nerd) movie review, written by a person a color. This issue, Bruce Lee, who was mostly an action star and
with the debut of the mainstream Hollywood film Crazy famous in China before America, and then his son
Rich Asians, we felt it would be best for an Asian person of Brandon Lee, who ultimately died from what some
color to write the movie review. would say was the tragic family curse. There’s also
famous actors Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Kelly Yu and Lucy
The movie was released to theaters August 15th, 2018, Liu - who all made
which for me ironically was the same day I had a court their names as
date for a small claims trial, where I countersued a graphic martial arts action
designer for being Anti-Asian and making racist remarks stars. I think the
about our February 2017 Lunar New Year Issue, saying it point is in my last
was “too Asian” and “too tacky”. Those comments ended sentence. Asians
our working relationship forever. I unfortunately ended up are stereotypically
getting an old caucasian male judge who had no sympathy cast as Kung Fu
for blatant racism and white washing. masters and seem
to be not thought
So it was refreshing and groundbreaking for this movie to be as “useable” for
released with such fanfare, and representation. Earlier this any other role.
summer Black Panther made waves in the entertainment
industry providing representation to the black community. Crazy Rich Asians
DJ Reid mentioned in his Blerd movie review that he had proves that not
never seen an entire movie audience of black people. This only can Asians
was a similar experience. lead a film, people
will come out to
I remember when I saw the first previews for Crazy Rich see a good movie,
Asians in the movie theaters. I thought to myself, “Wow, if it’s a good
this must a super targeted indie film going to indie theaters- movie. I saw the movie at L.A. Live’s Regal Cinema
only.” Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, the film turned down Theaters, on a Tuesday night, which is their half-off
a lucrative upfront payday by Netflix with a trilogy contract, movie night. While it didn’t seem like a busy night for
but the makers of the film opted in favor for a traditional the movies, this particular theater was fully packed
Hollywood premiere with theatrical release, because they with Asian bargain-seeker movie-goers. There were
felt that what the Asian community deserved. a few noticeable white couples, but mostly every
If anyone is wondering why inclusion and representation person in that audience was Asian of some kind.
matters, let us remind you of the poor Hollywood casting Throughout the movie, you could see on people’s
choices made causing backlash in films like Ghost in the faces and by their tear wiping gestures that this was
Shell where Scarlet Johansson plays a Japanese anime robot, truly a moving moment in movie history. There
or Aloha where Emma Stone plays a Chinese-Hawaiian were scenes that shouldn’t have been emotional to
mixed girl, or The Descendants where George Clooney the viewer and people were shedding tears, myself
plays a Hawaii, or when Cloud Atlas put the entire cast included.
in Yellow-face, or when Disney mushed all Polynesian
cultures into one for Moana. Shall I continue? At the heart of the movie, is a Cinderella story. Boy
meets girl, girl doesn’t know he’s basically Asian
Crazy Rich Asians is notably the first contemporary big royalty, and now girl must confront the challenges
studio Hollywood film in 25 years to feature an all Asian of a culture she doesn’t know anything about, that is
cast. The last one was in 1993, The Joy Luck Club, which rooted in centuries of tradition. It could have almost
actually did feature a white male supporting character. been a white girl cast as the lead, as they show the
Honorable mentions are Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, differences in identity when you’re Asian and
which also starred Michelle Yeoh showing off her kickass American born and opposed to having been born in
martial arts skills, and Memoirs of a Geisha, both of Asia and grown up with that culture. The author of
which are set hundreds of years in the past and not with the book, Kevin Kwan, had been approached in 2013
contemporary characters and story lines.

Edibles Magazine Issue 48

by a studio that said they would fund the movie, if
Being half-Chinese and growing up in the nineties in they rewrote the lead as a caucasian white woman.
Hawaii, I remember seeing The Joy Luck Club at 8 years Obviously he turned it down.
old, and thinking it was the first movie on the big screen I The storyline tackles the intricacies of being treated
had seen that I could relate to their characters and it actually differently in your own culture. As if one doesn’t face
explained a lot to me about the history of my own Chinese enough scrutiny as a minority in America, when you
culture. go to the motherland, you’re treated like a foreigner
Other than that one movie, we never had Asian there as well, treating you as if unwelcomed. I can

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Type: Cannabis Infused Edibles & Drinks,

Topicals, Creams, Concentrates, Wax, HEAVENLY SWEET
Bud, Flower, Gear & CBD Products
Type: 125+ variety of Gourmet edibles: CHEEBA CHEWS
brownies, lemon bars, cereals, ice creams, Type: Cannabis Infused Taffy, Strawberry
Strain used: Northern Lights, Grandaddy Potsicles, Squookies, Munchies, frozen SUPREME ORGANICS Fruit Chews, Green Hornet Gummies - THC
Purple, Blue Mystic, Woody Kush, Tiger’s pizzas, crispy bars, butter and spreads, Type: Organic Gummies, Fruit Chews, and CBD Available. Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, or
Milk, LSD, Chem Dawg, Purple Haze, Key Cannabidiol Low Dose - High Dose.
Lime Pie, Purple Urkle, Cotton Candy, sugar-free and gluten-free options. and Almond/Peanut Butter, Caramel
Strain used: Hybrid or Mix Chocolate Cups, Nougat Chocolate Bars Strain used: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD
Silver Lemon Haze Made with: Pure Cannabis Oil Produced In
Made with: Pure Co2 Extracted Cannabis Oil Made with: Canna Butter, THC Vegetable Strain used: Hybrid Strain/Mix House. High Potency.
Dosage available: Available in a wide OilCanna Coconut Milk, Other Extract Made with: Secret Concentrate Dosage available: 10mg (Low) - 80mg (High)
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Type: Different top quality chocolate
products perfectly formulated for producing
edibles. All chocolate is Ethically Traded, KUSHY PUNCH INFUSED EDIBLES INFUSIONS
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Chocolate Bars Hemp Crumble, Full Spectrum. Hemp
PHARM AIDE PHARMS KIND XTRACTOR Lotions, Body Butter & Massage Oils.
Flower: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid Strain used: Created using organically

Edibles List Issue 47

Edibles List Issue 47

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56 57
The Herb List. Our List is for consumers and dispensaries alike. Browse each brand's detailed listing and see what states they're available in. Certified Nutrition
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Crazy Rich Asians

Continued from PG 55

relate to these scenarios directly, as my mother was an
immigrant that came to America to escape a life of martial law CANNATOPICS
and communism where she was from. My grandmother had Massage Oil, Body Lotion, Hash Bath, Type: Peanut Butter, Canna-Butter, Type: Topicals, Tinctures, Roll-on
stories of having to swim through dead bodies in a sea stained Lip Balm, Skin Products, Topical Honey, Hazelnut Spread (Budtella) Ointment, Salves, Balms
red by blood, to get to the boat, filled with more dead bodies, Tincture, First Aid Ointment Strain used: SFV OG Kush/Indica Strain Used: Pure Hemp CBD Isolate
as a 5 year old with her family escaping to Taiwan from the Strain used: Hybrid Made with: Supercritical Co2 Extract Made With: All Natural Essential Oils,
Chinese war. Made with: Canna Olive Oil Dosage available: 300mg - 400mg Beeswax, Hemp CBD Isolate
Dosage available: Varies by Product per 4 oz Jar Available: Everywhere in the USA, Aloha!
My grandparents immigrated after their children did, so I was Available in: CALIFORNIA Available in: CALIFORNIA & MICHIGAN BuyEdiblesNow.com
lucky enough to have the memories of making dumplings as www.CannaTopics.com IG: @KaHikuNaturalsCBD
a family together. My Chinese grandparents didn’t speak any Facebook.com/CannaTopics www.MysteryBaking.com Twitter: @KaHikuCBD
Instagram.com/CannaTopics Instagram.com/MysteryBaking KaHikuNaturalsCBD@Gmail.com
English so I had to learn broken Chinese to communicate with Twitter.com/CannaTopics T
them, and everytime I would speak Chinese they would tell
me how American my accent sounded. But even in my own
Chinese family, I am half-white, and even being American-
born like my cousins, I’m still looked at as different.
Not only does Crazy Rich Asians accurately tackle Chinese
culture, and the guilt and judgment that takes place within
their own families, it shatters any stereotype or mold that PRIDE WELLNESS
Asians Stonefish
marketable in a Romantic Comedy. I actually Type: Vapes & Topicals, THC & CBD
can’t remember the last time I paid to see a rom-com in the Vape Cartridges, Indica/Sativa. Intimacy INFINITY BRANDS
theaters. I usually try to spare my boyfriend and we’ll stream Enhancement Drinks, Botanical Balms, Type: THC and CBD Disposable Vape
SUBLIME CBD Cocktail Mix Pens. Indica & Sativa. Also Patches,
on Amazon or Netflix some rom-com that had been released Type: THC & CBD Vape Cartridges, Indica Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Topicals, Lozenges.
earlier this year, and we’ll save the movies like superhero films & Sativa, Wax, Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls 510 Threading: Yes Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes
for the big screen. Cartridge Sold seperately: Yes Strains used: Skywalker, Blueberry 510 Threading: Yes
Kush, Pineapple, Mango, Sweet Strains used: Lemon Sativa, Lime Sativa,
510 Threading: Yes Melon and Strawberry
There was something very special about this film, and it was Strains used: Indica, Hybrid, Sativa, OG Made with: Pure Co2 Extract and Full OG Kush Indica, Full Spectrum CBD.
beyond a great cast, good acting, it really had a great storyline Kush, Super Silver Haze Spectrum Hemp Extract, Full Plant Shatter, Made with: Pure Co2 Extract & Full
Hemp Oils, Terpenes & Organic Herbs. Spectrum Hemp Extract. Pure Natural Full
that expanded beyond just a boy meets girl, and happy ending. Made with: Co2 Oil, Full Spectrum Spectrum Hemp Oils, Terpenes & Ancient
Dosage available: Vapes are 500-1000mg
They say the best movies are based on books, and this one Terpenes, Kief Per Unit. Other doses vary by product. Medicinal Herbs.
comes in a 3 part series. We hope that they will get greenlight Dosage available: Varies by Product THC Available in: CALIFORNIA Dosage available: 330mg Per Unit
for the next two studio releases, and we hope this sets a new Available in: CALIFORNIA CBD Available: Worldwide Available in: CALIFORNIA
precedent on casting with representation. They also say there
are no bad actors, just bad casting. www.SublimeCo2.com PrideWellness.net 833.654.7687
Instagram.com/Sublimeco2 IG: @pridewellnessla InfinityBrandsInc.com
Henry Golding plays handsome and charming, so believably
well in his first movie role. Constance Wu plays a perfect
“banana,” a term used in the film to reference her as “yellow
on the outside and white on the inside.” Awkwafina plays the
comic relief so well, I feel like everyone has a friend like her in
their group they can relate to.
I don’t want to give too many spoilers, but its funny, it’s
moving, it’s believable and takes place in a modern day setting
that feels real to the viewer. It is just one culture tackled, and GREEN FIEND DELIVERY
hopefully so many more to come. It feels like a special time in Shop Name: Green Fiend Delivery
history for films like Black Panther and Crazy Rich Asians to Location: Delivery Only BARC
be made. In Crazy Rich Asians, you could replace Asians with Phone Number: (585)-420-7770 Shop Name: Beverly Alternative Relief Center
black, Greeks, latino, white, etc. and it would still be relatable Hours: 24/7 Daily Loc: 452 S. San Vicente Blvd. Suite #100, LA
because the story is about identity, knowing who you are, Menu Includes: Phone Number: 855.227.2420
• Flowers Hours: 11am-8pm M-S, Sun 11am-6pm
tradition, approval from your family and following your heart. Bay Area Medical Delivery

Edibles List Issue 47

• Edibles San Francisco to San Jose, Menu Includes:
First Time
I read and heard other press interviews about the movie before • Topicals California. Check out our • Flowers • Bath Soaks Patients:
I saw it, and the best way it’s been put but John Chu the director • Tinctures website www.GFD420. • Edibles • Vapes Receive a
himself, by the end of the movie you don’t even notice you’re • Vapes com for latest menu and • CBD • Concentrates Top-Shelf
watching a film about Asians, you’re watching a great story. • Concentrates products. Dr.'s Rec Req. • Tinctures • Clones Free Joint!
That’s why you should see it, it’s a great film, it’s making 535-420-7770 Twitter.com/BARCCollective
history, and you get to see the 1% of the 1% of the opulence www.GFD420.com Facebook.com: BARC Collective
in Asia. T T

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DEA Wants More Pot

Grown, Less Opioids

Paul Pot
According to Forbes Magazine, the DEA wants to increase
the amount of cannabis permitted for research in the US
while decreasing the amount of opioids being produced.

The DEA, never known as a friend to the cannabis industry

is apparently responding to the growing chorus of support
for medical cannabis and even recreational use. They have
authorized an increase of more than five times their 2018
quota, jumping from about 1,000 pounds a year being
grown for research to about 5400 pounds of the plant in
2019. Production of CBD related planting will remain at
2018 levels.

Simultaneously the DEA is also pressing to reduce opioid

production in the US, targeting oxycodone, hydrocodone,
morphine, fentanyl and others. "We've lost too many lives
to the opioid epidemic and families and communities suffer
tragic consequences every day", according to DEA Acting
Administrator Uttam Dhillon in a press release. By reducing
production he also believes fewer of these drugs will be
available for abuse and access to "proper drugs" will be

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, long-time anti-pot activist

also stated "the opioid crisis we are facing is the worst
crisis in American History". But his solution is aimed only
at slowing opioid abuse and not being an advocate for
cannabis as a replacement solution.

So where would this new cannabis production take place?

That remains a question. Most of the cannabis produced for
medical research in the US comes from a single source at
the University of Mississippi. Scientists have complained
for years that this has been limiting and the quality is poor.
The Obama administration attempted to remedy this by
accepting applications from more than a dozen locations,
ready to produce, but the Sessions team has not acted on
any of them. Sessions had stated last October that he was
looking into this. In April he said something would happen
"soon" but still no action has been taken.

Perhaps this new edict is a sign that something could be

happening. NORML Political Director Justin Strekel had a
more direct solution."It's time Congress look at the 28,000
plus peer-reviewed studies currently hosted on the National
Institute of Health's online database and reform federal law
by removing marijuana from the the controlled substance
act altogether".

These new DEA quotas were just published on the Federal

Register (www.federalregister.com) and the public now has
30 days to review, post comments and perhaps stimulate

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